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  1. Gee... thanks for not raping me last year...
  2. Hopefully they'll let us "leftys" play too.
  3. Got the following at Fry's for 20 bucks. I'm still testing its efficacy with my 3gs. [ame=http://www.amazon.com/Duracell-Instant-Charger-Compatible-Devices/dp/B0016Y9R6C/ref=pd_rhf_shvl_5]Amazon.com: Duracell Instant Power Charger for USB Compatible Devices: Electronics[/ame]
  4. May He grant your prayer. Amen.
  5. I'm sitting in starfucks, after a 22 mile bike ride, typing this on my netbook (BT-tethered to the 3gs). At same time, iPhone is connected to netbook via usb,drawing 5V goodness; keeping it's battery charged. Technical symbiosis FTW. I'm just say'n...
  6. Got tethering working. yay.
  7. Can't say about the 2nd gen (never used it). but it's much faster than my 1st gen. (Nothing's going to compensate for a lousy wifi or 3G network connection.) Interestingly, after I upgraded to OS 3.0 on my 1st gen couple days ago I noticed the camera operations were much faster. Regarding eReader, lots of others are having same problem. So hopefully it'll get sorted out. However, I think I'll need to accept less-than-outstanding battery performance (compared with 1st gen).
  8. My 1st gen. iPhone case isn't quite right for my new 3Gs; so I went to the Apple store here and observed a Huge Line just for the folk who pre-ordered; over 150 people would be a conservative guess. The Applists wouldn't let me in the store to purchase a case without first waiting standing in the 'did not pre-order' line. Transferring my settings to new phone worked almost 100%. I like that wifi passwords and such must be re-entered on the new phone. The only problem I'm having is eReader won't launch: Splash screen displays, then it bounces back to home. Shit. Tried re-installing it with n
  9. Just picked up my 3GS at the AT&T store 1/8 mile from my home. Got there at seven; there were about ten people already waiting in line. They took the pre-orders first; so I waited about 20 minutes, then another five minutes to actually get the phone. It's now activated and restoring from backup.
  10. I'm going to get the new device. Yay.
  11. You'll need to study The Tao of Programing. Thus spake the master programmer: "When you have learned to snatch the error code from the trap frame, it will be time for you to leave.''
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