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  1. That just looks horrible and I am not talking about you, Brent.
  2. Tom Bihn would never make something as crappy as that so must be Red Oxx.
  3. Waiting for Jp’s arrival. He has a bunch of he has a bunch of headphones to try out with his Matirx Sabre DAC. I have HP1’’s with the J Grado amp (Gene’s gear) as well as my Lola’s and Matirx Mini Pro 3 Streamer.
  4. I was out of V60 filters so decided to use my Aeropress (haven’t touched it in years). I need to get my ratio right but it wasn’t a bad cup using my Kenyan AA I roasted to about 1 minute into first crack. The Chemex is out for delivery so I will give it a try tomorrow morning.
  5. First steak in the Ooni. Pizza from lunch.
  6. I read a bit about what you and Reks wrote before pulling the trigger. I will update the thread once I get a chance to try it out.
  7. Anyone that wants to give the Chemex a try, Domestic Domestic has them for 40% off. Decided to give it a try after using a V60 for a while.
  8. tyrion


    Couldn’t finish the first episode.
  9. tyrion


    Doing what he always did at a meet, set up his gear and listened.
  10. I should have added Chobani. It's is excellent as well.
  11. I love oat milk. I don’t drink regular milk any more.
  12. Try Sown Oat Creamer. It’s a bit creamier than the “barista” from Oatley.
  13. What a great guy. So sad. RIP, Steve.
  14. Needs to start snowing in Colorado. Snowed at Steven's Pass in Washington finally. Hoping to do some skiing with Brent and Colin.
  15. The knife in Rek’s post right above my post. Nice ribeyes.
  16. Food looks good, the knife looks great! Daughter in laws cheesecake.
  17. Great hike with the family in the PNW. Man do I love it here.
  18. Amp doesn’t work. I have a voltmeter that needs batteries. Will be ordering some. I love the amp. I am told there is a guy that works on these so may end up sending it as my skills are very limited.
  19. Thanks again. I only see one fuse so I am guessing it would take some work to get to the others. Not sure why there is a strip of paper taped to the I side
  20. Thanks Kevin. Correct, no power on light. I need an ohmmeter and someone that knows how to use an ohmmeter.
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