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  1. ^^ Yeah I LOVE Rogue One & Andor. It just keeps getting better and better as the season progresses. That elevator scene with the spy was truly great (what have I sacrificed?) and both of the scenes with Saw Gerrera have been intense.
  2. ^I'm enjoying The Peripheral as well and agree, great book.
  3. Sweet memories. Reggie & Bernie @ the height of their power. The title track alone is worth the price of admission and has always been a track I use to test out new phones/buds.
  4. ^ Liked Gideon but couldn't get past Harrow. Maybe I will give it another shot.
  5. I'm w/ T$ on this one. The writing in ROP is terrible in places and the pacing is awful. The audience manipulation with their guessing games (who is meteor man?) just feels contrived and sophomoric. I don't care about the "Lore" heresies that a lot of the haters go on about but I do feel that overall it just lacks heart. The Jackson movies worked because he is a FAN who LOVES Tolkien. It feels like most of the people involved in ROP are just in it for the $$$. Having said all of that, I am still watching it and I liked the last couple of episodes much better so I have hope. But yeah, HOD is better on every level. Edit: Also, much of the "drama" is removed by the fact that we KNOW that certain characters survive to make it to LOTR (Isildur, cough, cough).
  6. Took my 13 year old grandson Logan up to see the Mariners vs Padres yesterday. It was his first ball game as well as his first train ride and his first time to Seattle. Fortunately we squeezed in before the rail strike caused a bunch of cancellations. It was a great day. Perfect weather and the short walk from King Station to T-Mobile Park takes you right by the Seahawks stadium so it was cool to see that. It was Hispanic Heritage Day and Rodriguez and Suarez both homered in the 1st inning so that was pretty badass. Mariners won 6-1. I am really liking the M's this year. Rodriguez is the real deal and Saurez is a beast, and they have good defense and pitching so the pieces are in place for a deep playoff run 🤞 I am a bit of a purist so in the past I was always a National League guy because I hated the DH rule and I loved the chess game-within-the-game and small ball type baseball. Now, given the ubiquity of the DH rule, I have decided to dump the Dodgers and go full rabid fan on the Mariners. I just can't do the Dodgers anymore. They are the new Yankees (best team money can buy). So GO MARINERS!!! The other American League team I thought about are the Angels. The Angels and I were both born in LA in the same year and I really like Ohtani but I don't think he's going to be an Angel for long and in the end I decided to go NW local. I also looked hard @ the Rays because I admire how they are perennially competitive despite their relatively low salary and TB is my initials 😆. Speaking of purism: stop fucking with baseball! The rule next year forbidding shifts is ridiculous. They should play wherever the hell is most strategic and if it's causing you grief as a hitter then learn to go opposite field. Adapt. Although I suppose the shift is a relatively recent phenomenon so I dunno. Seems like they are trying to make the game more offensively oriented and for me a 1-0 pitcher's duel is a thing of beauty. So crack a cold one Al, there is one less Dodgers fan 🍻
  7. ^ I tried Discworld a few times years ago. Not bad but not for me is what I remember thinking.
  8. ^ Agreed, off to a great start! I thought the casting was exceptional. Matt Smith has come a long way since Dr. Who!
  9. Some recent reads: This was really great. Strahan is a Top Notch anthologist. Not as good as Station 11 but still pretty dang good. This one grabbed me. Couldn't put it down. Quick read, absolutely loved it. Really great Sci-Fi/Horror that reminded me of Harlan Ellison's I have No Mouth and I Must Scream. After reading this and the Children of Time duology I have become a big fan of Tchaikovsky. Current reads: I also stumbled upon an audiobook version of all 12 issues from Asimov's Science Fiction from 2014. Pretty cool.
  10. MoonShine


    I'm pretty excited about Sandman, I like the looks of the trailer and I loved the comic.
  11. Is "suck" code for best record in baseball right now? Just wondering
  12. Pink Floyd - The Wall Tool - Lateralus The Rolling Stones - Let it Bleed Radiohead - The Bends (Deluxe Edition) The Cure - Disintegration Honorable Mentions: Jack White - Acoustic Recordings 1998-2016 The Doors - L.A. Woman The Beatles - Abbey Road Black Sabbath - Heaven and Hell Pink Floyd - DSOTM, WYWH, Animals. Fleetwood Mac - Rumors The Rolling Stones - Sticky Fingers Rush - 2112 Radiohead - A Moon Shaped Pool
  13. Sorry for the necro but this seems like the most Roonish thread to post my Roon Noob questions: I have decided to take the Roon plunge but because of several recent large purchases (Eurovan camper and an e-bike) I am taking the most budget friendly route as possible. My plan is to order a NUC10 & the 8GB & 256 GB memory & install ROCK on it. My "endpoint" (for now) would be my Schiit MODI USB DAC. The chain would look like this: ROON ROCK (running on the NUC) --> Schiit MODI (via USB) --> Parasound 1100 Pre-amp -> Elac Navis arb 51 I would then use my Droid Tablet or phone as Roon remote and my Sonia Bravia TV as monitor (via Chromecast). All of this for primarily streaming Tidal and the occasional track from my digital library. So... Is any of this super dumb or just won't work? Is there a better way to be going about this? Thanks for letting me pick your big sexy brains.
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