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  1. Thanks Brent, Al ,Steve, & Nate! Looking forward to riding it on the Ride the Rim @ Crater Lake later this year as well as the Rails to Trails from Banks to Vernonia! So many adventures, so little time 😁
  2. Damnit guys. After seeing your posts ^ I was intrigued and started looking at reviews. Yesterday I had some time between my Niece's commencement at Portland State and a celebratory lunch @ Salty's so I stopped at River City Bicycles and test rode one. Bam. Done. I ended up going with the 2021 model to save a few bucks & because I actually prefer the display up on the handlebar (even though I know it's a much less sophisticated display than the ones on the 2022's). Those are just excuses for the real reason though: I like the color. I will definitely be getting the extended battery once they are available 😁
  3. As I was downloading the Costco app (because I lost my card). When you see it...
  4. Enjoying it so far, although not nearly as much as A Gentleman in Moscow, which I loved.
  5. Watched the first episode of the new Star Trek series last night: Strange New Worlds. Overall I liked it a lot and feel that it has the potential to be right up there with TNG. The coolness & quality outweighed the occasional eye rolls, IMO. It had that Roddenberry feel that has been missing for a long time and I really like almost all of the cast members, especially the Big 3. I also liked all of the Easter Eggish tie-ins with the original series, pretty cool for an old Trekkie like me.
  6. These Elac's are making me smile They may be small but they're kinda HUNG (while also sporting some big juicy bass balls). Zero buyer's remorse here.
  7. Bobiverse & Project Hail Mary = same narrator (Ray Porter).
  8. ^ I really enjoyed PHM. The audiobook narration is excellent.
  9. I can't think of anything else that so successfully escapes the "contempt of familiarity", or captures so successfully both the disenchantment and enchantment of an era.
  10. I read the first one and liked it, still need to read the other 2. Also LOVED the 3BP series. Reading The Wasp Factory now. & Gravity's Rainbow. Going full immersive on the Pynchon: First I read the corresponding chapter in Weisenburger's Companion, then I read the actual chapter, then I read the online Wiki, then I listen to the chapter on audiobook, then, lastly, I look at the corresponding pages in Pictures Showing What Happens on Each Page of Thomas Pynchon's Novel Gravity's Rainbow.
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