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  1. Come on now, nobody even knows what boogie can do this year. Y'all so sure about a dude with 1 working Achilles? And I highly doubt a healthy boogie wants to re-sign for practically free.

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  2. Who is this little man? They showed a clip of Doug Moe getting the Daly award and this smiley little man appears in all the images but no identification. Weird


    David S. Fogel, I think, NBCA. I've never heard of him before.


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  3. You can bet your ass Boston will be better with 2 additional allstars... Might be hard to judge those additions, though, because Jayson maybe an additional all-star level talent by next year. Jaylen, too, for all we know.

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  4. Not sure Blatt even cares to defend Lee. Anyone not named curry or Thompson will probably have to go ham for Cleveland to care. Also, who knows how good cavs offense might look of LeBron gets to drive on Lee...

  5. http://www.qmsaudio.com/products.asp

    Seems like Emotiva Airmotiv and Stealth just got their patent/copy right infringed by a Chinese firm... The Q line is the copy of Airmotiv and the MH line is the copy of Stealth...

    They didn't even bother change the look one bit for the Airmotiv... as for the Stealth.. it is probably too difficult to copy so they just made it flat which looks butt ugly.

    People are praising these copies like crazy in China.... I wonder why Emotiva would let these people do this...


    EDIT: As difficult as it is to admit.... their Q line goes all the way back to the beginning of 2010 and MH line back to the mid 2009... where as I can find no information on Airmotiv or Stealth before 2011....


    You sure you didn't just find Emotiva's OEM source for speakers?


    I don't know exactly where they get them, but they've always gotten them from China. Supposedly, the Emotivas are just tighter spec'd.

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