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ecp Audio Moving Sale


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ecp audio is moving!


Rather than packing up all of our amps, putting them in storage for the summer, then treking them across the country, we are selling them at a discount.


All prices include shipping to the CONUS unless indicated. Everything is assembled and can ship within a few days except for the L-2 prototypes which will need a couple of extra days to get them ready.


All L-2's are 30% off. L-2's with Lundahl amorphous core input transformers and Electra-Print either nickel, or nickel/steel pinstripe output transformers are $2595.00 $1816.50. L-2's with nickel input transformers and nickel output transformers $2495.00 $1746.50.




L-2 prototypes (from CanJam Chicago.) These are basically the same as the production version except for the brushing on the metal was done by hand and they are not anodized, and the "ecp" badges are not recessed. Pics on request. With Lundahl input transformers and Electra-Print nickel output transformers -- $1400. With Cinemag input transformers, Electra-Print nickel trimmed M6 output transformers, and Dynamicap parafeed capacitors -- $1200.


DSHA-1's are 20% off, $1995 $1596.00 or get a DSHA-1 with the upgrade power supply for $2345 $1850.




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