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  1. For our first real outing in a very long time, we spent the afternoon in Northampton. Ate falafel on the street, listened to a church choir, who were dressed in their 1830's best, performing on the city hall steps, (which, @recstar24, was unpredictably lovely and a reminder of the importance of singing and performance) saw some jazz further down the street, and generally saw lots of people out and about. A nice reminder than not every place is Hartford.
  2. They are saying that first jab is only about 30% effective against the delta variant.
  3. Can you explain them to me, too?
  4. https://www.finewoodworking.com/2019/12/31/tool-review-sanding-nets-by-festool
  5. Sorry for your loss, Todd. Such a handsome boy.
  6. Sorry for your loss, Todd.
  7. none at a veneer factory as it is done with slicing blades
  8. https://www.thecut.com/2021/04/joss-whedons-controversies-and-alleged-bad-behavior-a-guide.html
  9. I've had that setup, with a Thinkpad, for 3 years.
  10. I love card scrapers. Different brands have different hardnesses, and work better for different applications. I have both Veritas and Lie Nielsen. The veritas are a little harder and hold an edge better, the LN are a little softer and a little gentler and seem less likely to tear out across the grain. Both are super useful. And cheap. Also, Crucible for avoiding sharp corners.
  11. I don't think they are my favorite band, but if someone made the argument that they are the best band, I'd be hard pressed to argue against them.
  12. I've been super slow about everything lately. But I did just get a note this morning that the final piece I need shipped. So ask again on a week or so.
  13. Fair enough. Liquid nails will stay a little flexible so should be okay
  14. We've debated what we would do. Hard to know if it helps or hurts selling the house. (Which is not on the horizon at this point) You do recall that this kitchen renovation project started in 2018. Is that a thing to do? I'd imagine wood movement will crack the glue. I think I'd put a dot of silicone and let its weight hold it in place. Or else drill little mortises into the quartz and add some corresponding tenons to the frame to keep it from shifting
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