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  1. CD storage

    The tax deduction for donating them will cover the cost to send them to a ripping service.
  2. CD storage

    My first vote would be to chuck them all. I did, when we moved, and I have not missed them at all. You can probably get a decent tax deduction if you donate them. My second vote would be to find a local cabinet maker, and to get him or her to make something for you.
  3. Happy birthday, Nikongod!

    Happy Tuesday in May! It's good to see you around.
  4. Happy Birthday Shelly!!!

    Happy Birthday!
  5. It didn't work out for me, but Tom will be there with some new stuff.
  6. The Headcase Stax thread

    Same with the HD800 Ss
  7. ecp audio

    I am pleased to announce two new headphone amplifiers from ecp audio: the DSHA-1 and the L-2. The DSHA-1 is a fully differential (balanced) solid-state headphone amplifier. Designed for exceptional synergy with Grado headphones, it is an excellent choice with other dynamics as well. It is extremely clean, clear, and detailed yet tube-like in its warmth. The unique differential topology uses Lundahl amorphous core input transformers to provide noise free voltage gain (selectable to 6dB or 12dB) and high CMRR (better than 120dB at 60Hz), and MOSFET source followers for output power. The output is transformer coupled: eliminating capacitors from the signal path and allowing the DSHA-1 to work equally well with balanced and single ended headphones. Further, the differential nature of the DSHA-1’s circuitry isolates the signal from the power supply. In addition to an exceedingly quiet amplifier, this means that bass transients are not powered from large capacitor banks, and mids and highs do not pass through noisy electrolytic capacitors. The L-2 is a single ended “spud” parafeed tube headphone amplifier for dynamic headphones developed out of the L’espressivo line of DIY projects. As a single ended tube amplifier utilizing a single 6S45pi tube for both voltage and current gain, the L-2 has the musicality and liquid clear midrange tubes are known for. However, because of the novel shunt-regulated biasing arrangement, the high performance plate load, the short signal path, and the extremely high quality parts used throughout, the L-2 surpasses the usual limitations of the SET topology. It excels in dealing with complex musical passages and heavy bass notes. Further, the L-2 is so quiet that even with sensitive headphones, you cannot tell whether it is on. There is no hiss, no hum, just quiet. The L-2 uses Lundahl input transformers, V-Cap parafeed capacitors, and custom designed, nickel-core, Electra-Print output transformers with both low (32 Ohm) and high (300 Ohm) impedance taps. All of our amplifiers are craft made in small batches and hand assembled in Chicago. The woodwork is hand made from sustainable stock at Pickett Furniture in Brooklyn, NY, and the metalwork is machined and finished in California. The DSHA-1 is available from $1995 shipped in the USA, while the L-2 starts at $2495. For questions, please email [contact at ecpaudio.com], or use the contact form at www.ecpaudio.com. More information is available from www.ecpaudio.com
  8. The above should eventually lead to this, which is delightful ... listen past 0:40 actually good ...
  9. ecp audio

    I still have a couple of prototype amplifiers available. One is a Black Diamond with an upgraded power supply ($1100). The other is a DSHA2 ($1200). Both amps use transformers for gain. More information at http://ecpaudio.com/stuff.shtml, or send me a PM.
  10. RIP some fuck or another

    Very sorry to hear. Such a handsome boy.
  11. What are you listening to Part the Third

    I saw Xanadu in the theater when I was 6. And owned the soundtrack.
  12. What Are You Building Today

    Maybe I missed this earlier - what are the drivers? And is it basically a 25 liter sealed box?
  13. Mattresses

  14. ecp audio

    The Copenhagen is a differential cascode circuit. The Copenhagen V uses tubes (valves) for the upper device, while the Copenhagen S uses transistors (sand). They are otherwise just about the same. It does indeed use input and output transformers (amorphous Lundahls in both cases, though the inputs can use mu metal instead). The tubes (E81L's) need not be matched at all. It is what is often called a "transconductance amp". In essence, it uses the headphone's impedance as an I/V converter, and it takes advantage of the slight Sennheiser impedance bump to make it a bit more euphonic. When used with Senns, I'd describe the sound as happy and punchy (kind of making them sound like how Grados would sound if they were not grating) - some people hate it, others love it, but it definitely has a sound. It can be linearized with the addition of some parallel resistance on the output (this is what a triode amp does except the parallel load is the tube plate impedance). Without doing that, it is not great with the Focals. Even with, they are so poorly damped that it would not be my first choice for powering them. With phones that have a flat impedance, it is pretty neutral. It's not an amp for everyone (definitely not for the objectivist crowd), but it is my favorite these days - I use a Copenhagen S with 650's for most pleasure listening.
  15. The analog thread.

    You could make it slightly more complicated with the help of a laser turntable.
  16. ecp audio

    That is a "Copenhagen V" headphone amplifier. Power supply is external.
  17. ecp audio

    I might need to fire my photographer, but here's something new.
  18. Mattresses

    We did end up buying the hand made, foam and latex free bed. It was over the top, but, after daily back pain for years, to suddenly realize my back has not hurt since the day we got it has made the price worth it.
  19. What Are You Building Today

    Speakers look great, but I'll never understand the desire of woodworkers to hand make things out of natural materials only to coat them in plastic.
  20. Happy Birthday Sherwood!

    Happy Birthday!