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  1. The T4 will basically incorporate the design changes that were shoehorned into the T3 with better heat dissipation, a lower noise floor, a better power supply, and a bit more output power. And a nicer case. It is a nice evolution but not a huge change. The T5 is a different animal, but it will also be considerably more expensive.
  2. The Torpedo 3 has been retired. It is being replaced by the T4 soon (probably January, and no longer torpedo shaped). We'll also have an upgraded version, the T5, available soon after.
  3. Is this a good deal?

    I have an Intel 320 series 160G, and an Intel 520 series 120G. The 256g crucial I have is toast. The 320 is technically slower at 3Gb/s (520 is 6Gb/s), but you probably can't take advantage of the 6G sata speed in an old computer so I'd probably go for the extra size. PM your address and I'll make sure it is working and drop it in the mail. Both are 7mm with a 2.5mm spacer. edit: I might also have a 500G crucial M500 - if I do, I'll send it instead.
  4. Is this a good deal?

    Ken - I probably have an old SSD laying around so you can try it for speed. If I do, it is yours.
  5. Is this a good deal?

    How do you know how I think? At any rate, THINKBUSTER10 will get you 10% more off of those prices.
  6. Is this a good deal?

    At this point, unless you are crunching a lot of numbers (in which case, don't buy a laptop) I don't think the specs make a whole lot of difference. Hardware has outpaced software, and you won't notice an i5 vs an i7, or a 8g vs 16g. Buy the one that is comfortable, portable, has a screen you can see, and that has a battery that will last. To that end, you can get an X1C5 for under a grand.
  7. The State of DACSES

    I think you can get a Lexicon in silver ...
  8. and now for something completely different part 3

    Mouser shipping has had issues for a few years now. Packages rarely seem to ship on the day they are supposed to. That said, they always upgrade me to 2 day, or sometimes overnight, to get them here on time.
  9. Ipod Touch / Iphone

    Are your family members running Windows 98 on their phones?
  10. Death By Carbs - Bread and Dough Making

    That's very similar to my recipe. Try adding a chopped jalapeno to the batter.
  11. Kitty Talk

    Sorry to hear the sad news.
  12. The State of DACSES

    Every single sentence of that is nonsense. And there is not a single citation to back up any of it.
  13. Home Audio Help (for a friend)

    How many rooms does he need sound in? A Sonos costs $200/room - that is surely cheaper than any solution involving wires, and in wall speakers, and a large HT receiver, etc.
  14. Home Audio Help (for a friend)

    Me? I'm the worst person to ask about this. I don't think there is a viable wireless solution for whole house audio that is worth investing in. Everything I have looked at seems unworkable in one way or another. But on the other hand I also am not sure I understand the desire to have it - I find ambient noise stressful. That said, someone content to use autoformers and mono will probably be thrilled by a Sonos system. Or an Alexa, or a Google Home.
  15. Home Audio Help (for a friend)

    I would scrap the whole thing. It's a sunk cost at this point, and not worth throwing good money after bad. Use those existing speaker wires as a pull to feed optical cable and run digital to every room. Or, probably better, scrap it entirely and run the digital wirelessly.
  16. The Menace

    I didn't say anything about an output transformer If using a tube in the second position is a must, a higher gm tube instead of the 6080 would be my suggestion. The 6922 has about double the gm. 40 of them will get you close to the Z out of the IRF610 ... 4 of them will get you into the range where Senns seem to shine. It's a great way to learn. One interesting upside of the 6080 is that the mu is so low that if you use a small resistor plate load, the output impedance from the plate is effectively the same as from the cathode. That conceivably opens up some interesting circuit experimentation options unique to the tube.
  17. The Menace

    In addition to a regulator for the PS, a CCS plate load for the first stage will decrease distortion, a CCS cathode load for the second stage will also decrease distortion, and using a MOSFET instead of the awful 6080 will decrease output impedance, lower noise, and decrease distortion. It will also allow you to eliminate the 6080 heater power supply which is the most likely source of noise, and the source of tons of heat that needs to be dealt with. A first stage biasing scheme that does not involve an RC filter will also do good things. While we're at it, a 6SN7 gives you too much gain for nearly every headphone out there. That means that you are attenuating and then amplifying, which is a source of both noise and distortion. There are a number of ways to lower gain - the easiest might be simply eliminating the cathode bypass cap (this also increases plate impedance, so whether it can drive HF into the next stage will be an issue, but it is probably fine, but it has the benefit of getting rid of that RC filter). You can also find a lower mu tube, or perhaps a pentode with a low impedance plate load to lower gain. Or you could use a step up transformer on the input. I've now replaced every part of your amp
  18. The Menace

    250V refers to plate to cathode voltage. Because the tube is biased up by the preceding stage, the voltage across the tube is considerably lower than 250V. Even if Blackgates were better than other caps, and even if they are still good, a small regulator using about $4 in parts will sound better. On that note, there is a lot that can be done to improve the circuit with minimal effort/expense.
  19. And now what did you do TODAY?

    Did you know him by his crocs?