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  1. Happy birthday, Steve (swt61)!!!

    Happy Birthday!
  2. The State of DACSES

    That you could do better for a lot less.
  3. What are you listening to Part the Third

    Underrated and underappreciated.
  4. The Quad thread

    I feel like these two statements present a bit of a contradiction. Unless Diavelet is not as good at Class D.
  5. Hearing Protection Recommendations needed

    Call me old fashioned, but I like passive. I had custom ear plugs made from the same molds used to make my custom IEM tips. They came with various filters to adjust the amount of attenuation, and the type.
  6. Speaker Porn

    That's an adorable cat and some decent looking cat trees.
  7. The Return Of The Legend

    Unless the ruble is doing really well these days, I feel like $8 for a matched quad is about right.
  8. Happy Birthday TMoney!

    Happy Birthday!
  9. And now what did you do TODAY?

    Nope. They are claiming to have delivered them. But I am skeptical as I was home, and it seems highly unlikely that in the 20 minutes between delivery and my checking that someone, in broad daylight, in front of a busy elementary school, picked up three large boxes containing 50lbs of steel plates* and walked off. The overnight was from Mouser. UPS rescheduled for Monday, but Mouser seems to have stepped in to move it up to Saturday. * I'm taking a welding class!
  10. And now what did you do TODAY?

    I spent the day on the phone with UPS after they lost 3 packages and declined to deliver a 4th that was overnighted.
  11. Happy Birthday jvlgato!

    D'Oh. I missed this, too. Happy Birthday!
  12. Alps blue. No gain.
  13. Fuck in snow

    I've used those USB jumpers to start my car from a 100% dead battery.
  14. Kitty Talk

  15. I guess I can answer this It is a diamond buffer, but it uses servo controlled current sources to maintain stability and improve performance. It also has JFET input and Sziklai output devices for low distortion and low noise. The PS uses Jung regs. And we kept the raw PS external to eliminate any chance of noise being picked up (I think CJ's uses an external switcher, but a transformer works, too).
  16. Is this a good deal?

    I've always used dd.
  17. Fuck in snow

    We just did 8" by hand as the snowblower wouldn't start. It's just as well as the snow was light and fluffy and our snowblower is more or less useless.
  18. I made a buffer for crappyjones123 that fit this description a couple of years ago. Send him a PM. He was selling it at one point.
  19. This should be in the DIY section. The difference between 1x and 2x gain is incidental. A 2 position switch is easy while 3 position requires many more parts. Use a latching relay controlled by the arduino. Then add a permanent resistor for 6x gain, and switch in another in parallel to reduce the gain.
  20. Happy Birthday Ken (guzziguy)!

    Happy Birthday!
  21. Not Tuned, Characterless, Boring To listen Speaker System

    I think I'd look at the Tek 5 series MSO.
  22. What are you EATING right now?

    Whatever the repercussion on the rest of the world, the effect on you is likely to be considerably worse. My breakfast of raw oats, blueberries, and bananas ...
  23. and now for something completely different part 3

    That's probably true. This was a $300 order. There does seem to be a price point, which I have not quite figured out yet, which determines whether they upgrade to 2nd day or overnight. But I have definitely never had them sit on an order and then not upgrade it.