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  1. As sad as the demise of my beloved Falling Rock Taphouse makes me, that photo lifts me up. Miss that hairstyle. Thanks, Al!
  2. Thanks for the recommendations, all. I’ll document my hamfisted repair efforts elsewhere here, but it should make for a fun time.
  3. My Niche Zero just arrived, as did parts for my busted Italian E61. Looking forward to fixing a machine and enjoying some clever dripper coffee while I do. Anyone have any recommendations for crazy coffee I should try? I have a favorite roaster in Colorado Springs I just bags off, but frankly I know next to nothing.
  4. I recently went to my first concerts since COVID, and had a similar feeling. Some of the "weird" has already been worn off by a half dozen international flights, but I didn't know how much I missed live music until I went back. God, this pandemic sucked.
  5. I love Roon. I don't dig too deep into the possible "improvements", but as a front end for browsing music it's top notch. Makes the whole experience more satisfying for me. I could easily watch locally stored movies on my computer by browsing the file structure and playing them through VLC, too, but I like Plex. I also make my own bed every day and set the table even when I'm eating by myself. These sorts of little things are not to be disregarded.
  6. After being curious about the game for years but never knowing anyone who played, I finally found a group about six months ago and headed off to Wildemount. I absolutely love this game. Since then, I've started running my own games, all online (due to COVID and practical restrictions). Any other dorks of this particular stripe on HC?
  7. I love it in the right dish. Fried up with mac and cheese? Yes please. 90% of the time I eat spam these days (which is still only once every six months or so) I'm eating a Hong Kong-style spam and egg sandwich. Something about junk food being from a foreign culture allows me to rationalize it as haute cuisine.
  8. You certainly have a type.
  9. I was unaware there existed a Dylan Thomas day, and I named my daughter after him. What a find!
  10. Looks sweet, Starcat. Let me know if it works well, it would be a very cool remote source for the inevitable separate system locations we all accrue.
  11. Love it, I'll be in touch.
  12. Hey Doug, any word on how those boards turned out?
  13. Sherwood

    Get your game on!

    I’ve been playing two online D&D games a week all March, and I’m having a phenomenal time. Not quite the same as my usual fare, but very fun nevertheless.
  14. Eyy Fitz! Happiest of days! Many years, as they say here in Moldova!
  15. Thanks, Dan, I grabbed some fancy coffee. The two week shipping time to Moldova can’t be good, but local roasters are not killing it. In other news, just got a clever dripper in the mail and I’m in love. Great balance of good flavor and simplicity.
  16. Love CHVRCHES, especially when the dudes sing, love JJJ, cool cover. Much appreciated, stretch. Juliaplaysgroove's cover of Teddy Swims' Broke
  17. Steve, do you have a recommended order for those?
  18. Sherwood

    Get your game on!

    I am 100% out of the loop, so this comment here was where I first learned about Valheim. Looks fun, I'll give it a try.
  19. As a person I've always liked Jude. I know I'm in the house that "disagreeing with Jude" built, but as far as headphone villains go he's pretty low on my list. That said, this interview is a little weak in the way of journalism.
  20. This is really clean and interesting work, Julio! Great job, thank you for sharing.
  21. I could be mistaken, but I don’t believe anyone pays Drop and receives nothing. Worst case, you either get something you don’t like or you get a late refund when Sennheiser can’t deliver on their end. Drop’s Sennheiser 6XX series has been an unmitigated success, and their collaborations with AKG and Focal are similarly well-liked, so I’m confident they’ll sell out this run. I’m interested to see what they turn out, and I’d not be surprised if it was good. I love the HD800, however, and also own an HD58X, so it’s hard for me to be objective.
  22. Per https://drop.com/buy/our-most-requested-headphone-launching-2-18-21/talk? Hey Friends, Tomorrow morning at 9am PST, we are releasing the DROP + Sennheiser HD 8XX. This headphone is the result of hundreds of thousands of community posts and four years of collaboration between the teams at DROP and Sennheiser. Analyzing discussions around the HD 800S, we saw clear mandates from the community around bass extension and midrange balance. The HD 8XX incorporates two novel changes to accommodate those mandates. Where the HD 800S uses a single resonator, Sennheiser developed a dual resonator system for the HD 8XX, creating bass extension down to 10hz (+5db @ 10hz vs 800 S) by changing the resonant properties of the housing. Sennheiser’s team, lead by Jermo Koehnke, reached the bass solution pretty quickly, but our goals for the midrange proved demanding... bordering impossible. After significant research, Sennheiser reached a solution; altered acoustic impedance in the transducer's dampening material to smooth the FR from 2.5k to 8k. This means the transducer in the HD 8XX is unique, it’s a new ring driver. The HD8XX goes live tomorrow at 9am PST with 3000 units available, shipping in November. These 3000 units represent the full production we anticipate for 2021. We’ll make more available if the capacity increases, but this launch is the only guaranteed HD 8XX availability until 2022. Launch pricing for the HD 8XX is $1100 and you’ll receive $200 worth of drop points (20,000 points) with purchase. For future units, HD 8XX pricing will increase to $1200+. So come by tomorrow morning at 9am PST, pickup your HD8XX, use your drop points to buy a DROP + THX 789 for $99 and enjoy the endgame this November. https://drop.com/buy/drop-sennheiser-hd-8xx-headphones ^ this is the direct link for 9am tomorrow, thanks for your support
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