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  1. Congrats Shelly and Yumi! I'm very pro CO meetups, even if I myself am thousands of miles away. Durango is a truly charming town, and while the price of houses now is eye-watering, you sure chose a good one.
  2. I third Macrium if this is a one-time operation. I've used it for the reverse of this, cloning a 512GB boot drive to a new 2TB boot drive and expanding the partition, and it worked very well. The free version was perfectly adequate. I don't use it for regular backups because I'm a fool and don't perform those.
  3. Genre trash but I like it.
  4. Not a NYC bagel, admittedly, but I adore Bagels Etc. on P St. in the district. https://www.yelp.com/biz/bagels-etc-washington I have learned bagels are an intensely personal preference, but these are the ones I dream about when I'm far away.
  5. I distrust the government in a way only a government employee can, and I grew up in a very pro gun rights environment. I enjoy gun sports, own and shoot them for fun, and love taking friends out to shoot who come from places where that would never be an option. Those are my bona fides, which only matter when I say that we need to just do this right and repeal the second amendment entirely. We haven't had a new amendment since 1992, though admittedly that one took over 200 years to ratify, so I think it's high time.
  6. Happy birthday, Brent!
  7. Don't I know it. Still, so much death right next door influences every part of life. That is grammatically an imperative, so, an order. I have no fight with you, Helium, I'm just expressing a little solidarity with a fellow forum participant in my neighborhood. That can't possibly be what passes for hate.
  8. Слава Україні, і удачі з Кишинева.
  9. I just can't help it. There's something about him...
  10. Thank you, friends! All safe so far! I'd prefer it stays that way, but I bet I'll get promoted if they send me to war...
  11. Also, not to harp on the subject, but I thought his cover of Paramore's "Misery Business" was both musically uninspiring and in poor taste, considering that it came two years after Paramore announced they would no longer play the song due to their disagreement with its message. (It was really fun to hear it with a good drummer, tho)
  12. "I had to give you a career to destroy it"
  13. MGK has no authenticity to sell out. Doesn't he wrestle for WWE?
  14. I did! Several, in fact. Moldova's a small country, so I got to see quite a bit of S.
  15. I'm a little late to this game, but hoo boy were folks here spun up about that. I kept thinking to myself -- "no way Putin let Lukashenka have a working map."
  16. As sad as the demise of my beloved Falling Rock Taphouse makes me, that photo lifts me up. Miss that hairstyle. Thanks, Al!
  17. Thanks for the recommendations, all. I’ll document my hamfisted repair efforts elsewhere here, but it should make for a fun time.
  18. My Niche Zero just arrived, as did parts for my busted Italian E61. Looking forward to fixing a machine and enjoying some clever dripper coffee while I do. Anyone have any recommendations for crazy coffee I should try? I have a favorite roaster in Colorado Springs I just bags off, but frankly I know next to nothing.
  19. I recently went to my first concerts since COVID, and had a similar feeling. Some of the "weird" has already been worn off by a half dozen international flights, but I didn't know how much I missed live music until I went back. God, this pandemic sucked.
  20. I love Roon. I don't dig too deep into the possible "improvements", but as a front end for browsing music it's top notch. Makes the whole experience more satisfying for me. I could easily watch locally stored movies on my computer by browsing the file structure and playing them through VLC, too, but I like Plex. I also make my own bed every day and set the table even when I'm eating by myself. These sorts of little things are not to be disregarded.
  21. After being curious about the game for years but never knowing anyone who played, I finally found a group about six months ago and headed off to Wildemount. I absolutely love this game. Since then, I've started running my own games, all online (due to COVID and practical restrictions). Any other dorks of this particular stripe on HC?
  22. I love it in the right dish. Fried up with mac and cheese? Yes please. 90% of the time I eat spam these days (which is still only once every six months or so) I'm eating a Hong Kong-style spam and egg sandwich. Something about junk food being from a foreign culture allows me to rationalize it as haute cuisine.
  23. I was unaware there existed a Dylan Thomas day, and I named my daughter after him. What a find!
  24. Looks sweet, Starcat. Let me know if it works well, it would be a very cool remote source for the inevitable separate system locations we all accrue.
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