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So I've been tasked at work to put together a spec sheet for a mobile workstation (think gaming laptop, without games) and I'm looking for some advice/assistance.  The general requirements are that it needs to be able to run damn near any software that we throw at it (CADD, REVIT, Solidworks, Photoshop, etc.), store a bunch of data, but not be so obnoxious that it can't be used in a conference room for presentations (i.e. loud or stupid looking).  It only needs to be transportable so battery life isn't really a concern or heft/size.  Budget is TBD and quite robust, for once.


So far the likely candidates that I've come up with:


1. MSI GT80 Titan

2. Origin EON17-SLX

3. Alienware 17 (borderline)

4. Asus ROG G751JT


I'd welcome some thoughts, opinions, etc. from the crowd.

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At my work we use the Dell Precision line and love them. I get a lot if shit done on mine and we have had lots of success getting it on the bankcard buy levels.

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Dell Latitude here.  I used the E6520 several years ago, and it kept going strong even when we threw virtual machines on it.  I'd get whatever the current equivalent is.  16GB minimum.


My MSI isn't very professional looking at all -- bright red, dragons, etc.  I looked up the one you selected and it's probably fine.  But I'd re-image the OS, which I will be doing on mine soon.

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