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Deluxe Flat Pads for Grado Headphones


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Those geekrias are probably the same as a set I ordered on ebay a year or two ago.  There are dozens of postings for the same product.  The center protrusion flattens out pretty smoothly once you've used them a while.  These are comfier than I remember flats ever being.

I haven't purchased flats in a very long time, so I can't do a sound comparison.  I want to say that these have a similar distance to the ear.  Total thickness seems to be 20mm, with the pad thickness above the driver being 10mm.

Anyone out there with a set of calipers able to measure out the thickness of TTVJ flatpads?


edit:  Thickness measurements are of a used set while on the headphones.  If I find my spare set, I'll give them a slap on the arse with my calipers.

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