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Deluxe Flat Pads for Grado Headphones


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9 hours ago, MexicanDragon said:

As DQ pointed out to me, the 15$ difference shrinks to 7.70$ when the cheapest shipping is added in. I'm 95% sure they used the exact same picture for both pads as well, so I'm rather curious myself.

Where is @screaming oranges to buy a few pairs when you need him?


I like to point things out.  It's what I do.  While I think flats are pricey, anyone already planning to pick up a replacement soon wouldn't be spending that much more in grabbing one of these. I'll stick with my cheap-bastard HD414 pads while they are still about $10 apiece.  Even if you need to buy a knife to cut the holes, you're still saving a bunch of dosh.

9 hours ago, Voltron said:

You mean the Dairy Queen is a real person who advises you on consumer matters?

Consumer matters, automotive matters, anti-Colin matters

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First impressions, they look and feel exactly like the regular pads. No obvious sonic differences noted. I sent TTVJ an email asking if there was anyway to identify them versus the regular pads. I was hoping they would be made out of different materials, but it appears not. I'll take some daytime pics tomorrow.



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8 hours ago, NotoriousBIG_PJ said:

I spent more time with these and I find they open up the top end a bit, which on the rs-1 is a bad thing and I start getting ear fatigue after about 20 minutes of use. I prefer the regular flat pads.




So the new pads would be better for the HP1000 series than the traditional ones?

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4 minutes ago, Dusty Chalk said:

It's probably some airborn rubber virus. 

HiWire -- you know you can get the Senn pads for it, right?

You have to mod the 414 pads, and I've double blinded it: they don't sound as good as the flats. 30 percent of listeners declare them as sounding worse than flats, as opposed to 10 percent the other way. With 10 people, the p-value is okie dokie. This was done with HP-2 headphones, but I think it's valid for other Grado phone. 

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