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  1. Buckethead - Monsters and Robots To cleanse the palate.
  2. I have the Hario Mini which is the smaller version of the Hario Skerton. It has worked great for me. I only use it when I travel now. That said, I've tried no other manual burr grinders, so...
  3. New on Netflix. This was excellent.
  4. Happy Birthday, Al!
  5. Al Di Meola - Across The Universe
  6. I've only heard the Roxanne in their new line up. I still enjoy it, but there are other options. Too many options to get a handle on what's better than what. The Andrameda does seem to get universal praise.
  7. The Layla seems to be the top of the JH food chain currently.
  8. Oh man 😥 RIP McCoy Tyner.
  9. Thanks for the heads up. I'm enjoying it.
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