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  1. robm321


    Good choice. I like it.
  2. After much reflection and careful thought, I'd have to agree with JH13
  3. Happy Birthday, Kerry!
  4. Close enough is close enough. VERY nice.
  5. I watched some crazy dude in a wing suit flying near some crazy rock face in a GoPro sponsered video. But what stole the show for me was this wonderful (background) music and this angelic voice -
  6. robm321

    Speaker Porn

    ^ WTF?! didn't know he passed either. He was my favorite speaker designer. His high end (read: uber expensive) speakers are among the best out there IMO
  7. robm321

    Speaker Porn

    I have the VR-4jrs. I bought them when they first came out many years ago. Still happy as well.
  8. robm321

    Speaker Porn

    My first high end speakers were paradigm monitors. Later, I upgraded to the studio 100s v.1 before permanently moving to Von Schweikert. I'll always have a soft spot for that Canadian company.
  9. Best workout, run, biking music in existence. BTW, RTJ4 just came out and 1-4 are all good. IMO 2 is the best. Enjoy.
  10. robm321

    Get your game on!

    Command & Conquer + Red Alert has been remastered if you're looking for some nastalgia with gameplay at much higher resolutions (cut scenes are still low Rez). $19.99
  11. Hardcore History it's one of the best podcast 👌
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