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Deferring on the first question—I only have access to the regular edition via Tidal, will try to track down the 30th anniversary edition to give it a listen, and compare masterings.  Might ask this sort of question on the Steve Hoffman forums.

Multiple:  Olé ELO, A New World Record, Out of the Blue, Face the Music (in order of hearing them and immediately subsequently purchasing them in my youth.

Kuiama, probably, but The Jungle is a close second.

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Have fun at the hoffman thread

I really enjoy a couple - 

Eldorado  - for the concept aspect and couple of good tunes

Out of the Blue - as my first and classic

Balance of Power - I overlooked this - until I was about to purge it from my collection - on listening - it is good.


bonus is just Jeff's - Armchair Theatre -- worthy listen. 

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I blasted through the Out of the Blue 30th anniversary CD thread yesterday – typical of discussions on the Hoffmann forums regarding classic albums with many reissues, the results were inconclusive.

Steve Hoffmann started it with a recommendation and then offhandedly mentioned it wasn't one of his favorite albums and he was doing everyone a favor by listening to it.

... things went downhill from there.

The upshot is that most people seemed to like it and then they started picking nits about audible dropouts in various tracks on the remasters (as well as on the original LPs) with no update on the succeeding 2008 reissue CD (without the bonus tracks of the 30th Ann.) along with side discussions of vinyl versions, Japanese and Austrian CDs, cassettes, etc.

TL;DR: Some people may be overthinking this :horsey:

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