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  1. Jesus Christ Superstar by Andrew Lloyd Webber (1970) https://album.link/i/1576869483 Example: This 2021 remaster sounds good. I grew up with this album in the house. I don't remember which sibling it belonged to, I also was exposed to the movie early on as well.
  2. If Not Now, Who? by Joe K. Walsh (2023) https://album.link/i/1655044023 Example: Not that Joe Walsh. This is Joe Walsh (#6 on discogs) the bluegrass mandolin player. Very enjoyable album. w/ Banjo – Matt Flinner Bass – Karl Doty Drums – John Suntken Fiddle – Ella Jordan (tracks: 1,2,10), John Mailander Guitar – Grant Gordy Mandolin, Mandola – Joe Walsh (6)
  3. Aye: I start to run out of data fast. International Amphitheater, Chicago, IL -- November 29, 1981 Centennial Hall, Rock Island, IL -- October 4, 1981 Poplar Creek Music Theater, Hoffman Estates, IL -- August 9, 1981 ChicagoFest 1981 -- July 30, 1981 Teddy Pendergrass - Survivor - jan and dean <<-- I would see that show Checking the bar licenses for the greater Chicago area for dive bars was too large of an effort. But from the Chamber of Commerce - they only list one - Countryside Saloon 2501 E. Ballard Road Des Plaines, IL 60016 -- but everything is fancy. So I am not sure how to search for old records. Hopefully the locals can help.. .--- sorry.
  4. I don't/didn't live there. but I can internet... Rocky 3 - May 28, 1982 I found the following shows: WLS Rockfest 1982 -- October 29, 1982 w/Judas Priest Poplar Creek Music Theater, Hoffman Estates, IL -- September 11, 1982 w/REO Speedwagon Marriott's Great America, Gurnee, IL -- June 18, 1982 Oct 01, 1982 -- Survivor @ Brother Rice High School Chicago, Illinois, United States But from your description it does not look like these are them. But I will do some additional looking until a local shows up.
  5. Worse ways to spend an hour.
  6. Ott? Yup.. And the Waltzes from 2008 Brendel? yup. But mostly vinyl, so it has been a while. Also I don't remember him recording Chopin that much (Polonaises). I remember a pile of Beethoven and Schubert though. Argerich? Other stuff - but not Chopin. I will look for it. I know her DG stuff is respected. If I had a go-to, to use your term. It would probably be Artur: I really liked the 11 CD set and listened to it a lot. Also there are others as you said - Kissin, Perahia, Horowitz, etc That said, I don't listen to Chopin that often. I think he was great, and the dedication to piano was incredible. Just sometimes it is a bit 'too many notes' for me. But if you have album recommendations, please post, I would be happy to add them to my queue if they are available.
  7. Based on a recommendation: Telemann: Trumpet Concertos by Håkan Hardenberger (1988) https://album.link/i/1452218846 Example: Very enjoyable, I do enjoy alternative Concertos (not always violin and piano), and this fits that bill. I was a little thrown because I am so use to Sir Neville Marriner being the conductor. I know Iona as a violin player, but good conducting chops on display.
  8. Dire Straits by Dire Straits (1978) https://album.link/i/307029087 Example:
  9. Yeah it was!! off of this lovely album with a totally normal album cover....
  10. Dance With Me: The Best Of Orleans by Orleans (1997) https://album.link/i/77821265 Example: I usually stay away from Best of's or Greatest hits. I listen to albums for the most part. But fuck it. I wanted to, it's a fun set of tunes.... Heck, I will even post the song they are most known for. What do you want? It is a hot day....
  11. Chopin by Ivo Pogorelich (2022) https://album.link/i/1600880082 Example: Very good Sony recording. Ivo is not my fav for Chopin interpretations, but he sure gets a lot of things right for me.
  12. I assume that there is a single street size tortilla under the mound of meat on a plate. mmm taco...
  13. Cheers Birgir - happy birthday. Let us know how the natural lava bake oven is coming along. {quickly checks google to see if iceland is still there}
  14. Lindsay, who ran off to Nebula to continue creating content, after many haters tried to cancel her, just released her Yoko doc to youTube. I am not sure she will return to YouTube, but I was happy to see it. Oh, and it is good.
  15. Aerosmith by Aerosmith (1973) https://album.link/i/1658644936 Example: I have to admit that I didn't have 1973 in mind when I thought of their first album, and I also have to admit that I didn't know that 'Dream on' was from their first album as well. Growing up they were just always here, so I never really thought about their origins, and how long they had been around. When I started buying albums in the 80s, I thought of them as a classic rock band in the 80s. I didn't say I was very smart, then or now. Great Album? no, good album with a few great songs. Also Get Your Wings by Aerosmith (1974) https://album.link/i/1658645027 Example: Again 1974 just seems crazy to me for this album and tunes. Also not a great album for me, but good with some great songs, and better than their first album. I think that listening to the radio growing up gave me a distorted sense of time, and I don't think MTV helped. Permanent Vacation seemed like a new Album from a newish band. Again, not so bright.
  16. mikeymad


    "A decade ago, she practically introduced Diet Coke," Um... prior IP Grahame?
  17. RIP Baby Bull. And Very sad RIP for Martin Mull. Martin was that special type of funny that was so subtle sometimes that the joke was for very few people, probably mostly himself and maybe the late Fred Willard. I also don't think of the shows listed, I think of the movie Clue, and of course old TV specials like, The History of White People in America. And he seemed to be a staple on Johnny and Letterman. RIP Martin, thanks for the yucks, guffaws and chuckles.
  18. Chabrier: Le roi malgré lui; España; Gwendoline Overture; Suite pastorale by Detroit Symphony Orchestra (1961) https://album.link/i/1629542940 Example: I really could be happy with just '50s and '60s recordings of classical music. I know that there are good modern recordings, but still.
  19. Here's To Life by Shirley Horn (1992) https://album.link/i/1443164309 Example: This is a perfect example of how to use your talents and limitations as one ages. Such a pretty album. Her ability to play with the microdynamics in her voice is just amazing to me.
  20. Had to see if this still held up after my personal hype of it being released - Almost two years ago. Yup - I still like it a lot and really enjoy the grooves.
  21. Phantoma by Unleash The Archers (2024) https://album.link/i/1721629378 Example: It took me a bit to get to - like most things these days - but first listen to the new UTA album. Not as much diversity as in the last few album as far as the overall sound. I think that they went hard on the storyline so I need to spend some time with the words and listen again soon. But new Archers album - happy times.
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