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  1. Watching this thing - doing something
  2. Cheers team, thanks for the wishes. It was a regular work day. But sushi supper and Scotch is a good thing. And I have tomorrow off.. ;} Cheers
  3. wow no one has been drinking for 7 years... .??
  4. Cheers Chris - Happy Shared Birthday...
  5. So youtube thinks I like f1 now... so binging This is impressive precession driving with pit input.
  6. Gotta like the Widelux https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/jeff-bridges-shares-personal-photos-film-sets-1245998
  7. I would still like to listen to the bob carver amps..
  8. hello - hello - hello... I am sure the angled roof will cancel all standing waves...
  9. Cheers Sean Time to watch Zardoz, The Hunt for the Red October, and Russia House again.
  10. Anyone started their 2020 batch yet? {Were going to need it} Going to work on sourcing ingredients. {Booze}
  11. Holy shit - no wonder there is only one bottle in the wine fridge. {proof this is not stretch or greg's house}
  12. Had a blip - but all good.. Many thanks.
  13. Cheers Peter -- Happy Birthdays!!
  14. Ha - so that little guy would have totally missed if they didn't move their hand... so what was it jumping for? Her Face!?
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