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  1. i don’t know who needs to hear this... Tomberlin 2022 https://album.link/i/1606957903 Example: A quiet but very intentional album. New Artist to me, and I really enjoyed the album a lot, sophomore release. I have not dug into the lyrics much at this point, but I feel that I will be rewarded when I do.
  2. Valentine Snail Mail 2021 https://album.link/i/1636341239 Example: Shortish (31min), but very enjoyable listen from Snail Mail.
  3. Water Falls Sara K. 2004 https://album.link/i/6333184 Example: I continue to grow in my appreciation of Sara. As always a very well recorded set of tracks. Not as clean as the Chesky releases, but few things are.
  4. where are we Joshua Redman 2023 https://album.link/i/1695044022 Example: A Challenging but very rewarding new release by Joshua. The example is a very approachable track. Gabrielle does a great job matching and contrasting with Joshua and gang on this album. Good Blue Note release.
  5. Celebrants Nickel Creek 2023 https://album.link/i/1655960194 Example: Too many great tunes to pick which one to share. This one highlights Sara. Oh what the hell.... And this one highlights Chris: I need to tweak my TIDAL favorites list a bit so I don't miss these releases (from March! - I have missed 5+ months of this music in my life). At first I was not a big fan of the production style of this album until I got into the meat of it and it became very clear that they knew what they were doing, the dynamics came alive and I was hooked on every tune. I know that I should expect this from a MacArthur Fellowship 'Genius Grant' award winner.
  6. Wheels Turn Beneath My Feet Fink 2012 https://song.link/i/562220092 << song link - Album link only had two streamers listed Example: A very well recorded set of live tunes. And very consistent mastering, considering they were from 8 different venues. I was only familiar with one tune, but was very engaged for the entire set. I might have to check recent releases.
  7. Happy birthday Andrew.. Cheers
  8. And then this just showed up.. - yay
  9. It happened around the same time as Jimmy - so I think it just got lost. Anyway. hortelã MARO 2023 https://album.link/i/1680000799 Example: Very well mastered by Alan Silverman. I appreciated this sonically even if I don't understand the words.
  10. Cheers John - Happy Birthday's -
  11. I missed this last week.. RIP Gary (Sept 4th) The Dream Weaver Gary Wright 1975 https://album.link/i/321974937 Example: Go listen to Dream Weaver as well. Such a good album of tunes of their time. RIP Gary - Dream Weaving in the sky...
  12. Heartbeat City (2016 Remaster) The Cars 1984 https://album.link/i/1088528654 Example: So I think in the 80s I was really listening to this album, but I was staring at the Candy-O Album Cover (so that stuck in my head). I really liked almost all of these songs. Even found myself singing along to Drive.
  13. You're the One Rhiannon Giddens 2023 https://album.link/i/1683236541 Example: Continually impressed with Rhiannon. Her ability to adapt to different styles and to do them all so well is amazing to me. This is an album full of solid songs. Each one has purpose and grounding. They were not just going into the studio and see what happens. It is choreographed and executed at a high level.
  14. Dang that second drop was close.
  15. um... Nothing to see here. move along...
  16. RIP Jimmy. Sorry to hear Brent... {hugs}
  17. Ha - my assessment remains the same.
  18. Sextet Carla Bley 1987 https://album.link/i/1443515986 Example: I really did think that I posted this before. But I couldn't find it. But it is something that should be posted. I didn't know much about Carla's work before this. A great set and this track is just so pretty.
  19. RIP Sophie... condolences Shelly...
  20. Happy Birthday Jimmy - Cheers!
  21. Pathways Ezra Glatt 2023 https://album.link/i/1676302508 Example: Good freshman effort from Ezra. It has an Elliott Smith feel. I will be interested in seeing if their writing continues to grow.
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