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  1. Sorry to hear Chris.. RIP Lori. And yes, cancer can fuck right off.
  2. I'll take a live slow ride followed by fluffy tufts any day.
  3. Installed Win 11 on laptop. Nothing to complain about. Don't mind the appleish center buttons (can change if wanted). Seems more like an update vs a revision.
  4. Dang it, now my YouTube recommendations are all jacked up.. Okay - now I can go purge my entire internet history.
  5. Somit Kaja Draksler, Petter Eldh, Christian Lillinger 2021 Example:
  6. Oscar Peterson & Jon Faddis Oscar Peterson, Jon Faddis 1975 Example:
  7. Man, these 74-75 colabs are really good. Oscar Peterson And Clark Terry Oscar Peterson, Clark Terry 1975 Example: On to the next one....
  8. moor Oscar Peterson & Harry Edison Oscar Peterson, Harry Edison 1974 Example:
  9. I only made it a 3rd of the way in before I said "shut the fuck up" out loud.
  10. The Giants Oscar Peterson, Joe Pass, Ray Brown 1974 Example:
  11. Taking A Chance On Love Jane Monheit 2004 Example:
  12. Cheers Peter - Happy Birthday and (party favour noise)
  13. Inner Symphonies Hania Rani, Dobrawa Czocher 2021 Example:
  14. I gave Foundation a try. I have not read the trilogy (or any other material). I made it to episode 4, and I found that I still didn't care about the characters, so I stopped. I think it was partially the way the story is being told. A character has a huge emotional reaction, and you don't know why until the next episode. Hmmm, am I suppose to go back now and watch the emotional reaction again now that I get it? Oh well.
  15. New to me, added to album to queue.
  16. I feel attacked (the first 7 tabs in my browser - just because I finished the other 12 video tabs I had open)
  17. Binaries in Cycle Keshav Batish 2021 Good freshman effort. Keshav Batish - drum set Shay Salhov - alto saxophone Lucas Hahn - piano Aron Caceres - double bass Example:
  18. Anyone going to max out a laptop for $6K?!? ooph
  19. Staying in Touch Sinne Eeg, Thomas Fonnesbæk 2021 Example:
  20. Let It Be (2021 Mix) The Beatles 1970 I am not sure it is just my tidal stream, But I feel that I loose all sense of the studio in the mix. People (hoffman forum) talk about the 5.1 mix, but I have no interest. Oh well, good album regardless. And with the deluxe you get the Glyn Johns mix which is very studio. have some youtube sound for fun:
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