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  1. Okay bring on the Henley hate. I can take it. Building The Perfect Beast Don Henley 1984 But that super fat 80s synth!?! dang!
  2. ^^ Must be the same Seventy Three from his vids - One of the best sounds that can be made. Me: Back to another 1958 (good year) Ascenseur pour l'├ęchafaud Miles Davis 1958 Example:
  3. Sings For Only The Lonely (Deluxe) Frank Sinatra 1958 This edition contained the complete Mono and Stereo versions of the Album. I would not really call the Stereo "stereo", more like a diffuse mono, and his voice is dropped back in the mix. Here is a nice Mono track:
  4. XO (Deluxe Edition) Elliott Smith 1998 Example:
  5. ^^ that was in the queue.. Esja Hania Rani 2019 Example: She really is a great composer.
  6. Happier Than Ever Billie Eilish 2021 Opening track:
  7. Autumn (Piano Solos) George Winston 1980 Example:
  8. Dusty - Yup yup, a worthy performance, hits the power and subtly that I really like. Nicola is a performer that I have enjoyed for years, and does not disappoint here. Is it the greatest recording or performance? no, but worth the time. Poke around on youtube, if not on a streamer for you.
  9. Inspired by today's Tiny Desk: A Common Turn Anna B Savage 2021 Example: Studio version of the first song from above:
  10. Tchaikovsky-Bruch Violin Concertos Nicola Benedetti 2010 Example:
  11. Purple (2019 Remaster) Stone Temple Pilots 1994 Deeper Cut:
  12. Long Time Passing: Kronos Quartet and Friends Celebrate Pete Seeger Kronos Quartet 2020 Example:
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