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  1. Interesting. My first music purchase Ever was the 7" Single - Heart of Glass. {I may have it}
  2. reasons I don't know Astrud's work that well other than the obvious. So, just a few hours of Top tracks. Such an enjoyable vibe and the vocal tone and work is subtle and lovely. rip
  3. A Pile of these: I'm not starting another listening project, I am not starting another listening project, I am Not ... Okay - just one more click and then I am done.
  4. Since I was thinking about it. Candy-O (Expanded Edition) The Cars 1979 https://album.link/i/1088527319 Example: Maybe it was the album cover and my young teen years that made me think about this album more. 🤓 But it was more unfamiliar than I thought. The first 4 tracks for sure were solid in my memory, so my brother must have played the first side a lot. Being '79 this had a much more 80s feel than I thought it would. Enjoyable with some gems in there, but not has cohesive as their first effort. The expanded edition just gives some other goodies and a few mixes that are fun enough. I do like the story that they brought Vargas out of retirement at 83 years of age to create the iconic cover.
  5. The Cars (2016 Remaster) The Cars 1978 https://album.link/i/1088527349 Example: It has all the hits and all the goodness in-between. I grew up listening to Candy-O so much more than their freshman effort. Just a well crafted album with great tracks and riffs one after the other. It will not be lost in my history.
  6. Stronger Than I Am (Repack) Lily Rose 2021 https://album.link/i/1590673491 Example: Strong unique voice. I really enjoyed this set. Reminds me of some bar folk singers that I listened to back in collage.
  7. Cry Softly Lonely One (Remastered) Roy Orbison 1967 https://album.link/i/1443310520 Example: You may not know them all - but they are worthy.
  8. Schubert: Symphonies Nos. 3 In D, D.200 & 8 In B Minor, D.759 - "Unfinished" Wiener Philharmoniker, Carlos Kleiber 1997 https://album.link/i/1585387022 Example: All around a super solid performance and recording by DG. Engaging, pretty and good pace. Very much enjoyed my time with this one.
  9. Cleaning up my queue a little bit. I was listening to this when I read about Tina, so that occupied my queue for a while. Beethoven: Violin Sonatas Nos. 4, 9 & 10 Andrew Wan, Charles Richard-Hamelin 2021 https://album.link/i/1581150773 Example: Not great - but really good. I guess that is not really fair, I did like it enough to listen to it twice. I don't know the Label or the performers. It is well recorded with a very live feel. Phantasmagoria or a Different Kind of Journey Eivind Aarset 2021 https://album.link/i/1575767827 Example: Holy smokes that was cool. The info just talked about him being a guitarist, not an amazing composer and crafter of sounds. Added to my list of people. Now: The Trinity Session Cowboy Junkies 1988 https://album.link/i/299789347 Example: Famous in my world for all its audiophile goodness. I had been thinking about it ever since listening to Le Ren. It holds up for all the right reasons. An Incredible recording and just a super cool performance. Okay - caught up.
  10. Sorry to hear Todd - RIP Aunty Joyce
  11. Many reasons. It's Gonna Work Out Fine Ike & Tina Turner 1963 https://album.link/i/1437946017 Example: She was a queen for a long time. Even if she was not always free. ...rip....
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