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  1. needed some of that sweet transformer hum... some audio tube feedback perhaps?
  2. I can never afford (justify) them - but I still want to listen to them, hoping my blackburn xf2s last a long time.
  3. mikeymad

    Speaker Porn

    wow that is one big chunk of p(h)orn of a speaker. can barely see the tweeter vs that monster mid. and some dude made a mini pair...
  4. hmmm - Trevor Rabin stuff -- interesting.. -- thanks.
  5. Cheers Colin! - Happy Birthday fellow Seattle area HCer.. --
  6. It is only 48 outside, but clear. So two open faced burgers on the grill. Sonja got two as well.
  7. mikeymad

    Speaker Porn

    I like the cables running in random directions
  8. Cheers Steve, wishing you a great birthday, build something nice for yourself..
  9. Cheers Ed -- Happy Birthday..
  10. mikeymad

    Get your game on!

    Very cool. There are a lot of tough choices in that game. And some bad ways to end. Glad you got to play. It is gaming at a different level.
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