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  1. She is fast - but happens to be very good as well. Ed: Also, isn't that three things?
  2. Joseph Haydn: Piano Sonatas Nos. 20, 34, 51 & 52 Paul Lewis 2018 https://album.link/i/1580960950 Example: Just good all the way around. Haydn good, Paul good, Harmonia good. Fire bad.
  3. A bit of a progy Saturday: Earlier - Journey To The Centre Of The Earth Rick Wakeman 1974 https://album.link/i/1443406338 It's only 4 tracks, there is no real way to share a track to do it justice. Now more modern: Day And Age (Deluxe Edition) Frost* 2021 https://album.link/us/i/1556722306 Example: Frost* has been in my queue for too long. I am glad I finally got to them. I have an older album of theirs queued up as well. I should get to it sooner than later. Solid band with Spock's Beard vibes.
  4. Maybe I can use something like that to create background music for my flyover videos - but it can't do this: A Day At The Races Queen 1976 https://album.link/i/1440805740 Getting back to 'real' music. Cheers
  5. Talking Heads '77 (Deluxe Version) Talking Heads 1977 https://album.link/i/124925532 Example: Fun with David and the gang.
  6. Vivaldi: The Four Seasons - Geminiani: Concerti grossi Nos. 4 & 12 Boston Baroque, Martin Pearlman, Christina Day Martinson 2009 https://album.link/i/1545716709 Example: From Telac, back when Telarc was still a thing. So as you would expect, very well recorded.
  7. Yeah, a little easier to consider testing things out with adding another VST - I don't think I would buy a handful of Weber's just to test them out. They do look next level though.
  8. Thanks, and understood - My issue is that with the Oracle (semi-auto) I can only adjust the dose so much. I reduced it this morning to its absolute minimum, and that gave me a 22 dose, which is the dose I really like right now. The grinder uses a little telescoping post with a set screw to adjust the fill level (max stroke). I was thinking for a few bucks I could have the flexibility to go to a lower dose if I wanted with an 18g basket. I really should be just talked about in terms of the size of the basket, the current VST that I have is 26mm high, and smaller one would be 24mm. The limitations of the all in one machine. That all being said - the 22g in and 46g out that I am sipping on right now is glorious.
  9. Yup - that was my experience on the first pull. It is a deeper basket than the stock one. I ended up with just under 24g in. So I pulled 50g out, and it was a lovely complex shot out of the gate. I pulled another one just to see if the consistency was there, and sure enough it was. So, I poured them together and sipped on the quad shot for a while. I didn't finish it, I would have been way too buzzed. But I am happy with the basket, I may pick up an 18g just to be able to run smaller doses in the future.
  10. One year after her last release. Now we have the sessions. Released yesterday. The Apathy Sessions Aoife O'Donovan 2023 https://album.link/i/1661841434 Example: Just happy to have more Aoife to appreciate. (additional 9 tracks)
  11. The Seville Concert [Expanded Edition] John Williams 1994 https://album.link/i/264719171 Example: One of the great recordings. I have had this since it came out, and I always wanted more, and now there is. I don't know when they expanded it, but I am glad they did. Just top notch performance and engineering in one.
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