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  1. RIP Maggie Roche https://nyti.ms/2jLGvN7
  2. https://www.jsc.nasa.gov/Bios/htmlbios/cernan-ea.html?linkId=33446850
  3. HapPY birthday Grahame.... May they discover the secret to a long life and good knees are in bacon, ice cream, and diet coke. Cheers
  4. my Brother sent me this today So , Houses
  5. +1 for Carl - thanks Knucks.
  6. from a period of history that is both fucked up and looks awesome -
  7. As long as I don't loose Internet.....
  8. pretty....
  9. heavy vinyl "Uptown Girl" ? - hold me back !! (but there are a few gems in the list, thx)
  10. Happy birthday site Ric I hope you had a great family day. Cheers
  11. we're all coming over...
  12. nice looking tacos
  13. Dat was spicy - mine was not so hot - but very good. (and the Ringo Star (okay cocktail))