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  1. Blue Train: The Complete Masters John Coltrane 1957 https://album.link/i/1636572781 Example: A good expansion set of a classic album. I like the addition of the alt takes (like the example). It really makes me think, how did they pick the one for the original album? They just liked it better?, because they all rip and they are different. I don't really need the mono versions, I listened to a couple of the mono tracks and compared them to the stereo, and I way prefer the stereo mix. And not just for the soundstage, but the dynamics. There are times when mono mixes are the ones to listen to. This one was not for me. I will probably use this set for future listening though, to have those extra tracks from the '57 sessions are gold for me.
  2. ^^ I didn't know that existed. It was fun. Thx
  3. Timber Bryan Rahija 2021 https://album.link/i/1568000393 Example: Another new artist. Solo Acoustic Guitar. I decided to share a live track to give an idea of his playing technique. I liked this a lot. The focus on melody over flashy techniques makes it very listenable for an album. There are great musicians out there (I am looking at you candyrat records), that way over use techniques over melody.
  4. 7 hour live stream of the Queen's Funeral. YouTube will not let me embed the link --> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1tm6IqVcTFk No commentary (media) - just as I like it. If you need a program -- https://int.nyt.com/data/documenttools/order-of-service-the-state-funeral-of-her-majesty-queen-elizabeth-ii/e506247f5e4c2545/full.pdf I had some tears here and there.
  5. Good Woman The Staves 2021 https://album.link/i/1535067266 Example: I really enjoyed this introduction to this trio. They a soft folk vibe, They reminded me of the Roaches, but they don't go as strong on the harmonies. Checking out their earlier work now.
  6. The Innocents The Innocents 1982 Example:
  7. nah, this scrapey pointy thing But beware of getting a thumb in the way. Not really recommended - but it does work if needed. a little extra iron in my zoodles.
  8. Zoodles with cherry tomatoes, All from the garden.
  9. Cheers Mr Stretch! Wishing you a wine filled birthday
  10. How Long Do You Think It's Gonna Last? Big Red Machine 2021 https://album.link/i/1571575880 Example: I went into this one blind, like I do with most new music. And it was all over the place, and in the end I really liked it. It has some Elliot Smith type stuff like the example. And then there are things that I didn't like. But there are songs with Anaïs Mitchell , Fleet Foxes and Taylor Swift among others. Just before posting I had to look them up.. helmed by Bon Iver's, Justin Vernon and the National's, Aaron Dessner, ah I understand more now and how they had pull of getting big names. Anyway, I think I will have to put this into rotation to figure it all out more.
  11. The Salzburg Recital (Live) Evgeny Kissin 2022 https://album.link/i/1630346272 Example: Kissen doing Kissen things - and that is a good thing. Interesting how he can make Gershwin sound like a Russian composer. But most of the performance is really good and a nice simple clean DG recording.
  12. If Not For You (Deluxe Edition / Remastered 2022) Olivia Newton-John 1971 https://album.link/i/1641384228 Example: Before she was physical. Early and a bit rough Olivia. I can appreciate some of the gems in there but a typical covers album for a young talent.
  13. Nancy & Lee Nancy Sinatra, Lee Hazlewood 1968 https://album.link/i/1616561102 Example: -- Almost a perfect Album opener. Most of the album is like that, but not as slow. Some good and bad engineering in there as well. I was entertained for 42 minutes.
  14. oops - did we end up with two threads... ? Admin help needed.
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