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  1. mikeymad


    wow, I might need a second at that price!
  2. Happy Belated Todd - sorry I missed it in real time. -- Cheers.
  3. RIP Norman Lear.. (101) Ed: It got me thinking about how much I have watched, and enjoyed his stuff. All in the Family - some, but it was not a staple The Jeffersons - yes and yes Sanford and Son - Hell yes (ya big dummy) Good Times - yup Maude - nope Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman - nope One Day at a Time - yup And that is the short list. Now you know why I am as I is.
  4. Okay - not an apple person. And it is an ad. But a really good one. And not really fair using a really really good George Harrison song.
  5. When you search for Phil Collins, Ya never know what you are gonna get.
  6. Warning - Mostly war.... https://apnews.com/article/photos-2023-yearend-photography-ap-0a62ee84672da7a03685c5f5f64f2c47 The year in photos: AP’s most memorable photos of 2023
  7. Nameless Dominique Fils-Aimé 2018 https://album.link/i/1328997132 Example: New Artist to me. Going to be going very high on my audiophile testing playlist. VERY well recorded and a great set of tracks.
  8. Cheers to Zoe!! -- Happy Birthdays -- good thing you are not getting any older.
  9. I will leave any real comment to those that know. But I enjoyed some light reading. https://www.dpreview.com/reviews/pentaxkx
  10. Rage Against The Machine Rage Against The Machine 1992 https://album.link/i/191450810 Example - You have to click to listen. Happy Cyber Monday - Motherfuuuuckersss....
  11. Happy Birthday Bryan, Good thing you got the DYA in before today... :} Cheers
  12. G.T.R GTR 1986 https://album.link/i/1036846135 Example: Nice combo with Steve Hackett, Steve Howe and Geoffrey Downes. This one got a little lost with the Asia albums coming out around all this. Seems like a side project for Geoffrey, and the Steve's wanted to play together. Not mad about it. I thought that this was an early 90's album in my head, but it fits in with the mid 80's as well. With Asia and Yes around this time, along with IQ and Marillion. Good Sunday listen as I bake bacon... :}
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