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  1. Grand Prix (of fencing) Turin

    Cued up with the YouTubes... but I have to finish watching curling first...
  2. Looks like Justin made Fox News

    They should have giving him some love by recommending the GS-X as well....
  3. RIP some fuck or another

    Rip.. Jim Nabors at 87
  4. Happy Birthday Gene!

    Happy Birthday dear Gene... Cheers....
  5. The Knuckledragger 3rd Memorial Slow Forum Post

    @2:23 - cat = I'm out!
  6. Happy Birthday Bryan!

    Cheers Little Bro... --- Will cheers with a beverage later... Happy Birthday....
  7. The analog thread.

    Miles n Miles
  8. The analog thread.

    Well that is the ottoman... Stuck in holiday Traffic .... but I like it.
  9. The analog thread.

    While sorting lps...
  10. The analog thread.

    Gerry and Ben talkin together nicely... thx omr.
  11. The analog thread.

    Monk's Misterioso
  12. The analog thread.

    Linda's Lush Life
  13. The analog thread.

    Hmmmm .... Sting in qsound.. While sorting whisky