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  1. Watching this thing - doing something
  2. Cheers team, thanks for the wishes. It was a regular work day. But sushi supper and Scotch is a good thing. And I have tomorrow off.. ;} Cheers
  3. wow no one has been drinking for 7 years... .??
  4. Cheers Chris - Happy Shared Birthday...
  5. So youtube thinks I like f1 now... so binging This is impressive precession driving with pit input.
  6. Gotta like the Widelux https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/jeff-bridges-shares-personal-photos-film-sets-1245998
  7. I would still like to listen to the bob carver amps..
  8. hello - hello - hello... I am sure the angled roof will cancel all standing waves...
  9. Cheers Sean Time to watch Zardoz, The Hunt for the Red October, and Russia House again.
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