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  1. Cheers Sir Brent.. - Happy Birthday May your biscuits be fully baked May the wheels on your bike stay on the ground May your whisky bottle never run dry Long live our MENSA Mexican...
  2. Composite Truth by Mandrill (1972) https://album.link/i/1435359131 Example: Dats right. Mandrill y'all. A lot more diverse than I was expecting going into this, their third album.
  3. As a long term Yes follower I tend to gravitate to other albums for some reason. But then I have to just remember 'Heart of the Sunrise' and I am back to listening to this album. As I just did. A Roger Dean visual version:
  4. Cheers Rob - Happy Birthday - don't do any listening that I wouldn't do...
  5. I always like the way that blown motors have cyclical surging.
  6. This - and agreed. And I would not have been sad if he had just released them all on a double album. I find it all works well together for me. But that would be a lot of notes...
  7. Oh yeah the analog section. I am a Linn-head so it is hard not to go with the 40th anniversary (yeah it was 10 years ago), Linn Sondek LP12. But it came with an Highland Park 40yo - and the Plinth was made from HP cask staves Fully loaded with the upgrade bits and the Ekos Arm and Ekstatik cart: That would give me the Linn sound that I like, but to dig a bit deeper I would like to try the - Wilson-Benesch GMT One Turntable: Built around this piece of engineering art: I agree with you Steve on the LYRA Atlas SL Lambda - I heard the younger sibling of this, in a whisky friend's rig, and I was sold on the sound. And the mono version for mono reason (same pic.. ) For more swapping I have always liked the Grado sound as well -- so Grado Epoch3 And Mono of course - picture not included (yeah it looks the same). I would have to do a lot more research into the phono pre. But I would probably start out with something like the MANLEY STEELHEAD RC: Multi inputs - multi gain - multi load - tubes.. neet! ... and I agree with people that this is a bit of a farce. I am not going to own anything here. But I have also spent time with super high end systems and they are a wonderful experience. This is a hobby for me, listening that is, and with any hobby, you spend time, effort and money on them. A lot of chasing high end would be lost on me at this point in my life, unfortunately. My tinnitus has gotten really bad in the last year and a half. I have had a mild version of it since I was a late teen and I damaged my hearing making homemade horn loaded speakers that I put in my car! I still have really good listening skills and can pick out the minutest of details, I just have to turn things up a bit louder to get over my internal noise floor. Oh, and an Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman: For one - thank you very much - there is only one listening position. - Ever.
  8. HIT ME HARD AND SOFT by Billie Eilish (2024) https://album.link/i/1739659134 Example: Just one listen so far. It is on the lighter side of her work. More like the Barbie track than Bad Guy stuff. I will have to listen again and see what is in the lyrics. Production is top notch, which I expect these days.
  9. Cheers Chris - Wishing you a great day - Happy Birthday -
  10. Not your kids EDM concert - Jean-Michel kicking it hard at 75.... 1. The Opening 2. Epica Oxygene 3. Suite for Flute / Oxygene Pt.2 4. Web Spinner 5. Equinoxe Pt.4 6. Equinoxe Pt.7 7. Falling Down 8. Industrial Revolution Pt.2 9. The Architect 10. Zero Gravity 11. Rendez Vous Pt.2 feat. Brian May 12. New World Symphony Bratislava 2024 13. Last Horizon / Brighton Rock 14. Azimuth 15. Exit feat. Edward Snowden 16. Herbalizer 17. Oxygene Pt.19 (Notre-Dame Rework) 18. Glory 19. Rendez Vous Pt.4 20. Stardust 21. Bratislava Time feat. Brian May
  11. Finally finished the 29 episodes of TrainWreckords from 'Todd in the Shadows' channel. Playlist - https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLLznZMqdhi_RVHtZYrMeoi3Fjg9VNhPAX&si=BFEmjpgrfLGZXQmX This Faith Hill episode is a good example:
  12. oh the reasons... Straight To The Heart by David Sanborn (1984) https://album.link/i/81897219 Example: His work with Marcus Miller in the day was top notch. Did a lot of it getting written off as Soundtrack music,... sure. I think soundtracks are awesome.. RIP David.
  13. Dang - David was my player in the 80s and early 90s. I literally had all of these on vinyl except the early '74 taking off. Thanks David - RIP
  14. The Chronic by Dr. Dre (1992) https://album.link/i/1668460963 Example: Just the intro alone is better than anything from the Kendrick/Drake beef. And then you throw in 'The Day The Niggaz Took Over', and 'Nuthin' But A "G" Thang'.
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