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  1. Happy Birthday Shelly - I know that you started it right with a beverage. Cheers
  2. ^^ love the vocal integration of that album (added to playlist) me
  3. Good opener. Seems like there is a making of a good season.
  4. Happy Birthday Al - Keep on Defending the Universe for us. Cheers.. da mikey
  5. Dram-it Colin! I owe you a beverage soon for your birthdays. Happy Birthday Colin...
  6. cheers steve.. Happy Birthday!
  7. poor falcon. not use to be outside.
  8. Nice Naaman, tis a nice display - senior aviator... I like it with the Calvary crossed swords.
  9. Junior Mance, Jazz Pianist and Educator, Dead at 92 | Pitchfork Junior Mance, Jazz Pianist and Educator, Dead at 92
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