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  1. Nine Dart Finish anyone?
  2. fun with double talk
  3. RIP Mr Bond... Ed - and just read up on Manchester - very sad - and very sad there are sad fucks like that in the world - rip to the innocents
  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRENT!!!/... Cheers
  5. Cheers - Happy Birthday Raffy!! ... Wishes for a good day and good beverage.
  6. Cheers Shelly --- Happy Birthday!! -- hugs
  7. HEHE !! Well played G Frontier (FIOS) Internets C
  8. Well the new 100/100 fiber at home seems to be working..
  9. Ooph, Jimmy got to me
  10. Mr. Potato Head: "Hey, Hamm. Look, I'm Picasso! " Hamm: "I don't get it. " Mr. Potato Head: "You uncultured swine! What're you lookin' at, ya hockey puck?"
  11. Lovely de garde birthday pour defender! Much birthday wishes my friend... Cheers!
  12. brad good