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Nate's Cycling Adventures 2023 - The Dirty Dozen


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  • 2 weeks later...

Sorry for the lack of updates over the weekend, the wifi at the house could basically support one device at a time.  Short version, the ride was great.  Continue on for TLDR...


The day started with overcast skies, temps in the mid 70s which was pretty ideal.  We met Kelly (left above) and Edie (KBF Executive Director) at the starting line for a quick pick after the main pack rolled out around 7:30.  We weren't particularly worried about riding with any other groups/folks.  The first 25 miles or so passed without much incident, one guy got a flat which was quickly changed with a little help from the ride support crew and then the five of us riding the 100 split off to take the longer way home.  Through the next 20 miles temps and the weather continued to be on our side.  As we passed through 50 miles the sun came out with a vengeance.  What had been simply a warm, very humid day turned into a hot and steamy one fast.  But sunscreen was applied and much fluid consumed (I think I drank between 8-10 22oz bottles on the day) and with the exception of my friend Jim who cramped and had to call in the sag wagon at 85 miles, we all survived in tolerable shape.  Much fun was had, much money was raised.  Our little 9 person team ended up raising a bit over $25k and the event topped the million dollar mark on the day of the ride.  I spent a significant amount of time on the front along with my friend Gus as we'd both logged considerably more training miles than the others.  All in all, I just can't say thank you to all of you that continue to support me and this event.  The foundation does some truly amazing work and changes lives every time that they do.  




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