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  1. Booze in crust is a good thing. Claire uses vodka in her pie crust
  2. Happy birthday. Hope you're having a good one! Cheers!
  3. I had the same thought! 🕵️
  4. I forgot Dan and DannyB are birthday twins. At least you're not turning 70 grawk! Have a good one! Cheers
  5. The cake maker made you younger and thinner and made Nitro a cat, but what the heck, have a happy OLED-filled birthday! Cheers!
  6. Will they bury him with his medal of freedom?
  7. Fried soft shell crab po'boy and Zapp's voodoo chips and king cake for dessert. Laissez les bons temps roulez!
  8. Given the table saw issue, I would use the Festool router in the track saw track. Clamp it down good.
  9. Happy birthday Chun-Chieh! Cheers!
  10. Have a great one Ed! Cheers!
  11. I didn't build shit today, I took it apart. Forgot the before shots but there were lots more cabinets in there. Along with some potentially anti Semitic graffiti.
  12. Greg gifted us a beautiful, original, one of a kind knife for BBQ and other meat related duties. These pics don't do it justice but I'll try again in the daylight. Thank you for your thoughtless and kudos on your artistry! The Meat Machete Rulez!
  13. Just found this out too. Very unexpected and sad. RIP Chick And cancer still should get fucked.
  14. Have a great superbowl birthday! Cheers!
  15. I hope you have a really good diaper service too...😳
  16. You're not really going that big, are you?
  17. Mapo Tofu is served at only the finest prisons. I might accept a sentence if I could get really good mapo. That dorado style breakfast burrito looks amazing Rob! I'm full right now but want to eat one
  18. Can't you do a YouTube video and right off the wrong ones?
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