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  1. Happy birthday to a Head-caser who is still chasing great sound and having fun doing it. Between your birthday and Hanukkah, I hope you will be swimming in new gear! Cheers!
  2. High proof baking! The persimmon tree has been very productive this year after producing about 12 persimmons last year. I'm using James Beard's Persimmon Bread recipe as adapted here. It contains ⅔ cup of brandy or bourbon, or in this case some E.C. Straight Rye. I wasn't paying attention because I usually have E.C. Bourbons, and I now realize I did the same thing making cocktails the other night. 🤦🏻‍♂️ Anyway, after pics will need to wait a bit.
  3. I saw the Pogues a couple of times, one where Shane was relatively sober and one when he was hammered. I'll never forget the visual of Spider Stacy smoking and playing the tin whistle, with smoke pouring out of the pipe as he played. RIP to a true legend
  4. RIP Mars and well and truly fuck cancer.
  5. Have a great one and maybe today you can have a dram to grow on! Cheers!
  6. Marty Krofft was married to a Playboy playmate? RIP to the baller. I watched Pufnstuf, Bugaloos and Sigmund but I was really into Land of the Lost the most. Those slow moving Sleestacks were very scary!
  7. I still love Billy Bragg and enjoyed the times I saw him live. Claire and my brother like to rub it in that I missed Kingfish at Hardly Strictly Bluegrass this year because I was getting a haircut. They were awed by the fat young man.
  8. I didn't like or post anything in this discussion because I don't know what to say on this very loaded topic. I will say that I support you, Mike, I support Jewish people here or in Israel or anywhere in the world and despise the long and ongoing history of anti-Semitism, and I support Israel's right and unfortunate need to defend itself. I also hate war and I am saddened by the suffering of both combatants and innocent people on both sides of any war. I don't think it fair or accurate to equate lack of response by your many HC friends with lack of concern for you or Jews or anything else, and I hope you don't really feel that way.
  9. I've got nothing useful but wanted to say hi Indra and welcome back! Hope we see you around some more. Cheers!
  10. Hope you had a great one in Belgium, my euro trash friend! Cheers!
  11. Jimmy has been in hospice for nine months and Rosalynn for only two days. They both took a lot of shit while in office and then continued to serve others for over forty more years. RIP Rosalynn.
  12. Voltron


    Be safe Biggi!
  13. Happy Happy, Mikey! Cheers!
  14. Have a great one Chris! I hope you enjoy some Mount Gay Extra Old even though you're still damn young. Cheers!
  15. The DMV wasn't too sharp reviewing that vanity plate application!
  16. It will look right when the sliced banana is on the plate.
  17. Even Shelly drank year old Mattnog, despite her phobias! 😆 It's safe so long as it was refrigerated. Wild Turkey Mattnog 2023! And the Bacardi Gold ought to add some more sweetness given the two cups of rye.
  18. I hope you kept last year's batch because it would be awesome after being aged a year!
  19. Has anyone made Mattnog this year? I think it's pretty close to the cutoff for the holidays but my niece reminded me and I may just throw a batch together.
  20. No conflict. It's ugly.
  21. Steve-like shot of the pizza I made last night. I hadn't made a standard one for awhile (as opposed to Detroit style) but it turned out pretty good.
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