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  1. Happy birthday Jeff! I hope you weren't planning on having a bunch of aged barleywine ales for your Bday celebration because your cellar should be rid of those now. 😆 Have a great one whatever you're drinking. Cheers!
  2. Party on JP! Hope you have a good one. Cheers!
  3. I loved Hogan's Heroes so much that I started digging a secret "tunnel" in the field behind our house. I never got further than a hole a few feet deep with a piece of plywood covered in dirt clods and weeds as camouflage, but I still outfitted it with some stuff and played out there... RIP LeBeau 😢
  4. Do you have ant-sized gear? What about that preamp you need? Hit us up.
  5. Finished the mini bedroom audio rack with Rubio Monocoat and glued it up. Now in place and making me happy. Also shown are the Bendy Head headphone stand from Peter @Iron_Dreamer and coasters from Nate. Thanks again guys, and thanks to Steve for the design, lumber, and help building!
  6. The cocktail table looks beautiful, Jeff!
  7. I waited a year for this stuff to dry -- apparently almost to the day -- and then jointed and planed it. Looks kinda similar. But now it's flat and smooth.
  8. I did a 20 mile ride today and somewhere along the way I wondered whether @MexicanDragon has logged 20 miles total on his new Vado that got him so excited. Waiting for a reply...
  9. I was eying a 15lb prime full packer at Costco yesterday but I didn't pull the trigger with other things already on the schedule. I'm going back soon...
  10. Which one? Weren't there multiple "Gallaghers" at one point?
  11. Happy Mikey birthday! Cheers!
  12. I think I have mentioned that my brother saved the redwood siding from the mid-century ranch-style house they took down to build their new house. I have been ripping it into various widths and planing a portion of it into interior paneling for my sister in law's tack rooms. It has been a hassle using a Jet bench top planer that the contractor bought because the smaller Dewalt he borrowed for me was inadequate. The samples I planed in my shop flew through the Hammer and came out beautifully. With the Jet, I'm pushing and pulling and frequently having to flip the stupid switch between two speeds that trips to neutral regularly. The other pain has been the two-sided "helical" blades because the stock ones were practically pot metal and lasted only a couple of hours per side even though redwood is quite soft. We got some Jet carbide replacements that are much better, although I think I have already chipped 5-6 of them and not on nails as far as I can tell. Still, from green or white or gray painted 70-80 year old boards are looking good and will make for beautiful if rustic paneling. I took the pics of finished boards before I was done yesterday. After adding up the boards in various lengths and in widths from 4" to 11", I realized that I have planed over 1000 linear feet of boards.
  13. Milo & Otis finally had another chance to do a project for fun. I have been wanting a small scale audio rack for the bedroom rig. Steve came up with a design idea using some 8/4 mahogany that he got for a song a few years ago from a guy closing up his shop. We also had a length of 8/4 white oak left over from a job last year. The shelves are mahogany and the tapered legs are white oak notched into shelves. Got all the pieces milled and a dry fit done today. It's looking great and will be greater still with sanding, chamferered edges and Rubio Monocoat finish.
  14. Oh darn, lots of reviews say it is a scam. 😆
  15. I'm almost willing to throw away $70 to see what happens when I order this.
  16. A guy down the street is doing a permeable gravel driveway with these plastic hex squares that get secured down with pegs in a grid. Not sure if that is what you meant but check out similar systems if you are looking to hold loose rock in place.
  17. D.H. Peligro, drummer for the Dead Kennedys, dead at age 63 from an accidental fall. Rest In Punk D.H. https://www.sfgate.com/local/article/D-H-Peligro-Dead-Kennedys-drummer-dies-17545561.php
  18. I corrupted Doug this summer and got him to build and install a mantle using ONLY Kreg pocket screws! 😆
  19. You could also upgrade your cnc and save $18,000!
  20. The stage is cloaked in mystery, or at least a red fog, before the Stromae concert begins. Here with Claire, Sophie and her gf Ella.
  21. I just recently saw and really enjoyed Charlie Hunter live. This album sounds good, so I will check that out. Thanks for posting
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