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  1. Belated happy birthday Adam! Maybe we can go to the postponed Pliny the Younger day as a postponed birthday! Cheers!
  2. Two times too early to go! Meat Loaf again?! I yelled that out RHPS midnight shows many a time. Never really got into his music but they were fun every once in a while, and like as Todd said were huge in my youth. And Louie was only ten years older than me! Glad that Baskets was one of his last shows because he was genius in that role. RIP Louie and Meat
  3. Assuming it is a curry burger, of course! Have a great day, G-Man! Cheers! <~frosty mugs of Diet Coke
  4. Steve's favorite slides are Knape & Vogt or just KV. I bought some extremely stout KV slides for my Festool drawers and they are excellent.
  5. The cutting board looks great. I'm probably telling you something you already know, but a cross-cut blade with way more teeth will give you smoother cuts with the sled. I don't always switch but it is an improvement.
  6. Au revoir M. Beineix. If I hadn't watched Diva twice in the last two years, I would watch it this weekend. I guess Betty Blue will have to do. https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.theguardian.com/film/2022/jan/14/jean-jacques-beineix-dies-aged-75-betty-blue-director
  7. RIP Ronnie Spector. Fuck you cancer, and Phil Spector too. .
  8. I don't have any great connection to Saget -- never watched Full House and never got into the nasty Saget stand-up -- but 65 is too young. I hope it was not self inflicted in some way.
  9. I wanted to show off the sign that Steve engaged Naaman to design and carve on the ping pong table. It is a beautiful piece of cherry that will age along with us, although unlike is it will look better over time. I haven't really organized the stuff on the peg board, it's just there temporarily because I'm trying to get everything out of the old shop space.
  10. I'm no paint expert, but I don't see any point to sealing those walls or the ceiling. Unless you are going to practice wall walking I don't think it will get a lot of wear and tear, and whitewash is supposed to be a little rustic too. Touching up as necessary down the road also seems easier than sealing all the surfaces. It would take some coats to seal that thirsty pine.
  11. I was thinking white oak also, but I'm not great at identification.
  12. Has anyone else heard of Bloodrock? Not familiar myself, but Wikipedia says they were popular in Texas and the southwest.
  13. Happy birthday Renato and get even looser this year! Cheers!
  14. Rest In Punk, Chris. Condolences Todd, that's a tough loss. 😢
  15. Can't decide which I like better. Found both because @manaox2 is a member of the FB Kubrick Society and he posted the first one.
  16. I'm just having breakfast, so that's a good suggestion!
  17. I was beginning to think she couldn't die. It would have been nice for her to make it to 100 next month (same birthday as my brother and same birth year as my father). RIP Betty.
  18. A little misguided use of English by this lotion store in Paris. And a fun translation for a manger scene. And Baby Jesus is in fact chillin in his crib
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