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  1. Hope it's been a good one Stretch! Cheers!
  2. That really sucks. Almost ten years battling cancer without ever disclosing it. RIP Norm
  3. I've also been introduced to Avishai...
  4. Back on topic: Guilty on PBS Masterpiece. It's Scottish, so it's not crap! Recommended.
  5. I might put in an order for one some day.
  6. Fucking sweet! But ping-ponging it seems almost like cheating. 🥴
  7. I heard that yesterday but couldn't post and then forgot. Vachement cool. RIP JPB.
  8. That really sucks! Omar and Chalky were amazing characters because of him. RIP MKW. 😢
  9. I wasn't good about before and after photos but many of you have been here. We ended up taking down the garage door and cutting it into pieces. We kept the center section as a @guzziguy memorial right at the point it cracked under BMW pressure. 🥴 By getting rid of the garage door and all the oddly beefy structure supporting jusGara at door, we gained 100 square feet and a whole lot of headroom in the now 425 square foot shop. Very excited to get the slab redone and the new outer wall framed in, let alone the Oneida dust collection system put in... IMG_4965.MOV
  10. RIP Tom T. Hall. It was last week but not mentioned before. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.nytimes.com/2021/08/21/arts/music/tom-t-hall-country-musics-storyteller-is-dead-at-85.amp.html
  11. RIP Ed Asner 😢 All gone now. Three this year. 😳
  12. Yung Wu (aka The Feelies), however, was very good.
  13. Bye Bye Love. RIP Don Everly https://www.npr.org/2021/08/22/1030116643/don-everly-everly-brothers-dies-at-84
  14. I voted against but no replacement. Not sure which is better
  15. Damn! I wanted to be #4 after two #2s! Done nevertheless.
  16. Voltron

    RMAF 2021

    Still don't think it is a good idea.
  17. You're right. And wrong. Nothing bigger than a 10" blade, but they offer both 230V and 480V industrial cabinet saws with 7.5 HP motors.
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