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  1. Michael Formanek -- the Rub and Spare Change Rudresh Mahanthappa & Bunky Green -- Apex
  2. They all look exactly the same so I might have been to that one.
  3. Congrat Caps!
  4. I hope the Rangers win it all for @The Monkey and his little monkeys.
  5. Hockey is dead to me. Oh yeah. And fuck Edmonton.
  6. I forgot. RIP Michele Scarponi. Truly sad.
  7. Too bad it wasn't Chachi. RIP Erin.
  8. Perfection. I hope you posted on HF.
  9. Naaman's meals on wheels! Awesome
  10. Fuck!
  11. I don't. I feel bad for Bryan as a fan.
  12. Sorry li'l bro. :/
  13. Six zip is getting nutty, but no way I'm assuming anything.
  14. Four zip even better
  15. Two zip is a good start!
  16. This isn't looking good for any of us. Tonight is must win for the Sharks. :/
  17. Jumbo Joe is back!
  18. Stax are earspeakers, not K1000s http://www.stax.co.jp/index-E.html
  19. Looks better on the credit card receipt
  20. Sad that you are more excited about pulling shots than taking them. Damn, we are getting old. That said, I'm jealous I'm not there!
  21. Have a great one Jeffy, and be excited that you don't have to file taxes on your birthday this year! Cheers
  22. I was out of it last night and missed the game but the outcome is hawt. We should step on their throat hard and win tomorrow too. Good luck tonight! I may not be able to say that in a couple rounds.
  23. You actually wished me a happy birthday last month in a timely fashion. By the way, hazy IPA is all the rage on the west coast now. Pretty silly, but the locals are going Nor-Easter in a big way.
  24. You? Cunty? Never. Love you brother.
  25. My blood runs cold... RIP Mr. Geils.