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  1. Michael Formanek -- the Rub and Spare Change Rudresh Mahanthappa & Bunky Green -- Apex
  2. RIP some fuck or another

    RIP Jerry. Reunited.
  3. The Knuckledragger 3rd Memorial Slow Forum Post

    Kyrie Irving was right!
  4. What are you listening to Part the Third

    OK, OK, stop with the images and I won't say it again!
  5. What are you listening to Part the Third

    If he doesn't play that tonight, I might have to stab him in the eye!
  6. What are you listening to Part the Third

    Prepping for the show tonight. Somewhat last-minute decision in part to wash away the incredibly disappointing Decemberists show last night. Took Alden and a buddy for his last show before heading to school and it was a bust. Colin Meloy is burnt out or something and they played a bunch of shit songs and few hits and had an over-long interlude as Off (read Awful) Rex with Olivia Chaney. Total bummer for Alden who loves [almost] everything Decemberists. Come on Matthew, don't let us down tonight!
  7. This part has at least less marketingspeak, in case anyone wants to comment on the chips used. Two reviews comment on the fact that the entire thing gets nuclear-hot after using it for awhile, so there's that to consider too. MIYO’s analog audio path is comprised of very high-quality components. Starting at the DAC, all volume attenuation is handled at the analog output, where we take the digital volume control from the OS and control the analog output level from the DAC. The eliminates any extraneous gain staging and potential issues arising from it, so right out of the gate, MIYO is treating your audio better than most. That ability is one reason we selected the PCM1792A DAC. Of course the main reason is that in our humble opinion it’s the finest sounding DAC available today. We are pre-biasing the DAC output to force it into class-A operation. The DAC has crazy specs anyway, but this is a little trick to get rid of any residual crossover distortion. From there, audio gets passed into the Texas Instruments OPA1664 opamp for both current-to-voltage conversion and anti-image filtering to the two headphone amps. This opamp has amazing performance, with extremely low noise and distortion, so that no coloration of the audio occurs at all. The entire signal path from the DAC output to the headphone amps is balanced. The opamp passes audio to the headphone amps, which are truly remarkable. We’re using the Texas Instruments (noticing a trend here?) TPA6120 headphone amp, which is a current-feedback type amplifier. We run it on high voltage +/-15V rails (pretty sweet considering we’re on USB bus-power), and it delivers in every way – 128 dBA SNR, 112.5dB THD+N, 1300V/µs Slew rate – with great power at 80mW into 600 Ohms. The entire output path is DC-coupled. Offsets are servoed out using the DAC’s precision voltage reference (heavily filtered). Coupled with MIYO’s very high quality clocking and conversion, this translates into excellent dynamics and transient response, a lifelike 3D soundstage, and striking clarity – it’s your music the way it was meant to be heard. The input side is treated with equal respect. We selected the PCM4220 for our ADC - another part which usually finds itself in high-end pro audio gear. Our analog input stage uses the fully differential THS4532 opamp - this allows us to cancel ground noise from the unbalanced input jack. We managed to incorporate gain and antialiasing filtering into a single stage, so this is the only amplifier between the input and the converter. The ADC is driven differentially by the amplifier stage to minimize noise and distortion. We’re very particular about passive components in the audio path as well – we use 0.1% Metal Film resistors, and PPS Film and Niobium Oxide capacitors exclusively. All selected to be the lowest noise, lowest distortion, non-microphonic components available – no expense is spared. To sum it up: the analog path is designed to take advantage of the digital side of MIYO as much as possible, making sure that the audio is the highest quality possible from end to end. And we believe the resulting sound is remarkable.
  8. Outdoor GPS/Activity Trackers

  9. Happy Birthday Ian!

    Happy birthday Ian! ;ian: Cheers
  10. A musician friend just asked me if anybody was talking about the H2 Designs MIYO dac/adc/headamp that is USB powered and tiny. He claims -- as does the website https://gomiyo.com/ -- that audio engineers are hot on this product because it has "high grade converters with super low jitter rates." I have not found a single mention here on HC but I am curious if anyone has looked at it.
  11. The analog thread.

    Lower case smooth jazz. No pejorative.
  12. The Knuckledragger 3rd Memorial Slow Forum Post

    What happened to the @Knuckledragger signature posts? Don't you love us any more?
  13. And now what did you do TODAY?

    Tomatoes are finally really rolling
  14. What are you EATING right now?

    Just change cobbler to gobbler and that's a pretty good description of **Brent**
  15. What are you EATING right now?

    I note that Stretch liked your comment, but I will point out, as his attorney, that he said wine drinking "in his house" will occur henceforth only after a body weight of <210 is recorded. He is on vacation in Hawaii, not at home. This rule shall not be in effect for some days. I will further note, that I am disappoint, unless he's going to drink with me outside his home, even if he is still "Fat."
  16. Speaker Porn

    I'd love to hear those! The OMA slate is beautiful stuff in person.
  17. Speaker Porn

    This love child is very cool looking in person and is the best speaker system I have ever heard anywhere.
  18. And now what did you do TODAY?

    Condolences to you and your wife and whole family, Kerry.
  19. HC Bike/Cycling Thread

    I found the perfect ride for @grawk
  20. What are you EATING right now?

    Summer fruits!
  21. And now what did you do TODAY?

    I already knew I was old but my back is busted from pulling wall to wall weeds out of our 25' x 25' artificial lawn in SF, plus pulling down a disgusting mat of a vine covered with creepy nodules coming over the fence from our neighbor's yard. Beer and ibuprofen incoming.
  22. HDTV Suggestions

  23. HDTV Suggestions

    I was back in SF today and the green tint lines are back! Fuckers.
  24. HDTV Suggestions