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  1. Feliz cumpleaƱos jose! Hope it was a good one! Cheers!
  2. RIP Charlie Daniels. The devil came back to Georgia.
  3. Voltron

    Amplifier porn

    Is that a dealer or just a stone McIntosh nut?
  4. Happy 60th Mike! I hope you had a nice Zoom toast with the kids tonight! Cheers!
  5. Hope you got to chill on your new deck for your big day, Birgir! Cheers!
  6. Is Creg related to Graeme? Happy birthday Greg Snakebane! Hope you are bathed in wine on your big day. Cheers!
  7. Voltron

    Speaker Porn

    Aardvark Baguettes system, I'm pretty sure. The rack and speaker stands are both Solidsteel. He went batshit crazy with those room treatments. He stuffed polyfill fluff behind each of the larger diffusers. I'm pretty sure he ended up taking it all down because it eventually drained all life from the music.
  8. RIP Reiner Sr. What is Mel Brooks going to do without his bestie? šŸ™ https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.theguardian.com/global/2020/feb/20/love-and-free-food-mel-brooks-and-carl-reiner-share-the-secrets-of-their-70-year-friendship
  9. Voltron


    I like it quite a bit, Ric, and I never post in this thread.
  10. I want an armadillo egg so hard, right now. Fuck those look good. Did you pack ground sausage around the jalapeƱos and then the bacon? Whatever it is I want it.
  11. I thought I would try out Doves and Phoebe Bridgers because I was unfamiliar. Another recommended artist with a name that caught my attention was Japanese Breakfast. When I clicked on them, the most streamed song was called Road Head, so I had to give it a listen. Pretty good, along with the other songs I've played so far
  12. I guess that bank really doesn't want anyone to last on hold for more than a few seconds
  13. Housemartins / Beautiful South mix
  14. Steve bought the makings of a couple of feasts at Costco yesterday, so Claire and I made one last night. Grilled halibut two ways, grilled marinated shrimp, green beans with shitakes and shallots, and corn. Claire also made a strawberry-blueberry galette but I don't have a pic. I'm still full.
  15. Cool Nate. How big is that thing? Where will you use it?
  16. Have a great one Kerry! Cheers!
  17. Love the Traeger cutting board Nate! The magnets are a genius touch.
  18. Delivered this cutting board to my sister who is a lifelong quilter. *snip*
  19. I have a REL R-205 sub that looks like a similar size. I use it for HT duty with Gallo wall speakers. I haven't tried it with the Cicadas and very little with music but I think it would be a good fit with the Cicadas. It isn't slow and bloated from what I can tell. Makes me want to try it with the Cicadas now, although I would have to use the tape out on the Moth passive pre.
  20. Claire had just read about Run the Jewels somewhere so we listened to 2 and 4 last night. Good stuff that I want to hear on headphones.
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