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  1. Michael Formanek -- the Rub and Spare Change Rudresh Mahanthappa & Bunky Green -- Apex
  2. Flank steak with chimichurri and veg
  3. That's down in the desert where Greg lives. It hasn't broken 102 degrees F up here this week!
  4. ┬┐Que?
  5. I got the Winmau dual core. It suffered from a little rain but was not ruined and seems to be recovering well. No recommended darts and I don't have a surround on the tree
  6. I think that is a hoax, Gary.
  7. Happy birthday Kerry! Cheers!
  8. Fat, drunk and stupid seems like a great way to go through the afterlife. RIP Flounder
  9. If it were boiled in Brisket Fairy tears, would that make it better?
  10. Fuck it. This. Is. HEAD-CASE! Maxxed out it is.
  11. They can't even add memory at the store so my guess is that it is far more difficult than in the past.
  12. Maxing out is fine financially, but I don't like to have way more machine than needed or waste money for no reason. Do others agree with the biscuit genius?
  13. I thought the same. Brisket Fairy Biscuits would be dreamy.
  14. After going to the Apple Store, I'm pretty well settled on the new 13" Macbook Pro. Curious whether people have opinions on processor and memory options. Two i5 options and one i7, the latter of which seems completely unnecessary for my use. Then 8gb vs 16gb for the memory. I usually get more but the Apple genius types said the new MacBook is so efficient that even 7-8 open programs running would not tax 8gb. Advice?
  15. The ref with the speedy whistle fucked that game up last night. I think there would be a game seven if that hadn't happened.
  16. Wow, you waited 27 whole minutes before complaining you hadn't heard back from Justin. Have you emailed him or called him at his business number to ask him about your problem? I'm not sure he hands out the schematic for his proprietary amp -- maybe he does or others have it -- but calm the fuck down and approach this like you would with any electronic product you have purchased.
  17. I'm out of the loop, obviously, but having no mouse option when stationary pretty much tubes the iPad idea. Jim's points about editing (plus multitasking, frankly), just about convince me also. I will go to the Apple store to check out both, and then maybe I will take Adam up on his offer of a short iPad loan if the iPad seems like it is even an option. Thanks for the input and for making me think it through.
  18. Do Bluetooth mice work with iPad?
  19. Thanks for your two very kind offers and I will be in touch! Of course I have to be able to type screeds! Do people think the iPad keyboard is not worthy of lengthy typing sessions? And my current trackpad isn't just clunky, it has Parkinsons. Often impossible to click on buttons, etc. I am now using a separate magic trackpad or whatever it is called, which isn't a handy option.
  20. Use case is to be my only full sized computer that is able to be mobile. I have an iMac in my home office space and a Mac Mini that I am trying to get out of my audio setup. I would use the new device moving around the house and obviously on travel and when away from the house. I would want to watch video content on it for sure. I would not truly need all of the power of the Macbook but I am used to having a true laptop. I use my phone extensively for email and web time, and these days I usually don't even take the Air on short trips, but that is certainly in part because I hate it and the trackpad is dying. Not sure if that helps on the advice side, but it kind of adds up to the iPad as I read it back to myself...
  21. My old Macbook Air is pathetic and will be scrapped soon. I am considering the Macbook Pro with touch bar versus an iPad Pro with keyboard/pencil because I do not want or need both. Would Shelly or Adam or others who have both please speak up with which one they would pick if they only wanted one?
  22. This again. So sorry Todd.
  23. Baller!
  24. This has been fun so far.