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Einar Sound VC-01i - A Fantastic Balanced Amp At A Great Price

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As some of you already know APureSound is the official reseller of Einar Sound amplifiers. Einar Sound contacted us and send us a demo unit to try. We absolutely loved the amp taking sound quality, price, and build quality into consideration and agreed to be their reseller.

The VC-01i is a result of many years of research and development. It was designed to be a real uncompromising balanced solution, along with the hardest effort to minimize practical dimensional size. The entire circuits from input to output process separately the positive and negative phase of the signal for each channels. It is capable to drive any headphones, balanced or unbalanced, with either high or low impedance and sensitivity. The no-compromise design, ideas and parts integrated make it a great performer delivering excellent musicality, transparence and dynamics. This is something with passion and effort and something you surely can afford.

Amplifier Specifications:

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