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  1. Hello everyone! Sorry I've been being antisocial, and I'm sorry that I have clearly missed out. This year I won't be Sporting Wood.
  2. FYI - This is totally untrue. Not to defend the 98% of Representative who a Fuckwits, but http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Congressional_pension
  3. In honor of Jimmy Castor who passed away on 1/17/2012 Stay Funky Jimmy!
  4. I believe I've heard the term "Thought Leader" concerning Newt Gingrich, be very afraid http://www.facebook.com/notes/dagblog/newt-gingrich-thought-leader-for-hire/10150467857361203
  5. Isn't it: 9005 time is the Charm
  6. Jesus! What's with the SAM?
  7. The Pink Floyd Discovery 14 record Remastered Box Set. I'm just about done ripping it, so I'll know if it's any better soon. Oh... in the same shipment from Amazon I received a Canon PowerShot SX230HS, but I'm much more Jazzed about the PF Box Set
  8. Yikes


    On Friday Amazon had a 15 minute Black Friday 15 minute deal on the Canon SX230HS, so I bought it for $149 + 3.99 to upgrade to overnight shipping. Received it today, battery's charging. Glad to hear that you think it's a deal at $199.
  9. Thanks Tom. I'm leaning towards the 3a. I'll give Beth a call next week. Still does the 3a really need the qualifier "for a portable setup"?
  10. Thanks for the input. I have heard the SR009's and the LCD3 so the point was unmooted.
  11. Since I am selling my Big Speaker rig I'm toying with the idea of putting together a nice portable rig. Since Headcase is the known home of the JH Audio mafia I decided to ask here. My primary source (Mobile) is an iPod Classic and at home it is likely to be one of several D/A’s (PWD, Exemplar Audio 25.2, EAD DSP5000) or maybe SPDIF in to the 3a. The systems I’m considering are: JH13 or 16’s with a Fostex HP-P1 JH3a I am a little confused as to the feature set of the 3a. I believe that it would have to use the analog out from the iPod, yes? Otherwise I’d need some kind of iPod dock like the Wadia 170i but portable (does such a thing exist?) to give me a spdif for the digital in of the 3a. I’ve been trying to nail down the differences between the JH13 & JH16. I’ve tried going to peoples profiles to determine what full size cans are favored by the owners of the 13’s and 16’s so that I might extrapolate which model I might prefer, but most owners of both models are headphone collectors and therefore list many different full size cans. So I would ask JH13 and 16 and 3a owners what are your Favorite full sized cans? And considering that I will be using an iPod classic with all Lossless files which solution do you think would give superior results: iPod > Fostex HP-P1 > JH13 or 16 Or iPod > JH3a ----------------- With potentially adding an iPod to Digital SPDIF converter at a later time (too much money at this time) And how would these setups compare to some beats by Dr. Dre? Or maybe some Quiet Comforts?
  12. Nothing worse than over the hill rockers trying to rock, still Ozzy is one funny fucker Maybe they should bill it as a comedy tour.
  13. There's no way that I'd sell them for $3700. and considering that I've received close to a dozen questions regarding the sale in less than 4 hours there seems to be lots of interest.
  14. I have a couple of items up on Audiogon. One item retails for $9000 (Still a current product) and I believe that I am asking a fair price of $5000. So I receive an offer for $3500. To me that is pretty serious Low Balling. Especially considering that the ad has only been up for a couple of hours. I could maybe see if the ad had been up for 3 weeks and the item hasn't sold yet, but for a new ad? If I were interested in a similar item I'd offer something like $4250 - $4500. A still substantial discount off the asking price, but not insultingly low either. So am I wrong in considering such an offer Low Balling?
  15. Me thinks that the M-16 and AK47 are reversed. Typical AK47 Wood stock and I believe the M-16 almost always (Always) has a molded stock
  16. The margin of error on the 8.3% decline in quality is 104% so wouldn't that mean that the end sound quality would be somewhere between 83.068% and 100.332% of the Linn. I'm not a fan of either. I've heard that the Nuforce UDac smokes them both
  17. My team underperformed the ESPN projections by a whopping 27%. I was clearly on a path to loose once more, my team was done then my opponents final two players both playing for the Ravens came up underperforming their ESPN projections by an amazing 67%. So the Ravens played one of the worse games I've seen, and I found it thoroughly entertaining. Fantasy Football certainly makes watching sports more interesting.
  18. Then why did it say it would finalize the transaction at 3:00 am but Dallas went at 4:30 am. I would guess that if it went by standings that it would have been at the same time, not later. It doesn't matter, water under the bridge.
  19. Nevermind, it now finally let me add a player. Still pissed that it cheated me out of Dallas D/ST
  20. Nope, my bench has 5 players and no IR player.
  21. ESPN's Projections (Guesstimates) are useless. After the 1st week 90% of my players have significantly underperformed ESPN's projections. Now a question: I was farting around with my roster and somehow I have ended up with a empty spot on my Bench, but it won't let me fill the spot. I had actually selected to pick up Dallas D/ST it was suppose to go through at 3:00 am. It sucessfully dropped the Cardinals D/ST but didn't pick up Dallas. Not surprisingly Dallas was picked up at 4:30 am by Bone Crushers. So I was fucked by the Man (ESPN), how do I use the empty spot on my bench?
  22. I was on a Motorcycling vacation since September 30th (RV camping – Motorcycling daily), and my Laptop bit the bird (it didn’t like running off the Inverter, now that I’m home it works fine), and my iPhone was lost/stolen just before I left, so No computer or internet for 12 days. I couldn’t keep up on my team so I got my ass handed to me (it’s what happens when you play players that are injured) The vacation was great. Riding in Tennessee, North Carolina and Georgia (Deals Gap, the Dragons Tail) was awesome. Then we went to Barber’s Motorsports Park in Alabama for their Vintage Motorcycle Races and Show and of course the incredible Barber’s Motorsports Museum (Over 700 motorcycles on display) . I took hundreds of pictures and will eventually post them for those of you who like two wheeled toys.
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