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    Thanks – I'll give it a try as soon as I get longer cables. Also, Looser101 and I discovered that the power amps pick up a hum from the AC jack due to the unshielded 47 Labs wire. The hum seems to disappear when the preamp is turned on, though. We'll experiment in the future with a longer run of 47 Labs cable (routing it away from the other components and power cables) and also with properly shielded interconnects. I'm going to get some wood blocks to get those power amps off the carpet, as well. They never seemed to get warm with the loads we were running through them. We listened to a variety of music: Alison Krauss & Union Station: Live Massive Attack: Mezzanine Alice in Chains: Dirt Jane Monheit: Taking a Chance on Love Dire Straits: Brothers in Arms Santana: Abraxas Roxy Music: Avalon Eagles: Hotel California Rebecca Pidgeon: The Raven Imelda May: Love Tattoo Chromeo: Fancy Footwork The New York Voices: Sing Sing Sing
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    Had an awesome time with Jim, Bryan and Allison last night. Many cocktails were consumed. For me it was a wet Martini, a Manhattan, a Dandy Lion, a Hans Gruber, a Martinez and finally a Pisco Sour. Add some Pig Face Poutine for base and it was an excellent evening of drink and conversation. Thanks for the invite Jim.
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    You might want to consider pulling those speakers away from the wall by about 2 feet and move them closer to the side walls so that they are 1-1.5 feet away. this may help with the bass response and the imaging YMMV.
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    This was the view this morning from the cabin my wife and I are renting for the last weekend of our vacation. 20121006-IMG_1037 by c12mech, on Flickr
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