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    My own Carbon, not going anywhere... IMG_6585 IMG_6590 IMG_6592 IMG_6593 IMG_6595 IMG_6596 IMG_6597
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    I finally got the last plate machined. I had to replace the spindle on my CNC and also made a mistake on the CAD so had to redo this plate, but it's looking great now.
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    Hangin' out at Tyrion's place....for buds, brisket and brews. Got CarlSeibert back into action.....
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    With permission, then, here's the story. When my mom passed away in 2011, Steve made a beautiful box to hold her ashes and it was very special to me and my family. Claire's mom's memorial and internment is next month and I had been meaning to ask him for another favor but it slipped my mind until just days ago. Being such an amazing guy, Steve immediately said yes and started work the next day. He's already finished a turned lacewood urn and will ship it tomorrow. Claire and her sister are thrilled that their nature loving, conservationist mother will not be put in the ground in a plastic box, and of course I am eternally grateful to Steve for his beautiful work and friendship.
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    To paraphrase Mack Daddy Doc, happy 25th anniversary to us!
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    Here's an update on the mini. I've got the external regs running now. This thing does throw off quite a bit of heat. I've some sinks on the output transformers now, but I'd like to make them a bit larger. The regulators heatsinks are going to about 140 deg F at their peak and I'm ok with that. I was testing at +/-14V before I put the heatsinks on. The bump up to +/-20V seemed to smooth things out a bit on the top and bottom ends. I'm very happy with this so far
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    OMG the long thought extinct Monkey has been sighted!!!!!!!!!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Good times Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Regarding this past weekend and my recent absences from this forum- BS in Neuroscience, Magna Cum Laude, Phi Beta Kapa, these past four years have just flown by. This pretty much says it all.
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    Some of you have seen this on Facebook, but I wanted to post it here as well. I don't feel like typing up anything different, but I love you guys and wanted to share this. Today marks the 25th anniversary of my dad's death.I remember being picked up from school by my Aunt Nancy and taken home to a sea of cars at the house, but asking where dad's was; it was the only one missing.I remember being told my dad was dead, and I remember the immediate denial in my head, and then looking across at the faces of these people who I KNEW had to be playing some cruel joke onus, but I immediately knew it was true. I remember my dad always wearing dress pants and a button up shirt. I remember him wearing shorts one time, and that's when we were out for a walk on the beach. They were navy blue, and basically a shorter version of the dress pants he wore every other day. I remembered a few minutes ago, as I was about to take off my socks after a long day at work, that Xavier insisted he do it for me. I remember taking off my dad's socks for him after he was relaxing in the recliner in our old house after what was surely a longer day (as superintendent of schools) than I typically have. I remember playing golf and meeting a man and finding out he knew my dad. We talked and he told me that he didn't like him, but he respected him. That encounter really helped to flesh out my idea of my dad not just as my dad, but as a person and a leader in our community; a story that has stuck with me for 20 years. He was a good man, a kind man, a loving husband and father. I still think about him often, and I miss him daily. I wish my brother and I could have had more time with our dad, my aunt more time with her brother, and my mom more time with her soulmate, but alas, we did not. We do, however, have our memories, and as long as I'm able, I'm going to remember, fondly, my dad, Richard Kirk Lawson. -Brent Kirk Lawson
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    Finally finished casing my Blue Hawaii today. Running on my "universal" PSU that also powers my HV Carbon. 400VDC and 18VDC rails, 20mA plate current. The heatsinks warm up to about 42C (108F) and stabilize, about 22C (40F) rise from ambient temperature. The chassis is a Breeze Audio 3608A, one of 5 chassis I bought from Breeze Audio at TaoBao. I requested that the front and rear panels be left plane, un-drilled. Works quite well.
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    Poulet à la Normande with a flambé in progress Et fini
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    Euthanasia Yolanda is history!!! Showed up to protest today. Was a little bummed that only two others were there, but it ended up not mattering. A Mr. Hooker (yeah I know) came out to ask if we could talk. After listening to my story, he asked if I would be willing to give a written statement. I said yes. As I was finishing my statement he came in to confirm that "she" was no longer employed there, and that her actions were in no way in compliance with policy. It feels good to stand up and be counted!
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    I got wood! And metal. And sand. Super excited to try out my new DAC from Doug. Thanks for the beautiful work!
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    Red comes home with me. @cutestory took her sister.
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    Follow-up visit in Boston for Andrew and his heart condition. Best news possible: "no risk" for cardiac death, not recommending any procedures, and not necessary to follow up unless symptoms get much worse (which is doubtful). MAYBE periodic - annual or even less frequent - EKG's but that's more to see if the condition goes away on its own over time. Resumed our vacation in Southern Maine, Andrew celebrated with a DQ Blizzard and an entire small pizza. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD
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    Almost there. I've got one channel dialed in and working on the second.
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    The meet was superb and would have not happened to be this good unless the ACOA members are on board. Many thanks to John Morrison and the team for organizing this superb event. I hope we can do this annually and even more people will attend. We have more than 10 vendors and plenty of set up to listen to. There were 15 or so raffle prize items and Brent walked away with his new office rig, the Matrix HPA-2C. Tyll was his very cool self, visiting and talking to everyone at the meet. His keynote speech was very informative and entertaining. Will the new line of Beats with lighting connector really spell the end to analog headphones? Tyll also spent a few minute listening my KGSSHV Carbon and SR009...and walked away very impressed. The highlight of the meet for me was meeting Doug in person and listened to his new line of amplifiers. His Copenhagen amplifier both tube & SS were noting short of spectacular. It was so very musical with a performance really worth remembering. I'm afraid my bank account will soon take a serious hit because of it. The DSHA-2 was also there and should be his biggest seller once it is officially released. I'm looking forward to an in-home audition of these amps soon. Thanks again Doug...you and your setup were the highlight of the meet for me. I also had an equally wonderful time hanging out with Justin and Brent during and after the meet. We had a great meal at a local Brazilian Steak House and I recommended some wild spots for Justin and Brent to check out afterward. Justin sure was impressed with the ATL's local hotties and may consider to move his factory here. C'mon Justin...I need a new job! It goes without saying that I had a great time with Justin's new ride. That pretty red sport car was just damn nice to ride in. Thanks for allowing me and Matt to take it for a spin. Sorry for the quality of the pictures, I had a heavy loads and the Canon S100 is starting to fail me. Should have brought a better camera.
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    So here's a progress update on my T2 mini build. I started off with the a golden reference version of the T2 supply. Had a couple of issues. There was some 60Hz noise I was hearing (I'm guessing from the integration of the negative rail supplies), which I can probably solve for. Also, the current limiting, which works, wasn't fast enough when there was a shorting issue with the amp on the negative rail (FETs in the output section shorted to the heat sinks). It would pretty much blow out several components in the supply. I decided to go back to the original design, but as a shrunken version (206mm x 200mm). I did some small mods (added cascaded current source for the 30V supply to the opamp and added some additional spots for compensation caps. I finished this over the weekend and have spent some time listening. I've still got to tweak the PS (some small oscillations - probably because I was experimenting with the .1uF cap to the negative input of the op amp and added a .1uF cap across the voltage divider). My BK multi-meter is showing between 1mV and 0 on the AC setting. I've had some of the supplies on the scope but will need to go through all of them. This causes some very faint background noise. The amp has had it's fair share of issues, primarily with the output FETs shorting to the heat sink. I've had this once on the left channel and three times on the right. I believe it was that some thermal compound found it's way inside the collar of the thermal washers (7721-3PPS). I've cleaned these up and have had the amp on for 12 hours now with no issues. Also, the right channel DC test points are all pretty much spot on, but the left channel has an issue with the -543V test point. It is sitting at -502V (the rest of the DC test points are pretty close except for the top of the batteries that sit at +238V). I've been looking at this issue for a while, but haven't figured it out yet. I've got to focus here a bit. Any thoughts would be appreciated. I also have to finesse the battery adjustments to get rid of some occasional noise coming through the right channel as well. I have had my 404's and then later O2's on this beast. Wow, how nice It's been too long...
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    Had my last Dr. visit for my finger. As it turns out, I had the story wrong. It seems my finger did indeed contact the saw blade, as my co-worker told me he found tissue on the blade. The other surprise is that the tissue under where the fingernail was has hardened. It is turning into a fingernail. Having lost one before, I know that's what happens, and the deformed nail, then grows out and usually flattens into a more normal looking nail. Pretty amazing how fast the finger is healing, and I'm very happy with the results. Much better than I expected.
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    Did an update the forum software today biggest noticeable change is the 'Leaderboard' tab shows users with top posts and the most popular content. I believe it's to help increase discover ability or something. The other major change is that the site is now completely served over HTTPS. This includes embedded content and images. For most services it'll automatically pull in from HTTPS url's if the service supports it. If the content can't be pulled from HTTPS the forum software will download the content and serve it via an internal proxy script. Main reason for the later is to avoid browsers mixed-content warnings.
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    You take care of stray animals, to a degree few of us here would. That says a lot about your character and humanity. I and I'm sure others recognize and commend that. Don't worry about getting our hopes up for the future of our country and world Off politics for a bit: my son got his first acceptance to college 2 days ago, along with $22k/yr scholarship award offer! BUT....the letter said it was Early Decision (binding). We confirmed we had sent Early Action (non-binding), so Andrew talked with admissions. New letter to come, still accepted right away, still the $22k/yr, and non-binding. It's too bad this is 3rd or 4th choice for Andrew. It happens to be closest to us and the only school in state he liked. But I think it bodes well for other schools......
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    It's catching, apparently. 26th anniversary today. Just returned from awesome dinner at San Angel.
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    Can I pm you my Paypal address? OK, so today was a busy day at work necessitating a early start with the Borgogne taste testing. The telephone rings and I have a "Microsoft security engineer" with a very suspicious accent on the line telling me that Microsoft has detected a security breach on my computer and he was calling me to help resolve the problem. This guy had no idea what he was in for and I was going to have some fun with him. I proceeded to keep him on the telephone for the next fifteen minutes trying to trouble shoot the problem while fighting with my "wife" for control of the computer because she was trying to buy clothes on Amazon while I was trying to trouble shoot with Microsoft. I would put the phone down and yell at her and then motion for her to scream back at me while pretending to throw things at each other and make a lot of noise while fighting for control of the computer. Eventually the guy saw through my bad acting because he politely told me to "take my computer and place it up my ass". Ah, little pleasures come from the most unexpected sources.
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    Last night I dreamed I attended a travel team event and we all visited a specialist whisky store, where I became overly refreshed. Next morning, I found that you fuckers had taken me to a tattooist, who photo-realistically reproduced the facade of the store on the palm of my left hand. Everybody seemed to agree that this would be a brilliant memento. Then we went to get poutine.
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    Fogless misting system for my mill I'll be able to turn this on and off from the milling software via the solenoid on the left (below)
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    With Shelly and Michelle at Highland Park Brewing!
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    Unfortunately I have to use whatever cheap ass blade the boss buys, as I no longer work for myself. Not too soon, all humor is welcomed. SawStop would not have helped at all in this case, as it was the board itself that stripped my finger of flesh. So, Carrot Finger lives! X-rays looked great. The Dr. was very happy with the previous Dr.s closing of the wound, and was also happy to see the mobility in my finger. Thumb was more hashed than I originally realized, but still nothing like the finger. I was given a cleaning regimen and finger exercises. The Dr. says it should heal and recover nicely. It'll just look funky. Have a follow up in a week, then one more in two weeks. And that should do it. I'm very happy with the prognosis! Thanks so much for all the well wishes, not sure you guys know how much they help!
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    Arrived in London to find that my hotel is in a neighborhood called Brent. Therefore I am just locking myself in my hotel room as I have to assume this is the worst neighborhood on the planet. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Happy 17th Anniversary to us! To paraphrase one of my favorite patient statements when I asked how long he'd been married: '14 happy years of marriage, and 3 ... not so great.' No particular plans today, but we'll have a weekend getaway in the long weekend in October.
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    Here is my Carbon build. The layout is a lot like the KGSShv Cube I made in 2014 although this is bigger and easier to assemble. I have dubbed it the “Chunky”. I have two versions, a black/silver and an all silver and am building two of each. The Chunky measures 340 wide X 310 deep x 138 high, plus feet and weighs about 10 kg. As I wish to concentrate on other projects I do not intend to make more amplifiers for other people. I am intending to do a KGBH for myself. I have enjoyed the challenge over the last few years and have also met some great fellow head-cases. The KGSShv/KGST/Carbon KG designs I have built have all worked as intended and been easy to set up and all have given great musical pleasure. This is a sign of a great designer and I would like to note again my gratitude for the great gift given to this hobby by Kevin and Birgir, Kerry, Joamat, Jim L and all the others for their contributions and inspiration.
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    Thursday Lance fenced the former Russian Federation women's foil team member, and European Champion. Yesterday Lance fenced the University of California, Santa Barbara open foil tournament. The tournament consisted mostly of college students and adult fencers yet Lance took first place/gold medal. It was a good day.
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    Saw the Dr. today. Got the stitches out, and everything is healing very well. He does want a final visit in two weeks, but expecting that to be it.
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    Andrew got his second college acceptance the other day. And another near-$20k merit grant! And his first acceptance, which was mistakenly Early Decision with $22k, is now a non-binding acceptance with $27k! It REALLY is too bad these are his #3 or #4 choices! Still waiting on #1 and #2 choices to come in. Think he'll get in to both no problem, hoping for decent merit $ from them, too; would be very pleasantly surprised if near the above.
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    Just adding yet another carbon build to the thread (crappy phone pics). 400v supplies rather than 450v allowed the caps to be board mounted in my chassis (though I am having some of Kevin's off-board PCBs made for a possible future 450v version). 400v also has the added benefit of running (slightly) cooler than the 450v version. Added the GRLV supplies but don't have a non-GRLV version to compare. But this amp is a true winner. Every time I listen to it I am awe struck at how good it is, particularly when compared to the T2 - they both have that ability to fool you into not realizing how loud you have cranked up the volume.
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    Today, my DIY T2 has successfully come to life! After a year on and off working on this amp on my kitchen table, I was able to power up today and get music playing. All 4 batteries are sitting around 743V. The +/- voltages for each channel are surprisingly well balanced, and both L and R sit about +10V offset at power-on and gradually get down to about 2-4V offset at steady state. I measured the heatsink temperature -- looks like it's steady at 124F/51C after about 3 hours continuous burn-in. A shoutout to GeorgeP for enabling this build--one of my good buddies helped me reached out to you about a year ago for the case/amp board/torroid set. Thanks KG, Spritzer, and everyone else who posted all the useful information on every aspect of the amp on this thread. I learned a lot through the process of building this amp! One interesting thing I found while testing the PSU was that when I had both HV toroids hooked up and powered, the combined inrush blew through my 3.15A slow blow fuse (at 120VAC from the wall). I take it that the inrush of the 2x HV toroids (at least on my toroids) are pulling closer, but not quite, to 4A, since I was able to power up one HV toroid with a 2A fuse that I had left over. I have a 5A slow blow in there now, and so far no issues! -Kuen
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    So about a month ago another kitty found sucker Steve. It's mixed coloration is weird, but cute. It's Black and Orange, in the funniest Jackson Pollock way. It looked very much in need of food and a friend. It took about two weeks before I could pet her, but once I did she decided it was the greatest thing in the world. She almost wants to be loved on more than she wants food. Also about two weeks ago, her boyfriend ( a Black cat) started showing up, and I noticed that kitty looked pregnant. Blackie is now a fixture here as well, and I've been worrying about the safety of the future kittens. I thought I had enough time to find her a new home before the birth, but this morning I realized that I had horribly miscalculated. It seems as though she was not pregnant, but lactating. She must have had the little kitties about the time she met me. I didn't pick up on it at all, but for about a week she's really been sizing up Susie. She kept getting closer and closer, then actually rubbing noses. At this point she's completely content with Susie's presence. And now it all makes sense. This morning, at feeding time, she introduced Susie and I to her family. I counted 4, but they are shy and there could be more. They look to be about a month old. I'm pretty sure she's moving them in, so Susie and I went to buy sardines this morning. No actual contact yet, but it won't be far off. They are so damned cute! Pics when I can get 'em.
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    View from our new screened back porch
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    Today I was forced to display the judgement of Solomon in deciding between attendance at my son's first baseball game or my daughter's Girl Scout talent show. The only fair solution was to blow off both and go drink beer in London with Jeff.
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    I'm at home enjoying a vacation day, which we took because today is Sol's birthday Planning some festivities for later.
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    "OK Stretch, here's the plan. You tackle that douche and then I'm going to stab him right through the fucking eyeball." "Not sure that's a great idea Al." "Who's the lawyer here, me or you?"
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    Brunch at Prime Meats, or in Stretch's case Third Breakfast
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    I had some help getting through the storm last night
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    Thanks guys, surgery went without a hitch and her knee felt better the moment she woke up afterwards. She's a bit immobile but on the mend.
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    Continued work setting up my new apartment
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    Got to ride in a 1974 Land Rover With the wheel on the proper side, and weather to make us feel at home That took us to meet a Zebra called Elvis Some rare Antelope And some endangered Giraffe's That Joanne got to feed http://bbryanpreserve.com/
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    Ok...I had an interesting morning. It isn't every day that one takes apart HE90 drivers. Sorry no picks as I was too freaked out while handling something so delicate and well...fucking unobtainium. These were from the original production run so they needed some cleaning and one driver was imbalanced. Let's discuss how they were made... First of, the actual stators are indeed glass with gold deposits on them. The connections to them couldn't be soldered so they have adapter plates on them which hold the dust covers in place. The diaphragm is held in place with aluminum spacers and they are actually not glued together so access is excellent. Be warned though that there are small plastic spacers all over the fucking place so I'd advise against opening these up. The diaphragms are indeed not gold plated and they have a lot of tension on them. Now for the imbalance, the offending driver had the diaphragms completely fused into one of the stators. It had been this way for a while as the hole pattern of the driver was imprinted onto the plastic film. I slowly peeled them apart and recoated the diaphragm on both sides and now they work perfectly. There was a small hole where the drivers had arced through but it has very little impact on the performance. Small amount of noise from time to time but nothing as bad as an old Lambda Signature. The other driver might need a new coating as well as it seems to have some charge migration issues so that will be easy to sort out.
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    Well done jose. I was going to post these images in the builds thread but it’s missing in action. Thanks to Kevin and Birgir for being awesome. Thanks to Michael (mw168) for all the work you’ve put in with the group buys and documenting etc it’s been very helpful. A couple KGSSHV Carbon amps running 400V @ 20ma, GRLV supplies, SUMR transformers.
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    Went to a Minor League AA baseball game. Zoë was awarded an academic thing along with kids from other schools, where she took a lap around the ballpark. Her mom dropped her off and Xavier and I stayed for the game and had a blast. It was our first baseball game together, and pretty sure we made some awesome memories tonight. Xavier is the age I was when I lost my dad, and want to make sure we have as much quality time together as we can. Slight seat upgrade. We also had quite the dinner tasting menu over the course of 5 hours, including ballpark hotdog, pulled chicken nachos, Mexican rice, and some sliders. Amazing night sharing a game I've loved with my son. **BRENT**
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