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    So Tice removed a deck at his job site, which is Armistead Maupin's former home. In his genius he recognized it to be Brazilian Ipe that was only screwed down from one side. The new owner eventually agreed to give the boards to the contractor and Steve's bosses gave them to him. Claire has been asking for an outdoor chaise lounge so Steve donated the Ipe and his skills to the project. Here is what the boards look like without any work and then a progression from weathered (as received) to planed to sanded and then to oiled with Tried & True linseed oil with beeswax. We chose a design from Restoration Hardware as the basis for Claire's chaise and essentially winged it from there. Here is the original and the final product with a side table, finished just before our vacation but built to last for many years. There is no stain or pigment in the oil so the finished look truly blew us both away. Thanks Steve for supplying the wood *snicker* and the knowledge and know how to make this come together.
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    Moving day! New furnitature looks amazing in the new place. Hat tip to @Hopstretch who sold me his family’s old dining room set. My old apartment was too small for a dining room table so I’ve been eating meals at home on the couch or at my desk for years. Now I get to eat at a table like an adult. Feels good, man!
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    Finished paying off my ex. Celebrating tonight!
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    Milo and I got the speaker boxes mostly complete today. Made some round holes and some rectangular panels. Tweeter holes are in the Cherry baffles only, as they're not deep enough to need holes in the MDF panel too. Woofer holes and port tube holes in back. Cherry baffles got milled and drilled as well. And the first coat of Arm-R-Seal. The fluting is strictly aesthetics.
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    Finished the porch and it simply looks like it did before, just better built, clean, well painted, waterproof, solid and safe.
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    I might need to fire my photographer, but here's something new.
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    Done! These are not just your standard two ways. Instead, Marc has paired basically a full range driver and a super tweeter, then customized a crossover to take best advantage of that pairing. These drivers have to stretch their legs before I can really assess them, but so far I'm impressed. They're bigger than I had originally thought I'd build them, but still, make a pretty good nearfield monitor. Bass is far better than I expected. Eventually, they will darken to match the Parasound case. The window will speed that process up.
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    Looks like I only have clearance issues with some interference from the rectifier heat sinks. Not bad for no fancy CAD time wasting
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    Well... I dug out the screwdrivers... Sorry for the crappy pictures, I just had the iphone to hand. First off, the true quality Stax plug: So that disk there normally sits flush with the plug as the pins are too long. They had that problem with the Jade so nothing has changed in a decade... Pure class. It is also incredibly crude. Funny how King Sound could make a ribbon cable and a proper plug at 1/8th the price... Speaking off the cable, you can barely make out the loose wires in there when I press it together. Here's the earpads...well one of them. They are pretty comfy but they do stink quite badly. No expense spared here... I did order some new pads to try out. Here is the baffle and the cable entry. The latter seems to not be molded around the cable so I might be able to remove this cable and put in a proper ribbon. Very long screws... They go all the way to the back of the housing which is plastic and has nice metal inserts. Now the baffle is off and it has this nice rubber gasket to maintain baffle seal. Now we can see the cable and the metal frame which provides the bulk of the assembly. Here is the back of the protective mesh. These are not the stators so why Hifiman uses this in the promo's as the stators is beyond me... Another gasket here which is good. Here we have the driver. There is a protective mesh but it is odd. It's not a solid sheet but some sort of a porous membrane. Copper mesh stators and the pitch is very fine. Finally the back of the drivers and the second protective mesh. You can also see the plastic frame which holds it all together. The drivers are glued together so I didn't want to mess with them more at this time. One funny thing, the cables inside the cups are really long. Like 10cm even though they would need only about 2cm or so... Over all, I'm impressed by the build quality. It's not Stax quality but they are getting better. I eagerly wait for the Mk2 version next month...
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    Second day in Sydney, lovely city this is. We're very close to the Harbor....when we got here, we took a walk down to the harbor and looked through a nice local market at an area called the Rocks. Got some absolutely amazing licorice there, the maker is a fucking genius at bringing some of the most unexpected ingredients together to make a delicious treat. Then got a distant pic of the Opera House (we'll tour it later), but some big-ass thing was in the way. Today, we did a hop-on-hop-off tour of the city, stopped in a few places including Bondi Beach, Chinatown, several market areas, and then I walked back to the hotel while Karen is still shopping Lot of walking, but enjoying this a lot!
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    Here’s Arna. She's around 14 months old and has been in my care around 2 months ago, she’s a real sweetheart.
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    We took the old man to Napa to celebrate Fathers' Day. I can't think of many places in the world I enjoy more. We had a wonderful time!
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    Having an infrared side burner on the grill is pretty fucking awesome. Thanks for the tip Marc. Indirect heat @225F for 30 minutes and then a 30 second sear per side on the infrared burner.
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    The new A/V rack... The Gray stain on the butcher block is subtle, but Grayer in person.
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    Stairs went in easy yesterday. Solid as a rock. Not sure these beams holding up our front porch had to be replaced, but we did it anyway.
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    I finally built my Blue Hawaii - a single box KG 2015 which uses the mosfets, (but I will build the BJT boards too). All GR supplies. I was inspired by a Triumph Rocket motorcycle for the chrome trim and I wanted volume indication in the dark so it has a circle of leds and a delayed pointer off the heater warm up. While I was working all this out Kevin published the Grounded Grid so I am building one of those in a similar case. Looking forward to some extended listening now. Thanks Kevin for a great design
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    Here's the HV version set to 450v. Have to test this one still.
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    Mentally and physically exhausted after clearing out and cleaning my old apartment. There is definitely something about packing each and every one of your worldly possessions that gets the emotions going. You wonder things like "how the hell did I ever acquire so much shit?" and "how the hell did all this shit ever fit in that tiny apartment?", but it also gives and opportunity to reflect on how you got to where you are and on all the family, friends, enemies and acquaintances who have been a part of your journey along the way. In any case, time to crack the good tequila, get drunk, and sleep for at least 10-12 hours.
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    Not the greatest pics, but here is the router table Steve and I built, with the horizontal and mortising setups shown below
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    Did some fine tuning on my Megatron. Bring the regulated HV down to 430VDC rails and changed one resistor from 21K to 15K to supply 300VDC to the front end tubes. In my case the front end tubes draw about 8.5mA total. Also changes the EL34 tubes around in an attempt to bring down the output offset. It's now down to 12VDC yet not as low as I would like. Have a few more sets of EL34 to swap and match to see how low I can bring the offset down to. The output balance is around 3VDC for both channels. The toggle switch on the back of the PSU controls the power to the CPC1117N relay on the GRHV and function as the HV delay switch.
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    I have compared the 009 and 009S running from the same amp (T8000) today. The room was somewhat quiet, but I had only two source options: my iPhone (connected through Apple's lightning adapter directly to the T8000) or their CD player with their own music. Even though the listening conditions weren't ideal, I could make a rough comparison. The 009S had a more evident bass, a fuller body and overall sounded more natural IMO. The treble on the 009 (at least out of the T8000) is a little bit annoying for me, and the 009S had this fixed (phew!). I thought it was a bit more resolving too. I talked with Mr. Sasaki (former Stax Director and Sales Manager) who also hosted me when I visited their factory last year. He has been working there for decades now, and unfortunately has retired last month. He is a very nice and knowledgeable guy. He said that the 009S started being developed 3-4 years ago. For its voicing, he said they used the 006t and 727A initially, and then the T8000 when it was released. I asked about discontinuing the old 009 and he said that for now they will keep both, but depending on the sales, the 009 may fade out or get discontinued. I also asked if the 009S is meant to be just a different flavor from the 009, or a higher level product. He said that "S" stands for "Special" and that the 009S has been developed to improve on the 009 imperfections. This hobby is weird and some may prefer the older version, but I know which one I'm buying when my T2 arrives. On another note, I told him about the DIY buildings of the T2 and showed some pictures of the ones made by Kerry. He was very happy and proud to know about it, and even happier and "grateful"- his words - to know that it bests every other stat amp out there.
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    It is a very good question, but he's used to fitting a lot into a small space. Or so he says. BTW, here's my role in the shop tonight: Lap Dog Lap
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    It stopped raining long enough to take a couple of pics of the beams we replaced. I'm especially psyched about the LVL that replaced a completely rotten beam perpendicular to the house. And now we've turned into an electronics shop with Dr. Luvdunhill building the crossovers for Otis's speakers.