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    Finally got around to finalize my Megatron, fitted into one chassis with GRHV.
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    Alex and I wish you a merry Christmas.
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    Isn't everybody glad that I'm crazy enough to buy this stuff and have Kevin rip it apart?
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    It's a chrome finish. I did it in black as well. Here's the PS...
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    Santa came much earlier this year!!! Thank you so much, Kerr.. I mean, Santa! 😉
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    Adopted this little girl today. She is a 6 year old female. Very sweet but very shy. She was found as a stray but now she’ll have a great home.
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    Did our Easter Sunday good deed by extricating a pelican from a bit of fishing line. 91AED1B0-E787-438A-804C-43A186F6373A.mov
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    I was with Alex in his first judo championship... My champion. [emoji16]
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    I'm sitting in the jury assembly room watching a video to teach me about the US justice system and jury trials. Interesting stuff.
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    Family trip to Hamilton. Better late than never!
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    Firstly many thanks to all the contributors to this forum whos posts and direct assistance helped immensely with my amp build, there were a few issues on the way, but the amp is functioning perfectly and is a huge improvement over the STM-727II it replaces. There are many far more seasoned builders than I, but hopefully by mentioning a couple of issues I encountered it may help any future builders. 1) Check and double check your resistor values - I missed one and it resulted in quite a few replacement parts being needed. 2) If you are going to check voltages using your probe on the top of the screw terminals, tighten the screw down first (changed out the original 7815 regulator thinking it was faulty as a result) 3) You need the OP27 opamp installed even if you are using the opto servo to control offset. 4) The posted instructions mention adjusting the left channel balance and offset - you also need to perform the same operation on the right channel 5) I bought an inexpensive set of high voltage 12kv linesmans gloves from Amazon. Probably overkill but for the initial power up of the boards gave me more confidence in working with HV supplies. 6) Mentioned in another thread but Arrow Electronics offer most parts that Mouser have at lower cost and with free overnight shipping 7) If you need circuit boards, Easy EDA is pretty good at circuit layout and integrates with board manufacturer JLCPCB who are really inexpensive (read $2 for 5 small boards) Differences from what I would consider as standard build included: Replaced the 7815 and 7915 with AMB Labs Sigma 78 and Sigma 79 drop in circuits - soldering on the miniscule SM components is a challenge but aside from that they work really well. Used a ladder attenuator from Acoustic Dimensions, made a custom PCB to connect to it (I have 3 spares if anyone needs one). Installed input switching between single end and balanced, with also a feed through setting where the KGSSHV is totally bypassed. The SE input setting also connects the SE ground to the amps -ve balanced input. Picture is the KGSSHV Carbon with it's sibling a TPA Buffalo ESS9035 DAC built last year. Cheers Martin
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    Got the title for my 2013 Honda Fit in the mail today. I've officially paid off my car.
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    First attempt at a brisket. 11 hour cook (3 hours in magic pink paper), 5 hours of rest in the cooler. Not perfect but pretty damn tasty!
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    Well...these arrived this week via the Gilmore express and to make it easier for anybody looking for info on them, a new thread it is. As Kevin documented before, the amplifier is a dinky little thing and a direct clone of the Stax SRM-001. The amp is pretty much useless though as it doesn't have any volume control and you can't use it from a portable device as it needs a full 2Vrms input signal to reach usable volume levels. Here is a picture of the entire system plus what Kevin Posted: Opamp feeding a quad of fet's and into the output transistors. All AC coupled... Yet again another clone of older Stax stuff but onto the headphones. The build quality from the outside is pretty mediocre, flimsy plastic everywhere and the creek and rattle like a 50$ set of headphones. The earpads are actually leather on the important parts so that is nice. The cable is rather nice though, a bit stiff and microphonic but a far cry better than what Hifiman and Mr. Speakers include with their sets. I was first a bit puzzled as to how the phones were put together as nothing came loose with minimal force. I stated by removing the back of the drivers which just popped off: That revealed this very minimal damping foam: Now that got me to the back of the drivers but nothing budged. Then I go medieval on it and the earpads do pull off... there is just a lot of adhesive holding them on. I did take the pics afterwards which is why the pads are there in the previous pics. The adhesive is nice though as the pads are securely fastened and can be put back as the adhesive doesn't fall apart. Now we are onto the baffle and this is after I removed the first dust cover stuck to the front there. I'm rather impressed with the build quality and the attention to detail. The drivers are on the small side but that does mean there is room to raise the baffle and get away with flat earpads, Audio-Techica style. Now the money shot, the back of the drivers. Now, when I opened it first up it didn't look like that as there is custom cut, black tape covering all the connections and around the perimeter of the drivers as well. Really impressed by the attention to detail here. Now I did open up the drivers but the angle was really awkward so I couldn't take any good pics. The stators are PCB though and this was a well thought out design. I first though King Sound might have a hand in this design but this is leagues ahead of their crappy drivers. Now some notes, there are only woven dust covers here, two on the front and one on the back (plus the foam) so dust will be an issue. Both drivers on this set have started to squeal though that is at Pro bias levels. More on that later... On the whole though I just don't get this package, the cable on the headphones is too short so are they supposed to be portable? Sure but no normal DAP can drive them properly so it kinda doesn't work... The sound with the stock amp is pretty bad too, no bass to speak of and it is all compressed to hell. I fed it with a preamp to help with the silly low input impedance but it doesn't really help. Now the specs for the headphones are close enough to Stax (well...they use a Stax amp after all) so it is adapter time. The headphones use a bog standard 5-pin DIN plug (nowhere near to be rated fort the voltages involved though) so a quick trip to the local parts store and 2$ later I had a socket in hand. 10 minutes later I had an adapter and off the Carbon CC...well these are quite good. The 50mm drivers will not produce any meaningful bass output compared to larger units but over all, yeah their sins are of omission rather than adding something that shouldn't be there. To me these remind me of Stax SR-X Mk3 Pro's in some ways and what I've been doing with those drivers converted to Pro bias in different shells. The imaging is nice and tight with a solid sound stage, nice midrange presence and a nice neutral sound signature. The bass doesn't go deep but it's tuneful and fun and the treble is nice and extended without ever being bright. The lack of bass depth and bloom does make them a tad thin sounding at times but that is rare. Feed them well and these are very fun headphones to listen to. Bottom line is that the amp is crap and there are issues but there is also a lot to like here. The Massdrop Koss ESP950 setup is probably a better deal at 500$ but these are fun to play with.
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    Closed on my new home late yesterday and moved today. Too tired to celebrate tonight but picked these up so I am ready. 4 months living in limbo. I am home now.
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    Just returned from a fencing tournament so now Lance is qualified for two different weapons and four events at the Junior Olympics. By some wild coincidence we are having dinner tonight with two olympic coaches, two olympic foil fencers and some fencing parents. Best of all, no broken foils!
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    I finally broke down and put my "temporary" acrylic front plate on my carbon build... I finished the boards almost 9 months ago and have been waiting for access to a cnc or mill to make the front and back plates. After waiting for so long, I finally bolted the acrylic plates that I had originally made just to size and verify the positions of the components... The amp sounds pretty darn awesome, even with the uncased DIY drivers I had made... Loud enough at 12 O'Clock position to fill a small room with very transparent, noise-free music... Definitely enough to blow out what's left of my eardrums. It'll probably be a while before I can get the permanent, aluminum front and back panels made.
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    Listened to this for the first time today. Pad is from a SR-007 and cable from an old Lambda and the rest is home made. The main parts are made with files from Wachara (chinsettawong). Many thanks. A lot more has to be done before it’s a decent headphone.
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    It was a good day for fencing, gold is best medal of medals. Lance made five new friends and a good way to start the week as I will be taking Lance and Mary to LAX tomorrow morning at 4am for a flight to Boston to visit Boston and New York colleges.
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    Nice and sunny here again after a few cloudy days, rare here, so time to take the can-am out.
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    The greatest letter ever written. What a rollercoaster ride.
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    I made too much dry aged ribeye, so enlisted some assistance in consuming it.