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    Finished... Back plates before I mounted them...
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    I helped this guy move into his new place in Mayberry.
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    It's been a busy week for sure. My second Cousin has a lawn care business in Rockport, TX. He has lots of equipment and He, his Dad and I have been clearing trees, brush and trash all through his neighborhood, as well as temporarily tarping roofs. There are many elderly residents that just can't do it themselves. So we're filling a need and helping them get some piece of mind. It feels great to see the relief on their faces and the shock when they try to pay you and you tell them it's part of the massive volunteer effort underway. It also keeps my mind off of things I have no control over. Being a carpenter and letting people know what is reasonable and what is an obvious scam is also very rewarding. This place is already seeing those that travel to prey on others in dark times, and I'm determined to thwart as many of those as is possible. I'm safe and sound, eating well and generally in good spirits. Not yet sure about my next home options, but I'll figure that out in the near future. I have offers from past customers to stay as long as needed, so no need for any kind of panic. I am considering this event as motivation to get my ass out of Texas, and back to California, where I belong, but that won't happen overnight. Just so glad that my Mother is in Alaska and not having to witness the devastation first hand. She went through it in hurricane Celia in 1970, and that's why we went back to Alaska. Not sure she'd handle it well today. I miss all of you and will be back on a regular schedule before too long.
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    I'm alive! Don't worry about me, I'm safe and dry and my dog Suzy is by my side. The rest is all solvable. Made it down to check damage. My RV is in pieces, but that's just stuff. I think my scooter is OK, and my wormdrive saw is OK. I'll need both as the destruction was massive. Many people far worse off than I. And lots of work ahead. I've had several offers from the best people on Earth (Head-Casers), to put me up and I love you guys! I'll take some time to decide my next move, but have options. I should qualify for a FEMA trailer, and may do that. I might decide that Texas doesn't want me around anymore, and try a new start. Too soon to know yet. Either way, my spirit is intact. A true Alaskan can never be beaten by Texas! What is most important to me are my Mom and my Suzy, so things are good. Suzy is a bit freaked but otherwise fine. As long as I have them and my HC family, I can make it through anything. I'm learning to use my cell phone for Head-Case, so bare with me.
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    Moving day! New furnitature looks amazing in the new place. Hat tip to @Hopstretch who sold me his family’s old dining room set. My old apartment was too small for a dining room table so I’ve been eating meals at home on the couch or at my desk for years. Now I get to eat at a table like an adult. Feels good, man!
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    Took Suzy for her two week follow up with the Vet. I really like this Dr.! She's so thorough and so caring. Suzy is looking fantastic. Everything is normal and she's lost two more pounds. Just 3 lbs. to go for a healthy weight. She also got Suzy caught up on her vaccines today, and that was very reasonable, and without any office charge. She will need her teeth cleaned, but she can wait until February, which is dental month and $100 off.
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    Had dinner and great conversation with Doug, Todd and Nate tonight! So thankful that they made the drive down. Humbled by that gesture! Such a fun evening, and it doesn't get much better than this. Great friends and great food have become so important in my life! In honor of Stretch, I had pork belly for the first time tonight. Thanks again guys!
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    Milo and I got the speaker boxes mostly complete today. Made some round holes and some rectangular panels. Tweeter holes are in the Cherry baffles only, as they're not deep enough to need holes in the MDF panel too. Woofer holes and port tube holes in back. Cherry baffles got milled and drilled as well. And the first coat of Arm-R-Seal. The fluting is strictly aesthetics.
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    Time for some impressions of this rare beast. The Icelandic distributor has a set on loan and they carved an entire afternoon out of the schedule for me to try it and do some comparisons. I showed up with the HE90 I built from spare parts, Aristaeus, Carbon amp and a port modded SR-007Mk2. Since they were using the built in dac on the HE-1, I just plugged both amps into as well to equalize the comparison. Over all, I like the build quality of the headphones. Imagine a HD800 built properly and you are pretty much there. The leather earpads are super nice and the headband has nice extension to even fit my large melon. I don't think they are super comfy though as they are fucking heavy (550gr) and all of the pressure is on the top of the head. The Stax 4070 is just about as heavy but far more comfy due to the suspended headband design. The earcups get a bit warm due to the internal amps but only about 5-7°C above ambient. The cable is also pretty nice and not microphonic at all but more on the amps etc. later. Amp itself...well it is just fucked up. I get that they were trying to cater to some nouveau-riche people who just want something expensive but the wank factor is off the charts. I also have serious doubts about what's hiding in that nice marble shell... As for the headphones them selves... well the drivers look pretty much identical to the HE90 units and the few pictures of them that exist, point to that. I wanted to rip off the earpads to check further but people get antsy with something this expensive... One worrying thing I noticed though is that both sides of the drivers have porous dust covers. They look identical to the woven nylon found on the HE90 and well...I would expect solid covers. Now for some actual impressions. As I said above the HE-1 dac was the source for all the amps. To that you have to turn off the headphones so no direct comparisons were possible but I know how both systems should sound so not a big problem there. The source feeding the HE-1 was a Macbook Pro running itunes but I bypassed that with my own FLAC files and player. There are some major changes compared to the older system, this one can do bass and isn't as horribly colored either but over all...I was not impressed and the system never made me really interested in the music. It doesn't engage like a good 007 system can, where I sometimes just sit in awe even after owning a set for all these years. Here, it just doesn't pull me in. This is clearly a midrange issue as there just isn't enough presence there. First off the major issues are the bass, treble and the soundstage. Let's start with the bass, it has this annoying hump to it sort of like the old Lambdas. I'm not sure if this is the mosfet driver (could be, the Cavalli crap boxes have similar issues) or the headphones but it is a clear coloration and once you notice it, just annoys the fuck out of me. Now on some tracks it wasn't as noticeable but always lurking in the background none the less. Next up is the treble...which is both subdued and bright at the same time. I know plenty of people complain the 007's lack sparkle and with the Mk1 this was mostly true but they could be bright if the source called for it. The HE-1 manages something different, the treble is just flat and boring but then it suddenly bites hard. Now I was listening at higher levels but still nothing super loud, only about 12 o'clock on the dial. This also wasn't like the upper midrange bite of the 009's, more lower treble fizz but the source material didn't call for this. I'm so used to listening to SR-X Mk3 Pro drivers now (which are pretty much the gold standard for treble) as they are in my DIY headphones and nope, nothing like this. I suspect the amp is a huge influence here too but no way to verify that... Last major issue, the soundstage. Many will know my stance on the old HE90 where it sounds like you are listening to some people playing in dense fog and you can't quite make out where they are. This time around it is much improved but the lack of pin point accuracy is still apparent. The soundstage is also a bit too far away for my liking and it just doesn't throw the same huge headspace the 007's can. This also affects the midrange and the whole "disconnected" feeling I got from the whole system. I once reached for my phone as I was just a bit bored listening to it. Over all I like that Sennheiser built this but they really should have spent more time on the electronics. I don't think there are any improvements to moving the amps to the cups over something like the Carbon where I can burn 50+W as heat and overcome the small capacitance in the cable. Next post will discuss the tech specs of the system but I'll end with another picture of it all... It was really dark in there and I suck at taking pictures... Now for some technical discussion. I found the specs in the back of the manual and it turns out the bias is 650VDC and the amps run at +780VDC. This makes this more than compatible with Stax so I see no issue with removing the internal amps and rewiring one of these for Stax use. I have been asked to that before but I'm really hesitant to mess with something this expensive. That said, moving to proper amps which are not just the HEV70 rehashed can only be an improvement. I've never found any mosfet device with sufficiently low Cob to work in this role so I truly don't get what Senn were thinking. Some other info, the entire amp only consumes 40W per the user manual which doesn't leave a lot for the actual amps. So we have 8 tubes running with heaters plus all the motors in there. HV supply for the tubes, another for the output stage and well...not a whole lot of power to spare here. Compare that to the BHSE, Carbon or even the T2. All of them use far more power and it is just for one goal, to power the headphones. I also played around with the amp and I could swear that the volume control feels like a RK27. No way to know but how it felt when moving to the extremes...it was just like a RK27. Now as a proper volume control aficionado... ... they all feel a bit different. TKD feels nothing like a P+G or a RK50... Until somebody opens one of these up, take it how you will. It is also clearly a volume pot and not a chip or some other setup.
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    Waited in line with beer douches
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    Picked Suzy up from the Vet. She's not feeling too good but she's hangin' in there. Should feel a little better by tomorrow. Surgery went well, no complications and bloodwork shows no other issues.
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    After many, many years with BAT/Avid/SME YG Acoustics systems this is what my wife and I have spent the last year building for listening to records through. VPI HR-X w/12.7 arm, and VPI ADS power supply. Air Tight PC-1 Supreme cartridge. AudioNet PAM G2 phonostage w/ AudioNet EPS G2 power supply. AudioNet PRE G2 preamp, AudioNet AMP Monoblocks and YG Acoustics Anat III signature speakers with a couple upgrades. Back up cartridge is Benz LPS. Mono is Ortofon Cadenza mono on seperate 12.7 armwand. Digital (Dac, Rdbook, SACD) all done with Marantz SA11s3. Cables are a blend or Kubala-Sosna and Audioquest. Power cords are Signal cable reference and DH Labs Red Wave. Room treatment from GIK. Audio Desk Systeme record cleaner. Adona rack
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    Apparently we're fostering a pupper until we can find her a human.
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    We survived that in the mid 70's, and got to our 39th wedding anniversary yesterday.
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    You can't have it both ways. If you're writing reviews that are read by "thousands" and you are receiving discounts on the products you review, then that is a material connection to the manufacturer that must be disclosed. And you're not doing this for free. If you receive a discount, then you are in fact being compensated to the tune of the amount of said discount. People may be making buying decisions based on your reviews (for better or for worse). Accordingly, you have a duty to disclose anything that might affect the credibility of your review. Fortunately, this is all rather easily solved by simple, clear, conspicuous disclosure. When people balk at such disclosure, I get very, very suspicious about motives. But who cares what I think. The FTC on the other hand... I recommend familiarizing yourself with the FTC's 2009 guidelines on endorsements (attached hereto) and the recent guidance it disseminated regarding same. The FTC has made it very clear what the rules are and how to comply. I'll get you started. Example 7 concerning Section 255.5 seems particularly apt to me: Example 7 (section 255.5 disclosure of material connections): A college student who has earned a reputation as a video game expert maintains a personal weblog or “blog” where he posts entries about his gaming experiences. Readers of his blog frequently seek his opinions about video game hardware and software. As it has done in the past, the manufacturer of a newly released video game system sends the student a free copy of the system and asks him to write about it on his blog. He tests the new gaming system and writes a favorable review. Because his review is disseminated via a form of consumer-generated media in which his relationship to the advertiser is not inherently obvious, readers are unlikely to know that he has received the video game system free of charge in exchange for his review of the product, and given the value of the video game system, this fact likely would materially affect the credibility they attach to his endorsement. Accordingly, the blogger should clearly and conspicuously disclose that he received the gaming system free of charge. The manufacturer should advise him at the time it provides the gaming system that this connection should bedisclosed, and it should have procedures in place to try to monitor his postings for compliance. I've written reviews in the past. Like you, I also have a day job and do it for "fun." (Though I sometimes get paid cash money by the publication.) So these rules apply to me, as well. I try to disclose as much as possible any material connections; it is always on my mind for the simple reason that I don't enjoy misleading people. And I think I can probably improve on it, as well. Ignore this stuff at your peril. ETA: Also, I'm curious what your policy is regarding the resale of the gear on which you receive a discount. If/when you sell such gear, do you set the price based on retail or the price you paid? In other words, do you try to turn a profit? My personal policy is not to accept more than what I actually paid. However, I guess if it were some sort of collector's item that had an unforeseeable increase in value, I could see reaping the benefit of that. 091005revisedendorsementguides.pdf
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    So I finished my my KGSSHV Carbon a few weeks ago. Been too busy listening to it, but I thought I would share my effort and measurements. I am lucky enough to have access to some test gear that allowed me to take thermal pictures of the amp and some further analysis such as frequency response. I also put together a bring up guide that I used. It is basically a summary of what others have already come up with here in posts. it can be viewed at: KGSSHV Carbon Bringup Guide Attached is the test report. And yes, the wiring still needs to be tidied up in that picture, especially the grounding. I was a little impatient, plus I still need to design a small latch and inrush limiter circuit for the momentary switch. For now the switch on the IEC connector makes do. KGSSHV Carbon - SR17001.pdf
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    Managing my first project for the new company. It's a small bathroom remodel. A 6' x 8' room and the floor and ceiling were out of level more than 3" in that 8'. Got them both level and am ready for the tile guy tomorrow morning. It still feels a bit strange, as before I was the carpenter, sheetrocker, tile guy etc... I kind of like this delegating thing.
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    Work went great. I think I'm going to fit in just fine. After work, I drove the scooter back to Fairfax, where it promptly died in the 7-11 parking lot. Glad it got me back to Fairfax at any rate. So Al's tenant Frank (the motorcycle whiz) helped me get it into a friend's yard and off the street. Then when going over the charging system, we found a loose battery cable. Cleaned and tightened up the terminals. It was down to 5 volts, so we put it on the trickle charger overnight. Hopefully, the battery will be fine, hold a charge and work well as transportation again. It really is kind of ideal for working in the city. Fingers crossed and major kudos to Frank! I did have to listen to a 40-minute speech on the history of motorcycles but it was well worth it for all his help. Then he insisted on buying Suzy and me dinner at Good Earth foods, though I tried hard to treat him. No go, Frank is a hard guy to repay a favor. But he sure knows his bikes.
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    Yay ! I got music, and no background noises even at max volume. No Hums, no hiss !! Oh my gawd! I am blessed by Dr. Kevin Gilmore!. I appreciate it so much sir Dr. Gilmore! Finally, I have reached my “ultimate dream goals!” With very limited knowledges. Thank you to George for making this Build a possibility!! Thank you so much to the community as a whole. The best Stax community out there ! Finally, some pictures, herself and in all her glory. Pure solid silver for wires . I am big fan of it I am smiling like a maniac! Yayyyyy! stacking up, and Amp is 130F, the PsU is 141F after 2 hours. Pretty warmth ! Can’t imagine the original The most beautiful amp I have ever had! Period. Time to “burn-in”
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    Met the man, the myth, the legend, Sir Stretch! Had a great lunch with him and Al. He lives up to the hype! We only have the two, but we switch with each other every week. Also made a trip to Ikea with Al. I needed an armoire for my clothes because I'm gay! Al not only helped me pick them out but stayed and helped put everything together. He's either an extremely good friend or extremely bored. I think maybe both!
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    It's not what I did, but what others are doing for me. I just found out that Al is at my new apartment, setting it all up for my arrival. That is so touching and so very cool! I seem to be alternating between grinning like an idiot and tearing up like a little kid. It's been like that since it all became real a few weeks back. I hope that I'm able to express how in awe I am at what everyone has done for me! You people have my heart always! This is the best group of people I've ever known! Head-Case Strong, Head-Case Proud!
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    Lots of days clearing brush and patching roofs. Will catch up with you guys on the weekend. Am doing good.
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    The horror, the horror. Basically this is the final Erno Borbely design. It is a current mode phono stage, where the cartridge looks into close to zero impedance. First stage with parallel J40/K170, and a power stage to drive the passive RIAA. Then a 40dB gain stage with power stage to drive the output. It can be configured many different ways: No feedback first stage, with input R of about 4 ohms for higher R moving coils Feedback first stage which reduces input R to tiny value for low R moving coils. Can be run single ended or balanced input, and single ended or balanced output. I've set it up as a no-feedback version, fully balanced IO. There is a bal2unbal board which I currently have not wired in. Shunt regulator for each board, layout by moi. Dual power supply, each with dual bridge rectifier and lots of smoothing cap.
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    Eleanor and the kids are away, so I've been building a brutal recording desk. All rough 1x6 lumber, logged and milled here on the farm and exposed to the weather for way too long. When I move it downstairs I'll put the keyboard on a tray under the desktop. I think the monitor risers might be too high but aside from that I'm really happy with how it's turning out.
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    This morning we had the septic tank pumped out for the first time in at least seven years. Gave away a load of books that belonged to my in laws, but kept plenty of others. Then I made some red raspberry freezer jam using fruit grown within a mile from here.
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    Bought the lg 65 oled, will be here next week
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    I might need to fire my photographer, but here's something new.
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    Yesterday: finally moved all the way out. I’m back in Tennessee now. Everything (hopefully) will be finalized this week, but everything that we are keeping from the house is in transit and everything else has been arranged to deal with. There’s now about 3x what is reasonable in my tiny apartment and 10 uhaul uboxes on their way to Tennessee. Now to find a house on this end.
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    A little T2 tube rolling goodness
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    Started my last day of vacation in a hot air balloon
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    The most beautiful tile I've ever set! Its hard to see but the tile is slightly concave. Doug is becoming a natural tile setter.
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    Done! Aside from connecting everything and cleaning up the unholy mess that's all around it and then finally recording some music. The monitor risers are actually at the perfect height.
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    Attended the first meeting of the Marin County 4k OLED owners group over lunch. Also in attendance were a British ex-pat and a tall guy.
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    Made an offer on this place. Went to visit it and fell in love with it and it's in a great location. The kitchen is amazing - a cook's dream - the island is the size of a bed. High ceilings on each floor, quartz countertops, walnut cabinetry, Bertazzoni gas cooktop/oven, tons of storage, and a really great "gameroom" with a room deck off of it, to use as an office. Feeling excited and nervous! http://www.har.com/2640-westgate-st/sale_71844848
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    Spent Friday, Saturday and Sunday replacing the deteriorating wood decking with composite. Thanks to my bro-in-laws for doing 80% of the work, the deck lives again. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    the "GS-1 mk2" that has been requested, coming soon..it will look like a mini GS-X mk2. Evidence of how cheap PCBs are now..
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    Went to my first sugar shack. Ate so much. They start out by giving you a doggie bag to fill as you go. I'm not going to even try and describe everything, as I'm not really sure, and most of the descriptions were in French. Lots and lots of foie gras and maple syrup. I nearly died.
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    I signed a lease on a house in San Rafael this afternoon. I'm excited... I've never had my own house before. Since college I've lived in a series of apartments. I still can't quite wrap my head around the fact that I'm not going to be sharing walls with anyone anymore.
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    Last night Stretch and I met the elusive @riceboy at SFJAZZ for drinks and a show last night. We saw Abdullah Ibrahim do a tribute to Hugh Masekela's band Jazz Epistles. The octet last night did two hours and fifteen minutes straight with many solos, repeated refrains, and Ibrahim just didn't seem willing to stop, even his insistence that all the other members took multiple bows at the end. It was good stuff from great musicians and not one word was said. We had a snort of Laine's smooth as silk Glen Grant 18 you while walking down the street to Absinthe for a late supper to cap a very nice evening. It was great to finally meet you Laine! Now don't be a stranger virtually on HC or IRL!
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    I've thought a lot, today. My wife is genderqueer (she is very open so I don't feel uncomfortable mentioning that) and much more plugged in to things than I am, me at the grand ol' age of 37. She told me the other day that she considers me to be part of the queer community. Some of my friends here, I don't really remember which beyond Shell and Steve, have known for years that I have been, and am, sexually attracted to men. Not every man. Some men. I think I've mentioned it on occasion. I've never acted on it, for a lot of reasons. I'm generally more attracted to women, and I just think that I wasn't part of the right generation to act on a bisexual tendency in a casual way. I don't know if my time has passed, or what. I know that Colie would support me exploring that aspect of my personality, but honestly I don't really feel that strong of an urge. I'm very happily married, and, even when accepted, I would consider that to be cheating, and I'm not real big on infidelity. It's still there, though. I think it has informed other parts of my life, parts that I have acted on in non-sexual ways. I'm not sure I feel comfortable claiming that I'm part of the queer community. I "pass." That's not even the right word. How can you "pass" when nobody even thinks that you aren't whatever you are "passing" for? I'm certainly a fellow traveler, but that's not the same thing. I really don't care what I'm called or considered. I don't really consider this a coming out. It would be a shitty one, if it were. I also know that this is in a public forum, so don't worry that I've put this in the wrong place. I just kinda feel like I should do something, just for myself. Talking openly feels like doing something for myself.
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    Tonight I saw the most terrifying sign ever. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Loaded the truck yesterday. Left half of the skin on my face in Texas, while loading my scooter. Do not try to hold a 600 lb. bike with your face, when it slides off the ramp. But California still gets 99.6 % of me. Started out at 6:15 am, and made it about 800 miles to Las Cruces, NM. Bye bye Texas, smell ya later! Hope you made good time today too JP.
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    Completed another week. 8 more working days in Texas, then secret spy stuff for 11 days out of state, then come back, pack, load truck, head West for good!
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    I want to thank everyone for their concerns and offers of help. I'm doing just fine. My Cousin is taking great care of me, and I'm doing some projects around here to keep my mind from running wild. I'm going back down day after tomorrow to pickup some things and help clear some driveways. Not real sure if anything from my RV is salvageable, but will check. I'll grab more clothes and Suzy's Medications. Plus my important papers. I'm in a good frame of mind! Please don't worry. I had two trips planned before this happened, to do some work for Head-Casers, and still planning on doing so. Everything's good!
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    I got routine blood test results. My triglyceride levels were 489 mg/dl, right before I became a vegetarian. Two years later, it's at 160. Still a little higher than I'd like (high triglyceride levels run in the family; for instance, my mother weighs a hundred and twenty pounds and has as pretty low calorie diet, but has a triglyceride level over three hundred, despite statins), but I think that's a pretty darned good result. Everything else in the lipid panel were squarely in the "normal" zone. Fasting blood sugar is under 100 (everybody on both sides of my family over the age of 30 has diabetes except for me and my mother, so I think this is a triumph!), my resting pulse has fallen under 75 (again, still higher than I want, but it was over 100 two years ago). Blood pressure has been good despite reducing the amount of medication I take. I think I'm doing pretty darned well.
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    Helped some friends go from this: to this
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    I got the HV sections and bias up and they work perfectly Here's the board... I've already tested the GRLV boards and they work. I just have to build another set for this supply. The thermals above the IXCY10M90S regulators don't go above 99 deg. F. Very happy with the board so far.