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    So Tice removed a deck at his job site, which is Armistead Maupin's former home. In his genius he recognized it to be Brazilian Ipe that was only screwed down from one side. The new owner eventually agreed to give the boards to the contractor and Steve's bosses gave them to him. Claire has been asking for an outdoor chaise lounge so Steve donated the Ipe and his skills to the project. Here is what the boards look like without any work and then a progression from weathered (as received) to planed to sanded and then to oiled with Tried & True linseed oil with beeswax. We chose a design from Restoration Hardware as the basis for Claire's chaise and essentially winged it from there. Here is the original and the final product with a side table, finished just before our vacation but built to last for many years. There is no stain or pigment in the oil so the finished look truly blew us both away. Thanks Steve for supplying the wood *snicker* and the knowledge and know how to make this come together.
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    We'll have a prototype of the new GS-X mini at Rocky Mountain Audio Fest next month!
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    Been busy at work, but managed to pull a new version of the T2 amp board together. I've added separate modules for the active batteries, balance servo, pre-CCS feeding the output CCS and the opto coupled output servo. I should be able to plug and play with a few options on these modules. Here's a rendering (Eagle / Fusion 360)... I still have to test, but so far I'm happy with the layout.
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    Today I got the phonecall. I'm in!!!!!! 😸 I'm going to get 30 hours of training which starts tomorrow. Thank you for your support.
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    The T4 is now available for preorder. More info at Beezar.com.
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    People connected to me on FB and Instagram may have gotten the memo that we're fostering a litter of four puppies for the next ten days or so. It's exhausting but rewarding, and probably something the kids will remember for awhile. Eleanor wants to adopt one of course.
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    Looks like I only have clearance issues with some interference from the rectifier heat sinks. Not bad for no fancy CAD time wasting
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    Preliminary results. I don't know anything about carpentry so please don't be too cruel to me.
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    Now with top plate. Aerial view, the two holes in front of outer small tubes are for balance trimmers. Adjust balance after some time of warm up and then insert jumpers for the servos.
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    I found out today that I'm "probably cured" of cancer. That's not as good as "cured," but much better than "probably not cured." There is a possibility that I'll need a course of radiation in 6 months, but my doctor thought it unlikely. So, all in all, good news! When do I get my ribbon?
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    Here’s Arna. She's around 14 months old and has been in my care around 2 months ago, she’s a real sweetheart.
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    We took the old man to Napa to celebrate Fathers' Day. I can't think of many places in the world I enjoy more. We had a wonderful time!
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    Having an infrared side burner on the grill is pretty fucking awesome. Thanks for the tip Marc. Indirect heat @225F for 30 minutes and then a 30 second sear per side on the infrared burner.
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    Went to the first night of the Hardly Strictly Bluegrass festival with Al, Claire and a few others. Saw Lindsay Buckingham and Alison Krauss. Fantastic!
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    I took a leave of absence from work. It was a pretty painless process. I'll be back after my surgery. I feel much, much better.
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    The official photos from the Maryhill G-Ride I posted about a few weeks ago were just dropped, and they got a few of me. more: https://www.facebook.com/pg/maryhillsratz/photos/?tab=album&album_id=2600681453489793
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    We're getting very close - the power switch is on the front and a DACT is optional. Champagne will be a color option. This prototype has a blue bead blasted panel (compared to our usual polished blue).
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    progress! powered by the new Uberdynalo
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    After a bit of fire play... There was Za... Getting the hang of it.. (man taptalk sucks for editing a post once it is posted)
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    Walk with the family... Alex shows you the tonge [emoji23] [emoji23] [emoji23] [emoji23] [emoji23]
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    Another electrostat CFA lives. This one born on the 4th of July😄 The PCB is congo5's layout. The amps is powered by my GRHV PSU with ~405VDC rails. Many thanks to Kevin for another wonderful design, to congo5 for the PCB boards and many advices along the way and to sorenb for his generosity of coming to my rescue and providing the missing, unobtanium sands. This build would not have been possible otherwise. I did not match any of the transistors - barely had enough for this one build. The output balance of the two channels sit at 6.6VDC and 4.4VDC after one hour running. The offset is 10.7/4.2VDC and 9.7/5.3VDC. For both channels, the non-inverted output offset is the higher one. The heatsinks are at a toasty 52C after one hour running, about 28C rise from the cold start. Will need to find a chassis with larger heatsinks.
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    Some Glenn system testing.. Current configuration in New place.
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    Spent a nice afternoon at my dad and stepmom's, good food & good people. Got a rare pic of me with my two brothers and sister (officially adopted step-sister, but...sister). I'm the one with the least hair. Oh, and the big smiles were not due to being together, but because of FLUFFY, which Alexa found for us (EDIT: I JUST found out, the backing band for Gloria was Psychotic Pineapple!)
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    The moment of truth - got in a rear panel for a super dense amplifier project, which houses two front ends that wires up to different output stages. Hopefully I will have time tomorrow to get the output stage bolted onto the heat sink to see if everything fits. It will be very close! Missing a few M3 screws and the switches, but those will be ordered next part run, but more or less everything is installed! Edit: not quite - there are pluggable buffers in front of the transformers that would block view of the relay - I need to add those in. Hopefully an update tomorrow when all fits!