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    I've thought a lot, today. My wife is genderqueer (she is very open so I don't feel uncomfortable mentioning that) and much more plugged in to things than I am, me at the grand ol' age of 37. She told me the other day that she considers me to be part of the queer community. Some of my friends here, I don't really remember which beyond Shell and Steve, have known for years that I have been, and am, sexually attracted to men. Not every man. Some men. I think I've mentioned it on occasion. I've never acted on it, for a lot of reasons. I'm generally more attracted to women, and I just think that I wasn't part of the right generation to act on a bisexual tendency in a casual way. I don't know if my time has passed, or what. I know that Colie would support me exploring that aspect of my personality, but honestly I don't really feel that strong of an urge. I'm very happily married, and, even when accepted, I would consider that to be cheating, and I'm not real big on infidelity. It's still there, though. I think it has informed other parts of my life, parts that I have acted on in non-sexual ways. I'm not sure I feel comfortable claiming that I'm part of the queer community. I "pass." That's not even the right word. How can you "pass" when nobody even thinks that you aren't whatever you are "passing" for? I'm certainly a fellow traveler, but that's not the same thing. I really don't care what I'm called or considered. I don't really consider this a coming out. It would be a shitty one, if it were. I also know that this is in a public forum, so don't worry that I've put this in the wrong place. I just kinda feel like I should do something, just for myself. Talking openly feels like doing something for myself.
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    Bonnie traded the Honda she's had for twenty two years for new new one. Blue, this time
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    Maybe not Speaker Porn these days, but back In the day these were pretty hawt. Altec Model 19. Woofer: 15” 416 , Mid/high compression driver: 802 , Sectoral horn: 811 Very efficient: rated 104dB @ 4 foot sensitivity. Sound great with single watt SETs, but will still take 175 watts continuous. Too large for my current living room, been stored in my garage for years. Fired them up today....my neighbors were not amused.
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    OK boys steady yourselves.... Oh Yeah! It’s my new toy, I haven't got my grubby hands on it yet, it’s making it’s way from Portugal.
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    Debbie took me out for dinner at Maple Tree Inn, one of the best Cajun places in Chicagoland. Started with 6 oysters 2x2x2 - 2 Rockefeller, 2 Bienville and 2 Deviled. Then 6 grilled oysters. Then southern fried catfish with dirty rice for main. Debbie’s BBQ shrimp with cheesy grits. A wonderful dinner. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Waited in line with beer douches
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    Got the filaments down to exactly 6.0VAC using 0.3R 5W resistors. B+ and B- are both solid now as well. +375V and -378V. About 0.2 drift over 30 minutes of warm up then stays fixed after that. Still comparing to my SRX and Carbon, but the sound is certainly glorious! I know, pics or it didn't happen. So.... Above, you can see that in order to make this fit in a 300mm deep case, I had to create 2 layers of boards. PSUs on bottom, Amps on top, with about 30-40mm of overlap. There was actually plenty of clearance and I could have moved them to overlap even more if needed. I was able to leave enough room in front for the power switch and future quad pot when it arrives. Please don't give me too much crap for the messy wiring. I plan to take it apart next week to add the quad pot and clean up the internal build a bit. I just wanted to prove to myself that it would fit! Also, notice that I am using the 755-SCT2H12NZGC11 as a replacement for the C2M1000170D for the PSUs. It appears to work just fine and runs cool. So we do appear to have a backup device for when the C2M1000170D SiC is out of stock. Also, in the front middle (under the mess of wires) is a timer delay for the CPC1117 HV delay turn on, as referenced earlier in this thread. I have it set for 60 seconds. Above with the tube cages. I have not install yet, but just wanted to see how they will look. That will be next week... And finally, sharing some room with my Carbon. Not pictured are my SRX builds (one mine, one my son's). BTW, so far, the BH runs cooler (both case temp and silicon temps) than my Carbon. Both running at 20ma.
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    Sorry to all injured HCers, and glad you didn't get injured in the fender bender CD44hi! I guess I am at home for a week or so following a strange week and sucky weekend in the hospital. It started out with me noticing double vision when looking left. Woke up on Saturday with double vision everywhere. Went to urgent care, who ran a CT scan which showed nothing. Then to the hospital where I spent Saturday and most of Sunday. Full head MRI there, again, clean. Diagnosed as 3rd cranial nerve palsy by neurologist, confirmed by ophthalmologist today. Should take care of itself in a couple of weeks, maybe less. I guess at my age, what they find in the scans, etc. could always be bad, so counting my blessings there. Heal up HC!
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    After endless tweaking, the dipoles were sounding truly great - super natural and lifelike, with midrange and highs to die for... But still, i wanted more dynamics, more punch, MORE POWER!!!11!! So this happened: still just trying out different crossover points and targets in AL, but so far it's quite fun! lots of energy and punch, and a surprisingly good phantom centre. gonna try out the waveguided RAAL tweeters as well, and see if it matches the dispersion of the tractrix 200, as i really loved them on the dipoles. (sorry for the lack of headphone posts, but my headphone life is quite dull at the moment)
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    Ribeye, potatoes and creamed spinach.
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    Earlier - poutine and duck confit - french fries, fresh curd, duck gravy.
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    Watched two soccer games today with this guy ... He in fact hung around all day. I thought he had left when we packed up to leave but when I got in the car and took off my jacket he popped out and jumped into the door handle cutout. Rode all the way home with us so when we arrived home I scooped him up and put him in the garage to feast on the insects living there.
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    Just another rendering with the transistor and screw mounting in...
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    Unless the ruble is doing really well these days, I feel like $8 for a matched quad is about right.
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    As much as I love making electrostatic headphones, I don't think that I will ever make them for money. I'm just too busy with my work, and I really prefer sharing my knowledge and encouraging people to try to build them by themselves. I am willing to share everything of my design with everyone. Just let me know if you're interested to build. By the way, making a pair of good sounding electrostatic headphones isn't that difficult, but to make them as efficient as Stax headphones is not so easy. Until MrSpeakers and Phenomenon can make their phones to sound as loud as Stax, I would say that they still have a lot to learn.
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    She doesn’t think it’s broken, probably just bruised. I’m to come back if it stops getting better.
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    Not today, but very soon my buddy Milo (some of you may remember him from my trip to Lake Michigan recently, and he looks remarkably similar to Al) and I will be building this configurable router table together... Should be a really fun project, and quite useful for our little shop we're assembling. Milo is a handy guy!
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    Pregame meal should be acceptable.
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    What a gentleman SL is! I went over to his house on my lunch break and had a listen with him. Very impressive! I think I have a hard buying decision ahead of me!
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    Full English with roasted marrow bones and short rib bubble-and-squeak.
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    So, I got my dad's UG back. I had asked that the case be cleaned up, but that the polish be conservative. In hindsight, maybe I should have asked for a bit more polishing, but the watch looks honest. I have it on a late 60's NOS Spiedel Teju-skin strap, with a correct UG gold filled buckle. The watch wears extremely comfortably, and has a totally different flavor from anything else I own: I'm very glad to have it, both for those reasons and that it connects me to a period of my dad's life that I know very little about, even if just tangentially. Sorry for the slightly out-of-focus wrist shot.
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    Sous Vide Black Angus Tenderloin finished on cast iron and mushrooms and onions. I know the cast iron was not nearly hot enough. Bad timing on my part. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Everyone will feel much better when I find the security footage of you skating into the side of your car. I wish Colin would carry thorn bushes around to throw at you when you crash out.
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    If it makes anyone feel better, I skated into a parked car (mine) 10 days ago and dropped a few hundred on a splint and peace of mind (no break on the x-rays of my thumb) Just after crash Just after doc Just after I told Jeff Sent from my ONEPLUS A3000 using Tapatalk
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    Life goal: Have equivalent garage consisting of rally car for actual racing and something ridiculous for during the week.
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    Not just today, but an all-around fantastic weekend. Beautiful weather, fantastic food, fantastic friends and a great nature walk. Then today I got to top it all off by watching Tom Brady go down in flames. It doesn't get much better!
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    Got the first of the 3 minis finished more or less (less case, etc.). Had it running on AC for about 5 mins or so. 255R bias resistors, +/-20V PSU... I'm only seeing around 170mV across the 20R resistors. Low, and seems strange with others getting 18mA with 220R, etc. As for adjustment (offset), I used the pots by the LEDs to get the offset between +/- for that channel centered around ground, then had dialed the individual offsets in using the other 2 pots. Anyone have a different adjustment method? I may play with the pot by the LEDs and see if that does anything to the bias current or not.
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    Here's one for Joachim It a low voltage version of the GR78xx Micro. It's only .45"(W) x .8"(H). It can run from 5V to 20V (with the right parts). I still need to do the negative. Here's what it looks like... I also re-did the layout of the larger version that can support up to 50V now. I can also do a supply that accepts these regulators, but pretty much any board designed for the LM78xx/LM79xx should support them.
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    At the moment I work in a SCIF and can’t bring in a phone, Fitbit, etc. When I stop working with classified stuff I’ll be able to bring in whatever, but for the time being we’re pretending to stop the Russians from spying. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Reminds me that I took a pic but completely forgot to post it when I had dessert at the great cafe in the Neue Gallery the other day. Also pictured is the accompanying double espresso with whipped cream.
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    Finished building the first one of the DAM1021. This is the .05% resistor version. Runs on +/- 9VDC rails. Amanero USB/i2s receiver. It's hard to beat for the money.
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    Heal up HCers! As always, I wish doom and unmitigated failure to he who eats biscuits (aka Fat Che).
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    Story of my life, and probably most DIYers... casework is the worst which 3d printer do you have? Here is version 1 of the hamster cage, needs a few more improvements before I'm willing to try to machine everything
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    Pressure Cooker Corned Beef Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Dropped off Mary and Lance at the airport for a flight to Arizona for a fencing tournament. I hope tomorrow goes well.
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    same size board, up to 35mm caps, had to move the pass transistors, needs checking silicon carbide rectifiers 100mm x 109mm goldenreferencelargecap.zip
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    And did he save $ on your insurance?
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    So, here's where a little math beforehand would have helped out. Now, the 10M90S is specified as having a thermal resistance of 80K/W junction to ambient (K = Kelvin, so 0 degrees Kelvin is absolute zero, each degree Kelvin = 1 degree centigrade), and the C2M10000170D is specified as having a thermal resistance of 40K/W junction to ambient. As these devices are rated to run below 150 degrees centigrade, what this means is that the 10M90S without heatsink is rated for less than 2 watts, and the C2M is rated for less than 4 watts. The 10M90S split the PS voltage between them (for as long as they were functioning), so 400 volts each at 20 mA = 8 watts. Running a transistor at 2 and 4 times their rated power dissipation will blow them in short order. If you've ever seen the actual size of the transistor inside its case you will understand why they can get fried quickly by being overstressed. Therefore, you need to replace ALL the C2Ms,all the constant current source 10M90S, and all the DN2540s as well, unless you're absolutely confident that the other devices protected them like a fuse. Which I doubt. Murphy's Law: a transistor protected by a fuse will blow first, protecting the fuse.