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    Firstly many thanks to all the contributors to this forum whos posts and direct assistance helped immensely with my amp build, there were a few issues on the way, but the amp is functioning perfectly and is a huge improvement over the STM-727II it replaces. There are many far more seasoned builders than I, but hopefully by mentioning a couple of issues I encountered it may help any future builders. 1) Check and double check your resistor values - I missed one and it resulted in quite a few replacement parts being needed. 2) If you are going to check voltages using your probe on the top of the screw terminals, tighten the screw down first (changed out the original 7815 regulator thinking it was faulty as a result) 3) You need the OP27 opamp installed even if you are using the opto servo to control offset. 4) The posted instructions mention adjusting the left channel balance and offset - you also need to perform the same operation on the right channel 5) I bought an inexpensive set of high voltage 12kv linesmans gloves from Amazon. Probably overkill but for the initial power up of the boards gave me more confidence in working with HV supplies. 6) Mentioned in another thread but Arrow Electronics offer most parts that Mouser have at lower cost and with free overnight shipping 7) If you need circuit boards, Easy EDA is pretty good at circuit layout and integrates with board manufacturer JLCPCB who are really inexpensive (read $2 for 5 small boards) Differences from what I would consider as standard build included: Replaced the 7815 and 7915 with AMB Labs Sigma 78 and Sigma 79 drop in circuits - soldering on the miniscule SM components is a challenge but aside from that they work really well. Used a ladder attenuator from Acoustic Dimensions, made a custom PCB to connect to it (I have 3 spares if anyone needs one). Installed input switching between single end and balanced, with also a feed through setting where the KGSSHV is totally bypassed. The SE input setting also connects the SE ground to the amps -ve balanced input. Picture is the KGSSHV Carbon with it's sibling a TPA Buffalo ESS9035 DAC built last year. Cheers Martin
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    Listened to this for the first time today. Pad is from a SR-007 and cable from an old Lambda and the rest is home made. The main parts are made with files from Wachara (chinsettawong). Many thanks. A lot more has to be done before it’s a decent headphone.
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    Done and some nostalgia as it's been a decade since this was going on...
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    3D printed ”pad holder” today. The grey thing attached to the driver unit with six screws. SR-007 ear pad in place. Then take the package and push it into the frame – done. Found a piece of aluminum net and with some black paint it will serve as grill. Exposed cable connections. Have to fix that some time.
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    I collected these from an old Mag series (Liberty and others). I thought I would just create a fun dump of them. They are full of sexism, misogyny and racism enjoy... All I have... yet....
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    So I got my birthday present from the wife today.. or I guess I should say it arrived. I don't get to wear it until the actual day a month from today. I wanted something fun for the water park, beach and boating this summer. I'm also originally from Chicago so bears colors as a bonus. She is at work so a quick fitting, pic and into the safe with it for now.
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    Not a very porn-y pic, but I'd like to point out that these speakers have a really high WAF.
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    Echo and the Bunnymen - Live in Liverpool
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    Silver's eye seems to be completely healed (she has one day left of drops, and I will dutifully apply), but she has learned that she gets attention, so she has been blinking at me. Sometimes with the wrong eye. She is a very smart cat. She emulates Dunhill's "Come give me treats goddammnit" sound, because she noticed that it was somewhat successful. I figured it out when I told "Dunhill" to shut up, only to find that he had been sleeping behind me on the sofa the whole time. This makes sense only if you've seen my sofa. From the divot, you can see where I like to sit. The cats like to get behind me. The majority of the sofa belongs to the cats. Italian!
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    I think they are. Fabulous knows no time.
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    Considering the number of views, some of you guys have probably seen this.
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    I have no league. Just seemed like a crazy argument all around. Think we would all be better just listening to some good music.
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    Fish & Chips Salmon, Mahi-Mahi Tacos
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    Rolex situation in Las Vegas For SS sports I found. The 39mm OP all dial colors, just depends on the location. Almost all had red grape.. must not be a well liked variant. A yachmaster 1 with the Platinum bezel and blue dial. A yachmaster 2. An airking Zero TT subs, skydweller or gmt. One root beer sold gold gmt otherwise no gold gmt. Solid gold subs back in stock multiple locations. I think I got to all the locations, either way a large sample size. Many places cases were mostly empty. But hey if you want a mid size date just with gold and diamonds your all set.. I did at least get to play with something I thought I'd never see
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    The soon to be released album by one of my favourite singer-songwriters, freely available at NPR Rhiannon Giddens - There is no Other
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    Of all editions that I have of the 1812 Overture, the recording that I like the most is this one (XRCD): Reiner / Chicago Symphony Orchestra