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    I'm sitting in the jury assembly room watching a video to teach me about the US justice system and jury trials. Interesting stuff.
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    Closed on my new home late yesterday and moved today. Too tired to celebrate tonight but picked these up so I am ready. 4 months living in limbo. I am home now.
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    Squeezed this amp into a small Modushop case. Tight fit for the caps, but it works. Doesn't get particularly warm. An interesting alternative for planars.
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    Reuben burger. Burger Antics.
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    She's about as self-made as her dad's vagina.
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    A few points regarding the boards Michael have had made on my gerbers. They are basically the same as my kitchen made boards I made five months ago. The small tube footprint has no hole for the center pin. So far I’ve cut away the center pin on the small tube socket after checking the pin holders to be not to tight nor to loose. One time I got tube sockets where the tubes fell out when turning upside down. So either you have to cut pin or drill a hole. Be aware that upper tube has a trace between the grids that might be to close to center pin. Right board 270K resistor has a 0805 pad (intention was 1206). It’s possible to solder a 1206 resistor on the 0805 pad. If +220V you get about 130 V cross the resistor so Vishay CRCW0805 is OK here. But with +250 V you get close to CRCW0805’s limit of 150 V. Some of component values on silk screen are poorly place and almost unreadable. The blame is entirely on me, I’m very sorry. There are four octagons on bottom side. One at each big tube socket center hole and one each side of small tubes filaments connections. Here I have standoffs. A few comments on updated layouts. Small tube footprint with center hole. 270K resistor pad corrected - now 1206. Silk screen remade. Pleas notify me if there is any left that needs additional attention. Now “value” of connections on both sides (except heaters). No terminal blocks on my boards. Top right. Updated 2019-02-27. Bottom right. Updated 2019-02-27. Top left . Updated 2019-02-27. Bottom left. Updated 2019-02-27. I call above version .2. My kitchen made and Michaels are version .1. Regarding this amplifier - there is nothing I've invented. I just have picked up different things and tried to put them together. As: Opto servo (the only offset servo you need) by Kevin. 01N100D/TL1021 current source by Kerry. Schematic of Stax T2 provided by Kevin, Et. al. Schematic of Stax T8000 provided by Kevin and Birgir. Etc. etc. Thanks for all knowledge, information and inspiration from you DIYers and Head-Case members. Please look for errors or other issues.
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    Venison and Wild Boar Capelacci with hunter cream Marsala sauce
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    Breakfast. Healthy part Fun Part Local Part (Joanne) Location / View / lighting conditions part
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    Sri Lankan Curry. Prep. Results
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    My SR-Omega are sounding fabulous out of my DIY T2 as I type. 😁
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    Polarity- corrected Skylarking with original sleeve images
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    Made a couple of big decisions today. I'm not running for president in 2020. And I'll marry Kylie Jenner if she insists.
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    It turned into a nail biter. I didn't get called up until the first round of peremptory challenges was done. They questioned us and selected the 12 jurors with the plaintiff passing the jury repeatedly. I was left as the first alternate, which would be the worst of all words because I have to sit through a two to three week trial and don't get to decide it unless somebody drops off. Plaintiff passed again with me as alternate, and defendant dinged the neurologist next to me because it is a traffic accident case with an alleged traumatic brain injury. The fucking plaintiff passed again but the defense finally dinged me. Thank goodness. This isn't the trial I would want for my first jury service and being an alternate would suck!
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    Last night, in reality, but Steve made his famous Tice's Bacon Mac-n-Cheese for dinner. Other than its deliciousness, the song says it all... E9888757-4791-4D1F-9EAE-AB0C8C4E1483.MOV
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    coming soon, synchronous diode bridge using lt4320 and power fets lower dropout voltage, much less switching noise
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    Yesterday: Roast Goose Pork Belly and Char Sui Token Green Things https://www.goosemanorhk.com/home
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    Chocolate, Three ways (mousse, brownie, pudding)
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    As there is one more KGDT being built I thought I'd post some pics. I went with Jose's suggestion regarding the placing of the amp boards, seems to be the best compromise. I had concerns with the AC heater leads but no hum. A modest +/-300V but very nice with normal bias Stax. And 6/12V tube rolling possible.
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    More health More fun More local (& extra fun) More views Local spices Can you tell this place is run by a Brit?
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    As I may have helped pause this thread, a few shots from a recent Amsterdam trip to unpause. First two iPhone XR. Rest Fujifilm X-Pro2 with XF 35mm f/2.
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    OK – Connected an unmodified T2 PSU. Raised voltages to +250 and +/-500V. Top 6922 anode voltage sits at 227V and grid at 78V. So far it works. Will run this for a while and check for darkening spots on the boards.
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    An imposing site that is...
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    Here's a pic of the 35mm multioutput boards I had run. DImensions are 116 x 107mm, with the mounting holes on 106 x 97mm centers. On Semi schottky rectifiers, 30mm caps installed. I'm working on shrinking this down to match the size and mounting pattern of Kevin's boards (110 x 93 with mtg. holes 100 x 83), and so far it looks good, though I'll probably have to lose the following: power LED and resistors the current board allows 220uf caps that are 18mm diam. with 7.5mm lead spacing in the upper corners. Not sure what cap was the target here, as a Silmic is 12.5mm d x 5mm ls (for 35V). This will shrink to Silmic size (though I don't use them). This doesn't have the rail balance pot and stuff on it (to equalize the +/- rails). I'll take a look at that and see if it would fit. I'll probably ditch the 1uf film caps following the main filter caps. Not sure they are really of any benefit. These boards do support R-C snubbers. You could also do Mark Johnson's (diyaudio-Quasimodo thread) favored R-C-R snubber by soldering the 0.01uf film caps across the 2 AC inputs on the bottom. I may try to accommodate these on the board itself.