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    Picked Suzy up from the Vet. She's not feeling too good but she's hangin' in there. Should feel a little better by tomorrow. Surgery went well, no complications and bloodwork shows no other issues.
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    Worked on the home gym setup
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    http://www.foxnews.com/tech/2017/12/01/8-innovative-gadget-gifts-for-techie-in-your-life.html In case it disappears...
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    Got the last of the bracing installed on the deck.
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    It's not something that I've quite done yet, as the official offer won't be until next week, but I have accepted a position at Miami University. It's a pretty perfect fit for my background and education, I'll be visible to the whole campus and, unlike so many academic staff positions, it has a built-in growth path. It's nice being the first choice, instead of the second, for once. It will be a bit of a commute to get from Cincinnati to Oxford, but I imagine that we'll move there fairly soon (Oxford is a beautiful semi-rural town, and Miami's campus and the city of Oxford itself are regularly rated as some of the best places to work and best places to live, in the entire USA, with Forbes having rated Oxford as the very best college-town on more than one occasion). I'm pretty excited.
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    Suzy is doing much better this evening! She's up and around. She's eating and drinking and her tail is wagging! She spent a good part of the day with her Uncle Al. He's all a little terrier could want in an Uncle and more. He's so sweet to her and she absolutely adores him! Anyway, it's all good news. Thanks for all the well wishes, she's now set to live many more years pain-free. Just told my Mom about the surgery. I knew she'd worry if I told her before and she agreed.
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    I spent a lot of time with the five year old whom I hope to be worthy of being the step-father to.
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    Got married. It rained, and I blurred.
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    Installed the BluOS module in my NAD m32. Now streaming Tidal Masters directly to the player with the BluOS app. So sweet!!!
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    Buddy from Detroit came in to town and needed to stretch out his expense account. I knew a guy who could help. Chorizo deviled eggs, whiskey cocktails, Cuban tacos (pork belly, pork shoulder, red dragon cheese), fried chicken (spicy and regular), braised pork cheeks with polenta cakes, beer braised chicken tacos, apple tart with toasted pecans, bourbon caramel, and a local ice cream, Nutella cheesecake with toasted almonds and whipped cream, 2-3 Redbreast 12, 3 Macallan 12, George Dickel hand-selected bottle. Probably some more stuff I missed, but wound the night down with some darts and more Macallan 12. That was a fun 7.5 hours. Sent from my ONEPLUS A3000 using Tapatalk
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    Close to finish casing my balanced CFP amp. Waiting for a 4-pin XLR socket. This one runs on 26VDC rails and 220mA bias current. I am posting an unfinished amp because I want to report that I tried OPA551 for the servo OP and it appears to work fine at less than half the cost of OPA445 but only good to 30VDC. something to consider for those that may be in the process of sourcing parts for their builds. The bias current proves tricky to dial in. It drifts downwards as the amp warms up and seem to continue to go lower even after a hour of operation. The range of drifting is significant too. I am observing 70mA and possibly higher.
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    So I've been looking at a bunch of tube/solid state hybrid dynamic amp schematics, and every one of them is some form of bad, or really bad. (one person/ex company in particular) Low voltage plate, capacitve coupling of a high impedance source into a low impedance, poor balance etc. There had to be a better way. true balanced input. dc coupling. low impedance output. no feedback. proper use of a tube (pure transconducance) etc so I came up with this, work in progress. 4 x 3 inches ubaltobaltubeschem.PDF
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    G'luck, Greg! Me: Packing up desk to leave Blue Cross after 8? years of underemployment. Exit interview in 70 minutes. I didn't wear a suit to it; hope they don't mind. I've made my list for things to do today... If I get 70% of it done before I fly out tomorrow, it'll be awesome.
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    My wife signed up to let me do another season of Autocross and I splurged on a pair of custom double adjustable front shocks for the Focus ST. There is a Celica that when it shows up is just in another world (1-2 seconds faster) and I'm hoping these bring me to his level but looking at the times from Nationals where some guys are stock (other than sway bar and tires) the issue is more likely me. I'll also get an alignment done in the spring when I get them installed. Got my Championship Trophy (a jacket) last week. It is sweet!
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    Finally got home after a long day. Dinner was unplanned and spectacular courtesy of a local food truck that happened to be on the route back to the hotel. Carne Asada Tater Tots Shredded Pork Panini All thanks to this place, which aptly described my mood at the time.
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    Pork Belly Egg and Cheese Sandwich. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Been away to long... Hope everyone is doing well "You may say I'm a dreamerBut I'm not the only oneI hope some day you'll join usAnd the world will be as one" Happy Thanksgiving Head Case peeps!
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    Last night Missed 3 earlier courses which I forgot to take pics. [edit] here is the “set list” they had last night. The menu varies, you never know what you’ll get: Earlier on Wed: Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    Lunched at the Handsome Biscuit today in Norfolk, VA. This is the Hella Fitzgerald which consists of fried chicken, topped with bacon and cheddar (I also added a fried egg) with accompanying sausage gravy all on a sweet-potato biscuit. \ I didn't really eat breakfast so I decided that a side of hash was in order. And because, Head-Case, I tripled down on dinner and went to the Grilled Cheese Bistro. If anyone needs me I'll be a in a food coma for approximately 48hrs plus or minus 2 days.
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    Tonight's dinner - homemade pork empanadas using slow-cooked carnitas and cheese on the inside, with jalepeno aioli and pico on top. It was a hit, even with the kids.
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    I have been a little slow in getting the new table up and running, but I bought this AMG V12 Viella off Audiogon last month. Now playing:
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    This is actually about a week old news, but last Wednesday night I was up in the UK Dark Peak district doing night navigation practice. The temperature was -5C with a strong wind, so about -15C with wind chill. This was with a trainer called Chris from Beyond the Edge http://www.beyondtheedge.co.uk/ . I drove up in the late morning, and we started the exercise actually in the light, at about 3pm. But by 5pm it was dark, and we continued on until after 9pm. This is all to do with navigation strategy and accuracy with a map and compass between places set by Chris basically in the middle of nowhere. Chris, is ex Army and climbs big stuff - he summitted a 6000m peak in the Himalayas earlier this year http://www.beyondtheedge.co.uk/chris-summits-kyajo-ri/ , he's a mountain rescue leader and trainer, and is an all-round crazy fitness guy. Anyway, this is sunset. Four layers of thermals and a jacket, and lots of layers protecting the crown jewels.
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    "Y'all lame AF. Eat a bag of dicks. Peace!"
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    This is a genuine recorded conversation, from the UK government archives. Miss those guys!
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    I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving! Eat lots, drink lots, love lots! As for myself, I have a whole lot to be thankful for this year. And I'm going to have a wonderful day celebrating and eating with good friends!
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    Hearty Lamb Shank & Fixin’s, Paired with a robust, full bodied Usual Before ... After ...
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    It's been a while since I built something just for me but here is something old... So long story short, I was sent some boxes by mistake and the seller said I could just keep them. That also meant I had to find a project to put them. They were tiny 70mm tall boxes with sinks on the sides so an idea was born. It's been roughly 15 years since I built my first KGSS so why not make something to commemorate that..introducing the KGSS Klassik. So this was a pretty difficult birth, cramming the PCB's down to this size while using the same parts I used back in the day...was a challenge to the say the least and well, there is no space in the fucking chassis. So this is a bone stock KGSS like we did back in the day but with a few modern twists. Output resistors, 2SC4686A's instead of the C3675's but that's about it. The PSU is the new SMD version of the old KGSS design. As can be seen, this is a super tight fit and makes something like the KGSSHV mini seem spacious. It does work wonderfully but I need to do something about the Stax socket. So this one comes from the whole host of extension cables I've killed recently and often the threads on those sockets are just toast. So here I glued it in place with some crazy resin glue but it didn't set properly. Other than that, it is a cracking amp and not "that" much bigger than the SRM-252...
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    Ruebens on Sonja & Mikey's deli rye. Fantastic even if the makers dismiss the style.
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    Mini meet at Jp's: Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Folks, look who my father found at the yard: I'm going to meet him soon.
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    ^^Pics of the jacket??? I spent the afternoon testing out various types of motorcycles. Need to settle on exactly what type of bike I want to start with so tried out a bunch of different brands and types of bike. Mostly focused on the Adventure bikes as I thought they are the most practical. The main issue I had with them is they are really tall but seem to handle fine. Tried the Ducati which seemed to have all the right tech and was sportier than the Triumph Tiger which is at the top of my list so far. Then the 2017 Tiger 1200. The new model will not be in stock until March and is a big improvement on these, in tech, engine, etc. Like the looks of these a lot but it is even higher than the Ducati. Not as sporty feeling as the Ducati either but more comfortable. Then I tried something in a different class, the KTM 1290 Super Duke. Really fun to ride but not as useful for road trips, etc. Ran out of time so did not get to try any of the cruiser type bikes, but that should happen this weekend. I did however take part in my favorite part of starting a new hobby, buying shit.
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    It's Tuesday, so.... + toppings
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    No, neither servo engaged. Just got lucky with initial setting. I played with the offset trim and was able to go up to around 25V and then easily down to 0 with a bit of drift. BTW, I did not populate the IC for the opto, just the OP27. Is the OP27 Servo 1 as labeled on the board? And is this the one that does not require the 10V to trigger, so I can just adjust to close to 0 and let it do its work? EDIT: I just finished dialing in balance and offset. Turns out the offset was not as good as I though initially. The balance was WAY off, at 75V. It appears that balance impacts offset, because after getting balance to 0, the offset was then off about 20V, but easily got that down to 0 also. On both boards, I am able to get balance to < 100mV with a bit of drift over time, and offset to < 500mV, again with minor drift over time. Both servos turned off (header not connected). I am now going to re-check the 17ma setting for the 4 outputs and let it run for about an hour. Then, depending on the thermal state, I will move up to 20ma and redial all the settings. One thing I will say is the amps put out a LOT of heat!! Really surprised by how much. Massive heat sink got warm all over after just 10-15 minutes of testing. EDIT2: I put the jumper on Servo1, and it works quite nicely!! The offset varies +/- 200mV around 0, but holds that range pretty well so far! Does the servo also help with balance? I did not think it did, but for some reason balance is also staying much more stable, going up and down within 200mV of 0. I think I am ready to listen to music. Finger crossed. EDIT3: We have music!!! And it sounds really, really, really great! First impression compared to the SRX-Plus is more clarity to the bass (sharper, punchier) and more clarity in the treble. I jumped a couple times hearing some high treble parts I had not really noticed before in a few songs. Everything just sounds sharper and more technical, if that makes any sense. I need to listen more, but there appears to be more sound stage as well. I am using SR-507s. I can't wipe this smile off my face.
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    Cookies. Hundreds of cookies. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Well... It happened yesterday but, still kind of big news. As it turns out I also have ADHD. I started to use ritalin. Well it is the easiest disorder to cope with which I have. But drugs are getting more complex and riskier. But I'm not down. Now I can see clearly and I have a new challange.
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    Had the office Holiday/welcome (new guy)/birthday (2 people)/congrats (one guy promoted internally)/ going away (this guy) party today. Now we get to go home early. Not a bad Friday. Sent from my ONEPLUS A3000 using Tapatalk
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    Last night, but: Pistachio crusted chicken And black truffle sachet with mushroom cream sauce
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    Stuffed pork chops and sweet corn on my finest China [emoji2] Sent from my VS995 using Tapatalk
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    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    While I wait components for my Dynalo SS and my CFP I finished my F5ha:
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    Went through the process at the DMV to get my Illinois Motorcycle license and plan to attend a Triumph premiere event tomorrow night to check out some new bikes they are bringing out. Since I never drive my cars I figured it was time to put another expensive thing in the garage that I never use. I know there are several riders here, but I have not seen many posted in our Motorsports thread.
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    Played a holiday concert last night at the Memorial Auditorium in Chattanooga. Kids came out to watch. Good night. So tired. Sent from my ONEPLUS A3000 using Tapatalk
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    Tryptophan and trimmings Mo' Calories
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    Pair of GRHV Fat PSU boards are up and running! It feels SO much less stressful bringing these up with a variac rather than just a plug&hope approach. All is fine, but voltages are a bit high. +407 and -410 loaded with a 15K 10W resistor for each board. Those test resistors get darn hot after about 5 minutes!! I am using a 350V trafo, so not worried about going above what it can feed, so might just leave that as is. However, the bias test point reads 590 and is still slowly climbing as the diodes heat up. Guessing I should replace one of the 150V diodes or the 130V with something about 10V less? Not sure what values are readily available so will have to look. I have also completed a pair of Carbon boards that @mypasswordis started but decided not to complete (he is going SMD route). I have pre-set the CCSs to 17ma. BTW, the process of using LV (in my case a pair of 9V batteries) to set the CCS was INVALUABLE. I could not set the current for one channel and found the cause: I missed a solder joint! Nice to find mistakes like that without having 800+ volts running through them! I have to wait until my 15/15 LV trafo arrives from Antek before firing up the amps (I am using the on board LV from the GRHV board until I decide if I want to built the GRLV). Those guys at Antek have cancelled my last 2 orders due to lack of stock. Never even let me know this time. I had to call and see why the order was late and they said they never shipped it. Ah, I guess that is why!