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    OMG the long thought extinct Monkey has been sighted!!!!!!!!!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Good times Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Some of you have seen this on Facebook, but I wanted to post it here as well. I don't feel like typing up anything different, but I love you guys and wanted to share this. Today marks the 25th anniversary of my dad's death.I remember being picked up from school by my Aunt Nancy and taken home to a sea of cars at the house, but asking where dad's was; it was the only one missing.I remember being told my dad was dead, and I remember the immediate denial in my head, and then looking across at the faces of these people who I KNEW had to be playing some cruel joke onus, but I immediately knew it was true. I remember my dad always wearing dress pants and a button up shirt. I remember him wearing shorts one time, and that's when we were out for a walk on the beach. They were navy blue, and basically a shorter version of the dress pants he wore every other day. I remembered a few minutes ago, as I was about to take off my socks after a long day at work, that Xavier insisted he do it for me. I remember taking off my dad's socks for him after he was relaxing in the recliner in our old house after what was surely a longer day (as superintendent of schools) than I typically have. I remember playing golf and meeting a man and finding out he knew my dad. We talked and he told me that he didn't like him, but he respected him. That encounter really helped to flesh out my idea of my dad not just as my dad, but as a person and a leader in our community; a story that has stuck with me for 20 years. He was a good man, a kind man, a loving husband and father. I still think about him often, and I miss him daily. I wish my brother and I could have had more time with our dad, my aunt more time with her brother, and my mom more time with her soulmate, but alas, we did not. We do, however, have our memories, and as long as I'm able, I'm going to remember, fondly, my dad, Richard Kirk Lawson. -Brent Kirk Lawson
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    Finally finished casing my Blue Hawaii today. Running on my "universal" PSU that also powers my HV Carbon. 400VDC and 18VDC rails, 20mA plate current. The heatsinks warm up to about 42C (108F) and stabilize, about 22C (40F) rise from ambient temperature. The chassis is a Breeze Audio 3608A, one of 5 chassis I bought from Breeze Audio at TaoBao. I requested that the front and rear panels be left plane, un-drilled. Works quite well.
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    Fogless misting system for my mill I'll be able to turn this on and off from the milling software via the solenoid on the left (below)
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    "OK Stretch, here's the plan. You tackle that douche and then I'm going to stab him right through the fucking eyeball." "Not sure that's a great idea Al." "Who's the lawyer here, me or you?"
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    Because bacon Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Brunch at Prime Meats, or in Stretch's case Third Breakfast
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    My quality of life is better at the beer box per hour rate than it was when my firm was charging $915 per billable hour. for my work.
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    Finally received my replacement SR-009 cable from STAX Japan and their shipper A&M Enterprises. All looks good and will be soldering it in a few days. Talking via email with Douglas Ip of STAX, he mentioned that as of Jan 1, 2017 Yama Enterprises is no longer their STAX distributor/dealer here. Douglas is working now to establish a company and warehouse out of Dallas/Fort Worth Texas. Great news.
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    Well It happened yesterday but @Sherwood sent me the pictures today. We organised a small Istanbul Head-Case meeting with Tyler Abi. at his house. It was increadibly fun. Here are pictures: The case filled with my digital section (MHDT Lab Atlantis, Gustard U12) and some interconnects. And HD 800 S... And Whole table: Me (sorry for the stupid poses, I cannot do otherwise) and Tyler Abi: Thank you Tyler Abi again and again for your hospitality. I had a great time. And ofc, @dsavitsk, The L-2 amplifier sounds great sir.
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    Good to meet friends old and new. So long NYC
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    Hi guys (waving)!!!!
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    Long Island Beer Project with the smaller crew: Nate, Kerry, Justin MPI, JP, Peter and me. Good times talking about old times.
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    BA 113 will be pushing back at Heathrow shortly and I am pleased to report that the champagne service has commenced at the nose end. 🥂
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    So I think this is pretty cool (sorry to toot my own horn, but I can't help it sometimes ). I've been meaning to miniaturize the GRLV supplies. I've got them down to boards that are 1.16" (H) x .8" (W). The output transistor mounts to the board and you can mount it directly to heat sinks. They are designed as LM78xx and LM79xx except with a TO-247 footprint. This means you'll still need the supporting components (bridge, diode and a few caps) that are found on the current boards. Here's what they'll look like... Note that the pass transistor will be folded up on to the board and you'll need to put some mounting pins in. I've made it so it is the same size as a standard horizontal TO-247 mount. EDIT: Note that there are set resistors are on the board (R2, R3) so the boards act like fixed regulators in the circuit.
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    Was I that out of control last night?
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    Bacon Tasting Flight Alternative Biscuit
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    I finally finished this one today after about... 4 years or so... Let's just say that I hate anything with umbilical cables... Besides the madness of using 4 mains transformers and the super short filament winding's for the CCS tubes this was easy enough. Running at +/-400V off a BHSE power supply with the dropper resistor and zeners to feed the front end. Only main difference is the 12VDC supply used to heat the front end tubes so the board was cut up pretty bad. Next one will use the Megatron V2 pcb's in about 3 years or so...
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    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Mmmmmm biscuits Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    First time ever staying in Times Square, fuck me feel like a tourist Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    i think it turned out pretty well in the end! (sorry MPI, but i forgot to casually drape the Fostex T30 over it before the photoshoot)
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    Pregaming with an Irish. Looooong time before I get on the plane. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    So my son Andrew has been accepted to his 4 top schools, with great merit from 2, OK from 1, and we were waiting to hear from 1 (Clarkson, his top choice). Clarkson Financial letter came today, and at first it was disappointing, showing a decent but 3rd lowest amount in 2017, same in 2018, and then nothing beyond. THEN, we read more closely: FALL of 2017 and SPRING of 2018..... It turned out to be the highest of all the schools so far for a year, renewable for the 3 additional years as long as he maintains grades. WOOOOOO-FUCKING-HOOO are we psyched!!! The Hermit Boy even agreed to go out to a celebratory dinner with us So fucking proud.....he did this.....had some help to coordinate, but he did it.....
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    That looks good. I need to start trying recipes beyond my usual. My problem is Gail is such a picky eater. Smoking short ribs. Two hours in. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Shaanxi Northern Chinese cuisine one block from our house in SF. Excellent food but hectic inside with no regard to personal space. Trade-offs.
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    Just finished my Dynalo Mini today. Sounds fantastic (GS-X in a palm)! Many thanks to KG and Kerry for the design/gerber files and Steve for setting up the group buy!
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    I used Safelite on the RLX about 2 months ago without an issue. I turned it in last weekend so no idea on how it would have been long term. My daughter also used them for her 2005 Honda Civic and it seems to be okay so far. They are timely and convenient at the very least. Since I don't own my cars, I don't really care what parts they use as long as they do what they are supposed to do. Picked this up a week ago: Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    And we're back to individual preferences again. Swapping back and forth between the Utopias/GS-X MkII and 007/BHSE running off the same source, I liked the Staxen better. Quelle surprise.
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    here is a dxf file that is modified, https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BwUlR99qUHFqQnVZcGkzMjBva3c I enlarged it .250" to allow for 1/4" square stock to use as a frame and made other minor changes, its not perfect yet but getting close. RCA hole size increased to fit the lip around them. the IEC corners have been rounded more but haven't tested that also want a round button instead of the square one test pieces out of PCB and yes I cheated on the trimpots and I find these very hard to solder:
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    Picked up the new Tux and donor package for tomorrow night's First Look for Charity at the Chicago Auto Show. Getting to look at all the new cars without all the riffraff sounds like an ideal way to spend a Friday evening.
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    Tice? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Old wine in a new bottle - just finished casing mySS Dynalo today. Dual mono setup - one Antek 25va transformer and one 20VDC GoldenReference for each channel. Just over 14mA current on each output device (MPSWx6). First built this SS Dynalo back in 2014. Every time I took a break from my ES setup to listen to this amp I am amazed how much I like its sound. Wish I had the chance to listen to the top Focal headphones with this amp...
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    This is a small project paying tribute to stax mafia. So I called it stacked mafia. I am going to build several amps in the same boxes. This is the first one. The Carbon with two boxes, GRHV, GRLV, 23 stepped VR. Planned by my friend and I and built by @ang728. Here are some pics. One GG is also done and more amps are in progess. photo credit to ang728
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    My Iron felt like the life was getting sucked out of it towards the end battling with the ground plane... I need to sort out how best to attach the heatsinks for the output transistors, a nice non conductive thermal tape of sorts, double sided... for the hopeful. Otherwise my first mini dynalo is working... although I have no dynamic phones to verify. For the chassis I’m going for modushop 40mm side flanges, other panels will be 2mm thick from FPE, black anodised I’m thinking. Amazing job Kerry thank you so much for the mini design.
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    Orange beef (ribeye) and bok choy with oyster sauce. Last minute pic before consumption.
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    Carnitas tacos last night
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    We look OK now, But the fractious small child proximity alert has triggered. Deploy JH-13's, stat!
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    Please tell me how much headphones I need and the amp.
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    Meanwhile back at the meet
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    Bacon Steak!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    We managed to find our own bacon down in Chelsea. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    NM 007 will be departing at approximately 0800. Coffee is currently being served, adult beverage service is not an option.
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    Sent a pm to one of the mods over there regarding this (didn't know which "jude" was jude.) Banning imminent I suspect Also, I assumed that no one ever asked one of the Fla. crew for their permission to use the name? Sorry, this has bothered me for quite some time (1st world problems, I know...)
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    Mmmmm... Taconooga What is this nonsense? Supposedly this. Consumed by this rapscallion. And his crew His wife and my daughter And the important stuff, my Taconooga tacos Such a great night with some awesome people. **BRENT** Sent from my ONEPLUS A3000 using Tapatalk
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    Got the whole family out for sushi!