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    I got routine blood test results. My triglyceride levels were 489 mg/dl, right before I became a vegetarian. Two years later, it's at 160. Still a little higher than I'd like (high triglyceride levels run in the family; for instance, my mother weighs a hundred and twenty pounds and has as pretty low calorie diet, but has a triglyceride level over three hundred, despite statins), but I think that's a pretty darned good result. Everything else in the lipid panel were squarely in the "normal" zone. Fasting blood sugar is under 100 (everybody on both sides of my family over the age of 30 has diabetes except for me and my mother, so I think this is a triumph!), my resting pulse has fallen under 75 (again, still higher than I want, but it was over 100 two years ago). Blood pressure has been good despite reducing the amount of medication I take. I think I'm doing pretty darned well.
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    Tomatoes are finally really rolling
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    Technics 1200GR. Oh my lawdy...
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    On a lighter and less important note: Yesterday I put back together a door frame that had been ripped apart when a visitor of ours tried to close a screen door that was locked open. The day before that I managed to fix the CD drawer on my Linn Classik that has been broken for years. All it was was a simple loose rubber belt internal to the mechanism. Some belt conditioner fixed it right up. Very glad because it seemed to be a custom transport. Yay for working beloved electronics and saving money.
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    Yesterday I throwed extremely successful launch for new products. Now senior management loves me so much, I can't even take a leave... Oh wait, this is a bad thing... Kidding, they just love me
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    @cetoole was visiting, so we made a slightly absurd amp using parts from the bin. I had originally milled the chassis with the intention of building a 6E5P triode -> 4P1L triode SE; then realized that would be a bit awkward, since the 6E5P is rated for higher dissipation than the 4P1L. I may have also forgotten that 4P1L filaments need power supplies when I bought my power transformer, too, so that was a non-starter. Not wanting to leave two unused holes in the panel, the obvious solution was to throw some 0C3s in. Glow tubes are pretty; it follows that any amp that uses them will sound better than one that does not. A normal person might be tempted to string them in series and use them as a reference for a regulator. Instead, each channel gets its own shunt regulator with a voltage reference made up of a zener stacked on top of the glow tube, and a SiC shunt device. R7 ensures that the tube strikes. And the current source (which is nothing inspired) The regulator terminates into the cathode rather than ground, keeping the cathode regulator out of the output current loop. It also forces the PNP to run at constant current regardless of cathode current, meaning its impedance will also be constant. It sounds like a single ended triode (i.e. terrible). But it was an awfully fun build. Slightly tempted to parafeed or otherwise upgrade the iron. It's surprisingly silent when nothing is playing.
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    last year was really bad for tomatoes. This year however they are coming out of my ears picture was about 2 weeks ago, now they are coming in faster than we can eat them
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    i recently did some refurbishing of my apartment, and decided to rotate the living room 180 degrees, to allow even more room for the stereo. this allowed me to place the TH subs in the corner, freeing up enough space to fit both my TT's! new USM Haller shelf (built from vintage parts) - Aw yiss! mmm... so smooth So now i have the AT33 mono on the NRK tts3000 (for mono records obviously) and the AT33ptg/II on the SR sp-10mkII I have routed them through an rca switch going to the RIAA, so i can change between them easily. the shelves pull out, and has enough room for around 300 records. a very convenient way to store the currently most played records close to the TT's.
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    New Instant Pot Ultra, had to make some baby back ribs. Never made ribs before, so why not. **BRENT**
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    A day later, rough framing complete.
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    I found the perfect ride for @grawk
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    Finished my Dynahi this week, a big thanks to Kevin Gilmore making this project possible. Was a more or less ;-) troublefree build, thanks to this forum i get the needed information, thanks to all. I tried to build the Dynahi in a relative small case so the challenge was to shield the trafos, i used grain-oriented-steel bands around the trafos and top covers also made from grain-oriented-steel, added 70.- usd to the BOM but was well invested, no inducted noise at all :-). The amp is bias to 0.625 v so that the case can handle the heat. Sounds superb as the dynalo. I have a second headphone out on the back, i will use it together with the ifi iesl pro to drive my stax headphones (as my sony vfet via the iesl to drive the electrostats). https://www.head-fi.org/gallery/album/kevin-gilmore-dynahi.1154508/
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    Roasted oysters then Roasted chicken
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    Beach house Mexico night. Fried Chili Rellenos, Tamales, Tacos, etc. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Tomorrow will be a nice day
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    So I do things by specifications. The yggy is a 20 bit monolithic converter, not really designed for audio, and certainly not the fastest settling thing on the planet. Getting that design to do DSD is absolutely impossible without a completely separate DSD section. But it was the first rationally priced thing out there. And that was 3 (??) years ago. The 24 bit - 27 bit R2R things these days (the sign magnitude ones) (even the uncompensated ones) have much better specs, accuracy,speed,glitch energy etc. So it now becomes a matter of whose firmware is best. blurring the lines are hybrid firmware that extends DSD up to 6 bits, upsampling pcm to dsd etc. And for sure the firmware will continue to get better and better. Watching audio-gd, denafrips,holo and soekris duke it out is going to be a great thing for consumers. MSB and T+A and a few other of the high priced spreads (with no reason) are going to have some trouble.
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    On that note... There's a rumor that Cavalli and Schiit are merging. Instead of merging product names and calling the next amp the Liquid Schiit, they're just going to call it Diarrhea.
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    Mo jazz this evening, smooth jazz
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    I actually had a Cher watch! But I broke it while turning the dial backward. My thinking was "If I could turn back time".
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    This is it. The main profiles were water jet cut. The main thickness is actually two slabs bonded together so there is a bit of damping. The 401 used to be notorious for rumble, but that used to be as a result of the primitive chipboard plinths. Screwed hard onto a slate plinth it is silent. Now all the plinths and baffles I've seen (including mine) are the grey sedimentary slates. There is another type, which is the product of ancient volcanism, and under extreme pressure and heat becomes a gorgeous green colour. I have no idea what the internal damping of the two types is, but I'd like to experiment with the green stuff, if only for the look. The plinth above has been NC machined, and you can do much more adventurous things that way - like the superb looking chamfers.
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    I note that Stretch liked your comment, but I will point out, as his attorney, that he said wine drinking "in his house" will occur henceforth only after a body weight of <210 is recorded. He is on vacation in Hawaii, not at home. This rule shall not be in effect for some days. I will further note, that I am disappoint, unless he's going to drink with me outside his home, even if he is still "Fat."
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    Some additional heavyweight
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    Looks like I've clinched the season championship after the two drops Probably will still race the final event of the season.
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    Went OK. Got beat by a S60 R Design which seems like a good sleeper for the class.. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G890A using Tapatalk
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    Let me introduce you to Head-Case.
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    Every day this thread strays further from the light of God's love.
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    Just change cobbler to gobbler and that's a pretty good description of **Brent**
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    Slate is a great baffle material. Inert and highly damped. I'm actually thinking of replacing the upper baffle on my LX521's with slate. My local "Monumental Mason" Abingdon Slate and Marble made a superb plinth for my Garrard 401, so they have the capability to do a great job.
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    PS: That's a solid slate baffle. It's called aptly "Monitor". I can't find a price but if I ever win the lottery...
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    I like the industrial look. It's true to form, and I believe that a more stylized carriage would only detract from the beauty of the wooden horns. And that is where the beauty lies IMO. I think there are better looking versions though... Personally, I'd choose Cherry wood with the Black frame. And it looks like OMA has a new speaker! Want! Without research, it looks like a Heill AMT with a 12" woofer. Having owned the ESS AMT 1D's, I can attest to how good that combo can be. EDIT: Indeed it is a Heill AMT unit and 12" woofer. However, it is not an NOS AMT, but rather a new unit, built for OMA in Germany. Nice!
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    Hiss is not due to an impedance mismatch per se. It is caused by current moving through electronic parts, and it can be exacerbated by having too much gain which amplifies it. The reason one might see it more with low impedance headphones is that they are often louder for a given voltage. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Johnson–Nyquist_noise https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shot_noise
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    ^ Hey dickweed, it's people like you that are puttin' people like me outa business! Put down the hammer, put down the screwdriver and leave that to the professionals! P.S. Nate's deck is outa square. I can see it from the pictures!
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    George Blood is one of the masters in the craft of archiving audio and film. The guy has "been there and done that" from the early days of recording and has forgotten more than just about anybody else living knows about the development of the recording arts. Pretty cranky and ornery from what I can tell!
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    Debbie made linguini with puttanesca sauce. Yum! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    There would very few companies that pass scrutiny dished out here. Regardless of the valid issues raised by Don and Chief Cook my Yggdrasil is sounding amazing.
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    At a rally waiting for my white girl shield. Protesters of the rally
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    That's already ended in disappointment.
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    35 mile ride around Ocean park/ Biddeford Pool, etc Sorry can't figure how to rotate pics in tapatalk. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    This love child is very cool looking in person and is the best speaker system I have ever heard anywhere.
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    Condolences to you and your wife and whole family, Kerry.
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    John testing. And 10 different takes of Giant Steps from the heavyweight champion boxed set.
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