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    Every now and then I receive emails where people want free review samples or some stupid shit like that. Now then this gem showed up today: I just like the blatant offer to offer promotion and clearly a glowing review for a measly 45% discount... My reply is below... Kevin told me not to be too harsh... I think it went ok.
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    A certain someone made a great effort to ensure I didn't fly hungry
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    Just like Carbon we built. Same box, same PS. Relay=120s. Separated filament transformer.
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    Finally received Front/Back plate for the 5U Dissipante - almost took forever. Decided to have a groove dividing the front plate into an upper 2U and a lower 3U, to have it look less bulky; it's still one 5U piece. The "pi" sort of symbols the topology To be continued ...
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    So I finished my my KGSSHV Carbon a few weeks ago. Been too busy listening to it, but I thought I would share my effort and measurements. I am lucky enough to have access to some test gear that allowed me to take thermal pictures of the amp and some further analysis such as frequency response. I also put together a bring up guide that I used. It is basically a summary of what others have already come up with here in posts. it can be viewed at: KGSSHV Carbon Bringup Guide Attached is the test report. And yes, the wiring still needs to be tidied up in that picture, especially the grounding. I was a little impatient, plus I still need to design a small latch and inrush limiter circuit for the momentary switch. For now the switch on the IEC connector makes do. KGSSHV Carbon - SR17001.pdf
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    Here's a new layout I'm working on. It's a GR HV/LV, Bias and Delay circuit (with LED flasher) all on one 4 layer board (3.5" x 5.5"). The pass devices can mount to the bottom plate or a heatsink. Mostly SMD parts and uses the GR78/9xx modules. Once tested I'll make this all available.
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    Here's something that has been cooking for a while... what happens when you take some heavily tweaked SR-X Mk3 normal bias drivers, an old SR-303 cable, some earpads from Belarus and a cheap Beyer clone from China? Something that is actually pretty decent... Now the drivers are actually Pro bias if that wasn't clear but this one fun sounding set of headphones. Off the Carbon CC it has that lovely tuneful bass the SR-X Mk3 Pro has but this one has far more body to it. The voices are sublime and have that SR-X quality to them without the over damped nature of the originals. The highs a tad too lively but that will be tweaked in version 2.0. Over all...I'm a happy bunny for spending next to nothing one these... It's fun to play with this stuff and see what comes of it.
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    Whiskey Donuts. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Still crappy wiring jobs
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    Finally the holy triple with the frontplate of the carbon
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    I got music!!! Thank you Kevin, Soren, Joe (beautiful chassis) and all that helped me!! running at 18mA.
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    I expect to now be able to spend significant amounts of time on new designs
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    Marched for science with the wife and daughter, friend, and fellow geeks. Funniest moment was running into my daughter's 5th grade teacher last year with her partner who was carrying a sign with the following elements and words: Flourine Uranium Carbon Potassium Trump/Spence
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    Pork Belly burger at the Next Whiskey Bar. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Butt finishing, gesha roasting, shots being pulled. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Well the new 100/100 fiber at home seems to be working..
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    I find it hilarious that you managed to get ice cream before you even leave the airport. I went the lazy way tonight and just Traegered the steaks to go with the mushrooms. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I finally got the Spider legs for my ESL57's and after some boiled linseed oil and lacquer, they were installed yesterday: It has changed the sound quite a bit but it mostly makes them easier to live with such as cleaning underneath them and stuff like that. The panels are 49 years old at this point so the SQ is suspect but they play amazingly well for their age. Perfect balance with no noise or arcing at all. Next step will be to replace the panels, paint them and have the covers re-anodized black.
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    Redneck Poutine Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Did some work on mocking up the chassis and getting into a more listenable state. I will need to get aluminum top/bottom and rear panels for this (not using the steel ones that it came with). I'm also still a bit concerned with how warm the buffer transistors run, and this is open air. Using a modified amb e12 protector board (with muting). I tested this to see if HF oscillation would trip it, and it did (12V ~70MHz with the feedback set to the mid FB point). Listening-wise, it is likely my favorite amp, even being single-ended. This thing has balls, and seems to open up the recording more than any other amp I have built or used. Since my SE DynaHi boards are a drop-in, I may take another listen to those as well, but from memory, the FET version stomps it. I am going to build up a GRLV for this, and will likely get a 50 or 100VA Antek trafo for it instead of the 120 or 160VA SumR I have in here (a bit in the HC overdo it fashion ).
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    Thanks for joining Head-Case. I'm glad you're here. That said, you should be aware that this isn't your typical internet forum. We're not here so that you'll have another place to sell your stuff. We're not looking for people trying to pad their post counts, or demonstrate their ability to find witty things on the internet. If you've come here looking for advice on which headphones to buy, perhaps you should check out http://www.innerfidelity.com. Tyll Hertsens, founder of Head-Room and long time community giant is the proprietor there, and does everything he can to ensure that accurate information is disseminated about headphones at every level. This is predominantly a place for friends to discuss music, audio gear, and whatever else tickles our fancy. We are sometimes quite rude, often irreverant, and regularly abusive. Think of it like the corner bar where everyone knows each other. Don't mistake our familiarity with each other as familiarity with you, even if you've seen our names in other locations before. Spend some time reading before you start to post. Get familiar with what is going on, and who the various people are. Don't just jump right into the fray. This is your only warning, but I hope you can participate. There's a lot of good information, and more importantly, good people here.
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    Raspberry bread pudding. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Salt Cured Duck Leg. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Sichuan boiled fish Dry fried beans And a plate of rice
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    Found this burger place. Anyone been? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Oh, man. This is the best fuckin' thing you will see all day.
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    I'd support this venture.
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    Troll? Me? I have no idea what you're talking about! (BTW, a little too much sun today. I was squinting.)
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    Okay I must have missed something. What the heck is BAI? The only super low thing I can think of is Brent's Annual Income.
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    Last weekend, today and for the next week I will be fixing up our guest bedroom for our house guest who may be staying with us for two months. So far Mary has bought new furniture and forced me to repaint and move old furniture out of the room. Unfortunately the guest bedroom has been my local wine storage room until now, so now I have six cases of wine stored in our bedroom which match quite nicely with the curtains.
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    G-man, if I ate like you I'd be fatter than Jeff's wallet.
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    .... and you ended up with CO2 right.......? I used one to make a negative ion generator. There were about 5 of us working in a closed room with only 2 doors, no windows with a bunch of printers being repaired and tested. By mid afternoon most of us were getting very drowsy. I built a negative ion generator and installed in a cardboard box and placed it on a cupboard, and it really did wonders. One day an engineer came in and asked what was in the box with the 5 needles sticking out. The boys told him what it was and dobbed me in as the builder. I was then called up to explain the deal. When I finished, the engineer told me it was all a lot of rubbish. After everyone assured him it wasn't, he asked how I knew it was pumping out negative ions, and not positive ones. I explained that it was dependent upon the direction of the diodes. He demanded to know how much voltage it was pumping out and how we could test it. I produced an Anderson static tester and gave it to him. He pointed it at the generator and it read 4KV positive and gave me a very surly look. I pointed out to him that you need to calibrate the tester first and then take a reading. When I showed him how it was done, he took another reading, which read just over 6KV.negative as specified. He then got all huffy and told us to go out and get a commercial one. We all ignored the demand and went back to work. As a back note to his, A few years later I had reason to go to a Sagem factory (French exocet missile producer) to look at their premises where they were assembling and testing telex machines. They had this long bench about 50 metres long with finished machines running under test. I noticed that they had 3 negative ion generators fixed to the ceiling. I asked the manager what he thought of them, and he said that it was the best things they did to the place.
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    Yes....rough year thus far. RIP, Mssr. Baker. We buried my wife's mother yesterday. Touching event. I was doing great until my youngest son elected to speak a few words. Made me proud, but I cried like a little girl. She was a strong woman and very tolerant of my taking her daughter and grandsons around the world as a result of my career. RIP, GG... We love you. I'm glad I imbibe... HS
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    That would be the next step, so yes, but only after the chassis part is set in motion. Regarding the chassis, I met with my shop guy today (I love the small shops, most wont give me the time of day) to go over final costs for the chassis sets. I was able to get nearly the same pricing as two years ago so that is a plus. The first group buy was $1525 for the 2-box chassis set, and this one will be $1550. Time frame should be under 2 months ( will depend mainly on the extruders. Those who already expressed interest, I will be contacting you in the next day or so to arrange a down payment. Anyone else interested, please let me know by the end of the week. To recap, the cost will be $1550 for the complete chassis set anodized black with laser etching (there are some pictures in this thread from the earlier group buy), which includes mounting brackets. This does not include jacks, boards, screws, volume knob or feet. I can have some matching aluminum cone feet made (waiting on pricing) and they can do a matching volume knob for $30 with the shaft that extends about 2 inches into the chassis. For those joining the group buy, I will need a $200 deposit, then balance plus shipping due when I have everything ready to ship.
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    GRLV +14.99 -14.98V GRHV +419.98 -419.89V getting very very close
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    Naaman's meals on wheels! Awesome
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    Chiming in a bit late, just got back from vacation; glad you got to hear them Jacob. To some extent I agree with Jacob's impressions, there are several aspects of the sound & music that some other phones do better. For me, Soundstage is the biggest drawback of the Utopia's...especially coming from the Senn 800's. And the shear envelopment of a good Stax system (SR-007II and Mjolnir Carbon for me) edges out the Utopia for me. Where my findings - and personal taste - differ are a few as well: first and foremost, transparency. I hear things in basically all frequencies up through, say ~13-14kHz, that I have had trouble hearing with many other phones, at least dynamics. And in many recordings I do hear into the room, at least if the recording is good. And within that smaller soundstage, I think the ability to pick apart individual voices & instruments is still great. Lastly, while I DO hear some possible frequency variations, I don't hear a midrange honk to the level that Jacob describes. Where the Utopia still stays my favorite dynamic is in the total cohesive package. It delivers transparent and pretty balanced sound to these ears, to the point that the package ends up being better than the individually-analyzed parts. That said, my Senn 800 and 600 are both staying around as well. FWIW, my system has been either the Exogal Comet or the Denafrips Ares driving a loaner ECP DSHA-2; great match for the Utopia, and a DSHA-3 customized for low output impedance will come next. I still like the Mjolnir/Stax combo the best, so that is staying with the Exogal, my favorite DAC.
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    astroglide is just retarded so why waste energy on him? He takes being clueless to new heights... As for the amp...I bet it is just a 727 with tube input but who knows what they are up to. Looks to be a completely unregulated PSU as usual with just the LV rails and tube heater being regulated. That could work if you manage the backwave. Well they were LNS drivers as they are way better than the 404 crap... They are still attached to the HE90 baffles though as the plan is to make a clone of the HE90 shells one of these days and use them in it. Add some slight angle to the drivers and the end result would be far better than the stock stuff.
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    a room full of amplifiers?? ask birgir. how about 3600 square feet of amplifiers.
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    Bolton's Spicy Chicken and Fish. Mild/Medium/Hot A celebrity got the Whiting in Medium Skinny Michael Moore is a Montgomery Biscuits Fan **BRENT**
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    I could easily spend 10 BAI at Saddleback Leather Co.
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    Parmesano Reggiano and Grenache. Just about covers all the food groups.