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    'Tis the season for chickpea turmeric stew
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    All that stuff was designed when Laurie Fincham was the technical guru. He's still alive an kicking - for 20 years at THX in California http://www.aes.org/events/146/presenters/?ID=8239 He once explained to me that the now classic B139 driver was designed that way to avoid purchase tax (the product tax that preceded VAT). The legislation defined a loudspeaker as circular or elliptical. So Fincham designed the B139 as a circular driver split down the middle and two straight bits joining them. So it was neither circular nor elliptical. Mystical properties are associated with that driver, but its genesis was much more pragmatic - ie financial! The B139 is now being remanufactured https://www.falconacoustics.co.uk/falcon-b139-8-ohm-kef-b139-sp1044-replacement-woofer.html . Seems like a lot of money for one, but looking back at the price in the 70's and correcting for inflation, the remanufactured price is only 20% higher in real terms.
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    This morning there have been quite a few birds in the yard and especially in the bird bath where they have been splashing around in rain water. A few minutes ago I looked up because I heard a thud on the window and saw several birds streaking by. I went to the front door worried that one had hit the window. There was a little house finch laying on its side that was alive but stunned and maybe injured. Just as I put my hand on the doorknob to check it out, a small hawk -- probably of the short-shinned variety -- swooped down and flew off with the finch in its talons. It was very startling, but I'm assuming the finches had been fleeing the hawk in the first place. #WildKingdom
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    Well, I've got a Niche Zero ordered. Will be selling blood later this afternoon...LOL. HS
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    The album is simply spectacular. I really liked "September Second"
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    Where we live we have owls, coyotes, bobcats, hawks, snakes, tarantulas and hipsters. A bad place for all living things.
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    I did, in fact, die from my pupils overdilating, but I am reincarnated. Unrelated: worth a revisit: https://neal.fun/deep-sea/?fbclid=IwAR00LxXPsOU-COCfkDU4aIi9q8smJZuItys2sYNjm_l_HeshqYRbrHqBPyw
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    espresso is way more important than audio.
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    A gentleman told me about the electrostatic amplifier Sirrah designed by Andreas Rauenbuehler. See http://www.high-amp.de/ . Inspired by Sirrah I draw this sketch… …20 mA per channel. Accompanied with small GRHV regulators and 50VA transformer - could be built in a small box for the bedside table? maybe it won't work at all.
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    Didn’t found it on streamers but some kind person in Germany sold me this CD. Thanks! Worth every pfennig.
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    Well as long as you stay out of the way of the speeding Range Rovers and Teslas you are good.
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    For some reason I'm not receiving notices via email for posts although I'm subscribed...bummer. Glad I checked back in. The Niche is a stunner! Love the footprint and the quality.....hmmmmm. I'm going to investigate this little gem. I have to admit the aesthetics are very sexy and this review might have put me over the edge... HS
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    wait that's not how you test for correct coarseness?
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    fuck yeah it's coffee time got the lido today, everything i read online is pretty much on point. adjusted the dials twice and brewed a medium-dark Kenya AA, very well rounded cup when it got a few ticks above room temp. most interesting is my yield was noticeably better with this lido compared to the hario. my bypass/water addition was like a third of what i'd been adding before. i think this made the cup a bit heftier overall. afterwards i did adjust the grind to a little less fine for my brew tomorrow morning, a little more coarse should dial this in. fun stuff, also got some Ethiopian in from Heart Coffee in Portland so i need to rush through the remainder of this Kenyan which should be easy since i'm drinking twice my normal amount since i got the aeropress.
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    Are you Trying to kill Dusty, knucks.. ?
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    We caught this on one of those critter cams last week. I slowed it down to 10%. The mouse is seen wondering around prior to this video. Nature is indeed brutal. owl slo mo.mp4
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    Yes, the Deluge looks great too. The 3.0 firmware updates look pretty cool. They seem to do similar things differently – I'm looking at the heavy-duty MPC units out of curiosity – the MPC Live, MPC X, and also the Force.
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    KEF stands for Kent Engineering Foundry. Before they started manufacturing speakers, they made farm machinery, crop sprayers etc. Who would have thunk, looking at those gorgeous (and expensive) floorstanders.
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    Happy birthday Graeme! Cheers! 🥤
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    David Keenan's A Beginner’s Guide to Bravery
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    Why does it look like you snorted a line? Aye keed, aye keed...
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