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    Probably got nuked by Reks. But this thread is so old that I'm not even gay anymore. 😜
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    The Smiths or The Cure?.... hmm today I prefer The Cure. "Disintegration" is my favorite album I love this nice "Deluxe Edition"
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    so the 700s power supply voltages are exactly the same as the 717 and 727 from the transformer yellow,green,yellow go to full wave bridge rectified and regulated to +/-15 blue black blue (the filament supplies on the 700t) rectified and added to Vh- to make the - boost supply white red and brown orange are the 2 high voltage windings full wave rectified into CRC making +/-350 output boards identical to the t8000 each board has 3 x 2sc6127 and 1 resistor vas boards have 4 x 2sc6127 (2 x Darlington pair) and 4 x 150k/2W current source (on main board) vas is driven from dual low voltage n-channel jfet. (red heat shrink) (previously dual npn transistors) front end identical to 717/727 with dual n-channel jfet so about 99% identical to srm717 with non-obsolete parts and change of vas stage driver from bipolar to jfet on the D50 the front end jfet is known to be sourced by linear systems. So likely the k170 are also sourced by linear systems. so the 700T absolutely identical in every way to the srm-007t (and srm-t1 etc) with 2 x 6sn7 replacing 4 x 6cg7 plenty of room for replacement constant current sources to replace the mills load resistors both are priced the same, between $2895 and $2995
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    Saturday morning jazzy stuff Kurt Rosenwinkel - The Enemies of Energy (2000)
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    If you liked Delvon Lamarr trio ... his guitarist and his drums have a parallel project. The True Lovers " Famous last Words"
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    Hope it’s a great one!
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    Thomas Joshua Cooper and The Atlas of Emptiness and Extremity https://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2019/10/07/a-photographer-at-the-ends-of-the-earth
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    OMG ..... Ian too !! Here's a Metal Tomato..... ...... playin' ketchup here.
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    Oh no - it’s just short stop along the road…
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    Here’s the back of the digital attenuator. This might make you suffer more Those chips need to be started with a hot air station.
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    Just finished a Peaky Fookin' Blinders binge
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    Mo Big-Ass speaker time? Okay - KENRICK Repro JBL Hartsfield + Ion Tweeters
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    Half a year ago I promised to build a new original DIY T2. Now it’s done. After some difficulties with left channel and PSU she is playing as an original DIY T2 does!!! Thinking of retire and feeding ducks. No more modifications to an amplifier that can’t be improved. …never trust an addict
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    Happy coincident Birthday!!!!
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    Could it possibly be this kind of JFet?
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    They look very good Kerry!!!. What size SMD are you using? it looks relatively small. The same thing happens to me with the "digital" theme. I see it too complicated and I need a lot of help (more than usual)
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    I have tried equalizing using EqualizerAPO based on reference FR charts. It transformed my KSE1500 into a $5 earbud.
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    I took these two fellows.. …on a ride to big brother who has his own original Kevin DIY T2 PSU (reduced voltages - everything else as original). With this PSU both mini T2 are silent - no annoying hum. Here they are all together.