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    Picked Suzy up from the Vet. She's not feeling too good but she's hangin' in there. Should feel a little better by tomorrow. Surgery went well, no complications and bloodwork shows no other issues.
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    It's not something that I've quite done yet, as the official offer won't be until next week, but I have accepted a position at Miami University. It's a pretty perfect fit for my background and education, I'll be visible to the whole campus and, unlike so many academic staff positions, it has a built-in growth path. It's nice being the first choice, instead of the second, for once. It will be a bit of a commute to get from Cincinnati to Oxford, but I imagine that we'll move there fairly soon (Oxford is a beautiful semi-rural town, and Miami's campus and the city of Oxford itself are regularly rated as some of the best places to work and best places to live, in the entire USA, with Forbes having rated Oxford as the very best college-town on more than one occasion). I'm pretty excited.
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    Suzy is doing much better this evening! She's up and around. She's eating and drinking and her tail is wagging! She spent a good part of the day with her Uncle Al. He's all a little terrier could want in an Uncle and more. He's so sweet to her and she absolutely adores him! Anyway, it's all good news. Thanks for all the well wishes, she's now set to live many more years pain-free. Just told my Mom about the surgery. I knew she'd worry if I told her before and she agreed.
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    G'luck, Greg! Me: Packing up desk to leave Blue Cross after 8? years of underemployment. Exit interview in 70 minutes. I didn't wear a suit to it; hope they don't mind. I've made my list for things to do today... If I get 70% of it done before I fly out tomorrow, it'll be awesome.
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    Stay safe Ken, and out of harm's way! Received great news this afternoon. Our fencing coach had his interview at the embassy in Italy and will be receiving his working visa shortly. So he and his wife will be our house guests for a few weeks until they locate a suitable rental. We anticipate much wine and private lessons will be forthcoming in the weeks ahead and just in time for some major national tournaments scheduled in the first half of 2018. Woohoo!
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    This is actually about a week old news, but last Wednesday night I was up in the UK Dark Peak district doing night navigation practice. The temperature was -5C with a strong wind, so about -15C with wind chill. This was with a trainer called Chris from Beyond the Edge http://www.beyondtheedge.co.uk/ . I drove up in the late morning, and we started the exercise actually in the light, at about 3pm. But by 5pm it was dark, and we continued on until after 9pm. This is all to do with navigation strategy and accuracy with a map and compass between places set by Chris basically in the middle of nowhere. Chris, is ex Army and climbs big stuff - he summitted a 6000m peak in the Himalayas earlier this year http://www.beyondtheedge.co.uk/chris-summits-kyajo-ri/ , he's a mountain rescue leader and trainer, and is an all-round crazy fitness guy. Anyway, this is sunset. Four layers of thermals and a jacket, and lots of layers protecting the crown jewels.
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    "Y'all lame AF. Eat a bag of dicks. Peace!"
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    Cookies. Hundreds of cookies. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Mini meet at Jp's: Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Fixed a very expensive window that was installed slightly out of square. The sash would not close all the way at the bottom, letting water in when it rained. Put a shim under the middle of the bottom of the window, forcing the bottom of the window to narrow just enough to line up. Old school carpenter tricks FTW! Impressed a few. Sometimes just being around longer can make the difference, as I'm by far the oldest guy on the crew.
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    Well... It happened yesterday but, still kind of big news. As it turns out I also have ADHD. I started to use ritalin. Well it is the easiest disorder to cope with which I have. But drugs are getting more complex and riskier. But I'm not down. Now I can see clearly and I have a new challange.
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    My uncle contacted me out of the blue, this week. Apparently, in the mid-60s, my father owned a Universal Geneve, which he traded to his younger brother (my uncle, and the only one of five siblings still living) for something that my uncle can't remember, after my dad bought the GMT Master. My uncle wore the watch for years, but stuck it in a drawer after buying his first Rolex in the early 80s. He apparently recently found the watch in said drawer, going through things after finally retiring, and is sending it to me. I assume it's a Polerouter, of some kind, but I really have no idea. I'll report back when I have it, which should be next week. I'm sure it will need a full service. I'm excited.
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    Let's be clear, Todd. Doug doesn't make "lowly" amps. Some are more costly to make than others but none are lowly.
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    Brexit is a reality ...
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    cspirou: I would add an input resistor to ground as well. You can match Q1 to Q3 and Q5 to Q7, but I don’t think matching is all that useful here. If you want to try another small SMD buffer, let me know. I have just ordered some boards now that I have verified their performance versus sims. I can include matched Toshiba JFETs and the other dual package BJTs are available at Mouser.
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    Chef Tice made us some chorizo, egg and poblano taquitos along with a great salad and chardamosas. Bueno bruncho!
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    Candidate finally showed management potential. Shame.
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    Thanks all! Yesterday mostly sucked during the day. I had to work instead of taking the day off, and ended up having to escalate a VERY late-reported issue by our EU Finance team. Something they had almost a year to review was raised as an issue about 1.5 weeks ago, and will now likely cause us to miss a milestone of providing some important information to our CEO. Lovely.... But later in the day, had a really good 1-on-1 with our CIO, who noted how much praise I and our team is getting worldwide, and also will have our back on this latest issue. And at night, I got to have my annual Birthday Dinner at my favorite local fish restaurant, with the woman I love and my mother-in-law (who was on good behavior). Then capped by a short-but-sweet call from my son at college. This morning, after staying off Facebook for many weeks, I logged in to see almost 100 well-wishes. Cause for smiles!
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    Oh, man. RJD is my favorite \m/ vocalist of all time.
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    The link I gave to the Zeppelin gig at Southampton has a brilliant reference in it. Plant at one point says he went to the toilet, and saw the name "Alan Whitehead" written on the inside of the cubicle, and the next number was dedicated to him. Now I knew Alan well - Carole and I used to go to dinner at his and Ruth's student flat and vice versa (Ruth married him - but now decades divorced). He ended up as Student Union President - and then went into politics big time. This is him now, Member of Parliament for Test and Itchen (a Southampton constituency) https://www.parliament.uk/biographies/commons/dr-alan-whitehead/62 . He is probably blissfully unaware that Zeppelin immortalized his student graffiti!
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    Revisited an old favorite tonight - baked enchiladas w/ homemade verde sauce.
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    Being doing some more editing and non-editing of photos: IMG_0042 First attempt at a panorama with my iPhone. Strictly speaking this was the first photo I've ever taken with an iPhone. IMG_2070 I re-lamped (replaced the bulbs) both of these lights. I used a faux vintage LED bulb on the art nouveau lamp on the right. It is supposed to emulate carbon strap bulbs from the 1920s. I used a "vanity" LED bulb for the art deco lamp on the right. The bulb was too tall the interior space inside the globe, so I had to remove the plastic dome from it. That involved me twisting it off with an oversized pair of channel locks. IMG_1936 Edit 1 3-2 2 Jernegan pond, converted to black & white and duotoned. IMG_2029 An idyll, or the appearance thereof. IMG_1958 Edit 2 Sweetened Water Pond in early December. Converted to black & white and duotoned in Photoshop. I spent considerable time mucking around with this image. I'm still not 100% happy with it. IMG_3405 Infrared study I did over two years ago, with my IR-modified 5D and a Nikon 75-150 F/3.5E push-pull zoom. IMG_3362 17-40mm at the wide end on my IR5D. Straight out of the camera with no edits, which is a rarity for IR.
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    Just finished binging the German Netflix series "The DarK". It is fantastic. The filming is just awesome. Now that I'm done with the first season, I want to watch it again just to check out some of the scenes. The soundtrack from Ben Frost is pretty good although it's a little bit Johann Johannsson sound-a-like. One of the best Netflix sci fi.
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    Lamb Burger (and fingerling potatoes on a stick!)
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    Happily ever after? I know I am not around a lot but you know who you are dealing with. Having said that, I will give the DSHA-3 consideration.
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    Oh, agreed, hence my quotes..... I still remember Doug schooling Frank I. from one of the headphone review sites, when he thought the GSX-MK II was much more powerful than the ECP Black Diamond because it was bigger.... I got that BD amp, still love it to this day.
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    Finally I did notice…… Four Bugle Boys. Ref. link Nice!
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    New Order -- Music Complete This is really good. I didn't give it enough time when it was first released.
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    I wish they control those fires soon, Ken. Take care.
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    What a complete and total shithead. Even his fatuous analysis of how much tax went into paying for the emergency services misses the point that while they were dealing with the microwave fuckwit they were not available to deal with a real emergency. Like a house fire, or major road traffic accident. What an asshole. I apologise profusely for him being British.
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    Test Tone live from an undisclosed location right now: http://mixlr.com/illuminator/chat
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    The T4 will basically incorporate the design changes that were shoehorned into the T3 with better heat dissipation, a lower noise floor, a better power supply, and a bit more output power. And a nicer case. It is a nice evolution but not a huge change. The T5 is a different animal, but it will also be considerably more expensive.
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    Problem is that I'm now wondering if I should give the Utopia's a try.
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    LOL. Yes, the cost difference is about $500. $1250 for L700 and $1800 for 007A. I cannot quite justify the 009 cost of $3300 (right?...right?)
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    I agree with everything Purk has been posting. That being said, some people really just don't like the 800/800S. Their loss. Different people like or are sensitive to different things. I don't think there is a "one size fits all" choice in this hobby. I personally think a well amped 800/800S stands toe to toe with just about anything that isn't a 007/009 on one of the mega KG amps.
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    Denon DL103r - ProJect Perspex 6 - Denon AU320 - Pearl I - Blue Hawaii - SR202 Pink Floyd "Meddle" vinyl edition 180grs Sorry but I'm touching the sky...
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    Found on the web thing. This is Zeppelin live at Southampton University Old Refectory, a micro-venue with 300 jam packed students. About 18 months before I started there. They take few numbers to warm up and get going, but after about 20 minutes they are truly superb.
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    Here it is as requested. Hopefully I get another next year.