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    After many, many years with BAT/Avid/SME YG Acoustics systems this is what my wife and I have spent the last year building for listening to records through. VPI HR-X w/12.7 arm, and VPI ADS power supply. Air Tight PC-1 Supreme cartridge. AudioNet PAM G2 phonostage w/ AudioNet EPS G2 power supply. AudioNet PRE G2 preamp, AudioNet AMP Monoblocks and YG Acoustics Anat III signature speakers with a couple upgrades. Back up cartridge is Benz LPS. Mono is Ortofon Cadenza mono on seperate 12.7 armwand. Digital (Dac, Rdbook, SACD) all done with Marantz SA11s3. Cables are a blend or Kubala-Sosna and Audioquest. Power cords are Signal cable reference and DH Labs Red Wave. Room treatment from GIK. Audio Desk Systeme record cleaner. Adona rack
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    It's Tomahawk Thursday. Rareish.
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    Update on the wine situation. Not great but better than initially feared: https://www.nytimes.com/2017/10/10/business/wineries-california-wildfire.html Another positive -- kids and I tried to sign up to help out at the nearest evacuation center and were turned down because they'd already had such a flood of volunteers that all spots were filled for the next few weeks. Their school PTA is putting together backpacks of toiletries, stationery, stuffed animals, pajamas etc. for kids in the affected areas, so we assembled a couple of those and dropped them off. Classroom was already half full of bags on the first day of the effort -- nice to see.
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    Amazing how many parts are out of stock for this? So in order to use this on a tight shelf I bought some 4x10" heat sinks and modified the case to use them Only 60 holes to drill and tap. now moar better.
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    Finally got the dyno wheels and lights for the Jones. The new Stan's Hugo fat wheels with Dyno and a Busch & Muller IQ light which is a nice upgrade over the little B&M on the commuter bike. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I greatly prefer Mexican Chorizo. Me: Took the kids out for burgers and fries (shakes for them, beer for me) while Maura had to do parent/teacher conferences. Chili Fries for me / Truffle fries for the kids in the background Urban Cowboy Burger (burger, bacon, cheddar, onion rings, bbq sauce, chimichurri)
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    Traegered Pork and Chili powder and cayenne sweet potatoes. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Thanks so very much Mr.George ! i got the chassis today, and they are so beautiful, I just want to eat it....it is like adult version of Cookies ! Time to gets some drinks Excellent packaging !
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    Earlier: Pappardelle Tartufo
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    Oh, I am. It was an emergency adoption caused by an asshole being an asshole out of spite, and cats not having a place to go. I'm getting used to them, though one of the cats (the mostly-black one) had some kind of conniption fit, and kept me up last night for hours. The mostly-white one seems to have been embarrassed by the whole thing: This was after mostly-black one calmed down, but before I went back to bed. I've gotten used to having them around.
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    Not the pumpkin (but I can always come back) @ where else
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    Pork loin, stone fruit chutney, quinoa, various veg. Steve, the placemats are cheap plastic from Ikea — sorry. [emoji6]
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    At least three people stepped in as CEO's or sales managers of Cavalli over the years and I heard they all paid a huge investment for those positions. That was really the issue with Cavalli aside from amps needing a lot of servicing and not being made to be serviced, too many fingers in the pot. I spent a lot of time working on the LLMk1 and ended up completely rebuilding it. New PSU, new output stage, new input stage, new gain stage and even a new transformer. I lost a pile of money on it too but I knew that going in. We do this because shitty products should be exposed. I was at the local Senn dealer today to setup my HE-1 audition (tried to get them to bring it to my place but no dice ) but while there they were asking my advice on some amp designs and one of the guys said "you are always so negative about the designs!!". I said "true but that's because for every Headamp amp that is built properly you have dozens of posers who don't have a clue what they are doing. If they were charging 250$ then who cares but 10K$ for the Goldmund pile of fail is just too much to take." That's pretty much what sums it up for me, nothing has changed from 2005 when nobody wanted to discuss the amps in detail. It was all about the beautiful, beautiful music and any dissent to that was crushed. This is a wider subject for me though as people are willing to swallow just about anything, regardless of how stupid it is. Just see something like Elon Musk's "Hyperloop" or classics like Solar roadways... Stupid and bad shit needs to be called out.
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    dbel84 once again puts foot in mouth with this gem "I can also tell you that he will not be publishing any of the production designs for DIY. This is not selfish or mean spirited but rather more of a support issue as the boards are 4 layer and very specifically designed to perform the way they do - anyone trying to lay out a 2 layer board will run into some challenges. I had this conversation with him a long time ago as designs were retired ( Liquid Fire ) , and know that his positioned would be unchanged. Laying out boards was a gift that Alex had, I have yet to see anyone so skilled , it was part of the artist in him." I think birgir will agree that alex's layouts are among the absolute WORST that we have ever seen. Specifically for the Liquid Fire, LL mk1, LLmk2 and LG, they are all 2 layer boards with 1 oz copper, super thin lands that wander all over the place, and solder pads that are way to small. The left channel does not match the right channel on the Liquid Glass. The liquid carbon is just a terrible layout. As the stax mafia did in the past publishing every single singlepower design (except for one, never could get a active cable driver) I assume its our job to now publish both schematics and diy boards for every single cavalli product
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    This is actually the first time I've listened to ziggy front to back
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    Beck - Colors Robert Plant - Carry Fire St Vincent - Masseduction
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    He got out from operation room. As doctor said, his eye is fine. But they want to keep him under supervision for 1 day.
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    Cats have simple rules. Meow cuddle me. Meow let me out. Meow feed me. And that is about the limit of their vocabulary and needs. The 3am madness seems to stop once they get a bit older - at least that was the case with ours. Granted there is another level of dialog comprising purrs and chirps, and a particular type of meow which means "I've caught something, and I want to bring it inside and give it to you"; as if we need yet another mangled rodent or frog.
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    "some kind of conniption fit" -- around 3am? I call that the "midnight nutties". Most cats do that." "around 3am" wouldn't be entirely incorrect. I'm learning something about cats everyday. The "love-bites" made me a bit nervous, at first, but apparently cats do that when they are overstimulated, even if they are just laying on you purring while you pet them, so I learned that, too I think I'm now a cat-person, honestly.
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    H8u so much. Sent from my ONEPLUS A3000 using Tapatalk
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    actually this probably exceeds the singlepower level of failure. Not in the same way, Mikhail walked away with piles of peoples money, but at least for the liquid carbons, one simple mistake with the volume up and plugging in a SE headphone, and the thing blows up. And sometimes it blows up so bad as to burn thru the board, and is now unrepairable. For people outside the usa, by the time you send it in, get it repaired and get it sent back, only for it to blow up again, might as well just throw it in the trashcan. Liquid Fires, now completely unrepairable, i'm sure that Liquid Lightning units are also unrepairable... The SBAF comment is classic. And SO fucked. just remember the first 25 or so people paid over $6k for the liquid gold... Liquid Glass, yep a classic, depending on what tubes you stuffed in there, up to 3 or 4 db of channel imbalance, and no balance control. And this quote from dBel84 is absolutely amazingly delusional " He has struggled to keep CA afloat through numerous challenges and was always willing to sacrifice himself in an effort to do what he believed was the right thing to do. This was not an easy decision for him and I can only support him for doing so"
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    Yup, I thought about doing a RIP Cavalli thread with all the bad shit he's done over the years but didn't find the time. Even the site now throws up a cert error... Must be nice to have a terminally flawed Liquid Carbon with a "lifetime" warranty.
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    In other news, I just heard a Senn HE-1 has landed in Iceland. I missed a call from the Senn rep during the week so I guess I need to haul some gear over to their place for a comparison...
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    Charlie Hunter - Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the mouth
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    I'd be more interested in an HD600 with more definition, less distortion and reaching lower frequencies. I don't think such thing as sub-bass even exists.
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    The best spaghetti carbonara I've ever had while at Il Primo for a Mensa dinner. I live less than a mile away and the first time I've been. Sad. Friend's mahi mahi, which was solid Butternut squash which I would have been delighted to have as a side (and many of you know my distaste of veggies.) Tiramassou Oh, did I mention it was wine night? There's one more Italian place to visit in town, but this one was my fav so far. I love that Chattanooga is getting some quality restaurants. Sent from my ONEPLUS A3000 using Tapatalk
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    After swapping out the tubes with better ones (Penta Labs for 12AT7s and Tung-Sol for the 6sn7s, not pictured below) I was able to wipe every single bit of hum. There is still an issue when the volume control is in the 11:00 to 3:00 position where hum comes in, but for now I am just leaving volume at 100% and adjusting from the source. But I now consider this a successful build! The sound is a big leap up from the SRD-7 I was using. Thanks to everyone in the community who helped on this. James Lin for the design, the great article on AudioXpress, and overall thought leadership Kevin Gilmore for the board layout and guidance gepardcv for providing KGBH PSU boards and being so patient as I resolved the exploding zener diode issue! I owe you, man! mwl168 for doing the group buy and for providing endless guidance. congo5 for doing the early prototype build and showing just how good this design is. jose for doing one of the early builds and giving me guidance and most of all, to my son who came up with this project and did most of the soldering after my exploding zener experience!
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    This makes me happy!
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    I plan to use HD650 and HD800 with it. It sounds interesting but I think I'll see what Doug can do for me instead.
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    You don't need any shielding. I have made umbilicals with and without, including bundling the heaters separately and could detect no difference.
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    Door stops can be expensive... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    RIP John Dunsworth, 1946-2017. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Dunsworth
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    Another inspirational picture for Brent of the Silca being used to pump up the front tire on the R5 so I can use one of my Wahoo smart trainers connected to the gaming computer and 34" G-Sync monitor that I use solely for cartoon bicycle racing while the full Fanatec system sits in its boxes in the attic. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Wilco - Being There They haven't released anything I've cared about in more than a decade, but man their old stuff is still so good.
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    Hmmm... "once I had been able to establish a robust company with excellent products." Guess that never happened... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I wanted to give Brent a treat so I snapped a picture of me airing up the Titanium Chattanooga bike with a crappy Specialized pump while the Silca Ultimate Hiro watches in the background. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Hardly ever post here since I hardly eat interesting things, but.... Ground Camel sliders with a Southwest Rub. Bit chewy, but quite yummy!
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    Yeah, that's my guess for pics I've seen posted before. "Real" chorizo is usually pretty red, not necessarily hot, but with a lot of paprika and variable fat/meat ratios. Different lands, different spices and tastes
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    One local resident / celebrity is OK https://murraypark.nextdoor.com/news_feed/?post=45119018 https://murraypark.nextdoor.com/news_feed/?post=34211094 https://murraypark.nextdoor.com/news_feed/?post=47411037 (Lets just say, a turkey with three dedicated threads, and over 120 replies, on nextdoor.com, is big with people with time on their hands) But I think they may be contemplating getting away from the area.
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    What TMoney said. I haven't heard the jh16s sound better than with Doug's amp. I am glad I was able to weather the financial storms in the past and didn't have to sell it after all. I enjoy it for a few hours every day in my office.
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    I have one and really enjoy it. What headphones do you plan on using with it? It has a warm and inviting sound with beautiful soundstage but a little soft around the edge. I also use mine at work. It won't measure up to ECP DSHA-0 or 2 or Justin's GSX-MKII but as an all-in-one solution...a very solid choice. DSD is great on this. You can buy a Sony NW-A35, load up some DSD albums, and output DSD via its WMport to the ZH1ES for native DSD playback. Because of a Hybrid Class D design, digital input will yield the best sound quality. You can also use it as a DAC but a DAC out section is an after thought for this amp. Beautifully crafted with 5 years warranty from Sony. It sounds better than the HDVD-800 driving the HD800.
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    Well, after all of the adjustments mentioned, and after warming up for about 1 hour, I can say the amp is pretty much silent. My son, who has much better hearing than me, says he can still make out a hum, but it is really not bothersome. If I listen to the SRX-Plus with no music playing, and pull the headphone plug while wearing them, I can barely make out any difference. I am going to try different tubes when they come in this weekend, and see if that makes any difference, but I am a happer camper right now! EDIT: I installed a quad set of Penta Labs 12AT7's and that eliminated the remaining hum. Odd, because it was the output stage tube that I thought was causing the hum because when I swapped the 6SN7GTA's, the hum switched sides. More to come once I install a new set of Tung Sol's tomorrow when they arrive. Now, as to SRD-7 vs SRX-Plus, the winner is the SRX-Plus pretty clearly. Even when driven by a very high quality big $$$ power amp, the SRD-7 has a rather hollow and tinny tone to it compared to the richer, fuller, warmer SRX-Plus. Interestingly, when I put my 507's on the SRD-7 and my son's 407's on the SRX-Plus, the 2 compared pretty well. So the 507s are a similar step up from the 407s as the SRX-Plus is to the SRD-7. I will keep the SRD-7 as a backup, but the SRX-Plus is now my daily driver. One other modification I would like to make is to add a delay relay to the headspeaker output, which keeps open circuit for 10 seconds and then connects the L+ and R+ output lines to the jack. Any idea of where I could source such an item?