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    ^^ enjoy I was lucky that Sonja brought a Breville to the relationship.. (larger style with grinder, etc.) After several months of Costco coffee living out of the airbnb - we unpacked the roaster last night after our move - and immediately roasted a batch of : BRAZIL QUEIXADA ILICINEA - EDNEI HENRRIQUE - GREEN https://www.bodhileafcoffee.com/products/brazil-queixada-lliciniea-green Roasted just to full city (maybe city+) So nice to be sipping on our own roast again. (no pictures - just savoring)
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    BGE Prosciutto, Hot Sopresetta and mushroom pizza fresh off the grill. BGE Prosciutto, Hot Sopresetta and mushroom pizza fresh off the grill.
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    Herbie Hancock & Kamasi Washington preshow...
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    Thanks Steve - yeah the Washington set was great - just rode on a wave of notes the entire time. The Herbie set was masterful - Band: Herbie Hancock, Vinnie Colaiuta, James Genus, Lionel Loueke, Terrace Martin. Experimental - Musical - Engaging (first time seeing him - fan since I found his music in the 80s)
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    Daw! I would hug him and cuddle him and call him Lovecraft.
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    Starting prep for a 2/2/1 rib cook on the Big Green Egg.
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    I am lazy, Trader Joe’s pizza dough with garlic and herbs. It was quite good.
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    Poor bugger. He doesn't even have any paunchy middle aged dudes.
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    Almost done casing the Dynahi. The input XLR sockets are temporary, waiting for the Neutrik ones to arrive. Also, cased the dual GRLV PSU which I will be using for both the SUSY Dynahi and balanced CFA. Two Antek 100VA transformers and the GRLVs are set for 30VDC rails.
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    This could be trouble. First results were very promising, if not entirely drinkable. I'll toy with grind just a big more to get a full extraction but tomorrow morning should be fun and interestingly enough, I liked the flavor of the straight latte enough that I don't think I'd add sugar. That's a big change from how I drink straight coffee.
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    Test Tone @ Home live right now: http://mixlr.com/illuminator/chat
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    How did I not know that this movie existed? Gardiner is my favorite Beet conductor: those metronome marks that Beet put on the page were important!
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    I’d like to thank Jacob for sending me his JLC Alligator strap he had for his Reverso, but didn’t use.
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    I was listening to Tidal’s Modern Psychedelic playlist, and their track, “Livin’ a Lie” from their album, Seeing Other People , stood out. I need to check them out further. Think I’ll start with that one. Thanks for the indirect rec. In the meantime, been listening to the Tool catalogue. I forgot how annoying their filler / studio wankery can be. Some, deliberately so.
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    RRBC Amaretto Chocolate Mousse (And Russian River Porter)
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    Santa Clara County Fair. Fujifilm X-Pro2 & XF 23f/1.4. Fun with colors and a tiny tripod.
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    While I have a smart watch that I use as a wallet and cellphone. The fitness tracker and sleep stuff i never got into. I didn't see it as actionable data. Been waring my 300m all week, at the pool now. My planet ocean had duty last week in Baja.
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    Bought some steaks the other day. NY Strip and Ribeye. Cooked one of each tonight the Serious Eats way (cool side of grill covered, finish on hot.) Not bad. May try sous-vide with a grill finish for the others.