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    Have been having some offline discussions with JoaMat and Jose regarding the possibility of trimming the offset if desired. JoaMat came up with the idea of trimming the 100R resistors in series between the KSC2752 emitters and B-. He modeled it in a LT Spice model and I decided to give it a try. With my amp running at 14mA bias current, without this mod all the DC offset was between + 9VDC to + 4 VDC and balance was under 6VDC and I consider it totally fine. This exercise was more experimental and to satisfy the OCD part of me. I put a 50R resistor and 100R trimmer in series and adjust the sum to 90R based on JoMat's calculation. It can certainly be done with a single 150R trimmer, a fixed resistor in series with a trimmer is to protect against the small odd should a trimmer fails. I stopped making further adjustment once I got all the offset within 0.5VDC and balance within 0.2VDC. A few things to observe: 1. Turning one phase DC offset lower raises the offset in the opposite phase slightly. This gets a little tricky trying to zero out offset of both phases at the same time. 2. The bias current raises slightly as I adjust down the offset. In my case, the resulting increase in bias current was about 0.7mA. This matches what JoaMat saw in his LT Spice model. 3. The final resistance on all 4 "combo trimmers" fall between 86R - 90R. Take this as a reference only as this will vary from amp to amp and dependent on the bias current setting. I listened to the amp both before and after adjustment and frankly I could not detect a difference.
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    This thread has gone entirely too quiet. 3lb pork shoulder went in the smoker late last night. Hit 160 at 9 this morning and it's now wrapped/crutched and headed for 205. Looking forward to dinner.
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    So I've had the Massdrop version of the Koss ESP/95X sitting here for probably a month but not spent any time with them. I know I'm awful... That changed today so first some pics: Let's start with the any real change from the stock Koss version, the earpads: Now the stock pads are terrible but these are somehow worse. Cheap and nasty fabric covering the same nasty foam...yeah they went into the trash. Get some Vesper earpads but more on that later. As for the amp, well here are some internal pics: This is the same as the last unit I opened, stock 1990 amplifier board but the new PSU board. It's the same circuit, they just had to update it for new parts such as the new nasty volume control. Now for some impressions of the phones. The cable situation is the same as before, rather short cable and then they supply an extension to make up for it. As if anybody is ever going to use these as portables... So I ripped out the stock cable and fitted a wide PC-OCC Stax unit and angled Vesper earpads. I also removed the foam they have on the baffle as the Vesper pads come with some dust protection. Now this is more like it, here is the true king of budget headphones. Granted you have to spend the 500$ for the set and another 200$ for new cable and earpads but that's still the same as Monoprice is asking for their very mehhh set. The angled Vesper pads I got were a custom order and they really add something to the set. The imaging is improved and the slightly smaller cavity really helps them spring to life. They are a tiny bit top heavy now but that helps them really, makes them feel more alive. All in though, very much recommended and nice to see this 30 year old design still shine. One small caveat though, this set which is one of the first from Massdrop did ship with some dust inside the right driver so they are no noise free. One kinda expects that from the ESP950 though so it doesn't bother me too much.
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    I'm invoking executive privilege - changed.
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    Nah, don't mind at all, Al. Thanks Nate. If you go back to the very first post, you'll see why I gave it that name and the reservations that I had about it even then... little did I know that it would survive for so many years and become part of the fabric here. It's a great thread in the sense that it allows everyone to bring attention to notable individuals whose lives have been impactful in one way or another. But it was really meant for mostly for famous people who we don't have close personal connections to. Have to admit that it has creeped me out on more than one occasion for the very reason you mentioned, Al. Much better now. Reserve the right to call someone a fuck when they really were a fuck though... Charles Manson comes to mind in the not too distant past.
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    Hey @Wmcmanus -- would you be opposed to changing the name of this thread to something softer like RIP Someone Or Other? Given that we use it for personal friends and family members, the original name is off-putting.
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    Thanks Sam, and I’m pleased to say I have that Rolex, which happy with, however even though its bracelet is quite comfortable, I still prefer leather straps, not only do I find straps feel better than bracelets, they look better too. Another thing I’m not so keen about bracelets is when the wrist is warm the fit is perfect, but when cold it becomes loose, therefore I think I’ll get that strap in the photo which is Horween Cordovan leather. I’ll be finding about end links to use with that strap, but even if none are available for an OP 39, I I’ll still order that strap.
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    Great minds,.. with Jensen x-over (will I ever get around to building enclosures?).
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    @Hopstretch and @morphsci - the Google suggests that we should be watching Netflix's, Love Death and Robots.
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    How big of a dork am I that I put on my pre-moon in preparation for watching First Man? Mr. Armstrong presented me with my Eagle Scout badge; I'm very interested in seeing how the portrayal is, having actually met the man. I wish I had been able to see this in the theater, but at least I can watch it on large projection screen!
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    Looks great, Dave! Your plan reminds me of my Seiko cocktail watch a bit... I very much like the strap on this watch...an oiled leather that's just short of "patent". Holds up very well also. HS
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    Thanks Nate. It seems more palatable. RIP Dick
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    I did the real ID a few months ago at Corte Madera. Just show up early. It won't save you entirely from the line but in a world of shitty alternatives it is one of the least shitty ways to go.
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    Inaugural projector movie is The Fall. 100 inches worth in full HD. It’s insane to me that this is my bedroom system.
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    Corte Madera. There is even an employee who hands out forms to people in the line before the doors open. Protip: not Monday as you get all the people who "mislaid" their license over the weekend. Protip2: Check your Real ID doc requirements.
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    BTW, Dave: strap end-links that fit the 16570 Explorer 2 should fit that case just fine. I had a pair for my 16570, so I know they exist (I got that set off rolexforums.com). Anyway, that watch is a beauty: I dunno if there is a better two watch collection than the Saxonia thin and a Perpetual. That dial would be my choice, too, I think. My GMT 2 says "hi."
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    I have worn Oyster watches with that style of end link. At the end of the day, I like an Oyster on a bracelet best. I might still have some of the endlinks, but who knows where they are...
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    Can't believe I beat Dusty posting this!
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    A cover Flagging @Absorbine_Sr
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    Bill Mobley - Hittin' Home (2016) Bass – Essiet Okon Essiet*, Phil Palombi Guitar – Russell Malone Marimba – Kevin Norton Percussion – Clint Mobley Piano – Heather Bennett (2), Kenny Barron Trumpet, Flugelhorn – Bill Mobley Vibraphone – Steve Nelson
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