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    Santa came much earlier this year!!! Thank you so much, Kerr.. I mean, Santa! 😉
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    Mostly came to mattress shop as I must upgrade to a King as Sady and Kasia are bed hogs. Ended up with a new Aireloom Adjustable, a 77” OLED, 2 65” OLEDs, the Lynx Sequoia Grill and I still haven’t left the store.
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    Thanks all! Not a bad day at all, though I did work all day downtown. Came home and both sons were there (with the younger son's girlfriend). Had a nice dinner and too many 3 Floyds Space Stations. Overall a good day! I took today off hoping to go for a semi long ride with my younger son, but the weather isn't cooperating. I guess I'll just take it easy!
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    Nice Speedy and strap. I picked up a Speedy Pro last night.
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    Would not surprise me if this was a Head Caser.
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    OK I'm notoriously not that price sensitive but, yeah, that's nuts.
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    How about "its good *enough* because I like it?" This show is over-analyzed from fans and foes alike. I'm happy to have it come to a conclusion even if rushed and not as good as it could have been.
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    "So ya Thought ya Might like to go to the show..."
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    Holly crap! That was insane, I can’t believe they killed off everyone except for Bran!
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    Alligator deployant strap for me Omega. Pleased with the craftsmanship and customer service from Jean Rousseau. HS
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    I’ve retested and I got about the same results. Also tested a pair of SR-007 mk2 and then I got graphs more like your Orpheus Clone and 007mk1. I’m very satisfied with the bass, well not as good as 009S but good for my DIY headphone. I’ve tried different diaphragms and some of them are terrible, but I actually manage to do some better. Another thing is that my home made phones are not as sensitive as Stax and the diaphragms need time to charge. They start soft and after half an hour or so the sound reach it’s max. Here is how I stretch the Mylar film. 12 inch inner tube and Scotch Magic tape.
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    Odd, my Google translation came back- "I love headphones. Come drink my beer and listen to my beautiful beautiful music" Ken, you must not have the latest Google update.
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    This is my favorite part of Weekend Update, at the end of the year.
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    I'm sensing the title "Very Tippy Genius" has had it's day!
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    Meanwhile ... https://www.nytimes.com/2019/05/15/technology/personaltech/music-streaming-cd.html
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    It was 10,800 new and the clearance price was 8500 and they offered me another 20% off. It is last years model that does not have the full pull out in the cabinet, it just has the pull down door on the top. It was really over the top and felt like I could park my SUV on top of it.
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    Do you need the wireless stuff? If not, then RME ADI-2 DAC or Soekris dac1541 could do the trick.
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    the bottom one, duh. also you must be at ABT.
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    So I spent the past couple of weeks watching the entire series for the first time, so I could watch the live finale. This is something I saw posted, which seems reasonable accurate, having binged it. I did, however, start to enjoy the comedic touches towards the end of 8. As the meme posits, the last couple of episodes of S6 finally started to draw me in to the show some. I didn't get all the complaints about how S8E3 was too dark; I imagine people's TVs just weren't calibrated well at all. It seemed completely reasonable for the available lighting sources in the field. Oh, and I didn't see anything concrete on the dragonglass for the Unsullied. There were shards/strips of it attached to their shields. Now I'm going to go read the beginning of this thread, which I've avoided for ten years.