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    the COSC certificate from 1968.
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    The PA system in an 8 room school built in 1920.
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    From the datasheet for those Hammond output transformers: Designed for general purpose or replacement use (not Hi-Fi), in single ended, tube output circuits. Frequency response: 100 Hz. - 15 Khz at full rated power (+/- 1db max. - ref. 1 Khz). For full frequency response (20 Hz. to 20 Khz.) - see our 1627-1642 Series. A single one of those circuits in a plywood case should run you about $400. And be used in a garage system at best.
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    Ah, 240p Memories ... Where Are They Now?
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    I don't think the problem is only for the global warming. The serious problem lies in the plague of "Cool invironmentalists" who live on the government's subsidies here. Our forests have not been cleared of thickets, dried leaves, reeds for more than a decade. Forest roads and hunter passages have not been cleared. Things our grandparents did on a regular basis in a hurry to avoid this and that act as a fire breaker. Now if you cut a weed, the Seprona (something like a forest guard) takes a second to appear and punish you. The funniest thing is to see the autonomous president say that the Canary Islands have no means ... but we have autonomous police, drones of the Guardia Civil and a legion of sucks useless inks in the administrations .. and they want to reduce the number of firemen because they are very expensive. Hay que joderse. Luckily the Army and the Firemen are true heroes. This year to get off with our mountain bikes from a peak we pass through a place where the pinocha (dry pine leaf) mantle reached almost half a meter high. This is highly flammable but nope can be touched because of the environmentalists. I'm sorry but I'm very pissed off.
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    In this week many good and humble people have lost their homes, their animals and their crops ... their lives razed in minutes. Something very sad
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    We have at home some members of our family who have had to be evacuated from a town called Tejeda. This past week we had a chrono climbing until that town crossing a part of the national park that is being devastated by the fire. Logically it was suspended. Three huge fires in a week and a half. Luckily, we are all safe since my house is on the other side of the island.