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    Lance is fencing Russian fencers this week and he will fence two Korean national team fencers next week along with having private coaching with the Russian and Italian coaches. Fun times, I just hope it makes a difference in Salt Lake City. On the plus side I am getting much better at ordering food and wine in Italian.
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    Test Tone @ Home live right now: http://mixlr.com/illuminator/chat
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    I missed this until now. Vic Edelbrock Jr. died on June 9th. Not audio related, but you car guys will know who Vic was. RIP Vic!
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    Ok, my research is done now on to the next topic.
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    I loved that too! I amazes me how the Coen's "slow fall of dominos" keeps me glued to the story and characters. Sometimes I wonder if it's an experiment in pacing that we're all subjects in. And you never know how or where the main characters will evolve into but I loved all the main's this season. More, more, more (speaking of which, the show has had me searching for long forgotten hits time after time)!
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    Use Italian when ordering coffee and alcohol.