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    I made a huge pot of American Chop Suey, aka beef-a-roni for the football game yesterday.
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    Made scones to start the week off right.
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    Painkiller – Judas Priest guitar cover by Yuki from D_Drive I am getting their album, Maximum Impact and D_Drive will be touring in the US this year. Voices Moar guitar
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    Thanks! There's a 14-page thread about it on the Steve Hoffmann forums: https://forums.stevehoffman.tv/threads/electric-light-orchestra-out-of-the-blue-new-remastered-cd-sounds-good.106924/ Gonna take a while to get through this...
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    https://www.pbs.org/video/mccarthy-9wui76/ Caught the American Experience on Joe McCarthy over the weekend. Very good, highly recommended! I never knew McCarthy's full story so I found it very enlightening. Not really a war hero, not much of a judge, not much of a senator either until he got the evil idea to throw others directly under the bus to raise his own profile. Like a current politician we all know, McCarthy was a corner-cutting fraud who had no trouble making up his own "alternative facts" whenever he dug himself in to a hole. Also like that certain someone the man lived on the attention of the media. While the Heart people might have been complicit in helping him finger suspected "reds," they all share somewhat in the blame of sensationalizing the man. Once people stopped paying attention to him McCarthy drank himself to death shortly thereafter.
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    Jeff Buckley - Grace on headphones to boot! Bringing back 2010 in style
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    Made a brisket today and just put it in the cooler. Will be having brisket breakfast tacos tomorrow morning and making brisket tamales with them tomorrow!