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  1. Made another batch of rolls today for Thanksgiving, part deux.
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  2. Also, screws with some sort of hex head rather than Philips.
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  3. Wax/release agent on the screw.
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  4. Happy Birthday! I hope you have a great one Bryan!
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  5. Happy Birthday, Bryan! Hope it was great.
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  6. Wednesday on Netflix. Huge Addams Family (original TV show) fan. And while this is not the same, nor will anything ever be, it seems fairly good through 2 episodes. Less campy than the TV series (or movies), but I do think Jenna Ortega plays a good Wednesday. Appropriately dark.....good one-liners in that vein.
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  9. Tested the negative GRHV today, same performance. Was regulating at -55Vdc with the 100K resistor in. Removed it and tested at full voltage. -406.5Vdc, stable. Now for the Carbon boards.
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  10. Cheers Bryan - I hope you have a great birthday and the whiskey flows. Happy Birthday
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  13. I know that guy! Buttplug and all!
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  14. For me the 007's are a clear step up in every way, much more controlled, actually layered sound stage (which so few headphones can do) and far more resolving. Once you get past a certain point the SR-Omega gets lost and confused. They are still great but yeah, 007's were a big improvement. I really don't agree about the X9000 bass compared to the 007's, it completely falls flat on its face. Apparent resolution vs. real resolution to me.
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