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    So I think this is pretty cool (sorry to toot my own horn, but I can't help it sometimes ). I've been meaning to miniaturize the GRLV supplies. I've got them down to boards that are 1.16" (H) x .8" (W). The output transistor mounts to the board and you can mount it directly to heat sinks. They are designed as LM78xx and LM79xx except with a TO-247 footprint. This means you'll still need the supporting components (bridge, diode and a few caps) that are found on the current boards. Here's what they'll look like... Note that the pass transistor will be folded up on to the board and you'll need to put some mounting pins in. I've made it so it is the same size as a standard horizontal TO-247 mount. EDIT: Note that there are set resistors are on the board (R2, R3) so the boards act like fixed regulators in the circuit.
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    So my son Andrew has been accepted to his 4 top schools, with great merit from 2, OK from 1, and we were waiting to hear from 1 (Clarkson, his top choice). Clarkson Financial letter came today, and at first it was disappointing, showing a decent but 3rd lowest amount in 2017, same in 2018, and then nothing beyond. THEN, we read more closely: FALL of 2017 and SPRING of 2018..... It turned out to be the highest of all the schools so far for a year, renewable for the 3 additional years as long as he maintains grades. WOOOOOO-FUCKING-HOOO are we psyched!!! The Hermit Boy even agreed to go out to a celebratory dinner with us So fucking proud.....he did this.....had some help to coordinate, but he did it.....
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    This is not meant facetiously. Perhaps consider using the resources that would go into fighting the shit landlord and neighbor to move to a nicer place instead?
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    Private track rental at Royal Purple Raceway yesterday. It's called the Quick 30 but 40+ cars registered...LOL. It's a pretty good deal. You pay about $300, you get to run all you want with little to no queue and the track prep is phenomenal. They also feed you and generally there's a track photog shotting pics and vids. Very nice setup and one gets to meet some cool folks from all over the state and in yesterday's case the gent with the rail car (dragster) was from Minnesota...brother lives in Austin. Cool car. I made four passes. Was trying to shave a tenth off my personal best and figure out a few things. I played around with tire pressure on the drag radials (was definitely running them too low previously), raised boost a smidge for the conditions that day, locked up the converter earlier which was likely the biggest benefit, and ramped in my boost more quickly as the track was holding everything I threw at it. Can't underscore how few times I've been able to state this about track prep...it was awesome. My new personal best...got my 8.7. I might find an 8.6 on a perfect day and leaning on her a bit more, but I'd likely need to take the risk of lifting the heads at this point or making changes I doubt I'll make. Interestingly, I rotated my wheel inside the tire 8" in four passes. Beadlocks or the cheap screw through the wheel approach would be the solution. Not sure I'm willing to do that at this point but I now know why I haven't been able to get my 60ft time lower despite leaving at higher rpm....whoops. HS
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    I agree with the tall man 100%. Bad neighbors + bad landlord = time to think about moving anyways. Think about what your desired outcome is, and how best to achieve it. We obviously only have a few of the facts here, but I'm not sure I'd like to live in a place where the landlord hated my guts.
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    Grahame just successfully landed a plane in the water that was not a sea plane. Right after we planned and executed a meticulous assault on an enemy base that involved mini-gun towers, rebel mortar strikes, and one pesky electrical generator... Which was right after Grahame and I shot down a bunch of helicopters with a tank... Which was right after Brent got his drivers license revoked for killing too many civilians/trees with his "creative driving." -- Yeah, that was awesome! I will almost certainly be getting the full GR:W game at release.
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    Yup - a lot of them need to be taken with a pinch of salt. They were based on using carbon power in the construction (a bit like Elna Silmics use chopped up silk fibres and Elna Cerafine use ceramic powder). Whatever the physics behind using carbon, hence BLACK gate, the measurements in some of the blurb indicates that the ESR is lower than conventional electrolytics, and the inductive reactance is lower too. But only by a factor of two or three, or thereabouts. A guy called Cyril Bateman, who used to be in charge of capacitor design at one of the UK manufacturers, wrote a series of landmark articles about the sound of capacitors. He did this by designing a sub-ppm distortion oscillator, a tunable filter to get rid of the fundamental, and spectrum analyzing the distortion residuals. Electrolytics were run without bias and at different bias voltages. Also bipolar electrolytics and using two conventional ones back to back. Plus reams of stuff on other non-electrolytic caps. An archive of Bateman's output is here http://www.waynekirkwood.com/images/pdf/Cyril_Bateman/ for anyone looking for some light bedtime reading.
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    And a better Psychiatrist! He's gotten really creepy!
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    That looks good. I need to start trying recipes beyond my usual. My problem is Gail is such a picky eater. Smoking short ribs. Two hours in. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Shaanxi Northern Chinese cuisine one block from our house in SF. Excellent food but hectic inside with no regard to personal space. Trade-offs.
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    The problem I had with Safelite was due to waviness and distortion in the glass. Drove me insane. More insane, anyway.
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    Congrat to Andrew and congrat to his parents! Clarkson has become a hot school lately so that is an accomplishment.
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    I would really love to. I really like my apartment, though, and it's in a great location, and the rent is right. Anyway, apparently the police contacted my landlord about "the amount of calls," which I was hoping would happen, and "something is going to be done." He's really likes me, because I pay on time, I take care of stuff, and talk to him when I see him. He's just spineless and lazy. Now that he might be having to pay the city fines for allowing too much bullshit, maybe it will change.
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    It looks like a Bulgin Vandal resistant switch, something like this http://www.bulgin.com/products/switches/push-button/stainless-steel-push-button-mp0045-1d0-mp0045-3d0-mp0045-1e0-mp0045-3e0-series-18mm-diameter-group.html (possibly the illuminated version). Mouser has a bunch of different versions..
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    Chassis are semi-customized and buttons are also from the manufacturer. Separated PSU theoretically would prevent 60HZ AC noise. The reason I use separated box was much simpler.... Because it's hard to fit GG in one box or it would be HUGE. Since customized chassis has MOQ, I want carbon, GG, BH to share a same design to lower the cost of customized chassis. I had to order a batch of those. So yeah, more amps coming.
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    Better than Steve Harvey? I watched that one! I think my priorities are mixed up.
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    I've had some interesting days. On Friday morning, at about 2 AM, I was awakened by loud television. Interestingly, it was coming from the apartment that is above the front part of my apartment. I was 20 feet, and lots of walls, away. I can't imagine how loud it was for everybody else, but I was the one who banged on the ceiling with a broom, and yelled "turn it down!" There was banging back, but they did turn it down. I yelled up "thank you!," after they did so. I'm gracious, at least. This Sunday night, at about 10:30, police knocked on my door. Responding to a noise complaint from my "TV." That's interesting, since I use wireless headphones exclusively (I spent a lot of money on a Sennheiser setup, so that I can still use my TV and turntable, since using my speakers are basically verboten, since I'm a decent person). I thought the knock was the non-piece-of-shit upstairs neighbor, as he sometimes knocks on my door to chit-chat. Nice guy. Nope, cops. I hit "play" for them, to show that there was nothing coming from my apartment, and they were rather irritated. Tomorrow, my landlord is either going to do something, or he is going to start an eviction notice on me. I thought things had gotten this bad, a few weeks ago, when I had to call him about the noise, on a Sunday evening, but this is it. The human garbage upstairs is hated by everybody in the building, and I don't give the fucker (my landlord) $10,000 a year to not do something. This is the guy who bought a camera system, but was too lazy to install it, back when there was a wave of vandalism in the parking lot. If he tries to evict me, even though I'm a model tenant, who takes care of issues in the building, and lets him know when things that will fuck everything up are going on (like pipes leaking sewage), I will make sure that he doesn't make a profit off this building for at least 5 years. I have a lawyer, and we have already talked through armageddon. I can make it very, very bad, and I will borrow money from my mother to do so. I haven't had a valid lease in years. I can make it VERY bad. Wish me luck, guys.
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    I think the real winner is Faye Dunaway's plastic surgeon! He must have grossed more than best picture!
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    Here's to Grahame and Sully!
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    Holy fuck. What a shit show! I was so pissed that they said La La Land!
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    yeah, keep watching.
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    Not yet but running low so will be doing another batch soon. Need to tweak it a little. Next time, less salt in the brine. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    some bullshit about astrology and triangles
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    The buy it now price on the KGSS is certainly less than I'd sell mine for. Seems like a bargain, honestly.
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    Whenever Paxton was in a movie, you could be sure that it would be at least 20% better than it otherwise would be, even if his role was small. Maybe my favorite contemporary character actor. What a fucking shame.
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    Those ribs are going to be tasty, I'll bet. I think Gail would like those two dishes because they are not particularly challenging. I made the beef with less spice because Alden doesn't do spicy foods, and it was still tasty and we all liked it.
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    And this is my main opposition to nudist restaurants.
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    A little too authentic at times. Other people's butts and clothing were perilously close to our food (let alone faces). All in all worth it anyway.
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    That seems like an authentic experience.
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    Got the whole family out for sushi!
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    I use these..from ebay. Search with this frase: Laboratory Storage Electronic SMT SMD Box SMT Anti-Static Start at 50pc for $16 incl free shipping.
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    DIY OB speakers. made them back in 2013, to replace my unreliable ESL63's.
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    That seems like a rather flip comment. Consider this. You've heard live unprocessed sound, right? So you think you know what a live piano sounds like? A few years ago I was shopping for a piano. Every piano I played sounded a little different, some dramatically so. And that is true of EVERY acoustical instrument. Every live venue sounds different - Chicago Symphony Hall does not sound like Boston Symphony Hall. Different locations in the same hall sound different. I'm very used to the sound of a live piano - I have an excellent 7' grand piano at home. But the sound of a piano at the player's bench is not the same as the sound of the piano for someone listening to it seated several feet away. The first Stereophile test CD had J. Gordon Holt reading an article he had written, recorded using several different microphones. His voice sounded different on every microphone. So when you're listening to an "unprocessed" piano recording which you THINK sounds like a piano - what microphones were they using to record it? What hall was it recorded in? Where did thy place the microphones? What did that specific piano sound like? If you think about it, there is a processing step in even the most purist recording, and that is what microphones are chosen to do the recording, and where those microphones are placed. Because every microphone sounds different, and every location for those microphones sounds different. Those are the choices of the recording engineer. And by and large, we as consumers have no fucking idea about either, because that information is rarely published, and even if it were, most of us wouldn't know how to interpret it anyway. At best, the most we can say is, "gee, that sounds like my memory of what A piano sounds like." Note I say "A" piano, as most of us have never heard THE piano that was actually recorded. A mastering engineer is at least several steps closer to the original sound than you or I will ever be, unless you record your own reference material. They at least might have heard the original sound, in the studio or hall, perhaps chosen the microphones, have some idea of what was laid down on the tape. And, Katz has said that although the majority of his masterings have required some "sweetening", some have not, so he has certainly heard and mastered unprocessed recordings. And even if he is using "processed" recordings, he at least should know better than most what the recording "should" sound like. Look, I'm not saying that Katz is the be all and end all. I am saying that he is a very successful and experienced sound engineer and his descriptions and opinions are well worth listening to. Specifically I take his evaluation of tonal balance seriously because that is something that mastering engineers tend to be very particular about. But for the rest of us, who are using recordings where we don't know what microphones were used, where they were placed, what the original instruments really sounded like in the acoustic space they were recorded in, well... And that's assuming we are using acoustic instruments recorded in a live space for reference, and not a processed studio recording that never had an independent existence to begin with. Sure, one can criticize what amp he has chosen to test the headphones with, etc. That's perfectly legit. Any subjective review is only a guide, anyway. My tastes and priorities may be different, my reproduction chain is almost certainly different, there is definitely room for honest disagreement. What a dull world it would be if everyone agreed with me!
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    Wendy's 99 cent Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger >>> any food I've ever had at In-N-Out. **BRENT**