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    Coq au Vin, final stages
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    Aw crap, I'm really missing the boat on these in 2019. Happy Belated, Grahame! Here's to hoping it was a great day, filled with both some of the usual and perhaps a little of the unusual as well. Just for fun.
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    ^^ Bummer. I had a partially stripped nut on one of the BMW's wheels that almost left me a bad spot when I was changing over the snow setup. I've since inspected all of the nuts to make sure they're in good order but ugh, if that happened on the side of the road I imagine my reaction would be not good.
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    No 0,5 C°/W per channel will do if you go with stock values
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    Happy Birthday G Man! And I'm shocked that anyone would expect that steeping a tea bag for 30 seconds would be okay!
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    Happy Birthday Grahame!! I wish you a year filled with Bacon Diet C and Ice cream (sorry to be a reductionist) Cheers
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    The answer is always, collusion.
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    Finally got around to finalize my Megatron, fitted into one chassis with GRHV.
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    not now, but last night local boeuf, marinated, seared served on sticky rice, reduction of marinade for dippin sauce, homemade pickles from lemon cucumber sourced from coworkers garden pickings, homemade kimchi on day three of fermentation garnished with freshly toasted sesame seeds, and simple sho chiku bai sake for sipping was oraait
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    I think I hit something in a puddle. Changing a tire in the rain is not fun. One of the 5 lugs securing the wheel snapped off when I was removing the flat so had to drop her at the mechanic for them to fix. Oh well. Shit happens.
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    Just found out a friend of mine died 1/1/19. George Vuillemot was a good ole boy. Lived life his way and lived it to the fullest. 82 years young when he died. He was a bat boy for the Chicago Cubs and had several autographs. No doubt valuable but to him they were priceless memories. Raced cars on dirt tracks into his 70s. I met George when I needed a dog trainer. We developed a good and long lasting friendship. He trained the famous line of Smith English Setters for many years. Tough as nails and could out work me in his 60s even though there is a 16 year difference in our ages. Heart of gold. I'll have to look for the setter painting he gave me tonight as I have it stored away as a memory of him. I will toast George properly when I get home tonight. RIP in my friend. May all the dogs you run be Field Champions and may you win every race.