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    Beach house Mexico night. Fried Chili Rellenos, Tamales, Tacos, etc. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Finished my Dynahi this week, a big thanks to Kevin Gilmore making this project possible. Was a more or less ;-) troublefree build, thanks to this forum i get the needed information, thanks to all. I tried to build the Dynahi in a relative small case so the challenge was to shield the trafos, i used grain-oriented-steel bands around the trafos and top covers also made from grain-oriented-steel, added 70.- usd to the BOM but was well invested, no inducted noise at all :-). The amp is bias to 0.625 v so that the case can handle the heat. Sounds superb as the dynalo. I have a second headphone out on the back, i will use it together with the ifi iesl pro to drive my stax headphones (as my sony vfet via the iesl to drive the electrostats). https://www.head-fi.org/gallery/album/kevin-gilmore-dynahi.1154508/
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    We buried my father in law today. Very sad day. He was just shy of 90 years old. They found a small spot in his lung about two months ago. After radiation treatment, he deteriorated very quickly. Lots of good memories to keep with us.