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    A tale of two Als. Had a very nice dinner in the park with the Als. Al (Voltron) grilled sausages and asparagus, and we had my macaroni recipe. And Al (aimless1) brought his beautiful dog Nitro.
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    Finally found (Friday) a connector that leads directly from my local trails to my backyard. I am happy. Not that riding the 3/4's of a mile to the trailhead on the road was an imposition compared to having to drive but it's nice to be able to jump on the bike and hit the woods instantly.
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    Well, my son and I just completed the build for our second SRX-Plus. Went more quickly and more smoothly than the first build using what we had learned already. I am finding that getting good tubes is essential. With the right tubes, it is a breeze to get everything dialed in per the specs. With questionable tubes, is can be impossible. Oddly though, I cannot tell the difference in sounds when the amp is not dailed in per spec with the trim pots. For example, I had a upper input plate to plate voltage difference of 120V using some poor tubes!!! But it still sounded just fine. With a different set of tubes, I was able to dial it down to 0V delta, but again, no real difference in sound. Just perhaps a bit less hum. So by my counting, there are at least 9 SRX-Plus amps that are built and running: JimL congo5 MLA Sorrodje mwl168 luca jose blueman2 (my amp) Juggernaut1101 (my son's amp) I am sure there are others, but I went by how posted pictures or said they completed the build on this forum. I find the SRX-Plus to be the perfect mate for SR-407 (my son's) or SR-507 (mine). I would love to see how it sounds with SR-007 or -009, but don't feel the need for that $$$ upgrade yet given how great my SR-507s sound with the SRX-Plus!
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    Hmm, dental office adjacent to a ice cream shop. Coincidence?
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    Looks like a great time. Can’t wait until I can join the travel team.
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    Vanilla honey lavender / pumpkin
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    Bummer. I guess my bikes have valves that are close enough that this is a non issue, give and take 1/4 of a turn here and there. Hey Brent, you may be getting a fancy pump soon!
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    Sure looks a lot less smoky than it was a few days ago!
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    Visiting Brits this weekend, so playing tourist. Went to the top of Mt. Tam, Saw San Francisco / Bay Area views I can see Skylark / rancho borago / Fairfax from here
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    I can fit three GRHVs in the palm of my hand. about to find out if they actually work.
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    a true balanced differential amplifier will have significant common mode rejection. For example there are a few well known diy dacs that have a bit of dc on their output. a differential amplifier will subtract the dc from the inputs and the output will be free of dc with respect to ground. a balanced amplifier made from 4 x unbalanced input amplifiers will have significant dc on the output. For headphones wired as balanced, no problem. For headphones wired as single ended, could be a big problem. supersymmetry dynalo and dynahi are true balanced differential amplifiers. So is the RSA darkstar (although it still sounds like shit) schiit joutenheim is a balanced differential amplifier (actually its an instrumentation amplifier) but has significant differential gain when used with a single ended input. liquid gold, liquid carbon, gsx are not balanced differential amplifiers. The first two have phase splitters to fix the problem. the gsx is balanced out only when you have a balanced input signal.
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    After swapping out the tubes with better ones (Penta Labs for 12AT7s and Tung-Sol for the 6sn7s, not pictured below) I was able to wipe every single bit of hum. There is still an issue when the volume control is in the 11:00 to 3:00 position where hum comes in, but for now I am just leaving volume at 100% and adjusting from the source. But I now consider this a successful build! The sound is a big leap up from the SRD-7 I was using. Thanks to everyone in the community who helped on this. James Lin for the design, the great article on AudioXpress, and overall thought leadership Kevin Gilmore for the board layout and guidance gepardcv for providing KGBH PSU boards and being so patient as I resolved the exploding zener diode issue! I owe you, man! mwl168 for doing the group buy and for providing endless guidance. congo5 for doing the early prototype build and showing just how good this design is. jose for doing one of the early builds and giving me guidance and most of all, to my son who came up with this project and did most of the soldering after my exploding zener experience!