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  1. That's the one! I liked that headphone.
  2. I recently impulse bought a set of the 95x on EU blowout ($290 all in, which includes 20% VAT so that's a little ridiculous) - regretted the compete waste of money from the moment they said they wouldn't cancel the order until these things arrived earlier today. I've always been a QUAD fan, but found the STAXs in my budget to be ear-shreddingly shrill so really didn't know what to expect. So far, what a lovely transducer! Now I'll have to go back and read through this whole damn thread before asking annoying questions...☺️ By the way, does anyone remember the dynamic headphone that KOSS s
  3. I'd go find something seriously low distortion, and class A is probably a decent bet in this case because you don't need that many watts given the speakers' ultimate dynamic limitations anyway. I'd also say that you should take a close look at the distortion graph because you're going to be doing most of your listening at the lower end of the output range where distortion is often relatively higher (something that perennially irks a lower-volume listener such as myself) I have to say it's quite a testament to PW's original design just how little the newer models improve on the original. O
  4. Do we know anything about the tech in this? They claim state-of-the-art performance, yet I'm surprised to see a single supply DC power input. Yet their measurements look great and don't show any signs of that sort of compromises. Sorry for the kinda OT question.
  5. Actually that does sound really great. What volume control setup did you go with? And as I understand it no gain stage at all? In other directions, anyone have any experience with the Benchmark DAC/amps?
  6. Thanks for that - interesting observations on the pico, I would have expected that to be very quiet. I'm not sure how absurd my absolute sensitivity is, but the fact is that my own dynamic range is so limited that even losing just a few dB to hiss is significant to me. Do you have any more details about your buffer?
  7. Thanks for the comments so far... My budget is whatever it takes . Ok, so not exactly - I refuse to spend just for the sake of it, but if there is a clearly demonstrable reason why I am getting more for my very specific use case after spending more, I'll consider it. I'm a bit of an objectivist at heart, so I'm not easy to convince on that one. The thing I see a lot when looking at amplifier designs is a lot of consideration on how to handle voltage gain, which is pretty irrelevant to me. The other thing I see often is crosstalk numbers and channel balance numbers that I'm not happy
  8. Hello everyone, it's been years... (for anyone that remembers me anyway) I am researching what amp best suits my somewhat bespoke needs, and thought there might be some useful opinions here, especially since I've been rather out of it for ages. To cut a long story short, about one year ago I suffered an accident that damaged my ears, the result being that I have severely reduced dynamic range in my hearing. Though my sensitivity is normal and frequency response is good (i.e. little to no hearing loss), my pain and distortion threshold has been lowered to around 80dB. This means that
  9. There's no issue doing a clone of the partition that I need, however as far as I understand cloning that partition itself directly to the new disk would not in itself make the new disk bootable? The only guaranteed way I know is to clone the entire disk block by block, and that is impossible due to space constraints even given partition resizing etc.
  10. Anyone have any experience with cloning a windows 7 installation to a new disk? This one is slightly complicated in that the disk is in two partitions, and overall is 500Gb and I want to clone to only a 120Gb SSD. I only need the C: partition (D: is manufactuers recovery partition), however I'm not sure how to make sure the thing boots normally without cloning the entire disk, which isn't possible in this case...
  11. How do you find the sound with that placement? They are quite close to the back wall/corner with no damping I can see.
  12. Hah, that's sweet, but not really accurate. I just played around with some prototype and historical stuff and wrote about it. They suspended the UDAC because of some problems with the USB implementation that they couldn't nail down. Beyond that, I don't know what's going on with HR any more.
  13. Well this is the replacement for the 99 series. There is the still the higher end 'platinum' line yet to be released.
  14. Are you just using it plug and play as a UVC cam? I didn't think that focus etc. worked with the UVC cams.
  15. How well does that run? I presume that the auto-focus etc. doesn't work? Any comparison to the built in iSight. I've found the current built in iSights to be not great quality in a best case scenario, however extremely consistent in frame rate and picture quality across a wide range of lighting conditions.
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