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  1. how much hate and love. Congratulations on a great clean build
  2. What chassis is this ? very nice the chassis look to be fitting Megatron just fine ?
  3. Lol! That is the best part of DIY, finding a rotten tree in the forest
  4. what tubes are you running ? If you like treble sparkling, have you ever tried JJ brand ?
  5. Congratulation! Yeah this amp is awesome
  6. That in itself is an outstanding feature to have
  7. Got the boards ! Thank you !
  8. You found your culprit fast! Congratulations on the build
  9. I like it a lot ! Unique looking build
  10. This makes me curious, I know Stax fart, but what are these loud pops ?
  11. How did he know it arced ? Wouldn't it burn the diaphragm ? Loud pop could be Stax Farts ?
  12. Any plan for chassis and or transformer group buy ?
  13. My samsung plasma 1080 is still unbeatable in the color gamut and all that good stuff....well, 4K is invading the market, but not enough contents yet to justify buying
  14. Happy Birthday Brent!
  15. I am too! I have a few but don't know if it is authentic