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  1. Oh hell yes! WooooooTTTT
  2. I understand, doesn't matter anyways boards are like cookies to me nowadays >_<. Gotta have it and chewing on it or simply looking at it is satisfying enough lol
  3. Agree! Kevin geniuses and the whole Stax mafia is amazing. I am glad to be living in this era to have the opportunity and chances to do this. DIY projects are amazing. The simplest way I look at this is that DIY community only has heart and enthusiasm that fuel and fire them up....while Stax has a company and brand reputation to be worrying about. Have you ever tried xf2 yet ? It is so expensive and I wonder if it is worth it ? What if I need replacements >_< those are the hardest factors
  4. I don't think it can out perform either BHSE or GG though, let alone DIY T2. But I would love to see how it compete
  5. The more copper the better I vote 4oz
  6. Congratulations sir Kevin!
  7. Excellent opportunity George ! Thanks for making it possible
  8. Nice!!!! Awesome collections you have there
  9. I just turned her to 20mA and using reissues mullar el34. She dives deeper but and finer trebles but has more distortions on deep Sub bass and some trebles at complex passages. No weird glowing plates or such...... Is GG ok with 20mA ? Gotta wait on 6ca7 and see if it helps anything... well, after reading some more, it appears the Mullar just....sucks....lol
  10. Thanks! And happily reporting that there is no "hum", not even a fainted bit . Excellent transformers, thanks again Joe and Ang! it had been running for 3 hours now, and temp is steady at 39 C on the chassis.
  11. I got music!!! Thank you Kevin, Soren, Joe (beautiful chassis) and all that helped me!! running at 18mA.
  12. GRLV +14.99 -14.98V GRHV +419.98 -419.89V getting very very close
  13. I am in for split grhv and ampboard, 1 set.
  14. What does BHSE use for delay mechanism ? Perhap a Separated switch is better than timer relay board ?
  15. I am in for a Separated GRHV PS for the Megatron as well