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  1. It does drift away as it warm up though. It can start out as +/- 0.5 or 0.9V and hang around +/- 50mV after 10 minutes. But then after 20 minutes or so, it would hang around +/- 125 to 320 mV. I will check again today
  2. lol, my apologize I am a complete noob regarding Stax and it game thank you all all so much for the helps and assists ! So much love in here ! Cheer
  3. Well, so what I figured so far was that my DN2540 was partially defected as I removed it and measure 25 ohm something from GD. Replaced it, and the amp was being tuned when it was very warm. These numbers fly all over the place. I let it cool down and readjust....now both the offset is from -50mv to +50 mV from cold to slowly warming up with Servo engaged. the numbers above should be great ? however as the temperature change, it will drift away
  4. Well, so now I did a bit different. I toned balance to be 300mv or less, and then offset to be 500mv or less. Then I popped in the Servo. Now one board start out from 0.55 V drop to 150-200mV. The other board (problem one) started from -1.6V and now dropped to -200 or -300mV
  5. L4 = -14.95 , L3= 0.00, L7 = 14.96
  6. I just replaced that Op27 too, and together with DN2540. What else could be problematic ?
  7. Leg 2 is 0V and leg 6 is -1 V on both. I replaced the dn2540 and it is still similar. It starts around -1.5 or -1.6V and hang around -0.4 to -0.6. After 10 minutes with Servo dropped in, both board is hanging around -100 to - 200mv the problem board now hang -350mV to -650mv after the replacement of dn2540
  8. Yes, I have already measured all values to be equally across both boards on balance, offset, current adjust. However, when I put in the Servo, one of my board has that huge voltage gap ? I also replaced the Op27. I hear for Opto Servo we need more than 10V , so my offset is now at 18-18.3V after 20 minutes
  9. Now, just for some curiosity. I measured my Carbon again. One of my board with Opto Servo engaged always keep 100-300 mV from start up to lowest of 40-50mV. One other board does -1.5V and hanging around -0.5-0.6V. Questions are 1/ is it ok for each of the board to be this much different ? 2/ what is really the allowable tolerances for this offset voltage threshold ? thank you so much for your time
  10. It is infrared gun with distance within 2 laser points. I directly spotted on the Cree and it read 42 C even after 6 hours. One of the Cree does read 46C but it is on the GRHV
  11. Do we have any mighty DAC that match with KgSSHV Carbon ?
  12. Wow! That is one good way to forever ruin your eardrums. Scary!
  13. Lol, the last time my offset went to shx was when it costed me 10m90s and couple Resistors. Yes, it is 2U. I am using Thermal paste from Artic silver but went with Ceramic compound type. Now I have my thermal gun, the Carbon hottest part of the heat sink read 42 C each side, a bit different. The Cree 100007 on the HV reads 41 C, and on the Amp board reads 42.5 C after couple hours on. i love that bottle!
  14. How warm does it get after a couple hours ? Or should be from the heatsink to the fins and the bracket. I will get a solid thermo gun and post number tomorrow