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  1. Happy Birthday Birgir-Biggie-spritzer!

    Happy Birthday Biggie!
  2. Happy birthday Tyrion!

    Happy Birthday!
  3. Happy Birthday Brent!

    Happy Birthday, Brent!
  4. Happy Birthday Raffy!

    Thanks Nate, I actually have one Trillium left as of this moment
  5. Happy Birthday Raffy!

    Finally got a moment after doing Mike's lawn and washing the Audi. Thanks for the greetings, gang!
  6. Happy Birthday Pars!

    Missed this, belated Happy Birthday, Chris!
  7. HC Bike/Cycling Thread

    Glad to see you out there, Larry! Looking good!
  8. Happy Birthday Shelly!

    Happy Birthday Shelly! Cheers!
  9. I'd like to buy a smoker.

    I think Stretch needs a new Trager Timberline
  10. Happy Birthday DOTU!

    Happy Belated Birthday Al! Not sure I greeted you last month.
  11. Happy Birthday Doug!

    Happy Birthday!
  12. Happy Birthday Fitz/Laura!

    Happy Birthday!
  13. Happy Birthday Dan!

    Happy Birthday Dan!
  14. Happy birthday, Steve (sw61)

    Missed this too! Happy Belated Tice!