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  1. Looking forward to more impressions, and hoping you like it as much as I do mine. Still using stock Sovtek 2A3 and Sino 5AR4. I'd love to hear your experiences with different power and rectifier tubes.
  2. Got back after going through various systems at the Montreal Salon Son & Image show. I didn't know what to expect, but was clearly expecting too much. Didn't get any spiritual, out-of-body experiences from the speaker setups. Most systems were in very small (like 12x10) hotel rooms, and many of them were congested (didn't help that the speakers were played more loudly than normal, to compensate for the high ambiant noise). I'm also not familiar with the music being played (100% jazz); but I did bring my own CD to try on a few systems. There were two very large show rooms. One of them featured La Sphere They looked freaky and I didn't want to stay in the room for too long. The other room had Ocellia Signature speakers. The presentation was effortlessly natural and concert-like, but it wasn't played very loudly. The Harbeth Compact 7 was setup in a small room, driven by a Rogue integrated amp. It was a refreshing change from most of the other setups, which were too forward and congested. I really liked its tonality with vocals (demo'ed my Das Rheingold for this one). I thought it could use a bit more bass impact and detail, but that could detract from the overall presentation. Also, the "Compact" 7 is bigger than I thought and I don't think I'll get them after all. May arrange a demo for the P3ESR instead, though I have my doubts on how much bass it can put out. There was a Joseph Audio stand mount that was really impressive. It is the "head" of this speaker. It had great presence and big sound, only congested a bit during very loud passages (again, the small room is mostly to blame). I listened to my own Wagner CD. Only complaint is that vocals were a bit too "big." I would like to try the RM7XL, but they weren't there. There were a lot of systems featuring Verity speakers, including a drool-worthy setup featuring a 4-box dcs Scarlatti stack. Didn't hear it with my own CD though. Back in familiar territory, I finally got to hear the PS1000 (with RA1 and Ayre CX5) and HD800 (Grace M902 fed by a Cambridge CD player, and then a separate system with a Burson(?) amp fed by a Denon DVD player (not 29xx/39xx)). PS1000 was doing good until I got to the vocal parts- the amount sibilance was terrible. I would definitely like to try out the HD800 for long term. The build quality is excellent (contrary to whatever douche??nyc posts, reason #9000 not to read head-fi). Anyways, the HD800 presented big scale music effortlessly. More so than my K1000 and HP2. More transparent? I don't know yet. Downsides? Presentation is a bit distant and cool; bass isn't "full", but impact is good enough. Should go well with the Moth 2A3 amp I thinking of getting. I'm arranging a in home demo of Legacy Audio Studio HD monitors. Woot
  3. Good point. I'm trying to find more info on them, but it seems that the credenza is designed to sit on desktops/bookshelves, so the bottom firing port shouldn't be a problem. I really like the form factor of both the Credenza and Tone. Haven't found much affirmation for their sound, though.
  4. Has anyone heard the Zu Druid Credenza or Tone Mk. 2? I really like Credenza's flat profile, and at least its specs are right. Going to hold off buying until the Montreal Sound Show next week Can't believe I didn't know about it till last year.
  5. Glad there there are others out there with the exact same requirements and some experience My desk is right up against the wall, the back of the speakers will be at most 1 foot away. link to picture That would be appreciated. This is for a monitor sized speaker with lowther drivers right?
  6. Are there any Lowther speakers in bookshelf/monitor size? The Thiel PCS looks nice too, but the description suggests that the drivers aren't matched.
  7. Thanks for the suggestion, looking at Unifield now. I'm using a 6L6 push-pull tube amp, supposed to put out 25W at 8ohms. The builder's webpage is abraxasaudio Tube Amplifiers
  8. I'm looking for 1. Reasonably full range, extend down to 46hz or more 2. Easy to drive: 88+ dB/w, preferably 8ohm 3. Not too big, (Harbeth Compact 7 is about the biggest I can use) 4. Front ported or sealed 5. Cost less than 3000 for a used one in good condition Musical preference: classical and Wagner. Listening at relatively low levels (in an apartment). Therefore, vocals and ability to come alive at low volume are important. Speakers will be used on desktop, about 2 feet away from where I sit. I'm considering Merlin TSM and Harbeth Compact 7. They seem like good choices, but I'd like to hear more suggestions.
  9. Well, it uses tubes that are typically used for speaker amps. So, why not Is it too much to wish for a Si2A3 replacement?
  10. It is a real shame this amp can't drive speakers too.
  11. Got my refund Was charged PayPal fee, but whatever. Good luck to those who stayed onboard.
  12. Heard back and should be getting refunded Friday.
  13. Haven't heard back since I asked for a refund. Hmm.....
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