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  1. I'm always down for some Korean BBQ gangham style! My cutlery obsession is out of control...
  2. Thank You all my HC friends! I enjoyed a fairly quiet day, breakfast at le petit cafe on the ventura harbor. And then relaxing with the family. It's been a hectic year, I'm wishing for a Super Fantastic 2013! And a Happy New Year to all of my HC friends!!!
  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY KEN I hope you had a Super Fantastic Birthday!!!
  4. Happy Birthday Iron_Dreamer, CarlSeibert and acidbasement!!!! I hope all of you the best
  5. Have a Super Fantastic Bday Vicki!!!
  6. I don't have a favorite brand, Spyderco, Benchmade, Kershaw, CRKT all make good knives. I have good knives from all these brands. Although I have more Spydercos than any other brand. Ken, I like the Tenacious for the price. Of course if price is no object, I just bought a Benchmade Griptilian gold class with a Krein regrind. Can't wait for that to arrive.
  7. Happy Belated Birthday Digi-Pete! I hope it was a great one.
  8. Happy Happy Birthday Duggeh!
  9. Have a Super Fantastic Birthday Ed
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