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  1. emelius

    Happy Birthday Mikey!

    best birthday wishes!!!...
  2. emelius

    And now what did you do TODAY?

    hangin' out with Michael Fremer...Frems, as I call him...in Indianapolis...taking crappy pics...listening to great recordings...
  3. emelius

    Speaker Porn

    I meant this model:)...hadn't heard any rumors or anything... Probably not a good choice if you have cats...
  4. emelius

    Speaker Porn

    hadn't even heard of these 'til today...
  5. emelius


    didn't know Freddy Krueger owned anything but souls...
  6. emelius

    Post what you're watching

    finished Maniac with Jonah Hill & Emma Stone... it could've been a movie w/a little polish... overall, as far as shows I've been watching, it places just below Castle Rock...but above Sharp Objects...
  7. emelius

    Happy Birthday Jim (morphsci)!

    Have a great one, Jim!...Happiest of happies:)...
  8. emelius

    RIP some fuck or another

    nicely done local beer board:)...
  9. emelius

    Head-Case Fantasy Football

    just making sure I'm not missing out...
  10. emelius

    Post what you're watching

    https://www.cbspressexpress.com/cbs-news/releases/view?id=50174 fwiw, a brief interview Scott Pelley conducted with my brother, Chris, is set to air on Sunday... my brother...Polymer Scientist, PhD, Royal Fellow, Author...vaginal mesh expert witness?...
  11. emelius


    um...ELAC B6 $200 at multiple places...the new B6.2 is out...& it's probably better...but it's $100 more ($20 more than the old B6 price)...looks like Music Direct is already out of their exclusive maple models, but still has the blacks...
  12. emelius

    Formula 1 Thread

    no spoilers...but I'm not happy with how things look early on...
  13. emelius

    Post what you're watching

    ^yes...good stuff...I think they're all on Prime...not sure about TTSS....
  14. emelius

    Post what you're watching

    I watched the entire Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy miniseries from 1979 (Sir Alec Guinness)...Good stuff, makes me miss shows like Rubicon, but I totally didn't catch Sir Patrick Stewart...Might hafta start over:)... Then the Worricker Trillogy...Rekindled my love affair with Winona Ryder...She's so...squirrelly(?) & creepy in it, but <3 <3 <3...