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  1. The Koss is smoother and less bright than the 207 which in turn supposedly is supposed to be more neutral than the 407 model. The 207 tended towards brightness with better than 252s amps, I personally founnd the ESP950 to scale better than the 207 as well so slapping it on the 007tii should reap some real benefits. The koss is no slouch even next to the L700. Don't pay Darin Fong what he is asking for his stax adapter cable, it's just way too expensive for what he is asking. The extension cable was about $15 before the Massdrop run; I think these are hard to come by at present. The Am
  2. It's a long story this DAC but I can try to PM you later on with impressions.
  3. Well it turns out I only needed to expand my skillset; touched up the chip by hand with a few passes of drag soldering technique and it is in business. Learned to not be too loosey goosey with the wick removal as well, bent some pins when I made a false move which could have been a quick job but more like an extra hour.
  4. Hot air rework needed on a pmd200... Any advice for a guy who's just OK with a regular old iron? I'm local to a shop called circuit specialists that sells some lower end tools like this one for about $60: https://www.circuitspecialists.com/csi8786d_digital_hot_air_rework_station_with_soldering_iron.html Also frys locally has super chintzier looking stuff for $100: https://www.frys.com/product/6389401?site=sr:SEARCH:MAIN_RSLT_PG I do have a large supply of junk older gear to practice on as well thankfully.
  5. That 3.0 schematic on their site but is awful resolution!
  6. Been up with them for about a month. No progress made yet but when I spoke to their tech last he had said he needs to get the schematic from some guy in NL who may or may not have had it. He was pretty sure the problem lied in the digital board at least. Should probably try to hit them up again.
  7. R2R is ultra popular again, manufacturers seem to be building them but vintage stuff also. Schiit and Metrum I think should be credited for a bit of this resurgence and making the cost somewhat affordable. I think Audio-GD is still big pimping pcm1704. USB is still crapshoot, it's gotten a lot better but the use of $$$$ expensive converters has gotten even more insane (like audio over ethernet). PS Audio really jumped the shark IMO with their super expensive Directstream DAC upgrade since the perfectwave days. Not too sure what happened to the cetoole analog upgrade board mods
  8. I'm not too familiar with how VMP works exactly but looks like I missed the train on the gorillaz album; I would join if I could but is it possible for you guys that are already members to buy a second ?
  9. I'm done giving him the benefit of the doubt. I bought this DAC from Dreamwhisper and would not recommend anyone giving him any sort of trust in the future. He's been zero help and has been awful at any sort of reply. I love this hobby but stuff like this really just kills the enthusiasm. Will be going through the motions with PCX.
  10. Without a doubt NoNoNoNoNoNo did this one. Why the heck is his name censored.
  11. Yeah, trying to give him the benefit of the doubt so to speak trying to do what I can with what i have. Just sent a pm pleading to work out a return even though its across country and shipping is not insigificant. It's more likely the shoddy workmanship of NoNoNoNoNoNo that caused this than anything, very sad and stressful situation.
  12. Unfortunately it didn't come to me for free! Purchased from a reasonably trustworthy member with a MO across countries, he hasn't truly gotten back to me either.
  13. I purchased this DAC from another HC'er in Canada down to the states but it looks like maybe he didn't get around to testing it out before selling it to me as it locks onto digital signals but provides no useful output otherwise. I only have a glimpse of the history of this thing but it's lived a rough life. I am positive old forum favorite NoNoNoNoNoNo is the previous previous owner and the work here is very very bad. Lots of WTF and cold solder joints everywhere and bonus scorch marks on some box caps, that odd white wire is a jumper used after he lifted a pcb trace... As a novic
  14. https://www.audiogon.com/listings/amplifiers-stax-srm-252s-portable-amplifier-for-stax-009-2016-12-29-headphones-07853-long-valley-nj Hahaha, WHAT? Lots of wtf on quite a few levels.
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