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  1. Sorry for the newbie question, would the resistor be in series? That is between the pins on one socket and the socket base? Thanks.
  2. Thanks again guys, I am going to give it a try so I ordered tube bases and will see how it comes out. I may even post pics of my newbie work. voodoochile, you are correct. The diodes were burning up the board, I have since cleaned up my work and re-flowed the solder joints. They are much better now. Thanks again.
  3. FWIW I have spent a lot of time comparing the RS-1 with he HF2 over the last few weeks. I have used various sources and amps and with all I arrive to the same conclusion. The RS-1 has a larger soundstage (as compared w/ another Grado), it is IMO more extended, and I hear more detail. On the other hand the HF2 has more base punch and it is a bit more forgiving w/ poor recordings specially if the recording has a lot of treble energy. I know we all hear differently but IMO the RS-1 with my gear and my music is the better sounding can.
  4. Bought an inexpensive Chinese watch that copies the Panerai.
  5. Vicky if he needs a line out for an iPod let me know I have one I can donate.
  6. On the first page of this thread I read that JP thought the Signature 30 was just ok. Anyone else has any thoughts of the Signature 30.2 driving the K1000. You can find examples of the Signature 30.2 in Audiogon for under $1,500 and was wondering what your thoughts were. Thanks.
  7. Email and PM sent w/ my email address. Thanks.
  8. I spoke at length w/ John today, since at first the speakers will be used as a near-field type on my desk he stuck to his recommendation to use the two way Jr Monitor. He indicated that in the smaller room that I plan on using them in about 18-24 months they will also sound great in a cabinet or on stands. Here is a link to the speakers I would like to get, most likely in natural cherry venneer. Fritz Jr Monitors Technical Specifications BTW here is a picture, the cherry is on the sides w/ walnut in the center.
  9. Thanks for the feedback CarlSeibert and skullwise. So you believe the single driver would be better than the Jr Monitor? BTW I have not bought the 30.2 yet, waiting on the K1000 from a friend before I sink the $$$.
  10. Thanks for the feedback on the Tekton speakers. Both the Model 8.1 and the Model 81t interest me, have you ever listened to either? If yes what was your impression? Thanks.
  11. mrarroyo


    It has been a long time that I have purchased a pair of bookshelf speakers (1981 and I purchased a pair of AR18. Now I find myself wanting a pair that could serve initially as near-field speakers while working at the computer station but later (18 months away) to fill an small room (12' by 15'). I ran across the Fitzspeakers while looking for information on used Omega speakers and two models interest me. These are the Jr Monitors (Fritz Jr Monitors Technical Specifications) and their Fostex 6 Full Range (8inchFullRangeSpecs). Initially they would be driven by a Red Wine Audio Signature 30.2 and I listen mostly (over 95%) to jazz. Has any of you listen to these speakers? Any chance that you were able to compare them to the Omega line? My budget is modest at $600, thanks. Note: I have exchanged emails w/ John Heiler of Fritzspeakers and he is recommending the Jr Monitor since in his opinion it would sound better with complex passages and faster paced jazz and classical music. Thanks again.
  12. Hi Ari! I do not know if the following helps or not but the transformer in my MPX3 is ... According to the Hammond site ( Hammond Mfg. - Universal Primary - "Classic" Power Transformers ) the specs of the 372BX are: 372BX 98 600V C.T. @ 115ma. 50 5V C.T. @ 2A 6.3V C.T. @ 3A The inside of the amp before I replaced the diodes looks like ... Here is a picture of the replaced diodes ... Does this information help in any way? Thanks.
  13. Thanks for the feedback, sadly I was a fool and since I read they were compatible in a site I oredered and received them. The only one I can recall may have a copy of the circuit is Dr. Gilmore. Meanwhile with the assistace of an aussie friend ...
  14. Thank you it is good to be here, lots of familiar names but perhaps a different forum flavor.
  15. Hi, my name is Miguel and I have been lurking in this forum for a while. Finally joined a couple of weeks ago and this is my first post. I am not knowledgeable in electronics and I would appreciate your help since I would like to use the JJ ECC99 tube in a Singlepower MPX3 as an output tube. Yes I know, Mikhail has made some horrible amps and has stolen a lot of money from many. However I already own the amp (bought it from Tyrion) and w/ Dr. Gilmore's help I replaced the diodes, verified the transformer is acceptable, and installed a couple of resistors to bleed the large power caps. I first came across the JJ ECC99 tube in a headphone amp by Dr. Lloyd of Mapletreee Audio. Recently I read the JJ ECC99 could be used in place of the 5687 provided a base is made to properly account for the difference in pin location. I would appreciate it if someone could help me by first verifying the JJ ECC99 can indeed be used in place of the 5687. Then I would like to know if could find an interested builder so I could commission two bases to adapt the JJ ECC99 to the 6SN7 bases in the Singlepower MPX3. Thanks.
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