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  1. acs236

    The L3000s rule

    I agree with you, Sloth, about the odd coloration of the L3000. Other AT's have a similar coloration, too. I couldn't get passed it.
  2. acs236

    Snakes on a Plane

    Wow.. as of 8 o'clock this morning, a 78% on the tomato meter. http://www.rottentomatoes.com/m/snakes_on_a_plane/
  3. acs236

    JonBenet Ramsey

    Be honest -- who thought we would ever find out what happened?
  4. acs236

    Cincinnati Meet - Saturday, August 5th

    If that's the case, I'd better check the batteries on the Onix remote.
  5. acs236

    Cincinnati Meet - Saturday, August 5th

    I suppose it's too much to ask to have one of the lazy mods fix it for us, eh? This was a really fun meet. Some impressions... I liked the W5000s more than I did last time. I probably won't end up with a pair, but I definitely enjoyed them this time around. I can't same the same for the L3000. It's hard for me to describe exactly what it is I don't like about these. They seem pretty balanced, but just plain bizarre to my ears. Almost like I'm wearing them upside sound -- out of whack. I wonder, though, whether this is something my ears/brain would adjust to if I listened to them for a while. It's a moot point, however, I can't afford them. I liked the GS-1000s save for the bass. It's just a bit too much for me. Also, the bass didn't seem as detailed as the PS-1 bass. A bit mushy if you ask me. The mids and highs were quite nice. These are certainly the most comfortable Grados I've listened to, but comfort is still a step behind the other circumaurals -- AKG, Beyer, Senn. The soundstage is good, a shade better than the RS-1s, but I prefer the soundstage of the AKG 701. All in all a pretty good headphone. Earl made a valiant attempt to get my to buy a tube amp. And I did really like the PPX slam, but practial considerations control. The toddler, who loves all of my electronics anyway, would absolutely LOVE the pretty glowing tubes. Plus, I would probably get obsessed with tube rolling, which is even worse now that you have all those adapters and "alternate" tubes. Finally, my listening is so disjointed these days -- a few minutes here, a few there -- that a tube amp just doesn't seem practical. Oh well. Also, I'm not sure when the next meet is, but we may have some AKG 601s to listen to by then. Jacob and I swapped CD players. I think it should be a good trade for both of us. Oddly enough, the remotes are not compatible apparently. How strange.
  6. acs236

    Cincinnati Meet - Saturday, August 5th

    The SA5000 sold. I'll sub in my A900s or possibly AKG 501s.
  7. acs236

    Cincinnati Meet - Saturday, August 5th

    I'm in, but traveling light as usual. Onyx, Prehead, AKG K701 and Sony SA5000.
  8. acs236

    Cincinnati Meet - Saturday, August 5th

    I'm hoping to attend.
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  10. acs236


    Didn't the SR40 use SR60 drivers too?
  11. I guess I'm in Tkam's camp here. I like the 701 a lot. Though it is isn't perfect my year, it did ultimately prompt me to sell my RS-1s. RS-2s. and woody CD3ks. I find it's soundstage and headstage to be among the best of any headphone I've heard. Though I'm not a fan of the Senns, I like the 650's slightly better than the 600 and 580s, but it's close. If the 650 had slightly toned down bass, I'd like it better. I can't get around to liking the 595s. I haven't heard the GS-1000s yet, but hope to soon. As for the SA5Ks, that's a tough one for me. I'm not sure what Sony's goal are when it designs its high-end headphones. If it is to design really unusual, unique sounding headphones, then it generally succeeds. The SA5K are not natrual at all, but they sound very different than other headphones. They do a lot of things I like, but unfortunately having glaring flaws that I find difficult to overlook. It definitely seems to to me that we're in the tweaking stage here. I don't expect a huge improvements over the current models. Of course, I'm always looking to be pleasantly surprised.
  12. Are you comparing Head-Fi to Nambla? Boy, I'm glad I didn't attend the national meet now.
  13. If he just poested the whois information, why did it require 10 minutes of research?
  14. acs236


    When Eddiecurrent says "high" impendence, does it basically mean 300 ohms +?
  15. acs236

    Big Ben in Motorcycle Accident

    He's no Kellen Winslow Jr., but that's a tough break.