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  1. FYI, I did a small update to the forum software tonight. It did not go smoothly, if you are having any issues with images, etc not loading properly please try clearing your browser cache to resolve it.
  2. You really only need to use the one app to set them up. The stream app is entirely useless but it's easy enough to stream straight to them over Airplay, etc. If the new app is truly better than that would remove the only real complaint I have with these (course the app is only for the new speakers).
  3. tkam

    Kitty Talk

    I wish my life could be this chill and relaxing
  4. While I have enjoyed the LSX I have to say that the KEF software is atrocious. It's probably some of the worst software I've had to deal with in the past 10 years.
  5. Per popular request there's now an 'angry' reaction.
  6. The old bbcode tag isn't supported. There is a button on the toolbar (at least on desktop browsers) the little 'eye' icon.
  7. RIP Gale Sayers https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/29951448/chicago-bears-hall-fame-running-back-gale-sayers-dies-age-77
  8. New KEF LS50s - https://www.shop.us.kef.com/speakers/flagship-hi-fi-speakers/ls50.html Who is buying them first?
  9. 4K on a 15" screen is just stupid. If there's no Dell available with a 1080p then I'd get the MSI Also worth considering, Dell will likely have better support (and probably better warranty options) if that matters to you.
  10. Thanks for reporting this, it's now fixed.
  11. Goddamn fucking bitch mcconnell
  12. Yeah that's likely an iOS thing where it's actually created the file in that orientation but the device just shows it correctly locally.
  13. The dark theme needed a swift kick in the ass, the menu pops up correctly with it now.
  14. This is now fixed in the dark theme. New forum software version + clean install of the theme did the trick.
  15. Can you take a screenshot? I don't know what you are referring to here.
  16. Tapatalk is officially dead and will no longer work properly. Nevermind, Tapatalk should be working again for anyone still bothering to use it.
  17. Work has been slow today, did the update. There are issues with the dark theme which I'll get to.
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