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  1. Duggeh

    ENIGMAcoustics Hybrid Electrostatic Headphones

    I predict it will suck. Paper cones are slow and heavy for this sort of thing surely.
  2. Duggeh

    Happy Birthday Wachihara Chinsettawong

    Hippitty Burpdai!
  3. Duggeh

    The Official Head-Case Photography Thread.

    The sun came out today and I picked up the 1Ds I bought a little while back. My right arm now looks like I got it from Arnold Schwarzenegger. I like it a lot though. I don't see myself restocking on 35mm film after I use up what I have. (The exif on those photos is misleading. The lens was an Olympus OM Zuiko 50mm f1.8 )
  4. Duggeh

    Happy Birthday dsavitsk

    Hippitty Burpdai Sir!
  5. Duggeh

    Happy Birthday duggeh

    Thanks guys! My technical arguments for why I'm really only 27 didn't float with the birthday bash crowd, but then some people can't handle the truth.... I am, with some friends, off to Amsterdam on Thursday for the Easter weekend. Then I see Al here, then I see you all there. Turning into a vintage year and its only just spring. Much love from Scotland
  6. Duggeh

    Happy Birthday Al!

    Hippitty Burpdai Al!
  7. Duggeh

    Happy Birthday Larry!

    Hippitty Burpdai!
  8. Duggeh

    Happy 30th Birthday Fitz!

    Hippitty Burpdai Fitz!
  9. Duggeh


    Every minute reading that stuff deleted one year of formal education from my brain. Had I continued, within half an hour I'd have metamorphosed into a small potato. But I can't stop.... help...
  10. Duggeh

    The Official Head-Case Photography Thread.

    Stuck my hand out of the car window on the way home from work this evening.
  11. Duggeh

    Koss ESP-950 Stax Recable

    I was the other offer. No reply to my inquiry message about them either.
  12. Duggeh

    Happy Birthday, Absorbine_Sr

    Hippitty Burpdai Sir!
  13. Duggeh

    Koss ESP-950 Stax Recable

    I sent one as well. Simple curiosity and it has been a very long time since I bought a headphone....
  14. Duggeh

    Koss ESP-950 Stax Recable

    Seems the apt place to put this. Some Norwegians are offloading some closed back ESP-900s on the eBay. $300 a pop. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Koss-ESP900-medical-certified-ESP950-Headband-Headphones-Black-/251793784174?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item3aa0143d6e&autorefresh=true Are they any good? They make them for use with MRI machines nearby which I suspect means, just slap a closed back on the stock headphone and have done.