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  1. Interested in this. It haz lightses. I like.
  2. I enjoyed all of the scoring of the goals.
  3. Yeah, Looks like 1-0 would be enough for Quick tonight. He's having one of his games. But c'mon Perry. Hate the way Boudreau managed that first period. Should have used his timeout at 2-0 and yanked Gibson at 3-0.
  4. If I could, I'd jump on a flight and join you Al.
  5. The St. Louis post game speech was pretty awesome (for those few who might not know, his mom died a couple of days ago). He scored the opening goal on Mother's Day.
  6. Hank squirting Crosby: [vine]https://vine.co/v/Mgj2eepqBLI[/vine] [vine]https://vine.co/v/MgIKZTLpHWz[/vine]
  7. This Rangers-Pens game is utter chaos. But fun.
  8. Yes and it will shave your face...and balls.
  9. The key is for me not to watch.
  10. Have you thought about contacting JH Audio?
  11. I could whine (and have been incessantly) about this team, but I think the fact of the matter is that the Pens are just better. When the Rangers are on, they can be a handful, but all lines have to be firing and right now they're all off. And you just can't do that against a team against the Pens. Now then Penguins are also flawed, but sweet jesus, they have some skill. I mean fuck. Malkin and Crosby on the same line? I'm hoping next year there will be a rule change making that illegal.
  12. Rangers scored roughly 3 goals on that last sequence to win it. Even Toronto couldn't take that from them. I love how the Pens were all like, yeah at least one of those went in.
  13. I think this is a very important and oft-missed point. There was a time when there'd be a dirty hit on a guy and that meant that the ENTIRE other team would need to have their heads on a swivel. Swift and arbitrary retribution.
  14. I'm not loving the D600 and it's not the oil stuff. I'm not loving my photography skillz either, but there's something about the focus system that's bringing me down.
  15. Hard to tell. There was no barfing, but he fell asleep for 2 hours when we got home. That NEVER happens. There's no off button with that child so he hits the wall every 2-3 weeks and I suppose he was due. HE COULD HAVE TOLD ME IN ADVANCE THO
  16. Had the Little Monkey not pulled a "I don't feel well" mid way through the first period.
  17. Going to the Rangers game today. Phuck Philly.
  18. Love seeing Carcillo score that 4th goal then mock the Philly fans (who were giving him the double-fisted finger). Class all around.
  19. Playoffs are pretty awesome so far. Only a couple of clunkers, but mostly great games. Pens - BJs game terrific. BJs deserved it. And the Avs - Wild series is really entertaining. The Avs are a lot of fun to watch, and this is a fun matchup.
  20. "I’ve been in the league for seven years and I think I’ve only done that three times." Lol, "only"
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