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  1. It's ok; we do that to people.
  2. whoa, did I ever get that one wrong. Lucic apparently was complaining about getting hit low by SOMEONE ELSE. So this is just plain not nice.
  3. Lol, Lucic is no joke. Apparently he'd been speared earlier and this was payback. I believe it. Hockey: tough on the testes.
  4. The Blues OT goal was badass. Oh, and LET'S GO RANGERS!
  5. To the OP, ignore these idiots, I will help you. (Shame on you guys.) First, in the genesis hole of the toad three times of course to be finding out expeditiously basset hounds. Then, on fourth and one go for it. Plus, you never know when you might need avocado and fish eyes lady fingers. But most of all, and I can't stress this enough, the bass will become electrical sockets and oopsy daisies if you don't. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to upside down cake on the flip side.
  6. Had unexpected early morning little league duties, which made for one very tired monkey.
  7. http://www.ifixit.com/apple_press_release
  8. Happy Birthday Al, my friend! Dennis Rodman and I sing to you Happy Birthday: Wishing a great day to a great guy.
  9. Looking good here schedule-wise, at least for evening activities, if you're still making it Nums. Rats. Would love to see you soon Nate.
  10. If possible, have Jerry insert the universal demos for you. He actually looked inside my ear and took a spider out that was in the way! Wait, no... What, he did do was notice that my canals were deep or bent some way or something and he worked to insert the foamies right. Best seal I've ever had with a demo as a result. Still not close to real CIEM, but a truly decent approximation.
  11. I like when people come here to "teach" us stuff. If I wanted any of that book learnin', I'd be off to the liberry. Also, when we learn shit, we learn that shit INTO THE GROUND.
  12. I'm a maybe. would love to see you guys, but life, etc.
  13. Yeah, that part is dead simple, but I don't like bridge mode, mainly because I don't like the damn Actiontec. But I also don't want to go through putting the AEBS in front of the Actiontec. But I guess it's working for plenty of other people, so it should be good enough for chumps like me. Anyone know any MAJOR downsides to bridge mode? One thing that confuses me is how DNS servers are handled.
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