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  1. There was a CD3000 paired with the Woo 5 for part of the day, correct?
  2. Fart loudly and often. People will learn to steer clear.
  3. I'm a Jets fan. Let's just say that I am encouraging my son to hate them.
  4. good christ, that image is hilarious and disturbing on many levels.
  5. Some pics. Still figuring out the damn white balance. My setup of the HR Balanced Desktop, HR Millet(t) Hybrid, and Desktop PS. I also had my balanced HD 650 and HF-1 there. Singlepower's Transparency Preamp. Ian's excellent sounding HF-1. Nate's balanced setup. Ari's Toaster. This amp looks so much better in person. RSA's power supply goes topless with audiophile-grade alligator clips. HE-90 coming out of this. I've learned not to start the day listening here. Woo amps. Not sure whose iPod docks these were. RSA's Apache. RSA's Predator. Singlepower Extreme.
  6. The Monkey


    I heard Ian's Zebra HF-1 today at the NYC(ish) Meet, and I really enjoyed it. I prefer it to my newly balanced, but otherwise stock HF-1, but I need more time with those before a final verdict. I like that Ian's mods tame most of the sibilance that continues to bother me with mine.
  7. Nice to see everyone today. USG, thanks very much for the name tags; they turned out great.
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