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  1. Currently just a pic on the home page, but looks like Craig's getting into the 'stat amp market: http://www.eddiecurrent.com/ Edit: OK, so google points to discussion about it on the other site including (as would be expected) some of the usual suspects here, so to the stool in the corner with a pointy hat for me and a note to self to check the other place before posting startling revelations that everyone already knows about.
  2. (re: HE-400) Manufacturer's posted specs bah! Wait until someone in the real world (Tyll?) measures them and some real ears hear them. I'm more interested to see how few people with $1K to spend on headphones can't find another $500 to get the HD800 and get the HD700 instead (probably what will drive their market price down) - and how many on that other site fill the cups with dynamat and TP and say they're better than the HD800 (without dynamat and TP, of course).
  3. Awesome, thanks for the link. Maybe I'll be able to get some decent sound quality and comfort on longer rides after all, without almost ripping my ears off & thrashing my iems putting the helmet on & taking it off.
  4. At least they said the JH-5M's "produce far and away the best sound of any IEM's we've tested." - even if it doesn't block/drown out enough wind noise at speed. That by iteslf may sell a few pairs. I just went on a 3-day, 1000-mile ride with the guys last weekend, and I'm about to give the iPod another try on the bike, at least for the longer highway stints between twisty bits. I'll probably just use some cheap earbuds, though, for reasons they mention - getting the helmet on & off with anything that isn't completely inside my ears (like foam earplugs) is a potentially expensive PITA.
  5. No worries, Smeggy. This just reinforces the evil genius/mad scientist/eccentric artist mystique. I PM'd you some info, let me know if you need more.
  6. Now there's the reception I expected. I'll try to keep my prancing, personal comms, and references in check, then. Mouser appears to have a good selection of LEMO connectors, btw.
  7. Seth, could you let me know how you contacted Smeggy? I sent him a PM a week ago to ask how I could obtain a pair of Thunderpantses. Not sure of the correct method to reach him, I've been lurking here for well over a year (kinda creepy like). Hopefully nobody's test-swinging a shovel right now.
  8. I have Red Eye Red trans on the right and Black Eye Blue trans on the left. They look the same in person as they do (on my monitor) on page 5 of the "Sweet Ears" album on JH's facebook page.
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