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  1. I had a Planet 2000 that was just too un-involving with rock music. Swapped it out for an Arcam 73T and was happier. Curious to read some more reviews on this DAC though. Bill
  2. I've been enjoying the Valhalla with my 701s. It's my first run-in with a tube product and it's not as different a sound as I thought...not necessarily a bad thing IMO. Bill
  3. Good choice...maybe...takes big ones to order sound unheard. Let us know what you think.
  4. Cordies anyone? quirky | Cordies Cable Management
  5. These guys have some cool ideas and nice designs for such an unexciting topic. Bluelounge
  6. The burn in and cable conversations drag this hobby into loony-toon land...
  7. After chatting with Jason I'm going to preorder the Valhalla as well. My first experience with tubes! Bill
  8. What to do next? Asgard: $250 Valhalla: $350 Matching DAC: $300 A sweet setup in either flavor for $550-$650. Bill
  9. They have USB but it's only for printers. They also have optical out...which is what I would use...
  10. I'll be ordering one as well for a bedroom system. They're a breath of fresh air in this hobby...and American made to boot! Now for a DAC to put between my Airport Express and the Asgard...
  11. I have a very low level hiss to mine as well but it's there regardless of their gain settings and only noticeable if I'm right next to the speaker. I have them connected to my iMac via optical and my Benchmark via balanced. I usually just set their volume to the midpoint indent and use the Benchmark's volume from there. I definitely don't notice it when playing music and I'm not that concerned really as they sound fine when playing music at all levels. Bill
  12. They do seem big at first but you get used to them.
  13. Dang! You'll be happy though so it's alright! Lanemart's who I got my cherry pair from about a month ago. Bill
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