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  1. What a lovely build you have there, and so very compact too. Those offset trimpot adjusters look interestingly positioned.
  2. Bloody Hell!! That is impressive. With my reading glasses and illuminated magnified lamp this thing is still TINY..
  3. soren; Parts arrived today, many thanks. These boards are insanely small!
  4. Congrats....joehpj. Thats a nice looking build you have there. Did you drill the Stax socket hole yourself? if so you've made a really neat job of it. Is this the pot that you have used? worth the money? http://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_trksid=p2050601.m570.l1313.TR0.TRC0.H0.TRS0&_nkw=121828993126&_sacat=0
  5. Thanks for all the invaluable info Michael, without which i would surely struggle for a very long time, Excellent pictures by the way.
  6. I have just bought one of these...Super bit of kit and i think a bargain!
  7. Thanks KG. I found what looks like the same attenuator minus mounting hardware and small transformer.http://www.analogmetric.com/goods.php?id=2589 I have ordered a few items from them previously and they were just fine. Hopefully this will work ok. I just fancied a change from a stepped attenuator and as much as i would love an rk50 i don't think my builds are at the level to justify it. I shall report back once it arrives.
  8. Ha ha..I actually have 2 more in the shed. I just couldn't be bothered to go get them for initial setup.
  9. Thanks Chinsettawong and mwl168. The front panel that you see on the amp is one i made up myself (4mm thick). The Original is 8mm!! thick and has a nicely brushed finish. My drill would not be able to cut through it so will probably have to find a metal-shop that can cut out appropriate holes for me as i would surely make a mess of it. By the way did i mention the amp sounds Fab! can't drag myself away from it!
  10. Thanks Kerry. I contemplated cutting the front and Back panels in Half (vertically and i would still retain the same heat-sinking) and having the boards overlap each other (There is enough head-room i believe to keep things safe). This would make the front profile very small indeed!!
  11. Thank you sorenb. I could have put the amp pcb's in a smaller case but i thought i would need the extra heatsinks for when i turn the current up to 20ma. Also i have room to possibly accommodate a relay based attenuator or a nice Siemens or Elma based volume control.
  12. Happy Holidays everyone.. Happy to report i have my CARBON up and running for some 6 hours now. I have set the current output to 17ma approx. I attached some digital thermometers to the Hottest part of the 2 heatsinks and monitored the temperature. 35 deg/c +/- 1 seems to be what they have settled at over the last couple of hours. I zeroed balance/offset to practically zero, the offset drifts a volt or two but much lower than any previous KGSSHV BUILDS. I have found that having 2 headphone outputs makes balance/offset adjustments easier. This amp drives my sr507/009's easily with plent
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