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    I like a transparent, balanced, extended sound. I am also a big fan of natural detail, resolution, and speed from an all-tube system. Speed usually means good clean power. Soundstage is also very important to me and as a result I listen to speakers a lot more than headphones. I believe that good cables are better than bad cables, but upgrading amp, source, and transducer makes more difference than ANY cable. As a result I will never spend more money to upgrade cables than to upgrade components. I think the source is the most important individual part of the audio chain, followed by the transducer, followed by the amplifier. However, all of these individual components are superseded by system synergy and personal taste. I feel that my current system is the best it has ever been and I am very happy with it.
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    Cooperstown, NY
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    Reading, Writing, Guitar, Horology
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    Guitar playing, writing, audio.
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    HD600, Grado SR60, Yuin PK1, AT CM700, Apple Earbuds
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    Tubesville/Noise Outlaw Audio Duality
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    EMM Labs CDSDSE/DCC2SE, Sony D25S, iPod Classic, Macbook Pro, OPPO DVD player
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    Cain & Cain IM Ben, Omega Audio Grande 6, Audiosector Patek SE

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  1. Going to listen to this right now on my own speakers!
  2. Ron Miles: Quiver. Really thoroughly enjoying this.
  3. Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds: No More Shall We Part:
  4. Those Muons are some of the coolest looking speakers I've ever seen! I'd love to have a super modern apt. in London or something with those as the centerpiece!
  5. Thanks Dusty! Good info. Those KEFs are high priced! $30K... Crossed at 350hz and 2.3K so maybe those drivers are not doing too much work. 91db at 4ohms with 3.2ohm minimum. Very different from my current philosophy. I wonder how people end up with different philosophies when it comes to systems. Something like this is so much different from the Magico just one post above it. Of course the price is a lot different. But there are plenty of half million dollar cone systems that are similar in philosophy to the KEFs. The burlap square things are ATS damping panels. They are standard fiberglass sound absorbing material in a wood frame covered in coffee sacks. I have four of those two X two panels in the room. I am seriously considering getting into diffusion, but I like the sound now, so I don't really care that much.
  6. I like the looks of that! A bit busy. But it looks a lot better than the crappy foam bass traps I've got set up. Using box frames to add a bit of knobbliness to the wall seems like a good idea too. I am a big advocate of room treatments where possible. I guess this system places the "dead" end of the room on the speaker side. I've got my "dead" side of the room at the listening position side. Having said all that, what real effect is there when the majority of the sound is likely being handled by what looks like a single 3" driver? Maybe those 10" on the sides of the speakers are crossed at around 100hz? Unless the perspective is really strange, those front-facing drivers look like something out of a mini-monitor... I do have a good bit of artwork up on the largest wall surface. I don't know what difference it makes as I am not using anything as extreme as this guys box frames (which may well include damping material inside).
  7. Hopefully, my end-state speaker system will look something like this: 5-way system. What looks like 80hz bass horn, 250hz and 800hz spherical tractrix, and super tweeter with two tapped horns (the towers) for sub bass down to 20 hz.
  8. Definitely! Big horns and compression drivers are where it's at for me. Just need to get it together. Here is OMA's flagship:
  9. I don't know if you are still on the search for a cool-running integrated for a bedroom system, but for around $1K ($1.3K new, ~$800 used), I think an Audiosector integrated is one of the best choices. 50WPC gainclone built extremely well, far better than the 47 Labs build quality. I don't have one, but I do have his Patek SE, which is an upscale, 2-chassis, power-amp version. It has a really great sound. Neutral, clean, pure, fast. I love mine. The integrated has a very small footprint (perfect for a bedroom), enough power, and runs very cool. Here is the 6Moons review of the Patek SE. Here is a review of the integrated.
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