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  1. Lens Noise upon startup and power down - Leica Q3 / Leica Q2 / Leica Q - Leica Forum (l-camera-forum.com)
  2. Lady Blackbird on Saturday night in Pine Plains, NY, in a small, newly renovated venue called The Stissing Center. Intimate set with just her guitar/piano player/producer/co-writer Chris Seefried:
  3. Echo (Disney+) - Finally something decent out of the MCU since the whole Avengers story arc. Actor Alaqua Cox, who plays the titular character (aka Maya Lopez), is actually deaf, actual indigenous, and actually an aputee - all of which are incpororated into the storyline.
  4. ^I think there should be a movement that requires every picture of a nice camera must credit the camera with which said photo of camera was taken. #mostphotostakenwithacellphone
  5. It's not a problem if you "can stop any time you want".
  6. The Brothers Sun (Netflix) - surprisingly a fun watch. A bit of gory violence, juxtaposed with the tongue-in-cheek humor, mixed with some heartfelt family dynamics (it's complicated). Michelle Yeoh looks great, and there's a few decent cinematography moments in there:
  7. Condolences @MexicanDragon. RIP Uncle Jack.
  8. First four episodes of the limited series Murder At The End Of The World (Hulu/FX). Very good, so far.
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