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  1. ^Also Wednesday (Netflix) - six eps in, two to go. It's fab👍
  2. 2022 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony (HBO) American Masters - Buffy Sainte-Marie: Carry It On (PBS) Both good watches.
  3. jpelg


    What you really want:
  4. Two officers of the nearby Bristol police department: Sergeant Dustin Demonte, who lives in my hometown, & Officer Alex Hamzy were both shot & killed in the line of duty in an ambush attack on October 12. They leave behind wives & very young children (including one on the way). A third officer: Officer Alec Iurato was also seriously wounded by a gunshot, but thankfully survived. I don't know what to say, other than this is another fucked-up, senseless tragedy impacting many families, the local community, and the nation at large, forever.
  5. ^I get why you'd want the front company logo & model numbers noir-ed. But darkening the top-dial values seems counter-intuitive in a practical use-case (my eyes are bad enough as it is ) Ric - you are lucky to have such a great & willing subject. My wife has no patience for me taking photos of her.
  6. Atlanta (FX) - season 4 started up last week, with the first two eps. Came out swinging 👍
  7. Yola @Webster Hall in NYC last night. She sounded great, but I'm getting too old for standing-room only venues, especially on a weeknight.
  8. Thank you folks. Much appreciated!
  9. Lady Blackbird (aka Marley Munroe): Lady Blackbird – Black Acid Soul
  10. The Sandman (Netflix) - just finished episode 11. The series was not what I expected (I have no connection to the comic). Enjoyed it all quite a bit.
  11. jpelg


  12. Did not see Garbage tonight, as they cancelled the show at the last minute due to illness. Bummer.
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