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  1. Post what you're watching

    Killing Eve (BBC network) - a fantastically fun look into the mind of a killer-for-hire with zero empathy & the people charged with tracking her down. Also Lost in Space (Netflix reboot), which I am enjoying immensely as well.
  2. Happy Birthday Doug (dsavitsk)

    Happy Birthday!
  3. Post what you're watching

    High Maintenance (HBO) - maybe I am getting a contact high, but I'm really enjoying binging this.
  4. Post what you're watching

    Watched season 1 last week, and binged season 2 today. Love this show! Olyphant & Barrymore are perfect, as are all the supporting cast. Using the "zombie-ism" as a metaphor for the main couple dealing with mid-life changes & acceptance is brilliant.
  5. Happy Birthday Voltron!

    Happy birthday Al!
  6. Post what you're watching

    Binged "JJ" season 2 this past week as well. I love Ritter as the titular character & can't imagine anyone else playing her. The season itself is about 2.5 eps too long imo, as with all the other Netflix/Marvel series'. But still
  7. CanJam in NYC Feb 17-18

    How about the MySphere?
  8. Happy Birthday Grawk!

    Happy birthday!
  9. Westworld

    Binged season 1 this week. Mostly good stuff. Looking forward to season 2.
  10. CanJam in NYC Feb 17-18

    Bummed I had to miss this year's event. Would like to have heard the HD820. Did anyone?
  11. RIP some fuck or another

    So sorry to hear Todd. RIP Carol.
  12. Happy Birthday Colin!

    Happy birthday!
  13. Happy birthday, Steve (swt61)!!!

    Happy birthday!
  14. And now what did you do TODAY?

    ^Sorry to hear Dusty. Hope all turns out ok.
  15. And now what did you do TODAY?

    Spiral fractures from slipping on ice last week - one near bottom of tibia, the other at top of fibula: Now have a plate & screws inside anchoring everything for healing. I have a feeling my leg looks a little like Colin's underneath the cast, just not as "pretty"