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  1. Dispatches from Elsewhere - a new series airing on the AMC network, created by Jason Segel. Although the premise sounds fairly innocuous, the execution is so fresh & quirky it defies summarization, while commanding your complete attention. Awesome cast, with everyone pulling their weight. My current favorite tv series.
  2. Heard these headphones @NYC Canjam last month as well. Thought they were pretty bass-heavy & a bit tipped on the upper-end as well. Likely fatiguing, imo. Brief listening with open headphones in a busy public setting as that are not ideal though, as we know.
  3. jpelg

    T+A Solitaire

    I was more reminded of the spL Phonitor, just with more elegant switches: https://spl.audio/professional-fidelity/phonitor-xe/?lang=en
  4. Picked up one of the newer MacBook Pro 16" (i7, 16GB Memory, 512GB SSD, in Space Gray) yesterday for my wife. Seems pretty nice. I haven't owned or played with a Mac in a long time. Still have to install MS Office. Thanks all for the inputs. Much appreciated.
  5. Thank you both for your quick & detailed responses. Real-world advice is always much appreciated. You both outline my own worries wrt file compatibility/interoperability. Two years ago, we both encountered issues (separately) when using MS Office 2013. She received an Excel file created in Excel 2016, which used a function not in v2013. I had a similar issue with a work assignment attempted to be completed at home). This prompted upgrades to Office 2016. And that is "Windows :: Windows"! My worry is that "Windows :: Mac" differences will likely be greater. Maybe I can dissuade her from the MacBook & steer her toward a nice Surface Pro? We'll see.. Again, much appreciated guys. Cheers.
  6. So, my wife needs a new laptop. Currently, she (and I) both use Windows-based laptops for home & work, so that is the OS with which she is familiar. However, she has had iPhones since v6 (now on vX 256GB), and also uses an iPad for most casual tasks (web-browsing, e-book reading, etc.). The Windows laptop is used only on-occasion for more mundane tasks. Predominant PC use-cases include iTunes library base/backup, and creating/sharing documents for the local Rotary club (MS Word & Excel files). So, she needs an HD capacity bigger than her phone, as well as the latest Microsoft Office suite. Given her leanings toward other Apple products, she is considering a MacBook to replace her aging Windows laptop. OS-differences aside, my main question has to do with MS Office file compatibility across operating systems (assuming MS Office 2019 on both sides). Word-compatibility should be pretty easy, but Excel functionality needs to match nearly 100% between Mac & Windows versions. Can anyone who has switched operating system platforms, or use both, AND use Microsoft Office on both, comment on issues, caveats, etc. when it comes down to file sharing?
  7. Not really sure how much is truly "reverse engineered", other than cosmetics. I think Beyer makes their own drivers, at least for most of their pro lines. The Behringer driver is 53mm, while Beyer's is 45mm. Beyer also makes multiple impedance variants of many of their pro models (250ohm, 80ohm, 32ohm). But your point is taken.
  8. jpelg

    Speaker Porn

    At the Chelsea Wine Cellar (retail space in Chelsea Market, NYC): Also at the Chelsea Wine Cellar, in the "expensive room" (next to the 50 y/o Glenlivet):
  9. jpelg

    Amplifier porn

    Anyone hear this tri-amped Linkwitz system at Axponia this year?
  10. jpelg


    I liked the first ep. I have zero connection to the graphic novel, and watched the movie once when it came out. Regina King is engaging as usual.
  11. jpelg

    Speaker Porn

    ^ More importantly, there are no interconnects to the power amp, nor is the AC cord plugged in.
  12. And vs. the new "regular" (non-Deluxe) flats?
  13. jpelg


    Just finished series 2. Building upon series 1 with more emotional rawness. PW-B's choices are brilliant, both in front of the camera & behind.
  14. jpelg


    Finished series 1 this week, actually. Looking forward to series 2.
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