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  1. jpelg


    ^I've lost track of all the iterations of the X100 over the years.
  2. Happy birthday JP
  3. jpelg

    Speaker Porn

    No room on the TV stand. Plus the cover can be opened without obstacle.
  4. jpelg

    The Good Lord Bird.

    Agreed. Fantastic mini-series. Hawke's performance had light & shade I'd never seen from him before. That scene of Brown & Onion in the jail cell: “Whatever you are, Onion, be it in full. You were made by your maker, and he loves you. And I love you, too. I don’t care what clothes you wear any more than I do the size of your shoes.” "The Good Lord Bird doesn't fly in a flock. The voice of our spirit is gentle. Sometimes you have to fly alone to hear it" Whew!!!
  5. jpelg

    Speaker Porn

  6. Looking for an iPhone+Apple Watch charging station suggestions. My wife just got a gen-6 Apple Watch, and is in charger hell on the nightstand. Presumably with wireless charging for her iPhone X (she's been using a wireless phone charger for some time), but not necessarily wedded to that if there's a better, non-wireless solution. Figured I'd necro-bump this thread to ask you Apple nuts, instead of starting a new one. TIA.
  7. Minimalism: https://reedklass.com/strathshire-hall-ln
  8. Happy Birthday Hirsch!
  9. jpelg

    The Good Lord Bird.

    Saw the first ep last week, but haven't watched ep2 yet. I think Ethan Hawke is perfect as Brown, & agree the young man playing Onion is great as well. I'm intrigued how the story arc will play out. Interesting soundtrack too.
  10. For anyone still interested, the MSI came in yesterday. To Nate's point, I probably did overbuy. But my overall thought was to get something that will last me, as I keep my home PC around 7+ years on average. So I wanted to max-out the stock configuration (processor, RAM, SSD HD) within a reasonable budget, as access to the innards of laptops for future upgrades gets more difficult with each new model. Off-grid battery life is less of a consideration, as this will be pretty stationary in my home office & won't be taken on travels (an old Android tablet and/or my cellphone serve that p
  11. Wow! Thank you all for your thoughtful & extensive responses. They each offered valid perspectives (some I had considered, some not), and expressed in a much more lucid manner than I could have. I promise I will consider them all. Much appreciated, truly.
  12. Necro-bumping this thread since I am looking to choose between two laptops thru my local Costco. Use cases include office apps, light photo editing (no video), Internet browsing, generally not movie watching. Stationary, plugged-in use (ie. 99% not portable). Both with 15.6" displays, 32GB RAM, 1TB SSD 1. MSI GS66 - Intel Core i9-10980HK (8 core) processor - Max-Q GPU - 8GB NVIDIA GeForce® RTX 2070 SUPER Max-Q Graphics (1920x1080 resolution) - Legacy ports (RJ45 Ethernet, USB A both of which I would use) 2. Dell XPS9500-7852SLV-PUS - Intel Core i7-10750H (6 core) proce
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