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  1. jpelg

    Kaldas Research

    Closed version on the horizon?
  2. jpelg

    Kaldas Research

    ^Bet that price doesn't hold...
  3. jpelg

    Speaker Porn

    Yeah, the new 30.7 $30,000 for the set.
  4. jpelg

    Speaker Porn

    Kerry, Wendell Diller came into town last week for his latest roadshow, demo-ing these: (pic is not from the shop where I heard them, but I don't have a decent pic from that night) Inside panels are for mid & upper freqs, while outer panels are for lows.
  5. jpelg

    Happy Birthday Wayne!

    Happy birthday buddy!
  6. jpelg

    Post what you're watching

    Killing Eve (BBC network) - a fantastically fun look into the mind of a killer-for-hire with zero empathy & the people charged with tracking her down. Also Lost in Space (Netflix reboot), which I am enjoying immensely as well.
  7. jpelg

    Happy Birthday Doug (dsavitsk)

    Happy Birthday!
  8. jpelg

    Post what you're watching

    High Maintenance (HBO) - maybe I am getting a contact high, but I'm really enjoying binging this.
  9. jpelg

    Post what you're watching

    Watched season 1 last week, and binged season 2 today. Love this show! Olyphant & Barrymore are perfect, as are all the supporting cast. Using the "zombie-ism" as a metaphor for the main couple dealing with mid-life changes & acceptance is brilliant.
  10. jpelg

    Happy Birthday Voltron!

    Happy birthday Al!
  11. jpelg

    Post what you're watching

    Binged "JJ" season 2 this past week as well. I love Ritter as the titular character & can't imagine anyone else playing her. The season itself is about 2.5 eps too long imo, as with all the other Netflix/Marvel series'. But still
  12. jpelg

    CanJam in NYC Feb 17-18

    How about the MySphere?
  13. jpelg

    Happy Birthday Grawk!

    Happy birthday!
  14. jpelg


    Binged season 1 this week. Mostly good stuff. Looking forward to season 2.
  15. jpelg

    CanJam in NYC Feb 17-18

    Bummed I had to miss this year's event. Would like to have heard the HD820. Did anyone?