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  1. jpelg

    Behringer clone DT770

    Not really sure how much is truly "reverse engineered", other than cosmetics. I think Beyer makes their own drivers, at least for most of their pro lines. The Behringer driver is 53mm, while Beyer's is 45mm. Beyer also makes multiple impedance variants of many of their pro models (250ohm, 80ohm, 32ohm). But your point is taken.
  2. jpelg

    Speaker Porn

    At the Chelsea Wine Cellar (retail space in Chelsea Market, NYC): Also at the Chelsea Wine Cellar, in the "expensive room" (next to the 50 y/o Glenlivet):
  3. jpelg

    Amplifier porn

    Anyone hear this tri-amped Linkwitz system at Axponia this year?
  4. jpelg


    I liked the first ep. I have zero connection to the graphic novel, and watched the movie once when it came out. Regina King is engaging as usual.
  5. jpelg

    Speaker Porn

    ^ More importantly, there are no interconnects to the power amp, nor is the AC cord plugged in.
  6. jpelg

    Deluxe Flat Pads for Grado Headphones

    And vs. the new "regular" (non-Deluxe) flats?
  7. jpelg


    Just finished series 2. Building upon series 1 with more emotional rawness. PW-B's choices are brilliant, both in front of the camera & behind.
  8. jpelg


    Finished series 1 this week, actually. Looking forward to series 2.
  9. jpelg

    Speaker Porn

  10. jpelg

    Kaldas Research

    Closed version on the horizon?
  11. jpelg

    Kaldas Research

    ^Bet that price doesn't hold...
  12. jpelg

    Speaker Porn

    Yeah, the new 30.7 $30,000 for the set.
  13. jpelg

    Speaker Porn

    Kerry, Wendell Diller came into town last week for his latest roadshow, demo-ing these: (pic is not from the shop where I heard them, but I don't have a decent pic from that night) Inside panels are for mid & upper freqs, while outer panels are for lows.
  14. jpelg

    Happy Birthday Wayne!

    Happy birthday buddy!
  15. jpelg

    Post what you're watching

    Killing Eve (BBC network) - a fantastically fun look into the mind of a killer-for-hire with zero empathy & the people charged with tracking her down. Also Lost in Space (Netflix reboot), which I am enjoying immensely as well.