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  1. jpelg

    Speaker Porn

    ^IIRC, those speakers were super-inexpensive Insignia brand bookshelves from BestBuy some time back. The juxtaposition of them against the rest of that gear is astounding & wonderful.
  2. Well, actually Sunday & yesterday...in order: Fired my lawn-cutting guy Mowed & trimmed my own lawn for the first time in 4 years Realized how grossly out-of-shape I am The good news are: My push-mover fired up on the first try Since I'm still working from home, I can split the lawn-cutting tasks across at least two days to create a built-in lunchtime exercise activity
  3. ^I really liked season 1 of Search Party. IIRC, season 2 kind of went off the rails & lost it's likeability, imo.
  4. Just finished Maniac & loved it! So quirky, and so many layers. Cathartic & ultimately satisfying, imo. One of my favorite tv series ever now.
  5. jpelg


    I'd say if you liked, and followed, season 1, then the second is a natural extension & worth your watch. S2 had some amazingly beautiful episodes (the one's that centered on Shogun World & the native American Ghost World, come to mind), culminating in a finale that provides a satisfying payoff for your efforts, imo. I just finished season 3, and I can't recommend it to anyone, sadly...
  6. Any recommendations for a basic trainer to turn my road bike into a stationary? Looking to get some exercise during my @home work lunch hours. Nothing fancy, just sturdy & not requiring tools for every adjustment. Maybe...$150-300 range-ish?
  7. jpelg


    Saw this posted elsewhere on the internets, & thought some classical lovers might like this: Free access to the Berliner Philharmoniker digital concert hall: https://www.digitalconcerthall.com/en/info
  8. An enterprising local pro photographer has begun marketing a "front-porch" photo service. She sets up a session where a family poses on their front porch, while she photographs a safe distance away from the sidewalk. Social media posts seem to indicate she is doing well during this crazy time.
  9. So sorry to hear about ZoeBelle. Condolences to you & your family Brent. RIP John Prine
  10. Dispatches from Elsewhere - a new series airing on the AMC network, created by Jason Segel. Although the premise sounds fairly innocuous, the execution is so fresh & quirky it defies summarization, while commanding your complete attention. Awesome cast, with everyone pulling their weight. My current favorite tv series.
  11. Heard these headphones @NYC Canjam last month as well. Thought they were pretty bass-heavy & a bit tipped on the upper-end as well. Likely fatiguing, imo. Brief listening with open headphones in a busy public setting as that are not ideal though, as we know.
  12. jpelg

    T+A Solitaire

    I was more reminded of the spL Phonitor, just with more elegant switches: https://spl.audio/professional-fidelity/phonitor-xe/?lang=en
  13. Picked up one of the newer MacBook Pro 16" (i7, 16GB Memory, 512GB SSD, in Space Gray) yesterday for my wife. Seems pretty nice. I haven't owned or played with a Mac in a long time. Still have to install MS Office. Thanks all for the inputs. Much appreciated.
  14. Thank you both for your quick & detailed responses. Real-world advice is always much appreciated. You both outline my own worries wrt file compatibility/interoperability. Two years ago, we both encountered issues (separately) when using MS Office 2013. She received an Excel file created in Excel 2016, which used a function not in v2013. I had a similar issue with a work assignment attempted to be completed at home). This prompted upgrades to Office 2016. And that is "Windows :: Windows"! My worry is that "Windows :: Mac" differences will likely be greater. Maybe I can dissuade her from the MacBook & steer her toward a nice Surface Pro? We'll see.. Again, much appreciated guys. Cheers.
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