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  1. Yes, really. Notice I said 'seemed' and that they were more present on the F5. Not exactly the most declarative statements.
  2. Comparing the two setups the B22 felt more recessed than the F5 which was fine on mids. You're overstating my position on that aspect.
  3. Needs more LEDs, a plexi window and water cooling then.
  4. I'm not making it up.. http://www.head-fi.org/t/582131/is-anyone-building-the-kgsshv/75#post_8233782
  5. Returned mine to the Apple store yesterday. The bass is phenomenal, but the peak in the mids makes voices unnatural and the treble is detailed and clear, but distant and too sharp a drop after such a high mid peak. Take away the peak and I think it would be quite a headphone, but I couldn't get past how disjointed it made things sound.
  6. Saw a report on HF that the new iPad doesn't charge while on or doesn't charge fast enough to be used and charged at the same time with the stock charger. Anyone confirm?
  7. Apparently the best match for the HD800 is the BHSE!
  8. Listening to the HD600/HD598/L1/Spirit One presently.. Making me realize just how good the HD600 is. Senn really knocked it out of the park with these for some genres. Making me reminisce about my old balanced HD600 setup. They certainly scale (just as the HD650 does) with gear more than most headphones, but with some of the newer phones available, it isn't always the best financial move to put so much source and amp ahead of the HD600/650 to get them there.
  9. Right on the money, matching my impressions.
  10. All said and done, $1755. Not the best deal, but not bad. The mint pairs on Audiogon go for around $1750-1850, and with new leathers and a body that is free from any dings or dents, this one is nearly mint condition now. I cleaned out any hairs or dust from the driver area while I had the pads off.
  11. Same. I burned a demo CD and also have a USB drive with the same songs. I will want to pick your brain about the iPad setup for sure. Thanks!
  12. Steve, are you running this at the meet this weekend? I just recently became curious in moving to an iPad based station for my music. Are you able to get 24/192 playing with this dock?
  13. Staxusa.com (Yama's) has brown arcs apparently. They didn't reply to my email but I ordered a pair expecting black but got brown. All fixed:
  14. Maxvla

    KONY 2012

    ^ That's awesome
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