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  1. Not a book but a manual on collodion photography this time: I've been working with collodion photography for a couple of years (photography on glass plates dating from 1851) now but it's always interesting learning more as there's so much more to it. This guy and his wife are insanely knowledgeable and their stuff is fantastic to read. I'm also reading "Point counter Point" by Aldous Huxley but that's currently on hold.
  2. Ah that shucks! Better give it some rest to not stress it even more but it must feel horrible after all this time you've been working towards this event. Had an infection in my knee which kept me from doing sports the last couple of weeks. Went spinning for the first time today, hope it'll work out. It sucks to be held back by physical injuries. Good luck!
  3. Another question. I'm now running my source (Apogee Duet) SE. Would it make a substantial difference to make it balanced too?
  4. Awesome event and cause! I didn't see this before but..done! Have a good ride!
  5. I'm about to eat a bunny..not our bunny, just a bunny. Along with some veggies and other stuff (not sure what exactly, I'm behind the computer not the stove). The head is being boiled for different purposes; a classic win-win
  6. Darn, I thought you were joking but it's really there... I might go and stir the pot...oh well, no bother...last time was with Germania and nothing can beat that Sounds like everything I'm doing atm, thanx I already thought this was shit-expensive (first time I felt reserved telling my boyfriend the cost of these haha). I will probably sell this combo in the future anyway in my quest for the perfect hp. Just wanted to see how I much could make them change to make them stay with me for a while longer and to hear for myself what a better cable would do. Mission succeeded.
  7. Very kind Mr. Nate Only, I don't really have much to contribute I guess. I know shit about things, not like you all. And I'm pretty busy but I do miss it. Now that the bunny has been raised (read: we learned to properly stuff away the cables) I felt confident again getting out my headphones and listening to them. Along with that came the urge to change some things Who knows what might follow. The other place is great for buying / selling, this is a great place to get decent advice!
  8. Received my balanced Cardas cable today. I wasn't much of a believer but it does sound totally different. I'll ab them against my brothers SE HD600s hopefully soon as memory is a finicky thing but they are definitely much more enjoyable now, not as boring as before with for example rock music like Korn or Pleymo. Thank you all for your help!
  9. Sorry to hear about your cat...losing a pet is really horrible They are so much more than just a pet, certainly after 14 years. I hope he's not in much pain and will have a peaceful last couple of months.
  10. I'm pretty much a cable-sceptic (also because I never ab-ed cables) but seeing that so many comment in favour of an aftermarket cable for the Sennheiser I took the plunge and ordered a balanced Cardas cable. Th advantage of selling an ED9 and "downscaling" to an HD600 is there's a little money left That and seeing that the resale-value of the cable is pretty decent the loss would be kept to a minimum if I ever decide to sell it. Looking forward to the cable and here's to hoping it will make a significant difference so the urge of upgrading to something else resides a little
  11. Just received the HD600! Now all I have to do is forget this Ultrasone sound Is anyone considering parting with their balanced 3 pin Cardas or Equinox cable? If not, I'm gonna look over at the other place or just order it fresh. Looking forward coming home from work and hooking this up to the M3! Now listening out of the Larocco just because I wanted to hear it but doesn't do them justice as I knew it wouldn't.
  12. Who still uses that frequently? At work we do (but we have a separate superdrive) but at home..I hardly ever used mine in the MBP. I actually replaced the optical drive in it about a week ago for the normal HDD and where the HDD was at I put an SSD. Good bang for the buck Love the glare-reduction in the new screens though! That was what I was (among other things) waiting for. With Photoshop the glare really sucks. So, I have until December to save up some cash
  13. Macbook pro pff...it's time they release a new iMac....
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