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  1. 155F/24hr/lots of salt and pepper, oven at 300F for 2 hours on a wire rack.
  2. SV Brisket
  3. ^this!
  4. Yardbird (yesterday). Half chicken, brisket biscuits, and smoked pulled chicken salad. and a blackberry lemonade (with turkey) to wash it down
  5. I have the sweet home recommended duxtop and do not use my coil stove at all. Yuge upgrade.
  6. Prime rib (last night)
  7. Steak and salad.
  8. Shovel
  9. Looks awesome, Jeff. I had mackerel for dinner.
  10. Brisket and ribs. Tasty, but I'm sure the Fairy could do better.
  11. Happy birthday Ari!
  12. KFC in this context is Korean Fried Chicken. But, challenge accepted.
  13. Another salad, with a side of KFC and a free glass of wine.
  14. Happy birthday!
  15. Any suggestions for accommodations for the (sadly underrepresented) travel team?