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  1. I have that very amp and use the same settings as well. I definitely don't want to let these go to waste I did some research and talked to some people that have built this amp for headphones. The 32 ohm and 120 ohm are the taps I'm going to use. From all accounts I should be good with that.
  2. Hi All... I was cleaning up and found a pair of Electraprint OPT that I had wound for headphone impedance. I've attached the values. I got these for a build of tubelab's TSE that has now changed to a TSE II. My plan was to use 45 tubes for the output, that would give me 1-2 watts. The headphones I use are HE-560 and HE-6 SE. I have HD-650 and Beyer DT-770 (250 Ohm) as well. My thinking was to start with the 32 ohm tap and connect them directly to the headphones. I don't want to fry the headphones or blow my ear drum if something goes wrong so I'm looking for a sanity check. Should I build it for headphones and use these OPT's or abandon them and get a new set for speakers?
  3. I read the reviews and it seems like it's not their stock. They place orders at market price. Some good reviews, some bad.
  4. Anybody ever order from this place. https://www.win-source.net/ ? Looks like they're in HK. Hopefully the stuff is real
  5. that's some good reading. I didn't see that. Thanks
  6. I agree, I've found a few schematics online similar to the one I posted above. I see that edcor makes a similar one for $28 https://edcorusa.com/products/copy-of-pc-series-balanced-or-unbalanced-line-matching-transformers?variant=41110251962555 I think I'll order a pair just to see how it works. The Jensen transformers are $95 each. I also found https://cinemag.biz/line_input/line_input.php Do you think I'm fine with 600 Ohm | 600 Ohm like the article? The input would come from the lineout of a chord mojo and feed a Dynalo mini
  7. Anyone ever try something like this? https://audioxpress.com/files/attachment/2685 I wanted to see if I could find something passive that would take an unbalanced signal from a preamp and convert it o a balanced output. Is this worth trying? Or would I damage the balanced amp?
  8. That's vintage 2007 right there. I have a working 2 channel single ended original Dynahi amp that I recently retired. It's a great amp
  9. Thanks, I'm sure I'll need the help. I remember the lil kinght boards are SuSy but were layed out for the LT jfets and had a regulator for the servo power. The THAT340 boards did away with the regulator and added the THAT340, probably some other changes as well to account for sand that went out of production. Since I have the parts for both I'll most likely build them and see what I like better. I figure why not since I'm only populating the amp boards and drilling the heatsink mounts for the second set
  10. Mine too... I have a single ended version from the original headwize site with the jfets and a dynalo mini as well. I have two sets of amp boards, the lil knight version and the that340 version. I have the parts for both and jfets for both so I'm not sure which one I'll build. I'm leaning towards the lil knight boards first, we'll see I guess
  11. Dusted off the PSU for the Dynahi. Will try to finish this by next week. CanJam got me all fired up! I realized how good my setup sounds compared to some high end stuff there so I figured I'd finish this project.
  12. sbelyo

    CanJam NYC 2022

    Kerry's amp sounded great! It was great to meet ya finally. Didn't get to listen to the T2 sadly
  13. sbelyo

    CanJam NYC 2022

    Cool, I'll be there
  14. sbelyo

    CanJam NYC 2022

    Anyone going this weekend?
  15. Thanks... I had no idea you can do it by picture
  16. Can anyone here translate japanese to english on this dvd cover? I wanted to know if is says 2 ch audio in english?
  17. I'm reposting my parts list as someone requested it. Probably needs to be double checked Project_Nov08_0152PM.xls
  18. I'll try to find that just to see. I use Dire Straits Brothers in Arms to judge upgrades I Have those headphone and am considering making a cable from Cardas cable. Need to finish my dynahi first
  19. Its silver plated. It sounded just like you describe. I was wondering if it would settle down with some break in. I think I prefer copper myself. Think I'm going to start using Cardas for chassis and interconnects now
  20. I made these over the last week. The blue pair is Cardas 2 x 21.5 AWG. The white pair is 2 x 24 AWG SPC mil spec from navships. The navships cable is a step up from the Mogami that I was using. Cost was $35 After a week I really like it but found it to sound bright. The Cardas is a step beyond the navships cable. Sounds neutral to me. No harsh highs or bloated lows. After 5 hours I'm liking this one the best out of all three. Cost was $65
  21. I want to make a couple sets using different coax cable available on the net. I want to use solder connectors not compression. I'm looking for something flexible. I've ordered Belden GS-4 and some 26 AWG shielded silver plated from navships. Anybody used Belden 1505F?
  22. It's a core i5 system built around this: https://www.asrock.com/mb/intel/H110M-STX/ The next step is to power My Amenero directly with 5V
  23. The PSU is finished and in place in the rack. At day one I couldn't really hear any difference. The second day I left it on all day then listened at night and there was a positive difference. It's subtle but seems to get better a little each day. It was worth the experiment per se.
  24. That makes sense to me. I figured I'd only switch pin 2 and 3.
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