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  1. Yep, I got the files. thanks I've never done a group buy though. I'm working on tracing down a set so we'll see what happens
  2. I have single ended one built from those boards. I want the new set
  3. I tried searching for them. Any idea where they are posted?
  4. will there be another run of the dynahi and psu boards? im in the market for a bablanced set
  5. another +1 on this amp.... It's really good for the money and very easy to put together. The steps are layed out and explained very well. So well in fact that I lett my 11 yo son solder a few joints and this has now peaked his interest in the DIY arts. It sounds really good with my 250 ohm darth beyers. The sound quality was the same as some amp designs that I've thrown hundreds of dollars of caps at let alone the full cost of building them. I cant wait to try the speedball upgrade
  6. I always like to see if anyone has done anything similar to what I am thinking about doing, and the 10ft 1/4" cable is out of stock. I saw no harm in asking just to see if it had been done before. Thanks for the warm response
  7. I wouldn't go so far as to call it shitty. Snake oil maybe. I think 5 ft is long enough because I sit right next to my gear and listen
  8. What the heck is so dumb? Show me a 4 pin xlr cardas sennheiser cable for retail sale and I'll buy it! I already have the stock cable and I want to try the Cardas cable, is that a crime? I may buy the cardas sennheiser plugs, but I like the way they terminate that end at the factory Geez, I guess I'll buy the cable and find out for myself. One last thing, I don't screw up!
  9. I will, just wanted to see if anyone has done it
  10. Because they don't sell one with a 4 pin xlr and all my amps are 4 pin xlr. Plus they charge a stupid amount for the balanced versions of the cables with 2 3 pin xlrs
  11. Has anyone ever reterminated a Cardas Sennheiser cable for the HD650? I'm thinking of buying the Fat Pipe version that HF sells in a 10ft length terminated with 1/4" TRS and then cutting that into a 5ft cable and re-terminating it in a 4 pin XLR. I want to know if the cable is laquered inside and if I have to melt the insulation off of it to solder the wires. Then I would make an extension cable and 4 pin XLR to 1/4" TRS SE adaptor with the rest
  12. Thanks Kevin that makes more sense now. I plan to be balanced in and balanced out only when it comes to using a balanced dynahi or M³. For now I'm not worried because I'll just use the single ended output to my original 2 channel dynahi or a tube amp. But since I've never heard balanced and now I will have a balanced source I will build a balanced amp in the next couple of months.
  13. ok, I'm finishing up a Twisted Pear Buffalo DAC using the soon to be released Legato III I/V output stage. I intend to use the BAL/SE stage in the beginning since all of my headphone amps are single ended. However I want to build a balanced headphone amp. It will be the balanced dynahi or M³ and I'm concerned about the statement below from Twisted Pear. What does this mean if I build a balanced M³ or dynahi rev2?
  14. Oh god, I remember the man hours that went into my first dynahi build! Might as well go for the gusto and build a balanced rev 2. I'm up for four amp boards and two psu's Why do I do this to myself?
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