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  1. Looking good Mike. Nice looking foamie in the back too. I really need to visit you and check out your new speaker.
  2. Not only that but the L3000 is more refined and has more resolution and precise imaging. The presentation is warmer than the W11JPN and as well as more liquid.
  3. Mike, Why not just sent your SDS to get a preamp output? It should not take more than a month and the preamp option is relatively cheap. Mikhail only charged me around $130 installed.
  4. I agree with you on that part, that's why I'm a big fan of the L3000 and HD-650. They sounds quite similar with the exception of the L3000 being more refined, upfront, and has better bass respond. I was not that happy with the R10s in the beginning but after the amp upgrade...I absolutely love them.
  5. I want to add that I once asked Mikhail on the phone on what is your favorite headphones? And he me that for dynamics headphones he like the R10 (he enjoyed both versions equally) following by the Qualia. Again, I have an amp that is specially for R10s and out of the headphones I own and with music I listen to....R10 is the best I've heard.
  6. I think..its depend. For example, I can't imagin listening to the PS-1 with classical music. My R10s are great with rocks...but I still find my L3000 to be more forgiving and more fun to listen when I want to rock out.
  7. Is your Dragon are tuned for the R10? Even my SDS wasn't a good match in beginning but sounds excellent right after I had it back from Mikhail. I'm not saying that everyone should like the R10, but I really like both of my pairs in my system. And Mikhail did a great job retuned my amp for both of my R10s. I will have a Sennheiser Orpheus coming my way soon, so let's see how well the R10s will stand up to the Big O. Todd...what tubes combination did you use with R10? Also, do you listen to a lot of rock and heavy metals? If "yes", the R10s might not be for you.
  8. Nice find man. I heard the Modwright 999ES and thought it was very impressive. You might want to invest on a new powersupply to make your player sounds better. I have compared my modwright/kern moded 777ES side by side with the 999ES and the 999ES is very very good. Regarding the modwright 999ES and G08 it is depending on your taste. I found the G08 to have better bass response while the 999ES has a slight edge in tonality and details. The modwright is leaner but slightly more forward sounding than the G08.
  9. FYI, I listen to a lot of vocals, jazz, and classical; therefore, the R10 fits my listening preference perfectly. I also listen to rocks and my bassy pair of R10s are doing a very good job with Beck-Sea Change and Peter Gabriel-So right now.
  10. They were cheaper there but not any more I think. That pair of R10s probably ended up round 4.2K after shipping cost and service fees, which is almost the the same as over here. However, you run the risk of fraud, import tax, and shipping problems. Plus, you would never know which version of R10s you will get once you manage to win the auction. I believe it is a safe bet that the R10s with a SN # of 900 or higher is the more bassy version. I don't think the SN has can indicaties which version of R10s when the SN is less than 900. For instance, my SN#368 is the more bass version while the SN#764 is a lighter bass version. Therefore, you can't tell from the SN#.
  11. Yes, the Extreme is really an excellent amp, especially Vicky's Extreme Platinum. That amp was a bass monster.
  12. I've heard the R10 out of Boomana's Extreme Platinum and they sound great. Her pair is a more bassy pair. I believe Extreme Platimum has more bass and wider soundstage than the SDS stock but lack the tonality and refinement of the SDS.
  13. Dude....I had the SDS Slam when I had the R10s initially and I was not 100% satisfied with my system; hence the upgrade. You have understand that although the PPX3 does have more current and can tighthen the bass and allow better imagingm, but it can make your amp sound a little lean and bright. I could see you guys dislike the R10s when they are not properly amped, but once they do...they are tough to beat. I have both versions of R10 with me right now and I love both of them. Each of them are different but unmistakably the best headphone I've heard to date.
  14. Alex's pair is the one with more bass. The SN is around 1200. I believe your PPX3 slam was not doing them justice; hence the light bass and brightness. Since I had my first pair of R10s, I have spent around 1200 dollars to upgrade/retune my SDS, $300 in tubes and adapters, and another $700 to improve the sound of my CD player. Am I glad I spent 2.2K to make them better...absolutely. On a side note, the R10 probably won't match the L3000, and PS-1's bass impact, but my R10 comes real close.
  15. Mike, You need to come by and listen to my R10s again. With a tube rectified PS upgrade to my R. Kern/Modwright Moded Sony SCD-777ES my R10s have reached the new height. My R10s has all the bass I couldn't ever want with a midrange, air, soundstage, details, and seperation of instrument to match. Since my 777ES arrived three days ago I've stopped to listen to my L3000. I'm driving my R10 with a maxed out SDS with Sly. 6BL7GTs as output and Tungsol 2c51 or GE 12AY7 as drivers with bias and voltage setting at high position. tkam, I believe when you had Alex's R10 you was driving them with a PPX3 Slam, which I don't can provide enough current to drive them. Even my stock SDS had to be retuned and upgraded with more power to drive the R10s. When I had the R10 initially I was having a mix feeling but after the amp upgraded I was completely satisfied. You should really give them a try with your new SP dragon.
  16. Yes, I did say that. Of course, I know full well that there are a defect but the L3000 is forgiving enough that everything still sound decent enough. The L3000 is the best unamped headphone out there in my opinion. Of course, when you give them major source and amp, they will scale up as well. Trust me, you can't listen to the R10 out of any portables.
  17. I do hope that AT come out in the next year or two with another highend limited edition; however, I can't that see they will come out with something that cost less but will sound as good. They probably can but let's face the fact that they issued the W2002 as a commemorate product while the L3000 was released to secure their place as one of the best dynamic headphones out there. So you guys better save up for their next offering b/c their next best headphone will be more expensive than the L3000. OTOH, I suspect that the new Sennheiser will be amazing, b/c their HD-650 is no longer considered as a top tier headphone.
  18. It is a better deal than the going rate for the HE90 though. One HE90 is on sale for 7900 USD right now on Audiogon.
  19. Joined the site last night. It is surprising to see many headfi supremus(es) here.
  20. Had it for almost two weeks thanks for Mulveling. A pretty nice headphone if you are a big fan of rocks and heavy metals. Too overpowering in the bass department with slightly cold and recessed midrange. I'm not a big fan of the S-Logic presentation. The build quality can be a little bit better. I still think they are a very good headphone but I prefer the L3000, HD-650 w/ Zu, PS-1, and HP1000s over them.
  21. Congrats. Let us know how you like them.
  22. Yes, a lot of bass, but I don't think the bass has the textured or the extension of the L3000. Same can be said with the Ed. 9 and JVC DX1000. Regarding the question, I would love for the manufacture to produce a better headphone than my favorites (R10, L3000, and Qualia) for a lower cost. But I doubt that will happen. Sony is not a fan on reissue a new line of headphone every two or three years. In fact, it took them nearly 10 years to revise the CD line. I also wish that Sony didn't pull the plug on the Qualia. The Qualia 010 has a lot going for them and if you can fit them ....you are in for a real treat. I still have hope that the next highend limited AT headphone and a new flagship Sennheiser will be amazing.
  23. I was a big fan of the CD3000 about 2 years ago until I got the HD-650 w/ Zu Cable. The CD3000 was pretty impressive with soundstange and nice with midrange presentation. I even got it modded with Moon Audio Silver Dragon and Headphile's R10-sized cups. The Silver Dragon really enhanced the bass, midrange, and resolution, while smooth out the high. OTOH, the upgraded cups didn't do much for me. I prefer the CD3000 + SD a lot more than the CD3000 + SD + R10's cups.
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