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  1. Does anyone has pictures of the clone Orpheus amp?
  2. Nice....wish I had a chance to attend. I have to work every Saturday.
  3. Sorry guys. So is this the same as the silver SR007 or a new one?
  4. http://www.stax.co.jp/Pdf/Export/SR007MK2-brochure-s.pdf http://cls.audiogon.com/cgi-bin/cls.pl?spkrfull&1200056430 Is this the new and improved SR007? Has anyone auditioned the new SR007? Is this a new model?
  5. You should really give the ES-1 a try. The tuberolling is a pain no doubt but I did manage to make even a lambda pro sound amazing. Have you listen to the ES-1 or build an ES-1 yourself?
  6. Again, I was very surprised myself and the Lambda Pro was a highly recommend item by Mikhail, and I now see why. Mikhail also prefer the Lambda Pro to the HE60. I still need a better tube combination for the HE60, but the Tungsol RPs are doing a grea job with the Lambda + HE90.
  7. Again, the I might don't have the best tube for the HE60, but both Mikhail, Hirsch, and Tom agree with me that the Lamba Pro sounds excellent throught the ES-1.
  8. Elephas, Bare in mind that the tube I have right now might not be optimized for the HE60. Mikhail told me that I need a much warmer tube set for them, and I agree. The lambda pro was not as refined as the HE90 but man, it sure sounds great. I still need a better tube set for my HE-90, waiting for the 12AZ7 and 12BZ7. If you phoned Mikhail and Hirsch, they will tell you that the Lambda is pretty amazing with the ES-1, and I agree. Not to the level of my HE-90+HEV-90/ES-1 or SDS-SE+R10 but it sure sound pretty amazing.
  9. Sorry for the bad pictures. I have not, but I am very familiar with the O2 + KGSS. Elephas's KGSS used to belong to a local Atlanta Headfier, Len, he also owned an O2. The O2 + KGSS is pretty nice combo but when we (Mike, Tom, myself, and Len) heard them, we all agree that the O2+KGSS was outclassed by my SDS + L3000 and SDS + R10. We all thought that the O2 + KGSS was very impressive in classical and had many great qualities but the combo were dark sounding and missing the bass impact of the L3000 and the detail resolving of the R10. We conclude that the KGSS+O2 was great for classical but not for rocks. But that was a year ago, but now my SDS has been upgraded and I have now acquired the HE90+HEV90 and recently the ES-1. IMO, my HE90 is several levels above that of the O2+KGSS system. When we had our mini-meet, the source was the Meridian G08...I have now upgrade my source to modwright/kern mod Sony SCD-777ES w/ tube rectified PSU.
  10. You will be quite please when you get your ES-1 man. My Lambda Pro was sounding quite a good bit better than the O2+KGSS that I heard in our mini-meet. Again, I heard your amp+O2 awhile back here with the G08. I still need the a new tube set for my HE60. So far it has been HE90>>Lambda Pro>>HE60. The Lambda pro was a highly recommended to me by Mikhail and I agree why. That could be true with other amps, but with the ES-1...the lambda pro was sounding pretty amazing. I did talk to Hirsch last night and he also agreed that the Lambda pro sounds amazing with ES-1, even more so than the HE60.
  11. purk


    I sold mine for $300 awhile back. Not a bad headphone but hard top tier. I actually prefer the SR-325i, RS-2, and R1 over it. I could someone liking the HF-1 better than the SR-325i, but the RS-2 and RS-1 are clearly more superior than the HF-1.
  12. The RKV MRII is a remarkable amp especially with the HD-650 (w/ upgrade cable), K1000, and many others. It is one of most versatile amp if you have the impedancer. I really like my time with the RKV. Sadly not many people know of them any more.
  13. He is in his late 60's I think. I had problem selling my maxed PPA too, but then again that is all over with. I only wish he has a successful open heart surgery.
  14. The HA2002 not only an excellent match to the W2002, it also works wonder with both the W10VTG and W11JPN. The HA2002 actually out performed my SDS prior to the upgrade and many amps I've tried when driving the W2002, W10VTG, and W11JPN.
  15. You did well. I sold my W11JPN to Mulveling a year ago for $600 and recently sold my W10VTG for $450. Next time I need to wait for more offer. Of course, I don't think of them as highly as others here. But I agree that good closed headphones are very difficult to come by but for the same price the W5000 is actually better , of course, if you don't have a fit problem.
  16. At least, we can agree that we enjoy our A100ti quite a good bit right?
  17. Dusty, Hirsch SDS-XLR used to belong to Tom Hankins and I know that amp pretty well. Listening to a balanced HD-650 out of SDS-XLR was one of the best experience I had in headphone listening. It was very magical, definitely a step or two better than my L3000 w/ SDS-SE.
  18. Dusty, It is o.k., we can agree that we have different in opinion, but from what I heard, the Senn HD-650 is just more refined and has better resolution than the Denon D5000. The Senn HD650 can be more forward by switching tube on my SDS. The HD-650 on Vickie's extreme is anything but laid back sounding. Again, my impression of the D5000 was based on a recent florida meet. Also, I don't see the scaling being an issue for the HD-650. What I meant was the HD-650 responds to change in equipment better than the D5000. It is a good thing as long as you have a good amp to drive them. That's one of the reason that the HD-650 is not well recieved lately b/c noobs drives their HD-650 with portable amps.
  19. I pretty much have the same reaction when listening to the stock D5000 and balanced D5000. Of course, I've yet to listen to them in my system so my impression is not absolute.
  20. Then...I'm sorry guys.....I should have stated "a mid-range amp". When I heard the D5000 it was out of the Yamamoto + Gene's Accuphase and I thought that I like Vickie's HD-650 + Extreme Platinum a lot better. Vickie's amp really indeed sound superb...the texture of the bass I've heard on her amps really is amazing. You guys should check out the HD-650 on her amp. BTW, Hirsch is also a level or two above mine.
  21. FYI, I recently sold my VTG for $450 shipped. I could probably get more but I think that is a fair price. Regarding the $1100 for a JPN, that is just insane. The W2002 with a HA2002 will trump over the W11JPN anyday in both resolutions and dynamics. People tend to discount the W2002 b/c they heard them with the wrong amps. Anyway, I don't think one should be paying $1100 for the W11JPN. In higher end systems, I can't even get the W11JPN to best my HD-650. I found both the W10VTG to lack in resolution and details comparing to the W11JPN, W2002, and L3000. IMO, people should give more credit to the W2002. BTW, the A950LTD has similar many traits of the L3000 but a lot less refined. The most L3000-like headhone is my W2002 w/ L3000 drivers in them. Purk
  22. I think he will soon have a heart surgery, so let's us hope for a successful operation and quick recovery. Probably true in a mid-fi rig, but the HD-650 do scale better and really pull ahead in higher end setups. One of my best listening experience in this hobby was with a balanced Senn HD-650 w/ SDS-XLR via Audio-Aero DAC (thanks Tom Hankins). Vickie amp did a marvelous job at driving the Senn HD-650 when I heard the combo. Do you still enjoy the combo Vickie?
  23. Well that's why I started this thread. The D5000 is not even in same league with the HD-650, let alone the R10. It isn't a bad sounding headphone but it is very typical sounding: too much emphasis on bass, and recessed midrane. To say that the D5000 has more natural midrange is crazy. I would love to try these mod D5000 myself next to my R10 and Orpheus.
  24. Tier 1: HE-90, R10 (both versions), and Qualia respectively. (I suspect the K1000 will be on this tier too, but the best I've heard them was with the RKV MKII) Tier 2: HE60, L3000, SR-007II, W2002 w/ L3000 drivers, HP-1/2, K1000, and HD-650. Tier 3: W2002, W5000, K701, W11JPN, Ediiton 9, JVC DX1000, CD3000, RS-1, RS-2, SA5000, HD-600, D5000, and W10VTG. Tier 4: DT880, HD-580, CD1700, A1000, SR-325i, HF-1, A950LTD, A100ti, E500, and Ety ER-4s/p. Tier 5: E5c, DT-531 SR-325, SR-225, and HD-590. Tier 6: SR-125, SR-80, MDR-E484, MDR-V7 & MDR-V6, HD-280pro, JVC HA990, and Denon D950. Tier 7: KSC35, E2c, MDR-E888, PX100, and E565. Tier 8: Bose stuffs, Sony MDR-NC11, and EX70LP. I still can't believe that I've owned or auditioned the above headphones in my system. It has been a great journey and a dream comes true for me.
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