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  1. Its not thats its done rite compared to some others....Its just that its Cheap labor..but still a great job at that. That amp showed me the k1000's so nice I wouldnt believe it if someone told me
  2. Mikhail is a salesmen..not a killer. Amp shouldnt kill you but it will die of aged tubes eventually. dried caps will get it to...but SP will still be around and Mikhail will be more then happy to..i am sure...And this wont happen for alonggggg time. Now I wouldnt worry about your mpx killing you but Rumor has it My Raptor is over your home and your soon to be locked in .. good luck..dont leave the house all day!
  3. You know who is cool....like no bullshit way cool? TTVJ..but hes a dealer and stuff. Also todd r is cool... I would love to see Ray here, but If he gets invited I may have to talk him into it... Inviting Nik might be fun, only cause we can have a thread of betting what the nest headphones are the best to him... Pinkfloyd could start a few good threads, hell he could use the Ruh venting thread also. but its up to you guys to invite.. lol
  4. bhd812

    Pretzel Forum!!

    No not my balls...lol I made a post on headfi above..well forget it..but I almost got banned. anyhow My point was the pretzel section should be a section where anything wacky goes! Oh My let me be the mod there...lol "Sorry To Inform you Philodox.. But your last thread "when I spit chewed up nachos on the wall they do not stick, but only to harden later in which time able can be to break glass." is not appropriate for this section and was deleted... Its only because the that thread makes way to much sense for this section."
  5. bhd812

    Pretzel Forum!!

    If we get a prezel section then I want a section where I can post about Shaving my balls!....you know the old wacky posts I used to do on head-fi... or maybe I can just post my balls in the pretzel section, make it like a Inane section
  6. try it... go to: C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc\ and open the "hosts" file with notepad. Add the line: pagead2.googlesyndication.com and save the file. Clear your cache out and enjoy ad-less head-fi! Feel free to find out all the other ad hosts on the net and block them, too, and share this information with whoever you can, but don't post it on head-fi ). Oh, and you didn't hear about this from me.
  7. HEADAMP GSX #001 (Alaska size pics) A few shots of the long awaited GSX in my rig, just opened the package,setup her up, and took some shots...for you people of course... Now if you don't mind my ears have a date with her and I am not wasting no more time! I know they are sloppy but I got an important Date now...byebye and enjoy
  8. Guest 10:41:21 am Viewing the topic Ruh roh. I thought you need to be signed in to view the forums or the topics? no? yes?
  9. Ok talked to justin... He said MAYBE IF THE OWNERS SAY THIS BEFORE THEY BUY....OR something like that... In other words I maybe completely wrong...lol as in being FREE....then again what is these days?
  10. From what I remember he was trying to finish the new modules but His first object is to get the amp out first. I believe but don't quot me on this, is that The new modules will be a free upgrade for exsisting owners..
  11. Hello Forum and thank you... Anyway The one I will be receiving will be the same only it will have a red led instead of a blue, silver volume knob, and most likely silver front plate screws. I am not sure but I might have it this weekend, of course some in an ohio meet might just hear it before I do
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